Questions Asked on
June 25, 2020

  1. Trigonometry

    The angle of elevation from a point on the ground to the top of a pyramid is 23^•(degree)40^’(minutes). The angle of elevation from a point 112 ft farther back to the top of the pyramid is 15^•30’. Find the height of the pyramid.

    asked by Vin
  2. Physics

    A piece of copper ball of mass 20g at 200 degree centigrade is placed in a copper calorimeter of mass 60g containing 50g of water at 30 degree centigrade. Ignoring heat losses calculate the final temperature of the mixture

    asked by Thomasine
  3. Chemistry

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    asked by Keeley
  4. Astronomy

    A quasar with an observed luminosity of L=1012L⊙ is shining at the Eddington limit, with a net efficiency of 10%. What is the mass accretion rate (in units of M⊙year−1)?

    asked by M
  5. Calculus

    Find the point on the curve y = 1/x^2 ,( x > 0 ), where the curvature is maximum.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. calculus

    Find the volume of the parallelepiped with the vectors A = 2i + j +3k , B = i -2j + k , C = 3i + 4j+ 2k as coterminal edges.

    asked by Anonymous
  7. geometry

    A sector of a circle radius 18 cm and angle 300 degrees is bent to form a cone. Calculate the base radius of the cone

    asked by Ngozi Eze
  8. Physical Science

    The relative atomic mass of a sample of chlorine which contains 75.78% chlorine -35 and 24.22% chlorine-37 is ____.

    asked by Maryann
  9. science

    what do you think will happen to a pulse signal (voltage is applied for a short period of time only) when it is applied to a transmission line? Will the pulse reach the end of the transmission line? What will happen if the end of the transmission line is

    asked by Anonymous
  10. geometry

    A right triangle is dilated by a factor of 3.5. Which statements about the resulting triangle must be true? Select all that apply. (There is more than one answer) It is smaller than the original triangle. It is an isosceles triangle. It is larger than the

    asked by jessica
  11. Statistics


    asked by Jessica
  12. Calculus

    Determine whether the function f(x,y) = e^x siny is harmonic.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    Hi! I have a question. A cook needs 5 cups of vegetable stock for a soup recipe. How much is this in pints? Write your answer as a whole number or a mixed number in simplest form. Include the correct unit in your answer. and these are the units. fl oz, C,

    asked by Emily
  14. science

    What do you mean by mechanical advantage if simple machine is2

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Mathematics

    The probability of a seed germinating 113.if three of the seeds are planted what is the probability that none germinate

    asked by Bulama
  16. Calculus

    Find all the first and second order partial derivatives of the function f(x,y) = 2x^3+ 3x^2 y^2 + 3x + 2/y + 4

    asked by Anonymous
  17. mathematics

    A Square ABCD inscribed in a circle of radius 4cm. What is the minor segment cut off by the chord AB

    asked by theay
  18. mathematics

    Which system of equations can be graphed to find the solution(s) to x2 = 2x + 3?

    asked by theodore
  19. Calculus

    Find the equation of the line passing through the pointsP1( 1, 2, 1) and P2( 2,3,2).

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    How much is Zone five dollar bill, seven quarters, and six dimes?

    asked by Zoe
  21. Algebra

    hello! I am nine years old, and I have a question. This is my question. Evaluate the expression when c=5 and d=45 d-6c=??? I don't know how to do it. Can you help me? Thanks!

    asked by Emily
  22. chemistry

    What is solid?

    asked by rob
  23. Spanish

    How do you say good morning in spanish?

    asked by Lia
  24. Physics

    Your family is moving to a new apartment. While lifting a box 1.5 m straight up to put it on a truck, you exert an upward force 300 N for 1.0 s. How much power is required to do this? Do I work this like this or? P = W/t W= 300N. 1.5m*cos(0)=400J

    asked by Maryann
  25. physics

    a spring 20cm long is stretched to 40cm by a load of 50n .what is 1.the length when stretched by 100n 2.what is the work done when stretched by 100n

    asked by Ayogu Jessica
  26. science

    A boat start sailing on Monday 10:00 at harbour A and sails 600km due north. Later it turns east for a further 420km to reach harbour B on Tuesday at 12:00..calculate the average velocity of the trip

    asked by Heita
  27. Science

    .A uniform metre rule balances horizontally on a knife edge placed at the 58 cm mark when a weight of 20gf is suspended from one end. what is the weight of the rule? *

    asked by Lala
  28. Math

    The measure of angle B is 124 degrees. What is the measure of its supplementary angle?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. algebra

    y=sqrt(4-x^2) I have a trouble finding range, I used the inverse to find worked out to be y=2 but the answer is [0,2] my question is how do I found 0 in [0,2]?

    asked by John
  30. history

    Do you think the writers of the Constitution believed one was the branch of government more important?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    I guess I'm not following the below example Reiny answered previously. The reason for my confusion is if a coin has been removed, it stays removed, does it not? So how can you have a 1/16 chance on the second draw? If one coin has been removed, the second

    asked by Getit
  32. Mathematics

    A man traveled from point A to point B at a bearing of 60 degress from point A, calculate the bearing of point A from point B

    asked by Grace
  33. physics

    three forces of magnitude 6N, 2N and 3N act on a small object in directions north, south and west respectively, find magnitude of the resultant force

    asked by ayo
  34. Probability

    A police radar unit is set up to monitor vehicles on a stretch of highway with a speed limit of 100 km/h. Long-term records for this location show that speeds vary normally with a mean of 105 km/h and a standard deviation of 7 km/h. Drivers who exceed the

    asked by Brandon
  35. Chemistry

    The pressure of a sample of argon gas was increased from 3.71 atm to 8.55 atm at constant temperature. If the final volume of the argon sample was 16.1 L, what was the initial volume of the argon sample? Assume ideal behavior.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. math

    What power is expended by a weightlifter when lifting a 56-kg barbell a vertical distance of 1.0 m in a time interval of 1.4 s . Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.

    asked by Kylee Santiago
  37. Math

    Your original purchase price was $950.00 plus 5% sales tax. You enter into an agreement where the interest (12.5% APR) is waived for the first 12 months provided you make the required monthly payments; otherwise the interest is accrued from the date of

    asked by anon
  38. geometry

    Which is not an appropriate classification for a triangle? A)Right Equilateral**** B)Acute Scalene C)Obtuse Isosceles D)Right Scalene

    asked by just a gamer