Questions Asked on
July 20, 2020

  1. Mathematics

    How many 2/3 foot pieces can Wendy cut from the 5 1/3 feet of ribbon

  2. Trigonometry

    a 18 foot ladder is placed against a building so the angle between the ground and the ladder is 82 degrees. how high does the ladder reach on the building?

  3. Mathematics

    The vertical angle of a cone is 70° and its height is 11cm. Calculate the slant height of the cone ( correct to the nearest whole number).

  4. Mathematics

    A rope is wound 50 times around a cylinder of long is the rope(use the value 3.14 for pie

  5. Probability

    Two cards are drawn at random from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. What is the probability of getting two faces if: a) the first card is replaced before the second card is drawn? b) the first card is not replaced before the second card is drawn?

  6. Maths

    The charge for electricity consumption (E) is partly constant and partly varies as the number of (N) units used. The charge for 163 units is #453.8 while the charge for 42 units is #139.20. Calculate the charge per unit of electricity and obtain a formulae

  7. mathematics

    Tony purchases a machine on 8 September 2019 with a list price of RM 8400. The trade discount given is 10% while the cash discount terms are 4/15, n/30. He then sells the machine and makes a gross profit of 25% of the selling price. The operating expenses

  8. Mathematics

    David is 2years older than John who is 7years older than Paul . Their combined age is 61 years . How old is each of them

  9. mathematics

    Differentiate implicitly (a) x^3+y^3=27xy

  10. physics

    A PV system is to be installed on a flat roof in Naples (Italy). The area of the roof that can be utilized for installing the PV system is 12x13 [m2] . The roof is oriented such that the sides are parallel to the East-West and North-South directions,

  11. Math

    George had $120 to buy new baseball equipment. He spent a third his money on a glove, a fourth of his money on a bat, a sixth of his money on a cap and the remaining money on baseballs. How much money did he spend on each item?

  12. Mathematics

    A cyclist start from a point X and rides 5km due East to a point Y.It changes direction and rides 8km South_East to a point Z.How far is he from the starting point correct to the nearest km.(2)Find the bearing of Z from X to the nearest degree.

  13. Biology

    recombinant DNA involves 1) changing the dna, 2) cloning sperm cells, 3) transferring plasmids from one bacterium to another 4) transferring dna from one virus to another

  14. Physics

    A ball of mass 0.100 kg is thrown into the air with a speed of 6.0 m/s and from a height of 2.0m. What is the mechanical energy of the ball when it has a height of 5.0 m.

  15. math

    How do I divide (12x^3 +2y)/(2x+4y^3)?

  16. math

    How do I solve 6yx^2 +y-x-2xy^2?

  17. maths

    4kg 5gm =

  18. Physics

    What forces act on the puck as it skids across the ice

  19. Art

    Why is it harder to find examples of 3D art rather than 2D art in early human history?

  20. English

    Why african slaughter should not be allowed in suburbs

  21. math

    There are six bags, each with the same number of gold pieces. One-third of the bags have a total of 24 gold pieces. What is the total number of pieces of gold in all six bags?

  22. business

    Give your opinion on the following: I agree that codification makes it easier and quicker when it comes to researching topics. Codification has organized thousands of GAAP pronouncements into four primary groupings that include presentation, financial

  23. Math

    Johnny had a jar fill of 5,000 pieces of candy. He ate 1/3 and gave 2/4 to his friends. How many pieces of candy does Johnny have left. Answer: 1/3 *5,000 + 2/4 * 5,000

  24. mathematics

    Differentiate lmplicitly x^2y^2-3xy+4xy^3=4

  25. Math

    Several games were played between two basketball teams: the Tigers and the Bears. The Tigers won the first game by two points. A total of 90 points was scored during the game. How many points did each team score?

  26. math

    A 3-m radius disk is rotating at 6 rad/sec. What is the linear speed of a point that lies on the circumference of the disk?

  27. math

    Raj has a card that he uses to buy lunch at school. Each day he spends the same amount.

  28. Biology

    what is a plamid made of Dna fragments Rna fragments Bacterial fragments enzyme

  29. mathematics

    An irrigation drip arm is 28 feet long and pivots about a center one revolution each hour. A “drip hole” H is located 28 feet from the pivot point. (a) What is the linear speed of H in units of feet/hour ,feet/minute ,feet/second , and inches/second .

  30. Mathematics

    A box with an open top is been constructed from a piece of cardboard that is 4m wide by cutting a out a square from each side of that corner and bending up the side . Find the maximum volume

  31. English

    This grosses to around 363,000 tonnes across all charity shops in the UK; based on 2010 landfill tax value at £48 per tonne, the value of textiles reused or passed for recycling by charity shops in terms of savings in landfill tax is £17,424,000 p.a.

  32. mathematics

    how can u determine solutions to a quadratic function once the equation is arranged into standard form

  33. Calculus

    Find the intervals of increase and decrease algebraically for: Y = −4x³+15x²+ 18x + 3

  34. physics

    The total daily energy consumption of the DC appliances is 400 [Wh⋅d−1] and the total daily energy consumption of the AC appliances is 450 [Wh⋅d−1]. assuming an inverter efficiency equal to 90%, what is the total daily energy demand on the PV panel

  35. Physics

    What does the slope of a force verse displacement graph represent? More specifically what does a slope of 0 mean in a force verse displacement graph?