Questions Asked on
June 21, 2020

  1. Mathematics

    In triangle ABC,A=38degree18',a=252m,b=198m.slove the triangle completely.With the use of sine rule

  2. Math

    A bag contain three black balls,four white balls and five red balls.Three balls are removed without replacement.What is the probability of obtaining a)one of each colour b)at least two red balls?

  3. maths

    1. If the graph of a polynomial intersects the x – axis at three points, then the number of zeroes = _____ Q2 . The zero of the polynomial p(x) = ax +b is ______________

  4. Chemistry

    1-HI, H2 and I2 are placed in a container at 458 ° C. Among these substances 2H (g) H2 (g) + I2 (g) [HI] = 0.15 M when the balance is established. Since K = 2.06 × 10 ^ -2 is given for reaction at this temperature, which of the following H2

  5. Physics

    A uniform metre rule is balanced on a knife at point 50 cm,if a force of 20N is positioned at point 15cm at one end of the rule. Calculate the force that will balance the rule at point 90cm on the other end.

  6. African History

    Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, grew from states to empires in the Western Sudan from the 9th to the end of the 16th centuries. Some of the features they had in common were a. extensive trade between states and across the Sahara b. strong bureaucracies and

  7. physics

    A torque of 77.7Nm causes a wheel to start from rest , completes 5.55revolutions and attains a final angular velocity of 88.8rad/sec . What is the moment of inertia of the wheel?

  8. Maths

    a^4/4 +4/a^4 +1factorise..+1 is not included 4a^4

  9. Maths

    A ship leaves a port and travels 21 km on a bearing of 032° and then 45 km on a bearing of 287°. (a) calculate it's distance from the port. (b) calculate the bearing of the port from the ship

  10. Math

    1. An individual investor has $70,000 to divide among several investments. The alternative investments are municipal bonds with an 8.5% return, certificates of deposits with a 10% return, Treasury bill with a 6.5% return, and income bonds with a 13%

  11. history

    Most recent evidence suggests that about 200 American Indians were killed at Little Big Horn, while 268 cavalry were killed. How does this compare to the dispatches released in 1876 by the New York Times? Why do you think these numbers might have been

  12. Algebra

    If a building contractor hires 5day laborers and 1 concrete finisher his payroll for the day is $935 if he hires 1day laborer and 4 concrete finishers his daily cost is $833 find the daily wage for each type of worker solve the problem using matrix

  13. Maths

    Factorise.. y^4 +1/y^4 +1

  14. Algebra

    Factorise..a^2 +1/a^2 -3

  15. math

    how do u find the range for this equation y=x^2+x-2/|x-1| I went on symbolab, it says range (-3,∞), but I dont understand it thanks

  16. African History

    The most important social structure in Communal Africa was: a. Religion b. Kinship/lineage group c. Craft production d. None of the above In Communal Africa there was collective ownership of Land Labor a and b a. Land b. Labor c. a and b d. none of the

  17. math

    which is the better buy? 2.9L of detergent for $4.56 or 3.8L for $5.78

  18. math

    a cruise ship traveled 84 km in 3.5h At this rate, how long will it take to travel 1050 km?

  19. math

    which country has the greater population density? write it's population density. The United Kingdom has about 60 million people in an area of 244 800 km squared and China has about 1860 million people and an area of 9 5900km squared?

  20. Math

    y=x^2+x-2/|x-1| I got the line x-int (-2,0) and y-int(0,-2), but what about the second line? do I just use other points to test the equation? thank you