Questions Asked on
July 21, 2020

  1. mathematics

    if the bearing of x from y is 247 find the bearing of y from x

  2. geometry

    How much material would you need to fill the following cylinder? Radius 13 in. and Height 9 in. 39π in3 117π in3 1053π in3 1521π in3

  3. History

    Which best describes the reason for increased European sailing voyages during the Age of Discovery? A) Explorers were seeking to find the land bridge that connected Europe to the Americas. B) Explorers were seeking to find new routes to Australia and the

  4. physics

    a uniform half metre rule is freely pivoted at the 20 cm mark and its balance horizontaly when a body of mass 30g is hung 5cm mark from end calculate the mass of rule

  5. Algebra

    1. Write a quadratic equation to find two consecutive odd natural numbers whose product is 63. Then find the numbers.

  6. Geometry

    Based on the information in the diagram, can you prove that the figure is a parallelogram? Explain. a. Yes; opposite sides are congruent. b. Yes; opposite angles are congruent. c. No; you cannot prove that the quadrilateral is a parallelogram. d. Yes; two

  7. English

    Describe the relationship between the following independent clauses using the following words (addition, cause and effect, contrast, explanation, sequence, similarity) and explain why you chose it. 1. The bully may not be after you today. He will surely

  8. Calculus

    Tony's blood pressure can be modelled using the function P(t)=1000(sin t)(e^-2t), where 0 ≤ t ≤ 2 minutes. His body is stabilized after reaching a high. What is the highest blood pressure(nearest whole number) reached?

  9. Maths

    The equation of the perpendicular line if it passes through the second point each time. a. (-2, 2) (4, -4) b. (-5, -3) (6, -3) c. (6, 1) (-6, 4)?

  10. Physics

    An automobile moving at a constant velocity of 14 m/s passes a gasoline station. Two seconds later, another automobile leaves the gasoline station and accelerates at a constant rate of 1.8 m/s². How soon will the second automobile overtake the first?

  11. Math

    ken bought d dozen roses for r dollars represent the cost of one rose A. r/d B. 12d/r C. 12r/d D. r/12d

  12. Mathematics

    Production at a factory last quarter was 189,800 units. If the factory expects to produce 11.5% less units this quarter, how many units do they expect to produce this quarter?

  13. Mathematics

    Last month a store sold 7 times as many CDs as tapes. If the total quantity of these two items sold was 688, how many tapes did the store sell? Do not enter units.

  14. mathematics

    it is given that y is directly proportional to x^n write down the value of n when y m square is the area of a square of length x m

  15. Mathematics

    An aircraft takes off at an angle of 5.2degree to the ground how high is it when it has moved 2000meter horizontally from its takeoff point

  16. maths

    What is missing I don't understand the connection 60,000 ,30,000, 10,000=___________?

  17. maths

    If x=22x3x52 and y=22x33 then HCF[xy] = ?

  18. Mathematics

    How to find cube root of 3?

  19. calculus

    let f(x) =ax^3+bx^2+cx+d. Determine the values of A,b,c and d if f(x) has a point of inflection at (0,2) and a local maximum at (2,6). I got d=2, and subbed (2,6) to get 2=4a+2b+c as my first equation, but I don't know what to do next

  20. math

    A car left from Uphere at 9:00 am and arrived at Downthere, 340 km away at 1:15 pm the same day. Find the average speed of the car in kilometers per hour.

  21. Chemistry

    Write an equation for the reaction between the iron filings and dilute tetra oxosulphate (vi) acid

  22. mathematics

    George had $120 to buy new baseball equipment. He spent a third his money on a glove, a fourth of his money on a bat, a sixth of his money on a cap and the remaining money on baseballs. How much money did he spend on each item?

  23. Science

    A tube at both ends has a length of 30 m A. What is the length of a tube open on one end tha has the same fundamental frequency B what is the frequency

  24. Math

    One shelf at Cover-to-Cover Bookstore contains copies of several books on the best-seller list. 1/2 of the books on the shelf are copies of the Number 1 best- seller. Of the remainder, 1/4 are copies of the Number 3 book. The rest are copies of the Number

  25. Physical Science

    If a skydiver has a mass of 125 Kg, what is his weight on Earth?

  26. Chemistry

    . Using the following spontaneous reactions, classify the 3 metals involved (Cr, Sn, Al) according to increasing reductant properties. a) 2Cr + 3Sn2+ ---> 2Cr3+ + 3Sn b) Al + Cr3+ ---> Al3+ + Cr

  27. Algebra

    14. Write a quadratic equation that cannot be factored.

  28. Mathematics

    James is the campaign manager for a candidate for mayor. Through a commissioned poll, he discovers that the candidate's approval rating has changed from 12 to 9 percentage points, a drop of 3 percentage points. What was the percent change? If needed, enter

  29. Mathematics

    Translate into an equation: The quotient of T and 31 makes 14.

  30. English

    1. The usual minimum is a pole mounted flag with suitable name/symbol. 2. Modern stops are mere steel and glass/perspex constructions, although in other places, such as rural Britain, stops may be wooden brick or concrete built.

  31. History

    Which identifies points of the agreement between the Soviet Union and the other Allied powers at the Yalta Conference? Select all that apply. the immediate execution of the highest-ranking Nazi officials the establishment of a communist regime over Germany

  32. Semiconductor Device

    Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is an expensive alloy used for high performance multijunction solar cells. A certain GaAs absorber layer is designed to absorb 95% of the incident red light λ=700nm . The complex refractive index of GaAs at this wavelength is given

  33. Semiconductor Device

    Which statement about the Shockley-Queisser limit is FALSE? A.The Shockley-Queisser limit cannot define the maximum achievable efficiency of c-Si based solar cells as radiative recombination will never be the dominant loss mechanism for charge carrier

  34. Science

    After 2 turning fork are simultanesly struck, one hears 4 beats per second. If the frequency of one tuning fork is 480 Hz find the possible frequencies of the other tuning fork

  35. Calculus

    Find the points of inflection and intervals of concavity for f(x)=3x^4-16x^3+24^2-9

  36. Chemistry

    SOMEONE PLSS HELP . Using the following spontaneous reactions, classify the 3 metals involved (Cr, Sn, Al) according to increasing reductant properties. a) 2Cr + 3Sn2+ ----> 2Cr3+ + 3Sn b) Al + Cr3+ ---> Al3+ + Cr

  37. Mathematics

    Sales at a deli increased 19.5% this month compared to last month. If sales this month were $159,413, what were the sales last month?

  38. Mathematics

    A shipping company processed 40,068 packages this month. If this is 30% less than last month, how many packages did they process last month? If needed, enter decimals rather than fractions.

  39. Math

    Surface plot 2y^2 -3yx^2

  40. Mathematics

    The bearing of point A from another point B is 135degrees . What is the bearing of B from A

  41. mathematics

    Find the area of r = 4/(1-cos θ)

  42. health

    Explain Hilton’s Law in detail

  43. Maths

    If x is positive,and the standard deviation of x -1,x + 1,3,2x - 1 and x + 3 is 2√2, find the value of x and hence calculate the mean deviation.?

  44. Mathematics

    Otis spent 1\4 of his net January salary on fees. He spent 1/4 of the remainder on electricity and water bills. He then spent 1/9 of what was left on transport. If he finally had sh.8000, Calculate his net January salary