Questions Asked on
July 14, 2020

  1. Life orientation

    Describe six risky situation youth are frequently exposed to

  2. Math

    A rock is thrown upward with a velocity of 18 meters per second from the top of a 37 meter high cliff, and it misses the cliff on the way back down. When will the rock be 3 meters from ground level? Round your answer to two decimal places.

  3. Mathematics

    A certain number is added to 11 and the result is multiplied by 3, the final result is 45. Find the number

  4. mathematics

    A printing shop charges a 75-cent minimum for the first 8 photocopies of a flyer. Additional copies cost 6 cents each. Represent the cost of c copies if c is greater than 8.

  5. mathematics

    After 12 centimeters had been cut from a piece of lumber, c centimeters were left. Represent the length of the original piece of lumber.

  6. mathematics

    An auditorium with m rows can seat a total of c people. If each row in the auditorium has the same number of seats, represent the number of seats in one row.

  7. mathematics

    Represent the total number of calories in x peanuts and y potato chips if each peanut contains 6 calories and each potato chip contains 14 calories.

  8. Precalculus

    Solve 4sin(pi/4x) = 3 for the four smallest positive solutions

  9. Math

    If y represents the tens digit and x the units digit of a two-digit number, then the number is represented by a.y+x b.yx c.0y+x d.none of these

  10. mathematics

    A ballpoint pen sells for 39 cents. Represent the cost (in dollar) of x pens.

  11. English

    In The Earth is Precious, Chief Seattle says that every part of the earth is sacred to his people. What does he mean by the word sacred?

  12. geometry

    If KT=6 feet and LK=6.5 feet, what is the length of the radius? 6.5 feet 0.5 feet 2.5 feet 6 feet

  13. mathematics

    x is partly constant and partly varies with y.When y=5,x=19 and when y=10,x=34. (a) Find the relationship between x and y. (b) Hence find x when y = 7.

  14. mathematics

    Express 15g as a decimal fraction

  15. Mathematics

    In a nonagon six angles are equal and each of the three angles is 33Β° more than each of the six angles find the angles

  16. mathematics

    Mr. Gold invested $1,000 in stocks. If he lost d dollars when he sold the stocks, represent the amount he received for them.

  17. mathematics

    Paul and Martha saved 100 dollars. If the amount saved by Paul is represented by x, represent the amount saved by Martha.

  18. Geometry

    YZ = √ 5 and XZ = √ 2. Find XY. Answer in simplified radical form. in the given triangle picture Y vertex is 90 degree. plz help.

  19. Math

    Hello! I'm stuck on Pythagorean theorem in basic geometry in math. This is the question.Which side lengths form a right triangle? Choose all answers that apply: A. 3, v``9`, v``18` B. 3,4,5 C. 7,7, v``98` I don't know how to make the line at the top so I

  20. mathematics

    A sequence of numbers begins with 1, -1, -1, 1, -1. Each new number is found by taking the product of the two preceding numbers. For instance the sixth number is the product of the fourth and fifth numbers. What is the sum of the first 2013 numbers?

  21. Chemistry

    I just wanted to make sure that this wording makes sense. What chemical equation represents the ability of a substance to donate a proton in water? A. NH3 + H2O NH4+ + OH- B. CH3COOH + NaOH CH3COOH + NaCl C. CH4 + 2O2 -> CO2 + H2O D. CH3COOH + H2O CH3COO-

  22. mathematics

    if the clock was on 3:00 pm and it moves counter clockwise 90 degreese what is the answer for that

  23. math

    Let f(x) = x + |2x βˆ’ 1|. Find all solutions to the equation f(x) = 8

  24. Math


  25. Physics

    I need help on this question: You are given information on the intensity level (which is a measure of the sound intensity) at a point and its distance from the sound source. To make use of this information, you will need to determine the relation between

  26. mathematics

    A man bought an article for c dollars and sold it at a profit of $25. Represent the amount for which he sold it.

  27. mathematics

    If a car traveled for 5 hours at an average rate of r kilometers per hour, represent the distance it traveled.

  28. mathematics

    The charges for a telephone call are $0.45 for the first 3 minutes and $0.09 for each additional minute or part of a minute. Represent the cost of a telephone call that lasts m minutes when m is greater than 3.

  29. Math

    Determine the equation of the tangent to the curve f(x)=(2x^2 -1)^-5 at x=1

  30. Calculus

    what would be the derivative of sqrt{2x+sqrt{2x+sqrt{2x}}}

  31. math

    Assume these facts: i. A course grade is either 0 or a decimal number between 0.7 and 4.0. ii. A course percentage of p = 96 gives a grade of 4.0 and a course percentage of p = 43 gives a grade of 0.7. Between these two percentages, the grade is given by a

  32. Calculus

    Determine a quadratic function f(x)=ax^2 + bx + c if its graph passes through the point (2,19) and has a horizontal tangent at the point (-1, 8)

  33. Mathematics

    There are 40 grams of sugar in 12 oz can of Dr.Pepper. If your max intake of sugar permitted for the day is 25 grams, How much of the doctor pepper can you drink?

  34. English

    The category of business (NAICS code 4551) "Grocery stores" is defined as "primarily engaged in retailing a general line of food products", and the subcategory (NAICS code 455110), "Supermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores" is defined as

  35. Math

    (a) What is the escape speed on a spherical asteroid whose radius is 503 km and whose gravitational acceleration at the surface is 0.464 m/s2? (b) How far from the surface will a particle go if it leaves the asteroid's surface with a radial speed of 523

  36. Statistics

    Data set 43, 49, 49, 61, 36, 52, 37, 44, 24 36, 64, 20, 21, 30, 36, 61, 59, 20 Find the 14th and 88th percentiles for data.

  37. Statistics

    Find Q3 and IQR 21,13 59, 48, 9, 25, 41, 35, -7, -2, 18, 27, -52, 29, 17, 1

  38. Mathematics

    X is partly constant and partly varies as y when y =2,x=30 and y =6, x=50 find the relationship between x and y

  39. History

    Which identifies points of the agreement between the Soviet Union and the other Allied powers at the Yalta Conference? Select all that apply. the establishment of a communist regime over Germany the division of Germany into four Allied occupation zones the

  40. chemistry

    How many grams of solute are needed to make 2.50 L of a 1.75 M solution of Ba(NO3)2?

  41. mathematics

    Four cars drive into a roundabout at the same point in time, each one coming from a different direction (see diagram). No car drives all the way around the roundabout, and no two cars leave at the same exit. In how many different ways can the cars exit the

  42. mathematics

    Dad made 6 pancakes, one after the other, and numbered them 1 to 6 in the order that they were made. Sometimes while he did this his children ran into the kitchen and ate the hottest pancakes. In which of the following orders could the pancakes not have

  43. Mathematics

    The length of a rectangle is 5cm longer than its breath find the length and breath if the perimeter is 26

  44. Calculus

    If Z = f(u, v), u = π‘₯^2βˆ’π‘¦,𝑣=π‘₯βˆ’π‘¦^2, find Zπ‘₯π‘₯ in terms of derivatives of f. No clue what to do to solve. I try looking for a video but no luck.Show me in a way so I understand how to solve it on my own.

  45. maths

    If 10/3,5/3,5/6... is an exponential sequence,find: a) The 8th term b) Sum of the first 10 terms

  46. Mathematics

    Which two ratios are equivalent? (1)3/5 and 30/50 (2)5/8and 50/88 (3)6/11and66/110 (4)7/12and 49/80

  47. Mathematics

    A closed tin of milk has diameter 10cm and height 16cm. Find the total surface of the tin.(take Ο€ to be 22/7)

  48. Physics

    A motorcar with a mass of 1.3 tons accelerates uniformly from rest up an incline 4% and reaches a speed of 114km/h after 7 minutes. Calculate: 1.The acceleration of a motorcar. 2.the kinetic energy that a motorcar possesses after 7 minutes. 3. The gain in

  49. Math

    Question: Add the vectors using components. 3 N in a direction 15Β° south of west and 4 N in a direction 12Β° east of south. I have attempted the question and got a resultant of (3.136, -2.06) from (3cos255Β°, 3sin255Β°)+(-4cos168Β°,4sin168Β°). I do not

  50. English

    In Academy writing, introductions must include a thesis statement. true or false

  51. mathematics

    fi'd the next fifth number from the given set 17,90,48,and 84

  52. mathematics

    find the next fifth number from the given set 17,90,48,and 84

  53. Mathematics

    Complete series 72,63,54,45,36,----------

  54. mathematics

    Find the values of P and Q tn the AP below -13 P ,Q 18

  55. Literature

    What is a parallel episode in literature and how do I identify it in a text?

  56. Math

    the expression a^x means that a is to be used as a factor x times. therefore, if a^x is squared, the result is --- a) a^x^2 b)a^2x c)2a^2x d)2a^x

  57. mathematics

    A closed tin is in the shape of a cylinder of diameter 10cm and height 28cm use 22\7 for ^ to find the value of the tin if tin plate cost #5000 per m2

  58. math

    There was a total of 840 guests at a wedding dinner. 60% of them were adults, and the rest were children. Some boys left before the dessert was served. As a result, the percentage of adults increased to 70%. How many boys left before dessert was served?

  59. Math

    At a sale all clothing was marked down 15%. Beth Steinfeld bought a blouse originally priced at $1.95 and a scarf for $8.85. What was the amount discounted on her purchase?

  60. algerbra

    there are three Red marbles for every eight blue marbles in a huge jar of marbles if there are 27 total red marbles in a jar how many blue marbles would you expect in the jar

  61. mathematics

    A utility company measures gas consumption by the hundred cubic feet, CCF. The company has a three-step rate schedule for gas customers. First, there is a minimum charge of $5.00per month for up to 3 CCF of gas used. Then, for the next 6 CCF, the charge is

  62. Mathematics

    A 5-quart solution of sulfuric acid and water is 60% acid. If a gallon of water is added, what percent of the resulting solution is acid? a. 33 1/3% b. 40% c. 50% D. none

  63. Mathematics

    If a,b,c,d, and e are whole numbers and a(b(c+d)+e) is odd, then which of the following cannot be even? a) a b) b c) c d) d

  64. Math

    How do you know if you can make a right triangle with the square roots line on top of the number like this: A.2,2, v``4`` B.9,40,41 C.v``5`,10, v``125 What is the methods to find if the numbers can get to a right triangle.

  65. mathematics

    In one month the reading on an office electricity meter changes from 9883 to 11146. (a)How many units of electricity did the office use? (b)The monthly PHCN tariff is 262 naira (demand charge) plus 9.70 naira per unit.What is the total charge for the

  66. Algebra and Angles

    If the measure of angle DAB =48 and angle CAB=26 What is angle DAC?

  67. English

    Not just silent adult tears, but really sobbing. Is this a simple sentence or fragment. I think it is a fragment, is that correct. But, I am having trouble coming up with why?

  68. calculus

    For which value of x on the graph of 𝑓 (π‘₯) = (x+1)(x+2) is parallel to the line 3π‘₯ βˆ’ 𝑦 βˆ’ 5 = 0 a. βˆ’1 b. 1 c. 3 d. 0

  69. English

    Is this a simple sentence or a fragment? Doesn’t need help.

  70. Calculus

    At what point(s) on the curve f(x) = 2-4xΒ³ does the normal have a slope of 3?

  71. Biology - Math

    A recent study aimed to sequence and store the complete genomes of 10,000 humans from all across the world. Because there can be experimental errors in determining the complete genome sequence, scientists routinely repeat the sequencing experiment at least

  72. Electrical

    Explain the operation of an alarm system and strobe lighting system, by determining the resistance of the resistor in the alarm circuit and explain the functionality of the resistor in the circuit.

  73. math