Questions Asked on
July 8, 2020

  1. Physics

    Two electrons are in the vicinity of a proton. The potential energy of the proton is −2.16×10−25 J. What is the potential at the proton's position?

  2. Science

    A rock is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 12.0m/s.Exactly 1.00s later a ball thrown up vertically along the same path with a speed of 18.0m/s. a. At what time will the ball collide with the rock?

  3. geometry

    Given center C and a point P on a circle, find its equation. C(-2, 7) and P(1, 11) (x - 1)2 + (y - 11)2 = 5 (x + 2)2 + (y - 7)2 = 5 (x - 1)2 + (y - 11)2 = 25 (x + 2)2 + (y - 7)2 = 25

  4. Science

    A is a solution of trioxonitrate nitrate (v) (HNO3) of unknown concentration, B is a standard solutions of NAOH containing 4.00g/dm3 of solutions 25.0cm potion of solutions B required an average of 24.00cm of solutions A for complete neutralization

  5. Mathematics

    3x - 4y > -6

  6. Science

    +4q and -q are two charges separated by a distance ‘d’ metre. Where should be a third charge +Q be placed to attain equilibrium?

  7. geometry

    What is the equation for a circle given its center is at (4, -1) and its radius is 5? (x - 4)2 + (y + 1)2 = 25 (x + 4)2 + (y - 1)2 = 25 (x - 4)2 + (y + 1)2 = 5 (x + 1)2 + (y - 4)2 = 25

  8. Chemistry

    The catalysed decomposition of H2O2 in aqueous solution is followed by titrating equal volume of sample solutions with KMnO4 solution at different time interval give the following results. Show that the reaction is a first order reaction. t (mins) 0 5 15

  9. English

    (1) Covid- 19 patients who recovered from the disease is socially stigmatized. a. what is the grammatical name of the sentence. b. what is the grammatical function of the sentence. (2) I do not watch zee world because of its excessive adoration of

  10. mathematics

    Five times the sum of a number and fourteen is twenty. find the number

  11. Psychology

    Which of the following is false regarding the panic control treatment for adolescents

  12. Calculus

    Explain why there are many different vector and parametric equations for a plane. Provide specific examples to justify your answer. (3 marks) True or False: Two lines must be parallel if they have the same direction vectors.

  13. History

    In 1885, European leaders at the Berlin Conference agreed to the rules for dividing African territory. How did this agreement change the geographic characteristics of Africa? a)Large wildlife reserves were created throughout Africa. b)Ethnic groups were

  14. Math

    The distance s in feet that a body falls in t seconds is given by the formula s=16t^2. If a body has been falling for 5 seconds, how far will it fall during the 6th second?

  15. Calculus

    Find the scalar equation of the line with vector equation (x,y)= (-1,2) + t(3,7), ter. My friend and I got different answers, I got 0= 7x - 3y + 13, while she got 0= -7x+2y-11

  16. English

    (1) He is a coach whose record has been amazing. a. what is the grammatical name of the sentence. b. what is the grammatical function of the sentence. (2) Do you remember the restaurant where we ate launch. a. what is the grammatical name of the sentence.

  17. English

    (1) You are no longer the man whom i used to know. a. what is the grammatical name of the sentence. b. what is the grammatical function of the sentence. (2) Chiamaka does not get distracted the moment she is in English Language class because she believes

  18. Mathematics

    Cards marked with the numbers 2 to 101 are placed in a box and mixed thoroughly. One card is drawn from this box. Find the probability of a number which is a perfect cube.

  19. Geometry

    A 20 feet ladder is leaning against the outside of the house while a painter is painting. The ladder makes an angle of 72 with the ground. What is the distance between the foot of the ladder and the house? Round your answer to the nearest foot.

  20. Mathematics

    In a scaled drawing, 1 millimeter represents meters. How many square millimeters on the drawing represent 1 square meter? A. 1/22,500 B. 150/22,500 C. 120 D. 22,500

  21. Chemistry

    What is the value of equilibrium constant kc for NO2 + N2O =3NO..Given that equilibrium concentration are NO2=1.25, N2O=1.80 and NO=0.0015

  22. math

    if you pick a number between 1 and 100 inclusive what is the probability of picking a number which is not a multiple of 27

  23. math

    f(x)= 6x + 6 if f is 0 and 5?

  24. Algebra

    Hi! Can someone help me get started with these 6 problems, please? Would be a huge help! :D 1. A biologist studied the populations of common guppies and Endler’s guppies over a 6-year period. The biologist modeled the populations, in tens of thousands,

  25. Calculus

    Hi, just wanted to verify my work please. Determine if the sequence {(n+1)^2/n^2+1} is increasing or decreasing and find it's lower and/or it's upper bound. First I have n>n+1, therefore it's decreasing. Then, if I do the limit n->inf, I get = 1, so 1 will

  26. calculus

    3. Find the length of the curve given by r(t)= √(2)ti +e^t j +e^-t k, 0≤t≤1.

  27. Math

    if you earn $40.50 evry month how many months will it take to have $500 at least? Pls help!

  28. Geometry

    line xy is equal to line yz, line xz is equal to line zh, and xyz degrees is equal to 52 degrees.calculate zhx degrees

  29. Business

    Explain how efficient inventory management affects the liquidity and profitability of the firm.

  30. Math

    You invest$10 and after a period of 3 month your new balance is $ what factor did money increase Increased by a factor of 4 Decreased by factor of 3 Increased by factor of 6 Increased by a factor of 3

  31. psychology

    In an experiment with children designed to test the effects of motivation, children who received the expected award were most likely to draw that those who were given the unexpected reward. True or false which of the following is the best way to ensure

  32. History

    Which best describes how the fall of Constantinople to Ottoman Turks affected Europe? 1 The Ottoman Empire spread Eastern Orthodox Christianity into southeastern Europe including Greece and Italy. 2 The Ottoman Empire captured Constantinople’s gold

  33. Calculus

    Determine a vector equation for the line that is perpendicular to the vectors 𝑢 = (2,0,1) and 𝑣 = (0,3, −1) and passes through the point (5,2,1).

  34. Math

    The total energy of the pendulum system is350 J A) calculate that mass of the pendulum with a max speed of 5 m/ s B) calculate that max height this pendulum reaches

  35. Mathematics

    The sum of the first n odd numbers in n^2. The sum of the first 30 odd numbers is A.60 B.90 C.300 D.900

  36. psychology

    you are visiting your sister and her family for the weekend. You notice that her home contains four televisions sets including one in each of your 3- and 6- year old nephew's rooms. They are allowed to watch whatever they want whenever they want because

  37. Mathematics

    A strip of metal 58cm long is bent into an arc of a circle of radius 24cm calculate to the nearest degree the angle that the arc subtends at the centre of the circle

  38. Calculus

    Explain why there are many different vector and parametric equations for a plane. Provide specific examples to justify your answer.

  39. Calculus

    I was wondering if: 𝚥 = (0,1,0) is in the 𝑦𝑧 plane. True or False? and if (1,8) is a point on the line: 𝑟 = (1,5) + 𝑡 (0,3). True or False? Thank u :)))

  40. Biology

    Hi, I was just working at home, doing some research. I needed to know some of these questions for the Human Genome Project. the last one especially. -How the project was done? -Who and where was the work done? -How long did the project take? - What is the

  41. Biology

    I need help with writing the paragraph. I am in grade 12 and I need help on writing this plz help!! thank you!!> Your assignment is to summarize (in several paragraphs) how the mass extinction of the dinosaurs affected the evolution of mammals. Your answer

  42. Calculus

    Hi, I can't figure this one out: Here are the first 5 terms of a sequence {5/3, 7/8, 9/15, 11/24, 13/35....} a) Find the general term. So far I got the top part of the fraction as (2n+3), but I can't figure out how to get the bottom one. I see a pattern