Questions Asked on
July 3, 2020

  1. math

    Suppose you're on a game show, and you're given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats. You pick a door, say No. 1, and the host, who knows what's behind the doors, opens another door, say No. 3, which has a goat. He

  2. physics

    Standing waves are set up in a string by a source vibrating at 100.0 Hz. Seven nodes are counted in a distance of 63.0 cm (including one node at each of the ends). How many wavelengths must there be in the string? What is the wavelength of the waves in the

  3. physics

    A pulse of the shape below originates in spring A. The speed of the pulse in this spring is 4.0 m/s. Another spring, B, is connected to spring A. The speed of the pulse in spring B is 2.0 m/s. The “short” end of the original pulse is the right side

  4. Physics

    A force of 50N extends by a material by 0.05 m. Calculate the force constant. (a) 10.0 N/m (b) 100.0 N/m (C) 1000.0 N/m (d) 10,000.0 N/m

  5. Physics

    Charge q1 = 7.00 μC is at the origin, and charge q2 = -5.00 μC is on the x-axis, 0.300 m from the origin as shown below. (a) Find the magnitude and direction of the electric field at point P, which has coordinates (0, 0.400) m. (b) Find the force on a

  6. Chemistry

    A buffer consisting of H2PO4- and HPO42-, helps control the pH of physiological fluids. Many carbonated soft drinks also use this buffer system. You were asked to prepare this buffer from K2HPO4 and KH2PO4. Identify the week acid and base components of

  7. Calculus

    The nose of a plane is pointing west with an airspeed of 350 km/h. The plane’s resultant ground velocity is 315 km/h [S75°W]. Determine the speed and direction of the wind, correct to 2 d.p. Include a labeled diagram with your solution. I got 81.53 km/h

  8. Physics

    A driver traveling at 50mph is 80m from a wall ahead. If the driver applies the brake immediately at a reaction time of 2 seconds and begins slowing the vehicle at 10m/s2. a. Find the distance from the stopping point to the wall. b. Determine the braking

  9. Algebra

    Fifteen decreased by six times a number is

  10. geometry

    Line A passes through the points (-8, 5) and (-5, 4). Line B passes through the points (0, 1) and (4, -1). Which of the following describes the relationship between line A an line B? Lines A and B are parallel, because they have the same slope Lines A and

  11. Biology

    Suppose you a have a fever and you go to see a doctor. The doctor gives you an injection and says it will make you feel better soon. Does this mean you got vaccinated? Explain.

  12. Science

    A tractor is hauling a large trailer with a the load of mealies upwards on an incline or slope of 1 in 20 .The mass of the trailer is 4,5t and the load is 20t. The tractive resistance due to friction and the road surface is 450N/t. A strong wind is blowing

  13. Mathematics

    A ladder which is 13m long is made to rest on a vertical pole which is 5m away from the foot of the ladder. How far up the pole is the ladder

  14. math

    Form a polynomial​ f(x) with real​ coefficients, with leading coefficient​ 1, having the given degree and zeros. Degree: 4; zeros: -4+3i and 1; multiplicity of 2

  15. Physics

    Which of the following is the correct equation for Στ for the given rotation axis? All rotation axes lie on the x axis and torques that would cause a counterclockwise rotation are positive.

  16. Calculus

    Determine the value of k for which the direction vectors of the lines (x-1)/k = (y-2)/2 = (𝑧+1)/ k+1 and (x+3)/-2 = z, 𝑦 = −1 are perpendicular.

  17. History

    What were some effects of the Seven Years’ War? Select all that apply. *Britain lost all of its North American colonies to Austria. *France’s Caribbean colonies rose up in rebellion and gained independence. *Britain gained exclusive trading rights in

  18. maths

    The ratio of the 6th to the 2nd term of geometric sequence is 256.If the 3rd term of this sequence is 32.Determine the first and the third term.

  19. Mathematics

    Two ships A and B left a port each with a uniform speed on bearing 045 degree and x degree respectively. After 4hrs, they covered 100km and 120km respectively with B on a bearing of 105 degree from A. Calculate correct to 1 decimal place the value of x

  20. Mathematics

    The distance of a boat from a bridge 120 m high above sea level is 200m. Calculate the angle of elevation of the bridge from the boat. SO HARD GUYS. PLEASE HELP.

  21. Mathematics

    The distance of a boat from a bridge 120 m high above sea level is 200m. Calculate the angle of elevation of the bridge from the boat.

  22. Physics

    A force of 2N stretches an elastic material by 0.03m. What additional force will stretch the material by 0.03. Assume that the elastic limit is not exceeded.

  23. Math

    1 -7

  24. Mathematics

    Draw an accurate diagram for each of the following bearing 1an aircraft flying on a bearing of 075°

  25. Calculus

    |a| = 5, and b = 8, and the angle formed by a and b is 55°. Determine |4a + b|. Round your answer to 2 d.p.

  26. physics

    I original volume is .021 at 24 degrees C, final volume is .019 at -18 degrees C how do I calculate the change in volume?

  27. Physics

    A large dam scraper , with a mass of 900kg , is used to build an earth dam by means of a winch system. The slope of the dam wall is 60° to the horizontal and is 18m long .The loading capacity of the dam scraper is 1,5m ^3 of soil and the density of the

  28. Physics

    A glider of mass m is attached to a spring that has a force constant k. The glider is set into simple harmonic motion with amplitude A. Determine the positions (by the magnitude) at which the kinetic and the potential energies of the glider are equal. Use

  29. Physics

    A small block on a frictionless horizontal surface has a mass of 0.0215 kg. It is attached to a massless cord passing through a hole in the surface. (See the figure below (Figure 1).) The block is originally revolving at a distance of 0.280 m from the hole