Questions Asked on
July 2, 2020

  1. Science

    The influent flow (dwf) is 30,000 m3/day and the influent BOD concentration is 300 mg BOD/l. The suspended solid concentration in the influent is 150 mg/l of which 40% is removed in the primary clarifier, which agrees with about 20% BOD removal. The sludge

  2. chemistry

    I collected questions from my book which I don't understand plz help me I am stuck plzz.!!!!!!!! Three different solutions containing the same solute at the same temperature are made to be saturated. Beaker 1 has 200.0 mL, beaker 2 has 500.0 mL and beaker

  3. Mathematics

    A sector of a circle of radius 8cm is bent to form a cone.find the radius of the cone and its vertical angle if the angle subtended at the centre by the sector is 280

  4. chemistry

    chem help!! have to make a graph. need help plzz.. thank you!!!! fastttt!!. Make sure to label axes and title the graph. its A heating curve? Temperature measurements were taken every minute for 35 minutes. Table 1. Heating of Substance Y. Time(min)

  5. science

    The maximum lung capacity of an average adult is about 4-6 L. A scuba diver takes a breath of about 2.1 L of air at a depth of 30 m where the pressure is 405 kPa. If the diver holds his/her breath while rising to the surface, where the pressure is 102 kPa,

  6. Maths

    In a test Freya scores 25% more marks than Eva. Eva scores 50% more marks than Dominic. In total the three children score 140 marks. The test if out of 80. What percentage does Dominic score in the test?​

  7. Physical Science

    Consider three objects: A, B, and C. If A is positively charged, B repels A, and C is attracted by A, what can you say about the charge on B and C? A. B is positively charged and C is negatively charged. B. B is negatively charged and C is positively

  8. Applied Maths

    The odds against a volleyball team winning a game are 5:3. What is the probability, as a reduced fraction, that they will win the game?

  9. physics

    A 28 g bullet is traveling at 414 m/s when it strikes a block of wood. If the block of wood exerts a force of 50,000 N opposing the motion of the bullet, how far will the bullet penetrate the block of wood?

  10. mathematics

    Draw a flow chart to show what happens when you visit a library

  11. mathematics

    The sum of three consecutive numbers is 108.

  12. Mathematics

    Aldo can choose Plan A or Plan B for his long distance charges. For each plan, cost (in dollars) depends on minutes used (per month) as shown below. (I'll try to see if I can post the graph.) 1. If Aldo makes 60 minutes of long distance calls for the

  13. algebra

    an aircraft factory manufactures airplane engines. The unit cost c (the cost in dollars to make each airplane engine) depends on the number of engines made. If x engines are made, then the unit cost is given by the function c(x)=0.3x2- 96x+26,919. How many

  14. physics

    A mass of ideal gas of volume 400 cm3 at a temperature of 27 ˚C expands adiabatically until its volume is 500 cm3. Calculate the new temperature. The gas is then compressed isothermally until its pressure returns to the original value. Calculate the final

  15. physics

    Combining the statement written in question 19 with the mathematical statement of the 1st law of thermodynamics, show in not more than 6 steps that; du pdv T ds  1 

  16. chemistry

    From XNH3+YO2=ZNO+QH2O. find the value of Z?

  17. English

    what is the conflict in the book human touch by mitch album.

  18. Mathematics

    The mean height of 15 boys in a class is 162cm and the mean height of 10 girls is 152cm. Find the height of the 25 pupils.

  19. Maths

    Write the 1st 3 terms of the sequence whose n^th term is given by 2^n+1.

  20. Applied Maths

    Joseph is taking his driver’s test. The odds he will pass are 8 : 3. What are the odds against passing? A. 3 : 8 B. 8 : 11 C. 5 : 3 D. 3 : 11

  21. mathematics

    Calculate the sum of 7, 5, 3, 7, 6, 8 using a flow chart

  22. Calculus

    Determine the value(s) of k such that the angle between the vectors a= (1,1,k) and b=(1,0,1) is 45 degrees.

  23. Calculus

    Determine the value(s) of x such that the area of the parallelogram formed by the vectors a=(x+1, 1, -2) and b=(x,3,0) is the square root of 41.

  24. Calculus

    Chris pulled a sled 153 m by exerting a constant force of 225N at a constant angle of 65 degrees to the level ground. Find the work done in pulling the sled.

  25. Algebra

    Sorry to post the same question again, but I haven't gotten any answers on the last time I asked which was roughly 9 hours ago. Here's the question: We let g(x) = ⌊x⌊x⌋⌋ for x >= 0. Find the number of possible values of g(x) for 0

  26. geometry

    What is the equation of the line: * parallel to the line y = -¼x + 5 and * passing through the point (2, -1) y = -¼x + 4 y = ¼x + 2 y = ¼x - 1 y = -¼x - 1/2

  27. geometry

    What is the equation that is perpendicular to the line y=2x-3 and passes through the point (-6,5)? Show all of your work. y = 2x + 17 y = 1/2x + 8 y = -2x - 7 y = -1/2x + 2

  28. English


  29. physics

    why an ice cube at 0 ˚C is more effective in cooling a drink than the same mass of water also at 0 ˚C

  30. physics

    A water vapour thermometer is calibrated at the ice and steam points and the saturation vapour pressures (s.v.p) are measured. The saturation vapour pressure Pθ is given by P  P01   2 , where P0 is the s.v.p at the ice point,

  31. physics

    The density of a gas of relative molecular mass 28 at a certain temperature is 0.90 kgm-3. The root mean square speed of the gas molecules at that temperature is 602 ms-1. Assuming2 that the rate of diffusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the

  32. Math

    Everything on set

  33. mathematics

    Find x, y, and z such that x³+y³+z³=k, for each k from 1 to 100.

  34. Maths

    Olivia has a deck of well-shuffled playing cards. What are the odds: a) in favour of drawing a red face card? b) against drawing a black card?

  35. Physics

    A man of mass 50kg ascends a flight of stairs 5m high in 5seconds. If acceleration due to gravity is 10ms -2, the power of the man is?

  36. History

    In which world regions or countries was the Seven Years’ War fought? a.)Australia, South America, China b.)North America, Western Europe, India c.)North Africa, Mexico, Japan d.)Scandinavia, Middle East, Afghanistan I think it is B

  37. Applied Maths

    The probability of getting an ‘A’ in English class test is 72%. a. What are the odds of getting an A? ( 2 marks) b. What is the probability, as a decimal to the nearest hundredth, of getting an A in three consecutive tests?

  38. physics

    Why is an object immersed in a liquid lighter than the same object in the air.

  39. Geometry

    ray hf is an angle bisector of

  40. chemistry

    Charles law If the relationship between temperature and volume of a gas at a constant pressure is linear, explain why the volume of a gas doesn’t double when its temperature doubles from 10.0°C to 20.0°C.

  41. physics

    A woman is unhappy with the rate at which eggs cook in a saucepan of boiling water. State in 2 words only, the method she could use to get the eggs to cook fastest.

  42. physics

    Write a mathematical statement for the change in entropy, ds, for the case where no work is done irrespective of the path.

  43. physics

    Under what condition (if any) does a moving body experience no energy even though there is a net force acting on it?

  44. Chemistry

    Vitamin c,which may or may not be affective in preventing cold,is an organic compound containing carbon,hydrogen and oxygen.analysis of a carefully purified sample give c=40.9%,h=4.58%,o=5.45%.from another experiement to be 180.from these

  45. Applied Maths

    A man at a fair plays a game with shells in which he uses 4 shells, one of which has a prize under it. What are the odds against winning the prize?

  46. maths

    The 10th term of an arithmetic sequence is 42 more than the 7th term.If the 1st term is -14,find the second term of the sequence

  47. Applied Maths

    A survey was conducted at a fast food outlet. It was determined that the probability of a customer ordering a food item was 43 % and the probability of ordering a beverage was 64%. There is a 35% probability of a customer ordering a beverage and a food

  48. Calculus

    A box weighing 415 N is hanging from two chains attached to an overhead bean at angles of 56 degrees and 49 degree. Find the magnitude of the tension in each chain algebraically.

  49. mathematics

    Translate this word problem into numerical expressions: If a certain number is doubled and 7 subtracted, the result is 23.