Questions Asked on
June 30, 2020

  1. Math

    Find the number: 112/100 of which is 56

    asked by Klara Star
  2. Mathematics

    There are 5 teams in a basketball competition each team must play each of the other team once how many games will each team play

    asked by Rihanna
  3. Geometry

    Line segment AB with length a is divided by points P and Q into three line segments: AP , PQ, and QB , such that AP = 2PQ=2QB. Find: A)the distance between point A and the midpoints of the segments the segment QB B) the distance between the midpoints of

    asked by Isa
  4. science

    1) Read the scenario. A car starts 10 m north of a reference point. It moves at a constant velocity over the next 5 s, reaching a position of 10 m south of the reference point. What is the car’s average velocity? 0 m/s 4 m/s north 2 m/s south 4 m/s south

    asked by Ash
  5. Math

    If BC = 8 , AB = 24 , DC = 48 then BE equals ?

    asked by Jennifer
  6. Physical Science

    This is a velocity versus time graph of a car starting from rest. If the area under the line is 10 meters, what is the corresponding time interval? A. 2 seconds B. 4 seconds C. 5 seconds D. 10 seconds E. 15 seconds

    asked by Mimic
  7. science

    Which of the following choices correctly describes the behavior of the sound wave as it moves from metal to air? The sound wave slows down and refracts. The wavelength and frequency decrease. The sound wave slows down and refracts. The frequency decreases,

    asked by Rose
  8. Mathematics

    If x^a * x^b = (x^a)^b, prove that a/b + b/a = -1. Best I can get is a/b + b/a = ab - 2. Is there any way to show ab = 1 or other way to approach the initial problem to find the proof?

    asked by Poincare
  9. math

    A local pizza shop has 8 different toppings to pick from. How many ways can you pick three different toppings for your pizza if order does not matter?

    asked by mo
  10. math

    A semi-circle sits on top of a rectangle to form the figure below. Find its area and perimeter. Use for 3.14. The rectangle is 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. The semi-circle sits on top of the rectangle on a side that is 4 inches long.

    asked by Star
  11. Math

    The ratio of the measures of the angle of a triangle are 1:3:5. The measures of the largest degrees is? I need this like as soon as possible

    asked by Jennifer
  12. Physics

    1. How will the pressure vary if: a. force is doubled while keeping the area constant? b. force and area both are tripled? c. area is doubled while keeping the force constant?

    asked by Kavya
  13. chemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of Na2CO3 present in 100cm^3 of 2 M Na2CO3 solution.i got 5 i right

    asked by lucy
  14. Physical Science

    A van traveling down a slope with a uniform acceleration of 2.15 meters/second^2 attains a speed of 20.00 meters/second after 7.00 seconds. What is the initial velocity of the van? A. 0.00 meters/second B. 3.65 meters/second C. 4.95 meters/second D. 35.05

    asked by Mimic
  15. english

    Which excerpt from Robert Stawell Ball's Great Astronomers is best supported by this diagram? Excerpt 1 These movements were wholly incompatible with the supposition that the journeys of Venus were described by a single motion of the kind regarded as

    asked by mnmnmn
  16. math

    What 2D figure would result if you sliced a right rectangular prism horizontally?

    asked by carl
  17. chemistry

    Determine the number of sodium ions contained in 25cm^3 of 0.5M sodium carbonate solution.

    asked by lucy
  18. math

    give some examples of polynomial.

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Science

    a huge oil tanker, salt water has flooded an oil tank to a depth of h2 = 5,0 m. On top of the water is a layer of oil h1 deep, as in the cross-sectional view of the tank in Figure 1: Figure 1 The oil has a density of 700 kg/m3 . If P0 is the atmospheric

    asked by Senatsi
  20. Calculus

    Given a=1, b=3, and f(x)=x^2, apply the mean value theorem. My question is, what would f'(c) in this problem? How do I find it?

    asked by Ben
  21. Mathematics

    CRITICAL THINKING: Mercury's average distance from the sun is 57,910,000 km. The Earth is approximately 93,000,000 miles from the sun. What would be the distance of a trip from Mercury to Earth, via the Sun. Look out for the units!!! (1 km = 0.62 mi) .Use

    asked by Divya
  22. Algebra

    15. At Generic High School, in the year 2001, there were 20 students per every computer. In 2008, there were 4 students per computer. Write two ordered pairs to represent the ratio of student to computer. (Let x equal the number of years since 2000.) Let x

    asked by Bella
  23. Math

    In an office, there were 24 more females than males. 60% of the workers were females. How many workers are there in total?

    asked by Afrah
  24. Mathematics

    Prove that 1-cosx/1+cosx=tan^2x/2

    asked by Lohitha
  25. Math


    asked by Olayiwola Damilare Samuel
  26. mathematics

    a number is chosen at random from the interger 10 to 30 inclusive what is the probability that it is a multiple of 3, a multiple of 5, prime number , perfect square

    asked by Jessica
  27. math

    A group of 10 students are on a field trip when their bus breaks down 40 miles away from the school. A teacher takes 5 of them back to school in her car, travelling at an average speed of 40 miles per hour. The other 5 students start walking towards school

    asked by JP
  28. Calculus

    Prove that if a particle moves along a curve at constantspeed, then the velocity vector is at all times perpendicularto the acceleration vector.

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Mathematics

    Find m :- 1) (5^m×5^3×5^(-2))/5^(-5) =5^12

    asked by Divya
  30. mathematics

    Two business​ partners, Ellen and​ Bob, invested money in their business at a ratio of 5 to 8. Bob invested the greater amount. The total amount invested was ​$260. How much did each partner​ invest?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Algebra

    Factorise -a^6+8b^6+c^6+ 6a^2 b^2 c^2

    asked by Shehzad
  32. Algebra

    Factorise.(x+y)^3 +(2y+3z)^3+ (3z+4x)^3 -3(x+y)(2y+3z)(3z+4x)

    asked by Shehzad
  33. Social studies

    Which statement best explains why the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was important to the development of the United States?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. physics

    charge +2micro coulomb is placed at a pointA(2,1,0). another charge-3 microcoulomb placed at B(4,2,-1). find the net force on charge +5micro coulomb placed at a point C(-1,3,2)

    asked by Anonymous