Questions Asked on
June 22, 2020

  1. Investment

    On April 16, 2012, the President of Argentina introduced a bill for the re-nationalization of the country's largest energy company, YPF. In more concrete terms, Argentina expropriated the shares that a foreign investor (Repsol) held in the company. Into

  2. Mathematics

    Solve to the nearest degree the size of each angle of a regular heptagon

  3. Chem

    The numbers on the top of the coumns on the periodic table represent A The number of valence electrons that each of those elements in that column have. B The number of core electrons that each of those elements in that column have. C The number of orbital

  4. Mathematics

    A triangle has sides Xcm, (x+4)cm and 11cm, where x is a whole number in cm. If the perimeter of the triangle is less than 32cm, find the possible value of x.

  5. calculus

    A water trough is 8 m long and has a cross-section in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid that is 40 cm wide at the bottom, 100 cm wide at the top, and has height 60 cm. If the trough is being filled with water at the rate of 0.1 m3/min how fast is the

  6. Chem

    True or false: The octet rule states that elements gain or lose electrons to attain an electron configuration of the nearest noble gas. True

  7. mathematics

    Raj often helps his grandfather weed the garden. The rectangular garden has a perimeter of 88 metres. The length is thrice the breadth. What is the area of the garden?

  8. Science

    A reaction has two reactants and two products. Which type of reaction does not fit the descriptive statement? Select all that apply. A. Double-displacement B. Single-displacement C. Synthesis D. Decomposition E. Combustion C & D right?

  9. math

    the scale of a mao is 1:6000000 a) the distance between 2 towns on the map is 8.7cm. what is the actual distance? 1 cm on the map repersents cm of the actual distance the actual distance between the two towns is x cm= cm= km b) the distance between 2 other

  10. Math

    You observe the following yields on the market: 10-year Indian bond issued in local currency: 8% 8-year Indian bond issued in US dollar: 6% 10-year US bond issued in US dollar: 4% 8-year US bond issued in US dollar: 3% Which of the following statement

  11. Math

    How do you describe how you can estimate the square root of a number that isn't a perfect square without a calculator?

  12. Math

    A woman put $580 into a savings account for three years. The rate of interest on the account was 6.5%. How much was the interest for the year in dollars and cents? (Use simple interest)

  13. Chemistry

    The following data came from a titration experiment. A student titrated 10.00 mL samples of Na2SO4 with 0.350 mol/L HBr -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trail | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

  14. Calculus

    Find the distance between the skew lines (x-1)/2 = (y + 2)/3= (z- 3)/5 and x/3 = (y + 1)/4 = z/2

  15. math

    Addition and subtraction are inverse operations. Addition is commutative. Is subtraction commutative? Use an example to show your answer. Multiplication and division are inverse operations. Multiplication is commutative. Is division commutative? Use an

  16. math

    The centripetal acceleration of an object moving along a circular path can be described by the following formula, where ac = centripetal acceleration, r = radius of the circular path, and t = time. What is the equivalent equation solved for r? a_c =

  17. Physics

    ALWAYS use significant figure rules. Remember that these rules apply to all numbers that are measurements. An object is dropped from a platform 400 ft high. Ignoring wind resistance, what will its speed be when it reaches the ground? 12,800 ft/s 7800 ft/s

  18. Physics

    As a van is turning left in an intersection, it crashes into an oncoming car. The van has a mass of 4000 kg and was traveling 55° East of North at 12 km/h before the crash. The car has a mass of 2500 kg and was traveling West at 55 km/h before the crash.

  19. calculus

    I am stuck on these problems. I have tried it multiple times and gotten it wrong. 1. A plane flies horizontally at an altitude of 3 km and passes directly over a tracking telescope on the ground. When the angle of elevation is π/6, this angle is

  20. MATH

    How does 2,3,5 4-2,5 1,2,-1 equal 2(2-10)-3(-4-5)+5(8+2) explain I lost

  21. Calculus

    A 20-ft-by-30-ft swimming pool is filled with water. The depth is measured at 5-ft intervals, starting at one corner of the pool, and the values are recorded in the table. Estimate the volume of water using the Midpoint Rule with m = 2 and n = 3.

  22. Mathematics

    Given that, the coefficient of x^4 is 3840 in the binomial expansion of (1+qx)^6. Find: i. The value of q. ii show that the of sum of kx^3 and px^4 is 5120.

  23. Math

    Construct a function T which given the total annual tax for an income × of an individual in implementation year 1

  24. math

    according to the royal canadian mint act a 50 cent canadian coin must have a diameter od 27.13 milimeters. To the nearest hundreth what is the circomference in milimeters

  25. math

    Please help with question blow. Thank you! Use the numbers 2, 3, and 4 and any operations or brackets. Write an expression that equals 10. Ex. (4×3)−2 = 12−2 = 10 But write a different expression

  26. Econ

    If people were to pay in a different currency such as seeds, how would it change the world we live in and what problems could there be?

  27. math

    Which operations would you use to find the answer to this question? 18-6/3 ?

  28. math

    Which quantity is proportional to 65⁄5?

  29. math

    You and 3 friends order a pizza, 4 large drinks, and a loaf of cheese bread. You split the cost evenly with your friends. What order of operations would you use to find out How much should each person pay?

  30. Science

    A tractor is towing a large trailer on a horizontal road at a constant speed of 15km/h .The mass of the trailer is 1.3t and the mass of the load is 5t .A wind is blowing from the behind the trailer with an effective force 320N . The tractive resistance of

  31. MATH

    At a currency market, I can make the following exchanges: - 1 US Dollar for 120 Japanese Yen -140 Japanese Yen for 1 British Pound -3 British Pound for 250 Indian Rupees Suppose at the same currency market, I can exchange 2 US Dollars for 150 Indian

  32. Chem

    When two atoms approach each other and react with each other, it is their outer shells that come into contact first, and it is therefore the electrons in their outer shells that are normally involved in any chemical reaction.electrons are known as Orbiting

  33. Math

    Wendy is taking a cab ride. The ride costs $1.20 for the first 0.5 km, and $0.90 for each additional 0.5 km. If the trip costs $12.00, how many kilometres was the cab ride?

  34. Chem

    How many grams of Cl are in 305 g CaCl2 ? I am confused on how to start, but I found the molar mass of Ca is 40.08, Molar mass of Cl 2 is 70.906. I added those together to get 110.986. I don't know the next step to incorporate 305g

  35. Chem

    Suppose you have two samples that are equal in weight, 21.3 g Ti and 21.3 g Cr2O3 . Calculate the number of moles of each substance. For Ti I got .444 and for Cr2O3 I can't get the answer for some reason. I did 151.989/21.3 and got 7.13 but it shows up as

  36. Maths

    Factorise..x^6 -729 y^6

  37. Calculus

    Find the domain, the range, and describe the level curves for the function f( x, y) = 1 + e^( -x^2 -y^2)

  38. Maths

    Factorise..8(l+m)^3 -27(l-m)^3

  39. Math

    Amber is celebrating her birthday and wants to bring in cupcakes for her classmates. Each cupcake tray holds eight cupcakes and the tins are always filled. If there are twenty-seven other kids in the class, and one teacher, how many trays of cupcakes will

  40. math

    Are subtractions and division commutative operations? Explain why or why not.

  41. math

    Rajinder collects hockey cards. He currently has 75. He has a plan to collect 12 more each week. after how many weeks will he have a total of 147? a) write an equation that you can use to solve this problem. b) solve the equation c) verify your results and

  42. Chem

    What is the average mass of a single aluminum atom in grams? How do I solve this? I got 4.482 x 10^23. I divided 26.986/6.02x10^23

  43. Chemistry

    How do I find the molar mass of C18H14N2Na2O8S2 (Alura Red)?

  44. Algebra

    Q1: If ax + b is the inverse of the function below, what is the value of a? f(x) = x + 0.5 Q2: If ax + b is the inverse of the function below, what is the value of b? f(x) = x + 0.5

  45. Calculus

    A bullet is fired from the ground at an angle of 60^o above the horizontal. What initial speed 𝑣𝑣0 must the bullet have in order to hit a point 500 ft high on a tower located 800 ft away (ignoring air resistance) ?

  46. math

    Tedʼs patio is the shape of a right triangle. Tell how he should determine the area of the patio.

  47. English

    Read the passage from “Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall.” Was that a goldfinch perching in the early September woods, or just the first turning leaf? A red-winged blackbird or a sugar maple closing up shop for the winter? What is the figurative

  48. Math

    For which value of x is the equation true? 10^x = 2e A. e/5 B. 2/ln10 C. 1+ln2/ln10 D. 1 + log2

  49. math

    Given the function f(t) = 9^t, evaluate the ratio: f(t+1)/f(t) = ?