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June 10, 2020

  1. Investment management

    In this assignment, you will apply the concepts of company valuation that you have just learned to determine whether company XYZ is overvalued. We are currently at the end of year "t". You performed a thorough financial analysis of XYZ and forecast the

  2. math

    John works 40 hours a week as a carpenter. He spends 60% of this time building decks and 40% installing siding. John is paid a different hourly wage for each type of labor. Let x represent the hourly wage for building decks and y represent the hourly wage

  3. Math

    Jennifer made an initial investment of $14,000 in a mutual fund. She invests an additional $300 each month to the mutual fund. What are the possible totals of her investment in the mutual fund? Select all that apply. $23,700 $18,600 $27,600 $21,800 $20,600

  4. english

    In the story told by Outa Karel in “The Little Red Tortoise,” why is the little red tortoise considered a dynamic character? Select all that apply. The Little Red Tortoise 1.He shows different emotions, from being brave to face the Blue One to being

  5. Math

    Kevin is trying to determine whether to lease or purchase a car. The purchase price is $42,000 and he has been approved for a 4- year loan with a 5.75% interest rate. He assumes the car's value will depreciate 8% each year, and he intends to sell the car

  6. math

    A landscaping company charges a flat rate of $50, plus $15 per acre. John wants a price quote on the cost of yard work for his plot of land. Which expressions represent the cost of servicing x acres of John's land? Select all that apply. $50+$15x $15x

  7. Statistics

    A vehicle velocity check is conducted in a stretch of highway. On a regular weekday, the speeds were found to have a normal distribution with a mean of 52 and a standard deviation of 3. The daily average speeds for the same highway on consecutive normal

  8. mathematics

    All of the following expressions are equal to 1/10⋅20^t. However, only one has been rearranged by applying the exponent property that states b^x/b^y=b^x−y. a)(1/10) ⋅ 5^t ⋅ 4^t b)(1/10) ⋅ 10^t ⋅ 2^t c) 2^(2t-1) ⋅ 5^(t-1) d) (1/10) ⋅ (2^2t)

  9. math

    Pamela is a college student. She pays tuition every semester and rent every month, and she uses cash daily for food. The expression 2x+12y+365z represents her yearly expenses. Which variable represents her rent?

  10. Math

    Ursula has a bank account balance of $60.Her bank charges a fee of $34 for each overdraft. She makes a purchase of $25.17 today, and purchases of $45.76 and $24.36 tomorrow. What is her account balance after the bank applies the overdraft fees? −$104.58

  11. English

    Choose one of the following topics and write at least 200 words. 3. Compare and contrast Grace and Jo-Anne.

  12. Math

    12. Mixing red and blue gives purple, blue and yellow gives green, and red and yellow gives orange. A spinner is blue and red. Another one is blue, red, and yellow. If the pointers of both spinners are spun, find each probability. a) The resulting colour

  13. Math

    Veronica has a current checking account balance of $469. In the next month she deposits $120, pays her annual online banking fee of $25, and makes withdrawals of $200 and $160 from an ATM that charges a $2 fee per transaction. What is her account balance

  14. English

    Read the following paragraph and answer the question below. Wuthering Heights is in the midst of the desolate English moors. Outside the gates of this solitary dwelling the landscape expands into dreary shades of brown and gray, with only the craggy cliffs

  15. Mathematics

    Which of the following objects is considered to be two-dimensional because it has length and width only?

  16. Mathematics

    Which of the following objects is considered to be two-dimensional because it has length and width only? Rectangle Ray Point Sphere

  17. english

    Select the letter of the term that identifies the function of the phrase in parentheses in the following sentence: One goal is (to see potato-starch food boxes rather than Styrofoam ones). a. adjective e. object of a preposition b. adverb f. direct object

  18. Mathematics

    Atrader has shs 250000. He buys boxes of books at shs 25000 each and boxes of candles at shs 10000 each. The money spent on books is at least shs 50000 more than that spent on candles. He buys at least 5 boxes of books and at least 7 boxes of candles . a)

  19. MATH

    Use the formula for the surface area of a right cone, A=πr(r+√h^2+r^2), to answer the question. show how this formula can be rearranged to solve for h

  20. Algebra

    Average velocity is defined as change in position over change in time and is given by the formula v = s2−s1/t2−t1. show how this formula can be rearranged to find s2?

  21. Math

    The graph illustrates a normal distribution for the prices paid for a particular model of HD television. The price paid is 1600 and the standard deviation is 55 What is the approximate percentage of buyers who paid more than 1710 ? I got 2.28 and it is

  22. math

    Bill receives a monthly stipend of $800. He also works at a bookstore making $8 an hour. He wants a monthly income of $1,200. How many hours does he need to work each month?

  23. Chemistry

    What volume of oxygen forms when 300mL of water vapour decomposes into oxygen and hydrogen?

  24. Algebra

    The radius of the event horizon of a black hole (the point at which it is impossible to escape the black hole because the escape velocity would exceed the speed of light) is given by the formula r = 2Gm/c^2, where G is the gravitational constant, c is the

  25. Math

    Nancy wants to receive the most return on a $50,000 investment. She has two options. Option 1 gives annual interest at 5% compounded yearly. Option 2 gives annual interest at 3.5% compounded monthly. Which option is better after 3 , and what is the

  26. Math

    Mixing red and blue gives purple, blue and yellow gives green, and red and yellow gives orange. A spinner is 1/2 blue and1/2 red. Another one is 1/3 blue, 1/3red, and 1/3yellow.

  27. Science

    2 students are talking about the mechanical systems unit. Student A says that complex machines are made up of simple machines and subsystems like linkages. Student B says that simple machines multiply the input force to make it easier to complete a task.

  28. Mathematics

    A train is travelling at 32 ms. The driver brakes, producing a deceleration of k716-tms after / seconds. The train comes to rest in 16 seconds. Find k, and how far the train travel before coming to rest.

  29. Math Calculus

    A baseball team plays in a stadium that holds 58000 spectators. With the ticket price at $11 the average attendance has been 22000. When the price dropped to $10, the average attendance rose to 29000. Assume that attendance is linearly related to ticket

  30. Statistics

    . Find the standard deviation for the given data. Round your answer to one more decimal place than the original data. 15, 42, 53, 7, 9, 12, 14, 28, 47

  31. Physics

    A solid rectangular block measures 0.100m x 0.080m x 0.060m and float freely in a liquid of density 13546kg/m³. If the depth of liquid is 0.045m up the block largest side find the density of the block... Don't know what to do Show step

  32. Chemistry

    1.Determine the percent composition of Lithium nitrate. 2. Indicate whether each of the following compounds acts as an electrolyte when dissolved In water a) sulfiric acid b) ethanol c) glucose d) sodium nitrate

  33. Science

    Veeben satha melker bane hai

  34. Mathemetics

    Gemma is making necklaces she needs 10 beads for each one she has 10 beads for each one she has 57 beads altogether .how many necklaces can she make?

  35. Physics

    A motorcycle is following a car that is traveling at constant speed on a straight highway. Initially, the car and the motorcycle are both traveling at the same speed of 19.0m/s , and the distance between them is 52.0m . After t1 = 5.00s , the motorcycle

  36. Calculus

    1 Find the equation of a sphere if one of the diameters has endpoints A(5,4,3) and B(1,6,-9). 2 Find the equation of a sphere if one of the diameters has endpoints A(5,4,3) and B(1,6,-9). 2 Determine whether the points A(1,0,1), B(2,1,-1), and C(3,2,1) all

  37. Mathematics

    Integrate the equation (p-qt)^n with respect to t

  38. physics

    If a load of 1kg stretched a cord by 1.2cm, what is the force constant of the cord ?. ( g=10m/s2) *

  39. Math

    A particle moves along a straight line with a velocity, v m s-1, given by v =4-8sin2t, where t is the time in seconds after passing a fixed point O. Determine the range of values of v

  40. Mathematics

    A is partly constant and partly varies as B .when B=14,and B =6,A=20.find A when B =3

  41. math

    A bag contains only red, green, brown and yellow marbles. The probabilities of selecting each colour are shown below. Colour Red Green Brown Yellow Probability x 2 x 3 x 4 x Find the probability of selecting a green marble.

  42. government

    A statement of personal belief or judgement

  43. Math

    A vertical angle is measured to a signal mounted on top of a tower. with the transit telescope in direct position and the reading on the circle is +22°32'. If the reading on the circle is +22°38' with the telescope in reversed position, the index error

  44. history

    Traditionally countries were organized as empires, but now they are categorized as * Democracies Nation-states States Commonwealth B?

  45. english

    How did summarizing this essay affect your understanding of it? Did summarizing help you remember the essay?

  46. history

    Why do you think a revolution is the "easy part" of forming a new government?

  47. english

    Why do you think Stephen King wrote this essay about fear? How would different audiences respond to this essay? For example, a reader who loves Stephen’s books and a reader who hates his books.

  48. Chemistry

    130cm-3 of a gas at 20*c temperature exert a pressure if it's volume is increased to 150cm - 3 at 35*c

  49. chemistry

    Use reliable Internet resources to find information about the lithium ion batteries that are found in many portable devices. Describe the fundamental similarities and differences between Li-ion batteries and the alkaline batteries that were the subject of

  50. English

    Do you think that Jordan’s ideas could work to promote tolerance?

  51. Math

    Use the function f(x)=5x^3 − 4 to answer the questions. A: What is f^−1 (x)? B: What should be done to find the value of x that makes f(x)=74.125? C: For what value of x does f(x)=74.125?

  52. Mathematics

    After scoring a touchdown in football, a coach must make a decision on whether the team should kick for one extra point or attempt a two-point conversion. A coach argues that the team should always kick the extra point because it is the safer play to

  53. Tourism

    Types of commercial accomodations that are likely to survive in Ghana after COVID-19 and those that may not survive and justify your answer

  54. science

    When a car's speed doubles from 20 m/s to 40 m/s, by how many times does the car's kinetic energy increase? Show your work. The mass of the car is 1000 kg. k=1/2mv^2

  55. Physics

    A hiker leaves for camp and walked 3.5 KM in a direction of 55 south of West to the lake. After a short rest at the lake she has 2.7 KM in a direction of 16 used to sell to the scenic overlook

  56. Math

    Samuel withdraws $5,000 each month from his bank account to finance his new business. His account had an initial balance of $325,000. After how many months will his balance be $175,000 if he makes no deposits to the account?

  57. Math

    Which fees are associated with checking accounts and online banking? Select all that apply. interest fees ATM fees debit card fees loan processing fees overdraft fees brokerage fees

  58. Math

    What does it mean when the a value and the b value in ax^2+bx+c have opposite signs? How does that affect the graphed parabola?

  59. mathematics

    How many times GREATER is the 2 in the thousands place than the 2 in the hundreds place in the the number 402,255?

  60. Science

    Why does the moon appear in the daytime?

  61. Trigonometry

    Evaluate Each Expression: a) 2cos^2 2π/3 - 1 b) cos^2 7π/8 - sin^2 7π/8 c)2sin 11π/12 x cos 11π/12 d) 1 - 2sin^2 π/2

  62. Chemistry

    How to prepare 250 ml of 0.5M sodium chloride by dissolving solid salt NaCL?

  63. English

    How does this quote: "When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful." apply to life right now (excluding COVID)?

  64. Geometry

    In right triangle DEF, ∠E is a right angle, m∠D=26∘, and DF=4.5. sin26∘≈0.44 cos26∘≈0.90 tan26∘≈0.49 What is the measurement of EF What is the measurement of EF?

  65. Chemistry

    Write the formula, complete ionic AND net ionic equation for the following, a) CaCl2(aq) + K2SO4(aq) b) Sr(OH)2(aq) + MgSO4

  66. english

    what does this quote mean? "When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful."