Questions Asked on
June 19, 2020

  1. maths

    Sundaram joined a company for a fixed salary per month. After few months, the management felt happy with his work and multiplied his salary by some n times. This happened every few months and his salary kept getting multiplied and he reached a salary of

    asked by kumar
  2. Mathematics

    A boy spent half of his money on sweet and one-quater on kola nut.if he has #6 left, how much does he have initially

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Geometry

    Given: S is the midpoint of QR, QR ⊥PS and RSP and QSP are right angles Prove: PR is congruent to PQ I just need help starting it. Would I chop it up? For example S is the midpoint of QR / Given QS = SR / definition of mid point PS = PS/ reflexive

    asked by En
  4. mathematics

    wezi had 40 oranges and he sold 3/4 of them how many oranges did he sell?

    asked by Edward
  5. maths

    Sundaram joined a company for a fixed salary per month. After few months, the management felt happy with his work and multiplied his salary by some n times. This happened every few months and his salary kept getting multiplied and he reached a salary of

    asked by kumar
  6. Civics

    Why did Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts redraw the congressional districts in the state

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Math

    The Hale Telescope has a mirror of diameter 5.1 meters and a focal length of 16.9 meters. The Keck 1 Telescope has a mirror of diameter 10 meters and a focal length of 17.5 meters. Which telescope has a greater light-gathering power (i.e., can collect more

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math

    Which combination could create the function f(x)= x√x? adding a rational function and a linear function adding a linear function and a logarithmic function multiplying a linear function and a square-root function dividing an exponential function and a

    asked by tobeymaguire
  9. geography

    1. Calculate the gradient of a hill having a rise or vertical interval is 300m while the run or horizontal equivalent is 7cm. Note: The scale of the map is 1:200,000.

    asked by Sofa
  10. Health

    the drawing of the tree of branches of physical and health education?

    asked by Queen Esther
  11. Mathematics

    LeAnn wants to giftwrap a present she got for her little brother. How many square inches of giftwrap will be needed to cover a box that is 4in x 6in x 2in? In your final answer, include all of your calculations.

    asked by Jada
  12. Algebra


    asked by Shehzad
  13. Math

    Roundeach number to the face of the bold-faced digit.what deos it mean

    asked by Janamae
  14. calculus

    Prove that for any vector A and B the following is true llAxBll^2 +lA·Bl^2 =llAll^2 llBll^2

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Mathematics

    An insurance agent receives a salary of GHC550.00 and 2% commission on all sales over GHC8500.00. If his total income in a particular month was GHC1225.00, what was the amount of his sales for that month

    asked by Ama
  16. mathematics

    RM 350 was saved every month for 5 years in an account that pays 6% compounded monthly. Calculate the accumulated amount if the interest rate was changed to 8% compounded monthly after 2 years.

    asked by chun
  17. chemistry

    In general, when a hydrocarbon is added to water, the hydrocarbon will ? the water because hydrocarbons are? than water

    asked by Tiwa
  18. math

    To use a certain cash machine, you ned a persona identification code. If each code consists of two letters followed by one of the digits from 1-9(such as AQ7 or BB3) or one letter followed by two difits (such as Q3 or J88), how many different codes can be

    asked by confused
  19. Science

    A ray of sodium yellow light travels from air into flint glass (n = 1.58) at an angle of incidence of 30o. Calculate the angle of refraction.

    asked by Emanuelle Suri
  20. Math

    it costs $60 per hour to rent a jet ski. the total cost of a jet ski rental includes a flat fee of $20 plus the hourly fee

    asked by Baguio
  21. Mathematics

    The volume of this cone is 65.94 cubic feet. What is the radius of this cone? Use ​𝜋 ≈ 3.14 and round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Justin
  22. mathematics

    John invests RM25000 in an account for 8 years. The investment account pays 8% compounded semi-annually for the first three years and 10% compounded quarterly for the rest of the period. i. Calculate the future value of the investment ii. Compute the

    asked by chun
  23. science

    A piece of zinc is added to 1000cm3 of 0.2mol/dm3 hydrochloric acid. After effervescence had stopped, 28cm3 of the resulting solution required 17cm3 of 0.08mol/dm3 sodium trioxocarbonate(IV) solution for complete neutralization. Calculate the mass of the

    asked by Jane
  24. Economics

    The disposable income of mr joseph in year 2000 was N13000 while his consumption expenditure stood at N11,500, As a result of tutorial classes in year 2012, the disposable income grows to N18,500 while his consumption expenditure also rose to

    asked by miracle
  25. Mathematics

    How to draw a trapezium

    asked by Jada
  26. Chemistry

    What is the volume at STP of hydrogen gas in mL that is produced when 4.32 g of magnesium reacts with 205 mL of 0.118 M hydrochloric acid?

    asked by Marie
  27. Math

    From the window in an apartment building, the angle of elevation to the top of a flag pole across the street is 9 degrees. The angle of depression to the base of the flag pole is 22 degrees. We are also given the height of the building which is 8 meters. I

    asked by Lysion
  28. Math

    a store owner buys a coats for $56 each. She adds 30% to the cost and sells the coats at 15% off. Find what the regular price is?

    asked by dakota
  29. Sociology

    Kindly check my answer! Q: who are people who understand that meanings and definitions can influence the outcomes of communications? A: Social interactionists

    asked by anonymous