Questions Asked on
June 27, 2020

  1. Science

    Examine the scenario. 1)Two different objects are brought close to one another. The objects pull, or attract, each other. Which choice correctly identifies the pole(s) that could be interacting? The poles must be the same, either north and north, or south

  2. Geometry

    Four tangents are drawn from E to two concentric circles. A, B, C, and D are the points of tangency. Can you name as many pairs of congruent triangles as possible and tell how you can show each pair is congruent? You can use triangle congruence theorems to

  3. Math

    Lucy sang 4 songs. Every song was 5/8 minutes long. For how much time did she sing in total? Write your answer in simplest form. I think that you should do 5/8 x 4. Which equals 2.5. But if we need it in simplest form, that would be 5/2 or 2 and 1/2. Is

  4. Physics

    If vector A=2i+3j-k and B=4i+2j-2k find vector x parallel to A but has magnitude of B

  5. math

    A cook needs 5 cups of vegetable stock for a soup recipe. How much is this in pints? Write your answer as a whole number or a mixed number in simplest form. Include the correct unit in your answer. And the units are, fl oz, C, pt, qt, gal. And you can

  6. mathematics

    Out of 10 students, the favorite drink of seven students is Coke and the favorite drink of the rest is Fanta. A teacher picks a student at random. What is the probability that the favorite drink of the student is: Coke?

  7. Math

    Sorry I am having so many questions about math! It is just because I got moved up a grade for summer math, and it is challenging. But i can do some by myself. So this is my question. Miguel made a shirt using 1/3 yards of green fabric and 3/8 yards of

  8. Math

    6.71 x 0.001=???

  9. mathematics

    i am greater then 4 tens and i am lesser than 5 i have 9 oneswhat number am i

  10. Mathematics

    Encircle the greatestnumber 5000

  11. History

    Since 1880 indo-china territory includes

  12. Technology

    Write a brief description of the following secondary cells: 1. Lead acids 2. Nickel cadmium ( iron) 3. Alkaline cell

  13. Geography

    Define impoverishment

  14. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of H2SO4 in 500ml of 0.324M H2SO4 solution and calculate the number of grams of H2SO4 in 500ml of 0.324M H2SO4 solution

  15. Matrix

    Find a 2*2 matrix with lambda=1 and lambda=2

  16. Math

    3 1/2 x 2 1/4=???

  17. math

    the sum of my digits is 15 the product of my digits is 56 I am even my tens place is smaller than my ones place

  18. Chemistry

    What is the value of 𝐾 for this aqueous reaction at 298 K? A+B↽−−⇀C+DΔ 𝐺°=11.53 kJ/mol

  19. chemistry

    Calculate the molar mass of CH4 gas at STP when 5.46L Of the gas weights 4g

  20. Geometry

    What is measure of an angle R? side SR is unknown,ST is (12x-15)degree and TR is (3x+30) degree. answer choice A: 45 degree B: 52.5 degree C: 63 degree D: 75 degree please help and explain step by step. Thank you in advance.

  21. chemistry

    which process uses galvanic cell? A. lead storage B. refining of petroleum C. electrolysis of fused sodium chloride D. hall's process of production of aluminium

  22. Math

    9.57 divided by 0.3. I know that is easy for some of you, but I can't do it. Will you help me? Thanks!

  23. English

    I was writing something out and someone said that 'You can win special armor!' as a line is incorrect. They stated that it should have an article, aka 'You can win a special armor!' To me, both in this case are correct. I know you can't 'win special

  24. Geometry

    Which inequality shows all possible solution for X? in pic shown its a right triangle leg side A is unknown and base is 8x+18 and hypotenuse is 12x-6 Answer choices A: x>6 B: x>_ 6 C: 1/2

  25. Geometry

    What is measure of an angle R? side SR is unknown,ST is (12x-15)degree and TR is (3x+30) degree. answer choice A: 45 degree B: 52.5 degree C: 63 degree D: 75 degree Here is link for this question number 14. Thanks in advance.

  26. Psychology

    I am finding essentialism and selectionism confusing. I need help breaking these ideas down into a way that is easy to comprehend. I am trying to understand/answer this question: How does an essentialism approach differ from a selectionist perspective on

  27. Mathematics

    in a certain examination,52 candidates offers biology, 60 offers history, 92 offers both biology and history,21 offers both biology and history, 22 mathematics and history. If 7 candidates offers all the three subjects find many candidate who where

  28. physics

    A student holds thin strip of paper below his lower lip and blows air horizontally over it. If the surface area of one side of the paper is A and the mass of the strip is m speed v, with which the air should be blown in order to keep the strip horizontal

  29. physics

    Three trolley are free to move on a frictionless horizontal track. Trolley A has a mass of 2m and an initial speed 2v to the right; Trolley B has a mass of and an initial speed of v to the left; Trolley C has a mass of m and is originally at rest. All