Questions Asked on
June 29, 2020

  1. geometry

    Points A, B, and C are collinear with B between A and C. Points M and N are the midpoints of segments AB and AC , respectively. Prove that BC = 2MN.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. mathematics

    A director in a parastatal earns 1600000 naira per annum. His wife died three years ago leaving him with four young children.How much tax does he pay if he claims an allowance of 24000 naira for insurance premiums?

    asked by david t
  3. Math


    asked by Gen
  4. mathematics

    A man has a wife and six children(the oldest of whom is 13 years).He claims 32000 naira for a dependent relative .How much tax does he pay in a year in which he earns 670 000 naira?

    asked by david t
  5. calculus

    Can somebody so I how to d/dx((6x^-6)/(1+4x^6)^3/2)

    asked by Anonymous
  6. physics

    For a YouTube video, a son agrees to let his dad shoot an apple off his head with a crossbow. The mass of the arrow is 125 g. The mass of the apple is 101 g. Right before the arrow hits the apple, the arrow is traveling at 25.0 m/s horizontally. If the son

    asked by Jasmine
  7. Pre-Algebra

    Hi I’m having trouble with this math topic How changing a value affects the mean and median. My math problem is The monthly rent (in dollars) paid by 10 people are given below. The numbers are 795, 935, 960, 995, 1025, 1030, 1050, 1090, 1105

    asked by Savannah
  8. Mathematics

    A bag contains 6 blue balls, 4 green and 2 red. If you put your hand in and picked a ball at random what are the chances it is blue? A. 45% B. 60% C. 50% D. 33.3%

    asked by Thomas
  9. Mathematics

    In a class of 42 students,25 offer biology,15 offer history and 18 do biology but not history. i. Draw a Venn diagram to show the information. ii. Find how many students offer neither history nor biology

    asked by Goodness
  10. Mathematics.

    Mathematics Calculate the volume of a cylindrical steel bar which is 8cm long and 3.5cm in diameter

    asked by Chukwuma
  11. algebra

    Write an algebraic expression for the phrase. 12 minus m

    asked by chris
  12. Mathematics

    A is partly constant and partly varies with B. When B =5, A=19 and when B=10, A=34. Find A when B is 7

    asked by Anon
  13. Chemistry

    Why does a weather balloon pop if it goes too high? A. The pressure in the balloon decreases as the temperature increases. B. The pressure in the balloon increases as the volume decreases. C. The volume of gas increases as the pressure decreases with

    asked by John
  14. math

    How (1+4x^-6) equal x^-6 +4?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. science

    A solar cell with dimensions 12cm x 12cm is illuminated at standard test conditions. The cell presents the following external parameters: Voc=0.8V,Isc=3A,Vmp=0.75V,Imp=2.5A Calculate the fill factor (in %):

    asked by Sai Soumya
  16. chemistry

    a certain volume of a gas at 298k is heated such that its volume

    asked by Ayoleyi
  17. Chemistry

    The exclusion principle states that: A) if the position of a particle is well known, its momentum will not be well known. B) two photons cannot have the same quantum state at the same time. C) only electrons in the same quantum state can be in the same

    asked by Ben
  18. Calculus

    How do I use polar coordinates to prove that the limit of the function f(x,y)=(2xy)/(x^2 +y^2) doesn't exist as it approaches (0,0)?

    asked by C
  19. Mathematics

    A rectangular room 8cm long by 5cm wide contains 120cm3 of air.calculate the hieght of the room

    asked by Abubakar Muhammad
  20. Physics

    A frictionless inclined plane of inclination 53 degree is used as a machine.what is the efficiency of the machine?

    asked by Beemnet ameha
  21. physics

    A stone tied to a string is made to revolve in a horizontal circle of radius 4m with an angular speed of 2 radians per second .with what tangential velocity will the stone move off the circle if the string cuts?

    asked by Betty
  22. math

    You roll 2 dice. The first die has 26 sides and contains the 26 letters of the English alphabet; the other die has 12 sides and contains numbers 1-12. What is the probability that you will roll a letter with one enclosed area (A, D, O, P, Q, R) and a

    asked by carl
  23. Science

    For a precipitate and matrix of equal molar volumes, the interfacial strain energy will be smallest for which of the following conditions: A coherent boundary? A semi-coherent boundary? An incoherent boundary? None of the above? or Not enough information

    asked by hewhomustbenamed82
  24. Science

    A semi-coherent interface and a low-angle grain boundary are two different terms for the same thing. True? False? or Not enough information to answer? Which option is correct?

    asked by hewhomustbenamed82
  25. physics

    A Speedboat whose velocity in still water is 12m/s, is crossing a river flowing due east,at a velocity of 5m/s. If the boat is moving due North, Calculate its velocity across the river and the direction the boat is moving.

    asked by Oluwatobilola
  26. Science

    A stream with current running at 4km/h is 250 m wide between two parallel banks .A boat has to cross the stream. It's speed in still water is 6 km/h . 1. In what direction will it cross the stream in the least possible time.? 2.In what direction will it

    asked by Pearl
  27. Algebra

    Hey!! I would SUPER appreciate it if you could help me with these! Thank you! :) 1. Astronomers measure large distances in light-years. One light-year is the distance that light can travel in one year, or approximately 5.88 x 1012 miles. Suppose a star is

    asked by i got summer schooled
  28. Science

    Two vehicles boats sail away from each other on a lake. Sailing boat A sails directly North at 3 km/h and sailing boat B sails N.53,13° E. at 5km/h . 1.calculate the velocity of sailing boat A relative to the velocity of sailing boat B.

    asked by Pearl
  29. math

    Can somebody shows I how to get from(30x^4 (x^6+4)^3/2 -54x^10 (x^6+4)^1/2)/(x^6 +4)^6/2 to (120x^4 -24x^10)/(x^6+4)^3/2

    asked by Anonymous
  30. economics

    A traditional economy is like a garage sale; (finish the connection). Help please thanks

    asked by jake