Questions Asked on
June 18, 2020

  1. World History

    Which most accurately describes expeditions and colonization efforts of explorer John Smith? John Smith led the colony of Jamestown and explored the Chesapeake Bay. John Smith led the first successful expedition to Australia, establishing an English

  2. Trigonometry

    If the radius of a pizza is 20 cm, what is the central angle in degrees that gives one person 30 cm of crust? Question 5 options: a) 120° b) 35° c) 43° d) 86° I say option a, but my partner disagrees

  3. Mathematics

    A closed tin of milk has diameter 10cm and height 16cm find the total surface area of the tin( take pie to be 22/7

  4. Economics

    What is a potential negative outcome when the government seeks to ensure specific market outcomes? decrease in business tax incentives regulations that slow down innovations unpleasant information shared by businesses lack of consumer protection

  5. Trigonometry

    If a point on the Cartesian plane lies at (4, 2), what is the angle made between the line containing the point and the origin, and the negative y-axis? a) 1.249 radians b) 0.463 radians c) 0.523 radians d) 1.047 radians

  6. Trigonometry

    which of the following is a solution for the equation 1/485 tan^2x=0 a) no solution b) 485 pi c) pi d) pi/2 I'm getting conflicting answers when I try to solve it.

  7. chemistry

    How many grams of NaCl would be formed from 100 grams of Na2CO3 in the following reaction? Na2CO3 + 2 HCl → 2 NaCl + CO2 + H2O

  8. Algebra

    Determine whether the equation is an identity conditional equation or inconsistent equation 7(×-4)=×+2

  9. Chemistry

    Mrs. Wilson leaves her freshly-baked blueberry pie on the windowsill to cool. The delicious fragrance diffuses through the air with a diffusion coefficient of D = 0.2 cm2/s. How long does it take for Dennis to smell the pie in his treehouse 10 meters away?

  10. Social studies

    Which statement best summarizes the paragraphs main point?

  11. Trigonometry

    If the central angle is 4pi/3 radians, what should the radius of a circle be to make the arc length 1 m? a) 0.424 m b) 0.238 m c) 2.356 m d) 4.188 m I think it is c)... is that correct?

  12. Algebra

    Find the horizontal asymptote as ×-->8and describe what this mean in practical terms f(×)=150×+120/0.05×+1;the number of base ,f(×),after x months in a lake that was stocked with 120 bass

  13. Math

    Which of the following is not a strategy for solving simple exponential equations? Question 12 options: a) Express both sides as powers with a common base and then equate the exponents. b) Divide both sides by the common base and compare the exponents c)

  14. Physics

    Lightning occurs when there is a flow of electric charge (principally electrons) between the ground and a thundercloud. The maximum rate of charge flow in a lightning bolt is about 20,000 C/s, this lasts for 100 μs or less. How much charge flows

  15. Math

    find the second derivative of each of the following functions: a) y=e^x + sin^2 (x) b) y = 2√(x) + ln (x^3)

  16. geometry

    The supplement of an angle is 12 less than 4 times the complement of the angle. What is the measure of the angle?

  17. mathematics

    A 12-slice pizza was made with only pepperoni and mushroom toppings, and every slice has at least one topping. Only six slices have pepperoni, and exactly ten slices have mushrooms. How many slices have both pepperoni and mushrooms?

  18. Chem

    Complete and balance the precipitation reactions. Include physical states. Refer to the solubility rules as necessary. precipitation reaction: K3PO4(aq)+MgCl2(aq)⟶? I know it would require a double replacement so it would be KCl+Mg(PO)4 But how do I know

  19. Algebra

    Divide an exponential and cubic function

  20. Physics

    A block of mass 4.0 kg, which has an initial speed of 6.0 m/s, slides on a horizontal surface and eventually comes to rest from friction. a. Calculate the work that must be done by friction on the block to bring it to rest. b. If the friction force between

  21. Chemistry

    Hi again, I just wanted to check something as the question/answers are vague for this test. How will an increase in temperature affect equilibrium? A. The equilibrium shifts in the direction of the endothermic reaction. B. There is no effect of temperature

  22. Math

    Let U = {a, b, c, d, e, f} Let A = {a, c, e, f} Let B = {c, d, e} C = {e, f} Find each of the following: 1. A’ 2. B′ 3. C′ 4. B ∪ C 5. A ∩ C 6. B ∩ C 7. (A ∪ B)′ 8. A′ ∪ B′ 9. B′ ∩ C 10. A ∪ (B′ ∩ C)

  23. Mathematics

    A water tank is 2/3 full.when 3000 liters are drawn from the tank, it becomes 1/4 full.How many liters can it hold when 5/6 full?

  24. Trigonometry

    Given sin x=5/13 and 0

  25. Trigonometry

    Evaluate each expression: a) ( tan π/12 + tan 7π/4 ) / ( 1 - tan π/12 x tan 7π/4) b) cos π/4 cos π/12 + sin π/4 x sin π/12 c) sin 7π/5 cos π/15 - cos 7π/5 sin π/15

  26. Physics

    A brass measuring tape is corrected at 20degree celcius.the value obtained when it the length of a field is measured with the rule at 50degree celcius appear to be 70.5,determine the true length of the field

  27. Trigonometry

    At t = 0 a car is due 2 km north of you heading west moving 13 km/s after 1.5 s. What is the angle in radians between you and the car from where the car was at t = 0?

  28. chemistry

    Number of electron in As3+ ion?

  29. Calculus

    The total weekly cost (in dollars) incurred by Lincoln Records in pressing x compact discs is given by the following function. C(x) = 2000 + 2x − 0.0001x^2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 6000) (a) What is the actual cost incurred in producing the 951st and the 2181st

  30. Trigonometry

    Which interval gives an average change of 0 for the function y = 3cos (4πx + π) - 3? a) π/3

  31. Calculus

    The quantity of Sensitech laser gaming mice demanded each month is related to the unit price by the equation p = 42/0.03x^2 + 1 (0 ≤ x ≤ 20) Find the revenue function R. Find the marginal revenue function R'.

  32. Psychology

    What makes some people better at identifying particular sounds? Are there specific neural differences in their brains compared to others? For example, a person who can listen to a song and identify a particular sound and what instrument is being used to

  33. Algebra

    Which Combination could create the function: x^2+3

  34. mathematics

    Find all points on the​ x-axis that are 1414 units from the point (5, −7).

  35. algebra

    Hi could you please help me with this thank you!! Movies to go rents videos for $2.50 each and has a membership fee of $10. Videorenters rents videos for $3 each and has no membership fee. Write equations for both companies and determine the number of

  36. history

    The central aspect of the Neolithic Revolution was the

  37. Algebra

    Determine whether equation is an identity conditional equation or an inconsistent equation 7x+13=2(2×-5)+3×+23

  38. Chemistry

    1- 420 micro Siemens value is read in the conductivity device for the complex prepared at the concentration of 1×10^-3 M. Calculate the number of ions of the complex? 2- [PtNH3NO2BrCl]- IUPAC name?

  39. Math

    Which of the following statements is true? Question 7 options: a) The domain of a transformed logarithmic function is always {x E R}. b) Vertical and horizontal translations must be performed before horizontal and vertical stretches/compressions. c) A

  40. Physics

    What is the gravitational potential energy of a 55.0 kg object when it sits on the Earth’s surface? *I'm kinda confused on how to answer this question, any help would be appreciated!!*

  41. Math

    Hi I'm having a hard time here!! a water tank is filled with 1500 L of water. In 1 hr, the tank loses 5.4% of the water due to leakage. What is the volume of water in the tank after 1 hour!!! Thanks I have trouble with having so many words that are not

  42. geometry

    Hi can you please help me with this thank you The area of a triangle is 4 times the area of the smaller triangle formed by joining the midpoints of two sides True or false. Draw a counterexample to show if it's false.

  43. math

    Given that f and g are defined by f(x) = √x and g(x) = x2 – 1, find the following: a.) (f o f)(x) b. (g o g)(x) c.) (g o f)(x) help me with some pls

  44. Trigonometry

    Solve the following Trigonometric equations, where 0

  45. Trigonometry

    Evaluate the expression: 1) 1 - 2sin^2 π/2

  46. Physics

    4. As shown in the figure shown below, find the total electric potential due to the two point charges A and B. +8.0 x 10-9 C A B -8.0 x 10-9 C | | | | 0.20 m 0.20 m 0.40 m

  47. Physics

    Two objects 18.5m apart both have the same charge. If the force on one of them is 0.4029N what is the charge (in µC) on the object?

  48. Algebra

    What is the answer to this question if x = 10 y=20x

  49. Math

    The radius of a cylinder is 3.5ft . The height is 14ft . Find the surface area and volume of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of a foot . Explain Helppp!!!!

  50. Trigonometry

    If k = 2π/45, what is the period?

  51. Algebra

    Hello, For a math assignment I have we're supposed to find out if the function f(x) = x^2- 2x + 3 has any of these properties: -increasing/decreasing -even/odd -invertible or not I said that it was increasing, even, and not invertible, but that was

  52. Chemistry

    28g of NH3 is dissolved in 500mL of water. What is the concentration of the resulting solution? (I do not understand how to solve this. If you can explain, that'd be great!)

  53. English

    Characteristics of pronouns

  54. Math

    Over which of the following intervals does f(x)= −1/x have the greatest average rate of change? a) [2, -1/4] b) [2, 5] c) [1, 5/2] d) [-4, 2]

  55. Mathematics

    The difference between two numbers is 18. If four times the smaller is less than three times the larger by 18, find the numbers.

  56. Science


  57. mathematics

    A boy spends 1/4 of his money on sweets and 1/3 on video games. What fraction of his money does he not spend?

  58. Calculus

    The quantity of Sensitech laser gaming mice demanded each month is related to the unit price by the equation p =42/0.03x^2 + 1 (0 ≤ x ≤ 20) Find the revenue function R.

  59. Mathematics

    The time of a pendulum varies directly as the square root of it length if the length of the pendulum which beats 15 seconds is 9 centimetre find the length that beats 80 seconds