Questions Asked on
July 10, 2020

  1. Social Studies

    Ways that can be done to curb unnecessary spectator behavior?

    asked by Deneo
  2. History

    Which identifies the covert Armenian mission to assassinate high-ranking Ottoman officials responsible for the Armenian Genocide? Operation Overlord Gallipoli Campaign Operation Nemesis Justice Mission

    asked by Erica
  3. Calculus

    Find the radialand angular component of acceleration for the motion r=1+cos(θ), θ=e^-t at θ=π/2

    asked by C
  4. Mathematics

    A student travels 8km north and then 5km east. What is then her bearing from her starting point?

    asked by Farida
  5. Algebra

    10. A moving van company charges a fee of 35.00 dollars for the truck rental and 25 cents for every mile the truck travels from the loading location. Let y be the cost in dollars for using the truck for x miles. Write the slope-intercept form of the

    asked by emma
  6. Calculus

    Differentiate the following function from first principles f(x)= 5x/(3-x)

    asked by Anon
  7. math

    2/3 is what percent of 1/6 ?

    asked by gubaguba
  8. Math

    I got in my car and drove 40 miles to see my cousin at a rate of 20 mph. Then, I left my cousin’s house and drove another 30 miles to the store but this time went 10 mph. What was my average speed for the whole trip?

    asked by Henwy
  9. math

    12. An electrician charges a 45.00 dollars travel fee plus 30.00 dollars per hour of labor. Let y be the cost in dollars for x hours of work. Write the slope-intercept form of the equation. 13. Using the equation from number 12, if the electrician works 3

    asked by emma
  10. physics

    This problem explores the difference between solving a circuit using the KCL/KVL method and the node method. The circuit shown below has five elements: three resistors, a current source and a voltage source. The resistance of the resistors and the

    asked by juanpro
  11. geography

    Which sentence is the most grammatically correct and clear version? 1 point Realistically speaking, did it really matter to Caesar that the middle of most month’s falls on the 15th , especially in March and the Oracle told him bad stuff was going to

    asked by sp
  12. Math

    Find the present value of Rs2000 due in 6 years if money is worth compounded semi annual

    asked by Sri latha
  13. Calculus

    what value of h for f(x) = X^2 + 4x + 3, x≠2 and f(x) = 3hx, x=2 will the graph be continuous? Explain.

    asked by Koolaid ;)
  14. calculus

    how to differentiate (x^3) - 2 using [f(x+h)-f(x)]/h

    asked by Marcus
  15. history

    Why did Communist revolutions fail outside of Russia after World War I?

    asked by evan
  16. English

    He founded the Astor Market in 1915, investing $750,000 of his fortune into a 165′ by 125′ (50×38-metre) corner of 95th and Broadway, Manhattan, creating, in effect, an open-air mini-mall that sold meat, fruit, produce and flowers.

    asked by rfvv
  17. History

    Describe two ways In which the Act 116 of 1998 Law protects citizens against human rights violation

    asked by Nozipho
  18. Calculus

    derivative of (2t^3/2) + 25 using first principle

    asked by help me pls
  19. Mathematics

    Verify the hyperbolic function 1 - tanh^2x = sech^2x

    asked by Vane
  20. math

    Nikki and Laura are standing on opposite sides of a hive of killer bees. The bees can fly 7.5 m in sec still air, and the wind is blowing 4.5 m in the indicated direction. Notice that if the bees are flying sec upwind (against the wind), then the wind

    asked by any
  21. Science

    You push on a box with a net force of 5 N and it accelerates. What happens if you exert the same net force on an object that has half the mass? The object will accelerate twice as much. The object will accelerate four times as much. The acceleration will

    asked by Dianne
  22. algebra

    x^2 +b/a +(b/2a)^2 = -c/a + (b/2a)^2

    asked by Sofa
  23. Mathematics

    If 65% of sports cars are purchased by men. And if 10 owners are randomly selected. What is the probability that exactly 6 are men?

    asked by Vane
  24. Calculus

    Find the point where the curve y =e^-x has maximum curvature.

    asked by C
  25. Algebra

    Standard form of (1.5*(10)6th power)/(2.5*10 -4th power)

    asked by Aditi
  26. mathematics

    The annual yield per walnut tree is fairly constant at 60 pounds per tree when the number of trees per acre is 20 or fewer. For each additional tree over 20, the annual yield per tree for all trees on the acre decreases by 2 pounds due to overcrowding.

    asked by hi123
  27. Probability

    The mean length of 200 diodes is 20.04mm, with a standard deviation of 0.02mm. What is the probability that a selected diode would have a length less than 20.01mm

    asked by Niz
  28. Math

    Can somebody show I steps to simplify this [9(sin(t)^4 cos(t)^2 +cos(t)^4 sin(t)^2)]/[9(cos(t)^4 sin(t)^2 +sin(t)^4 cos(t)^2 )]^(3/2

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Mathematics

    List the element of the set K={k:k is an odd number between 2 and 10}

    asked by Ada
  30. mathematics

    Maria just moved to a new part of the state, and she decides to take her car for a spin to see the area. Maria’s starting point is Culver City. She drives directly toward River City, located 25 miles East and 60 miles North of Culver City. After driving

    asked by helpmeasap
  31. English

    He founded the Astor Market in 1915, investing $750,000 of his fortune into a 165′ by 125′ (50×38-metre) corner of 95th and Broadway, Manhattan, creating, in effect, an open-air mini-mall that sold meat, fruit, produce and flowers.

    asked by rfvv
  32. calculus

    Determine whether the function f(x,y)=ln(x^2 +y^2) is harmonic.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Science

    Hookes law states that the force , F in a spring extended by length x is given by F=-Kx. According to Newton's second law F=ma, where m is the mass and a is the acceleration. Calculate the dimension of the spring constant k.

    asked by Niz sew
  34. mathematics

    A typical scuba diving tank is initially filled with pressurized air at 3000in2. A good diver constantly monitors the air tank pressure during a dive. (a) [10 points] Suppose Cherie is using air at a rate of 42 lb per minute. Assuming she should surface

    asked by hi123