Questions Asked on
June 28, 2020

  1. PreCalculus

    Convert 2 e^{\pi i/6} to rectangular form.

    asked by Matthew
  2. Math

    Cards marked with the numbers 2 to 101 are placed in a box and mixed thoroughly. One card is drawn from this box. Find the probability of a number which is a perfect cube.

    asked by Lam
  3. Mathematics

    Mercury's average distance from the sun is 57,910,000 km. The Earth is approximately 93,000,000 miles from the sun. What would be the distance of a trip from Mercury to Earth, via the Sun. Look out for the units!!! (1 km = 0.62 mi) .Use Scientific Notation

    asked by Lam
  4. Mathematics

    A girl walks 800meters on a bearing of 129degrees calculate how far east and south is from her starting point

    asked by Mary
  5. Mathematics

    Given that 99=100 -1,calculate the value of 152 x 99.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Mathematics

    How many days, hours & minutes between 06/29/1947 @ 02:15 a.m. until 08/10/1977 @ 02:15 A.M.

    asked by Paul
  7. Science

    sound travels through cold air at about 1190 kilometers per hour. that means that a sound can travel the length of three football fields in about a second. Some machines, such as jet planes, can travel faster than sound. the world's fastest train can

    asked by Cons
  8. chemistry

    a technician went to the laboratory to prepare a solution of 250.0 mL of calcium carbonate (Na2CO3). It was weighed on the analytical balance 1.3316g of the solid calcium carbonate reagent. Knowing that salt has 99.5 %m/m, calculate the %m/v of this

    asked by william
  9. Mathematics

    Given that 99=100-1,calculate the value of 152 x 99

    asked by Onos
  10. mathematics

    What is the product of 2p + q and –3q – 6p + 1? –12p2 – 6pq – 4p – 3q + 1 –12p2– 12pq + 2p – 3q2 + q –9p2q2 + 12pq – 2p + q 12p2 + 12pq +2p + 3q2 + q

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Calculus

    How do I differentiate fx and fy f(x,y)=√(1+x^2 +y^2)

    asked by C
  12. science

    Mendel performed his experiments on more characteristics than the four shown in the Mendel’s Results table. Why was it important for him to look at more than one characteristic?

    asked by leah
  13. Mathematics

    Find the measurements of the diagonal indicated in the following parallelogram If DL = 7, then DF = ? Use the information to find the given length of the diagonal EFGH and EH = 24 then FG = 12

    asked by Loomned
  14. Mathematics

    What value of x will give the minimum value for 9x^2 + 18x + 7?

    asked by Unknown
  15. Math

    3) Find the value of m for which (i) (5^m×5^3×5^(-2))/5^(-5) =5^12 (ii) (2/9)^3×(2/9)^(-6)=(2/9)^(2m-1)

    asked by Pete
  16. mathematics

    A farmer owns a field with an area of 0.77 km2. The farmer buys another field with an area of 33,400 m2. What is the total area of the fields he now owns in km2?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    4) Simplify : (i) (125 ×x^(-3))/(5^(-3)×25 ×x^(-6) ) (ii) (16×10^2×64)/(2^4×4^2 )

    asked by Lovely
  18. Mathematics

    How many 10 digit numbers can be formed using only the digits 2 and 5?

    asked by Akua
  19. History

    European nations colonized countries on the African continent to:

    asked by phuong
  20. Mathematics

    A three digit number is such that twice the hundreds digit is more the teens digit by two.The unit digit is thrice the hundreds digit.When the digits are reversed the number is increased by 594.Find the number ?

    asked by Peter
  21. geography

    Birth and death certificates are an example of what?

    asked by rob
  22. Mathematics

    Calculate the volume of a cylindrical steel bar which is 8cm long and 3.5cm in diameter

    asked by Abundance
  23. chemistry

    What are the saturated alcohols that have the general molecular formula?CvH2v+1O com v>1 Cvh2v+2O com v>1 CvH2vO com v>1 CvH2vO com v>3

    asked by julia
  24. Physics

    If stone is thrown directly down ward from the top of a 40m tall building with an initial speed of 10m/s,what will be the speed of the stone,when it reach the ground?g 10N/kg

    asked by Tt
  25. mathematics

    Does anybody know how to plot these function on mathematica y = sinx and y = sinx/x on the interval [-2Pi ,2Pi ]?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. math

    How do I rationalize the dinominator on this (x^2 +y^2)/(√(x^2 +y^2 +1)-1)

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math

    if ayo and bayo shares 14 mangoes in the ratio 2:4. Calculate the number of mango each boy will got

    asked by ratio