Questions Asked on
June 24, 2020

  1. World History

    What was the main reason that President Truman proclaimed what would become known as the Truman Doctrine in 1947? to help the United States avoid future involvement in foreign wars to develop a positive relationship with the Soviet Union to show that the

  2. Maths

    The sum of seven of the angle of a nonagon is 1000 . The other two angle are equal to each other. Calculate the sizes of the other two angles

  3. World History

    During the Yalta Conference, what did President Roosevelt promise Premier Stalin in exchange for the Soviet Union joining the Pacific War against Japan? The Soviet Union would control the Japanese islands and Taiwan. The Soviet Union would gain a sphere of

  4. World History

    How was the Spanish Civil War significant to the Nazi army prior to World War II? Sale of German weapons to Spain allowed Germany to emerge from the Great Depression and make internal military improvements that it would use during World War II. The Nazi

  5. Physics

    5kg of water at 50°c is poured on large blocks of ice at 0°c. How much ice melts

  6. Mathematics

    lorinda is given pocket money for a week she decides to spend 2/5 of the money on breakfast, 1/6 of the remaining on snack and 3/4 of what is still remaining on lunch for a day. if she will be left with Gh¢ 100.00 after the first day of making the above

  7. World History

    How did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution affect the Vietnam War? The resolution officially ended France’s imperialist claims to Vietnam. The United States became fully engaged in fighting in the Vietnam War. North Vietnamese leaders agreed to discuss ending

  8. calculus

    A model for the length of daylight (in hours) in Philadelphia on the tth day of the year is L(t) = 12 + 2.8 sin 2π/365(t − 80) . Use this model to compare how the number of hours of daylight is increasing in Philadelphia on April 21 and June 5. (Assume

  9. chemistry

    The amount of copper was determined in 10 g sample. copper was precipitated, filtered and calcined, obtaining a final precipitate of 0.79 g oxide of copper , What % in copper mass in this sample?

  10. English

    Why does scrooge dislike Christmas so much?

  11. Science

    A car is travelling along a straight road. The driver suddenly observes that the road ahead is flooded and applies the brakes. Describe what happens to the car and the brakes. Your answer should include details of braking distance and braking force.

  12. Physics

    1. A 3kg box is released from the top of a 20° inclined plane. If the length of the inclined plane is 10m long, and a frictional force of 10N opposes the motion of the ball, Determine the speed of the ball when the ball reaches the bottom of the plane.

  13. Chem

    Which of the following is not a variable that can be manipulated in a gas law equation? Pressure Temperature Density Volume Temperature?

  14. science

    HCI +Na2CO3=NaCI + H20 + CO2

  15. Chem

    Calculate the number of moles of gas with a volume of 70 L at a temperature of 65 °C and pressure of 2.4 atm. 6.05?

  16. Physics


  17. Probability

    Maria handed in her final data management project last week. The class mean was 83% with a standard deviation of 8. If Maria’s mark produced a z-score of 1.09, what was her grade?

  18. Calculus

    Determine whether the function f(x,y) ={ 2xy/(x^2 + y^2), if (x,y) ≠(0,0) 0, if (x,y) ≠(0,0) is continuous at the origin.

  19. Science

    1. Mention any four operations that requires airlines 2.explain how airflow is applicable to the above mentioned operations

  20. physics

    A body of mass 100kg is released from a height of 200m. With what energy does the body strike the ground (g =10m/s2)

  21. Mathematics

    Show that logx+log(xy)+log(xy^2)is the arthematic progression

  22. Mathematics

    If Mrs Dow shared her $500 winnings with friends. She gave Mme Sultmanis 50%. She gave Mme Anne 20% of what was left and then gave 40% of what remained to Mme Kopf-Johnson. She gave 50% of what was left then to Ms. Major. How much did Mrs. Dow keep for

  23. Math

    My question is about guess my rule, in Russian math. x - y 1=21 2=22 7=27 8= don't know 9= don't know _ = 33 33- don't know _ = 65 102=don't know _ - 130 and then it says Rule: y=... and so yeah. the signs that are like this _ mean I don't know basically.

  24. math

    n/3-2=3 -b/3=6 i figured out one is this one right? n/4=-8 n/4x4=16x4=64 n=64

  25. Physics

    A block and tackle with a velocity ratio of 7 is used to raise a mass of 50kg through a vertical distance of 800mm at a steady rate. If the effort is equal to 110N. Determine (a) The distance moved by the effort. (b) The workdone by the effort in lifting

  26. math

    9) Jon is playing a game. He starts with some points. On his first turn, Jon wins 6 points. On his second turn, Jon’s points are doubled. He then has 26 points. How many points did Jon start with? Write an equation to model this problem. Solve the

  27. Physics

    A mass exerts 45.0N on a 30 kg box, making it slide over a smooth surface for a distance of 10.0m . He stops pushing, just as the box crosses the 10.0m mark. (a) what is the work done by the man on the box? (b) what form of energy does the box posses after

  28. math

    solve this equation. (s+6)*2=26

  29. Probability

    Current engineering graduates earn a mean starting salary of $62 000 in Canada, with a standard deviation of $2500. Assuming that the salaries are normally distributed, what is the probability that a graduate will find a job with a starting salary of more

  30. math

    solve each equation and verify the results 5(a-3)=20 -2(n+3)=-10 7=4(2+y) -2(n+3)=-6

  31. math

    how would you describe the relationships between varibles on a graph?

  32. Calculus

    Find the distance from the point P(5, 3, 2) to the plane x + 2y + z = 6.

  33. calculus

    (b) Find a similar formula for F'''. F''' = 3f '''g + 3f ''g' + 3f 'g'' + 3fg''' F''' = f '''g − 3f ''g' − 3f 'g'' + fg''' F''' = f '''g + 6f ''g'f 'g'' + fg''' F''' = f '''g + f ''g' + f 'g'' + fg''' F''' = f '''g + 3f ''g' + 3f 'g'' + fg'''

  34. Calculus

    Find the distance between the skew lines : x/2 =(y-1)/2 =(z-2)/3 and (x+1)/3 =y/4 =(z-2)/5

  35. Calculus

    Find the distance from the point P(3,5,6) to the line (x-1)/2 =(y+1)/3 =(z-1)/3.

  36. Calculus

    Given the curve C in parametric form: C : x =2cos(t) , y=2sin(t), z =2t; 0≤tπ≤2π Find each of the following in terms of t : a) The velocity v(t) b) The speed ds/dt c)The acceleration a(t) d) The unit tangent vector T(t) e)The curvature k and the

  37. Physics

    An 8.7 kg watermelon is placed at one end of a 3.8 m, 234 N scaffolding supported by two cables. One supporting cable is at the opposite end of the scaffolding, and the other is 0.65 m from the watermelon. How much tension is in the cable at the end of the

  38. Physics

    Mahmour whose mass is 75kg walked up 12 steps of 20cm each in 10 seconds. Find the power that was developed

  39. Calculus

    Find the equation of the plane which passes through the point P( 2,1,3) and contains the line (x + 1)/3 = (y-1 )/2= 5/z

  40. Physics

    A rectangular metal block with side 1.5m, by 1.2 by 1.0 rests a horizontal surface. If the density of metal is 7000kg/m³ calculate Difference btn maximum and minimum pressure that the block can exert

  41. Physics

    Use the angular component of acceleration in polar coordinates to deduce Keplerís second law r^2 (dθ/dt)= k for a central force field.

  42. Physics

    Prove that if a particle moves along a curve at constant speed, then the velocity vector is at all times perpendicular to the acceleration vector.

  43. Science

    A stone is attached to the end of an inelastic string and whirled in a circular path of radius 30cm if the stone makes nine complete oscillation in 3seconds find the angular velocity and linear velocity during the period

  44. Maths

    The size of an interior angle of a regular polygon is 3x⁰while its exterior angle is (x-20⁰). Gind the no of sides of the polygon.

  45. Physics

    Mahmour whose mass is 75kg walked up 12 steps of 20cm each in 5 seconds. Find the power

  46. math

    a road starts at a collage and goes due north for 2000m. it then 2000m on a bearing of 040 degrees and ends at a market. a.) how far is the market from the college? b.) what is the bearing of the market from the collage.

  47. math

    If the initial velocity of the car in the previous problem (the car accelerates at 5.00 km/hr/s for 3.50 sec) is 22.6 km/hr, what is the final velocity of the car? 17.6 km/hr 27.6 km/hr 40.1 km/hr 18.9 km/hr

  48. Physics

    What are some reasons for momentum of a system of two carts bouncing off each other on a frictionless track not be conserved?

  49. Physics

    Two sailing boats sail away from each other on a lake. Sailing boat A sails directly North at 3km/h and sailing boat B sails N.53,13°.E at 5km/h .calculate: 1. The velocity of sailing boat A relative to the velocity of sailing B.

  50. Mathematics

    An open concrete tank is internally 1m wide,2m long and1.5m deep the concrete being 10cm thick calculate the capacity of the tank in litres and the volume of the concrete

  51. MATH

    Can somebody show I how get to 215ft/s for my answer from the following equation 500ft= √3 /2vt - 16*t² with.t= 1600ft/v

  52. Math

    Drag each response to the correct location on the table. Each response can be used more than once, but not all responses will be used. Consider the two exponential equations shown. Identify the attributes for each equation to complete the table. 111% 40

  53. math

    the equationof a linear relation is y=4x-3. find the missing number in each ordered pair (2,_) (_,-11) (_, 13)