Questions Asked on
July 15, 2020

  1. Mathematics

    The bearing of a house from point A is 319°.From a point B, 317m due east of A, the bearing of the house is 288°. Hw far is the house from A

  2. mathematics

    A positive whole number is called stable, if at least one of its digits has the same value as its position in the number. Example, 78247 is stable because a 4 appears in the 4th position. How many stable 3-digit numbers are there?

  3. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume occupied by 10^22 molecules of a gas at 300K and 760mm pressure. Step by step explanation please.

  4. Mathematics

    out of 6 cheerleaders, 3 will be selected to march in the first row of the parade how many 3-person arrangements can be formed using the 6 cheerleaders if Sandy must stand on the left end of the front row and Dana must also be included in the front row? A.

  5. English

    Which of the following techniques do authors use for indirect characterization? A. describing the character’s parents and siblings B. describing the character’s physical appearance C. describing the author’s personal property ****D. describing the

  6. Algebra

    The owner of an organic fruit stand also sells nuts. She wants to mix cashews worth $5.50 per pound with peanuts worth $2.30 per pound to get a 1/2 pound mixture that is worth $2.80 per pound. How much of each kind of nut should she include in the mixed

  7. Algebra

    After watching hours of those home improvement shows, you decide you want to paint you bedroom. You don’t want to paint all four walls the same color (how boring!), but instead, you want to paint one wall a different color. The electric orange paint

  8. Statistics

    A contractor is interested in the total cost of a project for which he intends to bid. He estimates that materials will cost P25000 and that his labour will cost P900 per day. The contractor then formulates the probability distribution for completion time

  9. mathematics

    A student spends 1/3 of his pocket money on novels, half of it on refreshments and saves ¾ of the remainder. Which amounts to N20. How much is his money?

  10. Mathematics

    Should 0.449999 be rounded up or down?

  11. Algebra

    1. Three times the width of a certain rectangle exceeds twice its length by two inches. Four times its length is twelve more than its perimeter. Write a system of equations that could be used to solve this problem. (hint: P = 2L + 2W) 2. Your mother has

  12. calculus

    Evaluate the Riemann sum for f(x) = 5 −1/2x, 2 ≤ x ≤ 14,with six subintervals, taking the sample points to be left endpoints. I don't understand is the answer 18?

  13. mathematics

    Seema's essay for English had w words and Dominic's ha 3/4w + 80 words. Instructions: Write in words each given algebraic expressions.Describe a possible domain for this variable.

  14. mathematics

    Explain the meaning of words,adverbial phrase, adverbial clause, adjectival phrase, adjectival clause.

  15. Mathematics

    The set of positive integers greater than 2 and less than 6

  16. physics

    Each satellite in the Global Positioning System travels at 1.05 x 10^4 km/h. Determine, in kilometres, each satellite’s (a) orbital radius and (b) distance from the surface of Earth. I did r = (Gm)/v^2 and got 1.37 x 10^8 km for (a), but the answers are

  17. Geometry

    YZ = √ 5 and XZ = √ 2. Find XY. Answer in simplified radical form. It's a right triangle, Y vertex is 90 degree. plz help.

  18. biology/writing

    this is what i have so far but it needs to be 1000 words how do i make it longer There are two types of cell division one is mitosis that works for the growth and repair of body tissues and the other is meiosis which is required during sexual reproduction

  19. mathematics

    Mario and Pete are playing a card game where it is possible to have a negative score.Pete's score is s and Mario's scare is s - 220. Instructions: Write in words each given algebraic expressions.Describe a possible domain for this variable.

  20. Math

    V=Nh^2(r-h/3) make r the subject of the formular

  21. math

    1) For the function 𝑦(𝑥) = 𝑥^3 − 3𝑥^2 − 9𝑥 + 5 a) Find the critical points. b) Determine if the critical points are maximum or minimum. c) Determine the interval where the given function is increasing and/or decreasing. d) Find any

  22. Calculus

    If y=e^2x, show that y''+y'-6y=0 I found y' (e^2) and y'' (0) but idk how to prove it

  23. Mathematics

    Frequency polygons, to shut the end points , in some diagrams one end point on either side is made on x axis. How is it done?

  24. Mathematics

    If a person is 6 feet tall and cast a shadow of 9 feet long how tall would a person that cast a 6 feet long shadow

  25. Mathematics

    A rectangle measuring 44cm by 32cm is enlarged by ratio 5:4? a)what's are the new dimensions?

  26. English

    Very large "all-in-one" hypermarkets such as Walmart, Target, and Meijer have recently forced consolidation of the grocery businesses in some areas... ============================================== How do we pronounce "Meijer"?

  27. Math

    Nine more than the product of 22

  28. Physics

    A truck whose mass is 30tonnes is traveling at 10.0m/s and collides with a 1200kg car traveling at 25.0m/s in the opposite direction. If they stick together, how fast and in what direction are they moving after the collision?

  29. Calculus

    Interchange the order of integration and evaluate the integral [0.1]∫ [x,1]∫𝑒^𝑥/𝑦 𝑑𝑦𝑑𝑥

  30. Algebra


  31. Calculus

    Prove that among all triangles with the same perimeter, the equilateral triangle maximizes the enclosed area.

  32. Physics

    A force of 2N stretches an elastic material by 30mm, find the elastic constant

  33. Statistics

    Suppose that a new drug is being investigated to combat some form of cancer. In phase II trials, researchers look for evidence that the drug will improve survival by first seeing if it can reduce the size of a patient’s tumours by at least 50%. If a

  34. algebra

    Determine K and M if x=y Does this mean m=0 k=1?

  35. mathematics

    Jessica has received a scholarship. She invests the money in a fund that provides 3.5% in annual interest. By what percentage does the investment grow over five years?

  36. mathematics

    At a football game, the number of tickets sold is affectted by the ticket price. They expect the income to be l(x) dollars as a function of of the ticket price in dollars will be given by I (x) = –2x ^ 2 + 2400x = 0 1) Calculate their max income. 2) For

  37. mathematics

    A company with 15 employees has an average age of 45 years. A person turns 65 and retires. How does middle age change?

  38. Algebra

    For the function f (x) = C ∙ a^x the following relation applies: f(6) / f(4) = 0.25 f(2) - f(3) = 20000 Solve f(5) Solve f(x) = 625

  39. English

    A Dog _ faithful animal.

  40. mathematics

    Two questions here: 1. In a right-angled triangle ABC, catheter AC is 9.4 cm long and catheter BC is 6.2 cm long. D is a point on the catheter AC so that DA = DB. Determine the length of the CD. 2. In a right-angled triangle, the ratio of catheters is 2:

  41. Math

    A class roster lists 15 boys and 12 girls. Two students are randomly selected to speak at a school assembly. if one of the students selected is boy, what is the probability that the other student selected is a girl?

  42. Mathematics

    the list price of a radio is $128. If the dealer gets successive discounts of 25% and 10% the net price to the dealer is A. $83.2 B. $93 C. $86.4 D. 96

  43. mathematics

    Tom paid d cents for a notebook and 5d + 30 cents for a pen Instructions: Write in words each given algebraic expressions.Describe a possible domain for this variable.

  44. mathematics

    Virginia read r books last month and Ann read 3r - 5 bookes. Instructions: Write in words each given algebraic expressions.Describe a possible domain for this variable.

  45. math

    Can someone help me! 3. The value of a car (in $), 𝑥𝑥years after it is purchased, is given by: v(x) = 32000/(((x/5)+1)^2) a) What is the average annual price change for the first 5 years? b) What is the instantaneous rate of change of 𝑉 when 𝑥

  46. Calculus

    If f is a function of x and y, find ║∇f║^2 and ∇f and in polar coordinates r and θ.

  47. Math

    The dimensions of a rectangle are enlarged by 20%. How many percent more is the area of the new rectangle than the original one?