Questions Asked on
June 20, 2020

  1. Careers

    Which career I can do with this subject maths lit, geography, history, agriculture, Xhosa, English, life orientation

    asked by Bambisisa
  2. Chemistry

    Describe how you would prepare a pure dry sample of calcium chloride in the laboratory

    asked by Grace m
  3. Physics

    A machine with velocity ratio of 5 was used to raise a load of 1.2kg mass through a height of 10m .If the work done to raise the load is 800J . Find the useful work output , efficiency of the machine

    asked by Possible
  4. Mathematics

    Two APS have the same first and last terms.The first AP has 21 terms with a common differences of 9. How many terms has the other ap if its common differences is 4.

    asked by Ridwon
  5. Geometry

    1. Given: R and T are right angles and SV bisects RST Prove: RSV = TSV R and T are right angles / given R = T/ All right angles are congruent SV bisects RST/ given 1 = 2 / definition of angle bisector SV = SV / reflexive property RSV = TSV / would the

    asked by En
  6. Math

    write the decimal as a fraction and as a percent. 0.4 is the decimal.

    asked by dakota
  7. mathematics

    round 113.47 to the nearest meter

    asked by Aaryav
  8. algebra

    -9=5+2m solve equation algebraically and verify the results

    asked by dakota
  9. Science

    What are the disadvantage of social studies

    asked by Ebunoluwa
  10. Mathematics

    A sock drawer contains 5 different colors of socks. It has 20 white, 10 black, 10 gray, 6 red, and 4 purple. If you reach into the drawer and choose a sock randomly, what is the probability you will get a black sock?

    asked by vanessa
  11. Physics

    What is the voltage across the 6 μf capacitor, Vab = 20V?

    asked by Lucia
  12. Math

    If the boy is 24 years younger than his father and after years sum of their age Will be 40. How old is the father?

    asked by Faiz
  13. Science

    A body of mass 15 kg moving with a uniform velocity 4 ms -1 what is it kentic energy

    asked by Sushmita
  14. Mathematics

    40deep well with radius 4meter is dug and the earth taken out is evenly spread to form a platform of dimensions 28meter by 22meter. Find the height of the platform

    asked by Mathematics
  15. chemistry

    hello dodecyl sulfonic acid +soda ash i would like to have a balance of this reaction and to know the share amount of reactant in purpose a ideal synthese.sincerly yours. salah

    asked by salah
  16. math

    Hi! how would u do..... 8% is 56kg?

    asked by dakota
  17. math

    how do u find the range for this equation y=x^2+x-2/|x-1| I went on symbolab, but I dont understand it thanks

    asked by jasper
  18. Math

    The Mathematics test done shows a result presented as follows: 11-20(8), 21-30(12), 31-40(15), 41-50(21), 51-60(20), 61-70(8), 71-80(16), which shows a range of test scores and it's frequency in brackets. Find the following, 1. Q1 2. Median 3. Q3 4. 7th

    asked by Sha
  19. physics

    A pendulum bob has a mass of 1 kg. The length of the pendulum is 2 m. The bob is pulled to one side to an angle of 10 degrees from the vertical. What is the velocity of the pendulum bob as it swings through its lowest point? What is the angular velocity?

    asked by diriba