Questions Asked on
June 15, 2020

  1. mathematics

    A triangle has sides 8 cm and 5 cm and an angle of 90 degrees between them. Calculate the smallest angle between them.

    asked by joy
  2. Chem

    Why is Avogadro’s number referred to as a mole? A The name "mole" is an 1897 translation of the German Mol, coined by Wilhelm Ostwald in 1893. The name is assumed to be derived from the German word Molekül (molecule). B There is no relationship between

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Trigonometry

    Mike's hot-air balloon is 875.0 m directly above a highway. When he is looking west, the angle of depression to Exit 81 is 11 °. The exit numbers on this highway represent the number of kilometers left before the highway ends. What is the angle of

    asked by Krystle
  4. Math

    A certain club has 50 people, and 4 members are running for president. Each club member either votes for one of the 4 candidates, or can abstain from voting. How many different possible vote totals are there?

    asked by St3v3
  5. Algebra

    y - 7 = 3(x + 2) I need to graph in slope intercept form.

    asked by Emma
  6. Chemistry

    Which is an incorrect formula for a compound containing phosphorus. 1- P4O10 2- H2PO4 3- KPF6 4- Na2HPO3 5- Ca2P A) 3 B) 3 & 4 C) 1 & 5 D) 2 & 5 E) 1 F) 4 G) 3 & 5

    asked by ChemGal
  7. Mathematics

    Make t the subject of the formula √3d(t-d)/8

    asked by Kate
  8. Chem

    Molar mass, sometimes referred to as molecular weight, is the mass of one mole of a substance, and is usually expressed in A Liters B Grams C Density D Moles D? The mole is derived from the quantity of atoms in 12 grams of carbon-12. The mole is just a

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Mathematics

    Make h the subject of the formula q= 1+rh/1-ht

    asked by Kate
  10. Math

    A football team has won 12 out of 20 games so far. Express this information as a fraction (in lowest terms), a decimal, and a percent.

    asked by Jules
  11. Trigonometry

    Hi! I was unsure of how to answer this question.....could i get some help? Two angles of a triangle are 25 degrees and 40 degrees and the shortest side is 20 cm. Find the length of the longest side

    asked by Cassandra
  12. mathematics

    If x-3 is directly proportional to the square of y and x = 5 when y = 2,find x when y= 6.

    asked by david t
  13. statistics

    If a seed is planted, it has a 85% chance of growing into a healthy plant. If 12 seeds are planted, what is the probability that exactly 1 doesn't grow?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Mathematics

    1.the bearing of p from q is N56°E, calculate the bearing of q from p 2.if the bearing from abuja to kano is N48°W,find the bearing of kano to abuja 3.the bearing of a position to R is295°, find the bearing of R From the point

    asked by Nuella
  15. Mathematics

    1.the bearing of p from q is N56°E, calculate the bearing of q from p

    asked by Nuella
  16. World History

    Which accurately describes a scientific innovation of the Renaissance and its impact? The Bessemer method increased the production of steel and led to growth of cities. The cotton gin increased the speed of production for products such as clothing.

    asked by mollie
  17. Chem

    True or false: In chemistry, the mole is used the same way that a grocer would use a dozen. It is a number representing a quantity that is independent of mass or volume. True False False Avogadro’s number: A Equals 6.02 × 10^23 molecules/mole. B Is used

    asked by Anonymous
  18. mathematics

    If p is directly proportional q and p=4.5 when q = 12 ,find the relationship between p and q,p when q= 16,q when p= 2.4

    asked by david t
  19. Mathematics

    Given that log y= log(10xn), make n the subject NOTE: n is the power

    asked by Kate
  20. calculus

    "-->" included a picture of the question. 1. My answer would be 1,2,3,4 2. When and where they occur: between 1-4 days? thanks

    asked by apollo_04
  21. Chem

    Why is Avogadro’s number referred to as a mole? A The name "mole" is an 1897 translation of the German Mol, coined by Wilhelm Ostwald in 1893. The name is assumed to be derived from the German word Molekül (molecule). B There is no relationship between

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Mathematics

    A chord AB of length 13 cm subtends an angle of 67° at the circumference of a circle center O. Find the radius of the circle

    asked by Kate
  23. Mathematics

    Roll a dice 20 times. Record the results using tally marks. Use probability words to represent each of the following outcomes below. Show your work.

    asked by Charli D
  24. Math

    If 4 sin^2 θ - 3 is equal to 0 . What is the value of θ for 0° < θ < 90° ?

    asked by joey
  25. mathematics

    Find a polynomial function P of the lowest possible​ degree, having real​ coefficients, a leading coefficient of​ 1, and with the given zeros. 2plus2i​, minus1​, and 2

    asked by Peter Asiedu
  26. mathematics

    If the angle of the top of a tower from a point 42m away from it's base on level ground is 36° find the height of the tower

    asked by mazeedah
  27. World History

    Which accurately describe the theology of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages? Select all that apply. Kosher dietary laws determined what foods Catholics could and could not eat. Catholic scriptures promoted jihad, which is the internal and external

    asked by mollie
  28. History

    Which accurately compares the theology that dominated during the Middle Ages with the philosophy that came to prominence during the Renaissance? Select all that apply. A.The Middle Ages followed Roman Catholic traditions, whereas the Renaissance was

    asked by mollie
  29. Mathematics

    An airplane has an airspeed of 400 km and is heading due west. If it encounters wind blowing north at 120 km/h, how many degrees north from west is the resultant velocity of the plane?

    asked by O
  30. Algebra

    At Generic High School, in the year 2001, there were 20 students per every computer. In 2008, there were 4 students per computer. Write two ordered pairs to represent the ratio of student to computer. (Let x equal the number of years since 2000.)

    asked by Bella
  31. chemistry

    Nitrogen gas has a volume of 2.7 L at SATP. Whats the volume when the temperature cools to -30 degrees celcius?

    asked by Rae
  32. Math

    (Estimate) -3/4 + 15/24 a.-3/4 b.1/2 c.1/8 d.-1/8*

    asked by Random
  33. Chemistry

    10g of h2so4 is added into 20g of water. Calculate the mole fraction of h2so4

    asked by Neha
  34. math


    asked by Izuku
  35. Mathematics

    a. Draw the graphs of y=4cosx and y=2x-x on the same set of axes for -2π

    asked by anon
  36. Chemistry

    Br2(aq) + 2 KI(aq) ==> 2 KBr(aq) + I2(s) What is oxidized and what is reduced in this reaction?

    asked by Ben
  37. Algebra

    In a group of 180 persons composed of men, women, and children, there are twice as many men as women, and three times as many women as children. How many are there of each?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    Which value of k will make the lines parallel r= (1,2)+s(2,3), S e R and 12x + ky= 0? Ok so I used ratios and got k=8. Is that right? Pls n thanks! :)

    asked by bo
  39. Math

    1/) Joe and Jerry went for a bike trek during nthe holidays. On the first day they rode 1/3 of the total distance. On the second day they were tired and only rode 1/4 of the remaining distance. On the third day they rode half of the distance left. The last

    asked by Cons
  40. Mathematics

    A man wants to buy a residential house valued at she.500000. A housing finance company advances him 90% of the amount. He repays by equal monthly installments of sh.6500 for 15 years. Calculate the total interest paid to the financing company

    asked by Kate
  41. Mathematics

    Two solid spherical balls with centres P and Q touch each other. The balls lie inside and in contact with a hemispherical bowl of center R. Given that PQ=13 cm, QR=16cm and PR=19cm, calculate the radii of the bowl and the two spherical balls

    asked by Kate
  42. Mathematics

    Make X the subject of the formula S= W√a²- x²

    asked by Kate
  43. Mathematics

    Make y the subject of the formula P= xy/x-y

    asked by Kate
  44. art

    what is an example of "unity" in an art painting?

    asked by joness
  45. Algebra

    The right triangle , find the side length x.

    asked by Hermika
  46. mathematics

    A logarithmic function of the form f(x) = log_b x+c has an x-intercept at x = 1 and a vertical asymptote at y = 0. Also, f(x) intersects with the line y=1 when x=8. what is f(x)

    asked by devlyn
  47. Mathematics

    An aeroplane flies due north from Ikeja airport for 400km. It flies on a bearing of 060° for a further distance of 200km before overflying a road junction find the distance of the aeroplane from Ikeja airport when it was directly above the road junction.

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Algebra

    If -1< x < 4 then a < 5x +6

    asked by Ava
  49. Mathematics

    |A|= 5, |B|=2,, The angle between A and B is 120. Determine the unit vector in the direction of |A+B|. I don't know what to even do. I tried but idk pls help!!

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Mathematics

    Find the depth in meters of a hemispherical bowl that will hold 12.75kg of water

    asked by Osward
  51. Mathematics

    Vinny is 5years older than his sister Lucy. Lucy is y years old now. Write an expression to show the sum of their ages in 10years to come.

    asked by Paul
  52. Mathematics

    Make c the subject of the formula T= x√c²+d²

    asked by Kate
  53. Mathematics

    Make p the subject of the formula P²= (p-q)(p-r)

    asked by Kate
  54. Mathematics

    Given that y= 2x-z/X+3z, express X in terms of y and z

    asked by Kate
  55. Art

    what are some examples of scale and proportion? can i have a few examples for each?

    asked by joness
  56. Algebra

    Hii! I'm kind of stuck on these, they may be simple I have a lot going on because tomorrow is my last day of school, and I need to turn this in tomorrow;;; Can someone help? Please? :,) 1. Alex has $40, and Ellen has $24. Alex is saving $6 per day, and

    asked by joe goldberg
  57. Science

    A man walks five miles due east and then three miles in a direction 60° north of east .calculate the displacement of the man.

    asked by Pearl
  58. Mathematics

    using ruler and a pair of compasses only construct a quadrilateral ABCD with ab equal 9 cm BC equal 10 cm equal 7.5 cm and ab is equal to 5 degree and less than b a d equal 135 degree what type of quadrilateral is ABCD

    asked by Angel
  59. Science

    A ship that can cruise at 12km/h in still waters , sets course due S.W .it is driven off by current flowing W.15.N at a rate of 4 km/h.calulate : a. The resultant velocity b. The displacement after 3 hours.

    asked by Pearl
  60. algebra

    -1 9 19 29 what are the next 3 sequence

    asked by filter
  61. mathematics

    a box contians 12 bulbs with 3 defective ones .if two bulbs are dramn from the box together,what id the probability

    asked by kemal mamiya
  62. computers

    Which of the following is an example of user generated content? Lilly and Jim post their video on youtube Craig sends a youtube video to a friend Lisa and Hannah download their favorite music Todd watches a movie on his ipod

    asked by kyle
  63. Chemistry

    I might be overthinking this but my reference books, note and the internet don't have much on this topic. What is the relationship between the solubility product constant Ksp and temperature? A. They are directly proportional B. The two are unrelated C.

    asked by Sydney
  64. computers

    Microsoft Surface can do all of the following except ______. organize and trade music files teleport physical objects purchase goods and services plan travel routes _______ tours are a visual simulation of an existing location generally composed of

    asked by kyle