Questions Asked on
June 23, 2020

  1. mathematics

    A telephone company makes up its monthly bills as follows: a fixed charge of 800 naira plus a charge proportional to the number of units of call on the telephone .If it charge 2 naira per unit of call , calculate the total charges on (a) 80 units (b) 150

  2. Probability

    a bowl contain 30 eggs,6 of which are broken. If an egg is chosen at random,what is the probability that it is not broken?

  3. physics

    A spiral spring loaded with a piece of metal extends by 10.5cm in air. When the mental is fully submerged in water, the spring extends by 6.8cm. Calculate the relative density of the metal assumming hookes is obeyed.

  4. Probability

    A bowl contains 30eggs,6 of which are broken .If an egg is chosen at random ,what is the probability that it is not broken

  5. mathematics

    A box contains 12 bulbs with 3 defective ones. If two bulbs are drawn from the box, what is the probability that both bulbs are defective. both are non defective and one bulb is defective?

  6. Physics

    A machine has a velocity ratio of 6 and the efficiency of 75%.what effort would be needed to lift the load with the aid of the machine

  7. Physics

    Suppose that an object is dropped from a height of h meters and hits the ground with a velocity of v meters per second. Then =v19.6h. If an object hits the ground with a velocity of 27.7 meters per second, from what height was it dropped? Carry your

  8. Calculus

    9. Find the linear approximation of the function f(x,y) = √1+ x^2+ y^2 at the point (x,y,z) = (2, -2, 3).

  9. mathematics

    The cost of making a dress is partly constant and partly varies with the amount of time it takes to make the dress.If the dress takes 3 hours to make ,it costs 2700 naira. If it takes 5 hours to make the dress, it costs 3100 naira. Find the cost if it

  10. Chem

    Which of the following are true regarding balancing chemical equations? A It takes practice in the form of trial and error to balance chemical equations B The law of conservation of matter should be applied by counting the number of atoms of every element

  11. Chem

    True or false: Wood and other fuels that undergo combustion reactions don’t spontaneously catch on fire just because they are surrounded by oxygen. ood and other fuels that undergo combustion reactions don’t spontaneously catch on fire just because

  12. Physics

    projected horizontally from the top a hill with a velocity of 30mls. If it reaches the ground 5seconds later, the height of the hill is?

  13. Social studies

    What are two factors that may cause newly married couples to delay parenthood.

  14. physics

    A stone of mass 5kg is projected with a rubber catapult. If the catapult is stretched through a distance of 7cm by the average of the force 70 N. Calculate the instateneous velocity when it is released

  15. Physics

    A man accelerates a 25 kg box by pushing it with a force of 60 N over a distance of 10.0 m on a surface that provides a frictional force of 10 N Determine the velocity of the box after the man stops pushing in two ways a) by calculating net force,the

  16. Chem

    Chemical reactions contain which of the following? A chemical change B involve the motion of electrons C formation of chemical bonds D all of the above D?

  17. Algebra

    Factorise a^3+b^3+c(a^2+b^2-ab)

  18. Calculus

    Evaluate the limits : a) lim (x,y)-->(0,0) (x^2 + y^2)/(√(x^2 +y^2 +1-1)) b) lim (x,y)-->(0,0) (3x^2 y^2)/(x^2 + y^2)

  19. Linguistics

    Is the order of acquisition the same among the the speakers of the same language who acquired it as native language? How is it related to the speed of acquisition? ıs it the same among the people who acquire it as a foreign or second language? How is the

  20. Calculus

    Find the distance from the origin to the line (x + 1)/3 = (y + 2)/1 = (z-3)/2

  21. math

    4) The school’s sports teams held a banquet. The teams were charged $125 for the rental of the hall, plus $12 for each meal served. The total bill was $545. How many people attended the banquet? Write an equation you could use to solve the problem. Solve

  22. Calculus

    Identify the quadric surfaces : a) x^2 -y^2 +z^2 -1 = 0 b) x^2-z^2 = y^2

  23. Math

    If I were to divide 22 in half until I get to 0, how long would it take?

  24. calculus

    Suppose motion in polar coordinates is determined by r = 1 + sinθ, and θ= e^t. Find the angular component of acceleration when θ=π/2.

  25. Study skills

    Hello, I know this is a homework website but I need help with studying like how do you study. I spend endless hours studying and never get the marks that I deserve so please give me ways to study EFFECTIVELY I AM DESPERATE I NEED TO DO WELL IN SCHOOL

  26. Science

    Which of the following country has tropical rzinforest

  27. Calculus

    Find the arc length of the curve which is parametrized in three dimensions by x(t) = e^t cost , y(t) = e^t sint , z(t) = e^t where 0

  28. Calculus

    Find T, N, B, k, aT, aN for the motion R(t) = 3cost i + 4t j + 3sint k

  29. Maths

    Find the quotient of 4/5 and 6/7, Give your answer in the simplest form

  30. Chem

    True or false: Saponification involves a synthesis reaction between a metallic alkali, such as lye (otherwise known as sodium hydroxide, NaOH), and an animal or vegetable fat (such as an oil) to produce soap. True?

  31. Mathematics

    A road start at college and goes due North for 2000m it then 2000m on a bearing of 040 degrees and end it a market how far is the market from the college and what is the bearing of the market from the college

  32. Calculus

    Find the equation of the line which passes through the point P( 1,2,4) and is parallel to the line x = 2y = 3z.

  33. Maths

    In a class, 24 students have brown hair and 6 have blonde hair. What fraction have brown hair?

  34. calculus

    Find the curvature of the curve in R^2 which is given parametrically by x(t) =from0to t ∫sin u^2 /2 du, y(t) =from 0 to t ∫ cos u^2 /2 du where t > 0.

  35. Linguistics

    Do the starry words form a constituent? Apply the constituency test and indicate your answer as Yes or No. If your answers is Yes, indicate thw what phrase or grammatical category is. a. *Marry will* finish her homework *in the library* b. A *strong* wind