Questions Asked on
June 14, 2020

  1. English

    Create a brief outline of the events from Franklin's anecdote.

  2. English

    Outline the structure of the classification paragraph in the space provided below. Topic sentence: Purpose 1: Purpose 2: Purpose 3: Purpose 4: ​Concluding statement: Authors typically write for one of four purposes. Writers write to inform readers, that

  3. Physics

    A 25 gram piece of metal is sitting in a beaker of boiling water. The metal is taken out of the beaker and quickly placed in a calorimeter that contains 85 mL of water at 25.0 degree Celcius. After the metal released all of its heat the temperature of the

  4. Science

    6v battery of internal resistance 0.5 ohm connected to there resistors of values 3 ohm, 4 ohm, 5 ohm. Calculate the current in each resistor, the p.d across the 3 ohm resistor, and across the parallel resistor?

  5. Chem

    Why do elements within a group (family or column) in the Periodic Table exhibit similar chemical behavior? A They all have the same number of protons. B Within a group, the atoms are the same size. C The number of electrons in their outermost shells is the

  6. Chem

    The atomic number is: A Always less than the number of electrons in the atom. B Equal to the number of neutrons in the atom. C Equal to the number of electrons plus the protons in the atom. D Equal to the number of protons in the atom. D?

  7. trigonometry

    A 3m high fence is on the side of a hill and tends to lean over. The hill is inclined at an angle of 20 degree to the horizontal. A 6.3 m brace is to be installed to prop up the fence. It will attached to the fence at a height of 2.5 m and will be staked

  8. Statistics

    The National Assessment of Educational Progress tested a simple random sample of 1000 thirteen year old students in both 2004 and 2008 and recorded each student's score. The average and standard deviation in 2004 were 257 and 39, respectively. In 2008, the

  9. Statistics

    Consider an i.i.d. sample X1,…,Xn∼Poiss(λ) for λ>0 . Starting from the Central Limit Theorem, find a confidence interval I=[A,B] with asymptotic level 1−α that is centered about Xn using the plug-in method. now consider the following hypothesis

  10. computers

    Now that you know a little about using VR as a healing tool, what are your thoughts? Do you have any ideas for methods of physical or mental therapy that could use VR? Looking back, you can see how far technology has come, but what about the future?

  11. mathematics

    An aeroplane leaves an international airport and flies due north for 1hour at 500km/hr. It then flies for 30 minutes at 800 kilometres/ hour on a bearing of North 53 degrees East. Calculate it's distance and bearing from the airport show all working

  12. Physics

    A battery of three cells in series, each of e.m.f 2V and internal resistance 0.5 Ω is connected to a 2 Ω resistor in series with a parallel combination of two 3 Ω resistor. Draw the circuit diagram and calculate: 1) the effective external resistance 2)

  13. Chem

    Ionization energy is the amount of energy required to remove the A outermost electron B innermost electron C outermost proton D innermost proton Is it A or B?

  14. Mathematics

    There are 5 more girls than boys in a class. If 2 boys join the class, the ratio of girls to boys will be 5:4. Find the number of girls in the class.

  15. Math

    13. A bag contains 5 red marbles, 3 blue marbles, and 4 yellow marbles. A students removes 1 marble without looking, records the colour, then returns the marble to the bag. The process is repeated. What is the probability of NOT a red marble, then NOT a

  16. math

    Given that (24z^3)^2/27x12z = 2^a 3^b z^c ,evaluate a,b and c.

  17. Physics

    A person standing 2.0m in front of an amusement park mirror notice that his image is 3 times taller and erect what is the radius of curvature of the mirror

  18. algebra

    Three more than the product of 10 and Greg's height

  19. math

    Write an inequality to represent: Two more than the sum of a number and three is more than fifteen

  20. Mathematics

    Three trade share some bags of rices in the ratio of 2:3:4 if the smallest share is 14bags find the other shares

  21. mathematics

    5) A truck drives 15.9 km up a road, until it has gone 2.1 km vertically. If the road has a steady incline, what is the angle of elevation of the road?

  22. Physical science

    In a nucleus of a metal, calculate the electric force of repulsion between two protons, separated by 4x10 m

  23. Physics

    A 40.0cm diameter loop is turned to the position where the largest flux is handled in a uniform electric field. In this position, the flux is obtained as 5.20 × 10 ^ 5 N.m ^ 2/c Find the twist of the electric field.

  24. Science

    Balance and write the net ionic equation for the precipitation reaction below K2S+Ni(No3)_KNo3+NiS

  25. Statistics

    Suppose that the rejection region of a test 𝜓 has the form 𝑅={𝑋⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯𝑛:𝑋⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯𝑛>𝑐} . Find the smallest 𝑐 such that 𝜓 has level 𝛼 . (If applicable, type abs(x) for |𝑥| , Phi(x) for

  26. mathematics

    A town Y is 299 km from town X in a direction of 040°.How far is Y east of X?

  27. Mathematics

    The sum of 2 digit numbers is 9.If the number reverses it exceeds the original number by 45. Find the number.

  28. Math

    A gas station offers a lucky draw to customers. Each time you spend more than $20 on gas, you can make a draw to win a prize. The probability of winning a prize is 1/12. Suppose you buy gas 4 times. What is the probability of you winning a prize each time?

  29. algebra

    How would you simplify x-(-1)?

  30. math

    The sum of 6 consecutive integers is 519. What is the third number in this sequence?

  31. Statistics

    a)𝑋1,…,𝑋𝑛∼𝑖.𝑖.𝑑.𝖯𝗈𝗂𝗌𝗌(𝜆) for some unknown 𝜆>0 ; 𝐻0:𝜆=𝜆0 v.s. 𝐻1:𝜆≠𝜆0where 𝜆0>0. (Type barX_n for 𝑋⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯𝑛 , lambda_0 for 𝜆0 . If applicable, type abs(x) for |𝑥| , Phi(x)

  32. Statistics

    Let 𝑋1,…,𝑋𝑛 be i.i.d. Bernoulli random variables with unknown parameter 𝑝∈(0,1) . Suppose we want to test 𝐻0:𝑝∈[0.48,0.51]vs𝐻1:𝑝∉[0.48,0.51] We want to construct an asymptotic test 𝜓 for these hypotheses using

  33. Statistics

    Let X be a single (i.e. n=1 ) Gaussian random variable with unknown mean μ and variance 1 . Consider the following hypotheses: H0:μ=0vsH1:μ≠0. Define a test ψα:R→{0,1} with level α that is of the form ψα=1{fα(X)>0}, for some function fα:R→R

  34. Statistics

    Suppose that the rejection region of a test ψ has the form R={Xn:Xn>c} . Find the smallest c such that ψ has level α . (If applicable, type abs(x) for |x| , Phi(x) for Φ(x)=P(Z≤x) where Z∼N(0,1) , and q(alpha) for qα , the 1−α quantile of a

  35. chemistry

    A 0.86-mole sample of C6H12O6 was placed in a vat with 100 g of yeast. If 39.6 grams of C2H5OH was obtained, what was the percent yield of C2H5OH?

  36. Math

    Given this set of parametric equations, find the scalar equation: x = 1 + 2t y = 1 - 3t

  37. math

    Jesse travels 3.0 meters east and then turns and travels 4.0 meters north. The trip requires 35 seconds. What is his velocity? 0.14 m/s 0.14 m/s, northeast 5.0 m/s, northeast 5.0 m/s, southwest

  38. Research

    I'm a first year undergraduate at my university. My university is providing opportunities for students to conduct small research projects on of an area of our choice forming groups of 3-4 students. These projects are funded under a special project and each

  39. home economic

    list 3 major careers in Home Economic

  40. Physics

    A gas at a constant pressure of 5x105 Pa is cooled so that its volume decreases from 3m3 to 2.5m3. What work is performed by the gas? IS IT LOOKING FOR INTERNAL ENERGY OR WORK???

  41. maths

    What is probability of getting 2 or more dots when rolling a fair die? Thanks for help in advance