Questions Asked on
June 13, 2020

  1. chemistry

    Ethanol (C2H5OH) melts at -114 °C. The enthalpy of fusion is 5.02 kJ/mol. The specific heats of solid and liquid ethanol are 0.97 J/g-K and 2.3 J/g-K, respectively. How much heat (kJ) is needed to convert 25.0 g of solid ethanol at -125 °C to liquid

    asked by Faiza
  2. precalculus

    please can somebody explain to me how to do this questions 8. Elli travelled 700km by truck to deliver some ostriches to her friend's farm. she then returned the same distance by car. The car averaged 10km/h faster than the truck and took 1 hour less time.

    asked by mingyu
  3. Mathematics

    (1). An Aeroplane leaves an airport, flies due North for 2 hrs at 500km/h. It then flies on a bearing of 053 degree at 300km/h for 90 mins. How far is the plane from the airport correct to 1 dp (2). Find the bearing of the plane from the Airport correct to

    asked by Jace Norman
  4. Math

    Sarah holds a bond for 5 years that has a 5.7% percent coupon rate and a $100 par value. How much interest does Sarah earn in 4 years? $285 $82 $258 $228

    asked by John Cortez
  5. Science

    State the effects of over-secretion and under-secretion of somatotrophin,thyroxine,insulin,ADH,oestrogen,testrosterone.

    asked by Pamela
  6. Physics

    During the compression stroke of a certain gasoline engine, the pressure increases from 2atm to 15atm. If the process is adiabatic and the fuel–air mixture behaves as a diatomic ideal gas, by what factor does the volume change?

    asked by HELP ME PLS
  7. precalculus

    hello please help with this. i can't understand how to complete these questions 2. The height, H meters, of a falling object is related to the time, t seconds, the object has been falling by the formula h=-4.9t^2+d , where d meters is the initial height of

    asked by mingyu
  8. Math

    On a $8400 loan at 7%, what would the monthly payment be for 36 months?

    asked by David Collins
  9. Chemistry

    What mass of Ca(OH)2 is required to prepare 200mL of 0.2N solution?

    asked by Blessings
  10. Mathematics

    A manufacturer of light bulbs has sampled 25 bulbs in order to determine the population mean life of the bulbs. The sample mean was 1200hrs with a standard deviation of 100. The manufacturer would like to know with 95% confidence, the internal values for

    asked by sartaj
  11. math

    What is the alternative angular bracket notation? Can somebody gives me an example of it?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Chemistry

    75.0 mL 0.060 M NaF and 25 mL 0.150 M Sr (NO3) 2 are mixed. Calculate the Q. For SrF2 Kc = 2.0 x 10-10

    asked by Hiba
  13. Mathematics

    Find the number of ways,the digits 0,1,2,3 can be permuted to give rise to a number greater than 2000.

    asked by Pamela
  14. Physics

    A steam engine is being planned that is to use steam at 400 ˚F and whose efficiency is to be 20 percent. Find the maximum temperature at which the spent steam can emerge.

    asked by HELP ME PLS
  15. Mathematics

    Consider a spherical tank of radius 4 m that is filling with water. Let V be the volume of water in the tank (in cubic meters) at a given time, and h the depth of the water (in meters) at the same time. It can be shown using calculus that V is a function

    asked by Clueless
  16. calculus

    Does 5k cross 2j=-10i or +10i?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Mathematics

    A man driving a car leaves a point A drives up to 32.5 km in a direction of 070. A cyclist leaves the same point in a direction 130 travelling. After some few hours both drivers are 80km apart. Use this information to answer 3 questions. (1). What is the

    asked by Jace Norman
  18. Geometry

    I need some help. ABC = 8x - 10, and I'm supposed to find the measurements of ABD, and DBC.

    asked by anon
  19. Algebra

    What is the probability that if you draw a card from a standard deck of cards that it is a card of Diamonds or an 8 ?

    asked by Frank Murphy
  20. MATH

    How many lines through the origin make angles of 60degree with both the +y and +z axes ? What angle do they make with the +x axis ?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Algebra

    Find the perimeter of the outside of the hungry circle monster below assuming the angle of its mouth is radians pi/3 and its radius is 7 inches .

    asked by Gabriella Lopez
  22. Algebra

    Solve for the interval 0

    asked by Chauncey Rosie
  23. Chemistry

    An experiment in your laboratory requires exactly 500mL of 0.0200M solution of Na2CO3. You are given solid Na2CO3, distilled water and a 500mL volumetric flask. describe how you would prepare the required solution.

    asked by Blessings