Questions Asked on
June 9, 2020

  1. mathematics

    A frustum of a pyramid is 16 cm square at the bottom ,6 cm square at the top ,and 12 cm high.Find the volume of the frustum

  2. Mathematics

    A piece of string is wound tightly around a cylinder for 20 complete turns. The length of the string is found to be 3.96cm. calculate the diameter of the cylinder in cm

  3. Mathematics

    A goat is tied to a peg in the ground. The rope is 3m long. What area of grass can the goat eat? ( use the value 3.1)

  4. mathematics

    A bug spray's effectiveness decreases over time. After h weeks, it retains only half of its effectiveness, and this trend continues. A function that represents this is Q(t) = 30•6^5-1 A scientist testing the bug spray tried to put the given equation into

  5. Geometry

    Examine the two distinct lines defined by the following two equations in slope-intercept form. line ℓ: y=34x+6 line k: y=34x−7 Are lines ℓ and k parallel? Justify your response. 1.Yes, lines ℓ and k are parallel because their slopes are equal.

  6. mathematics

    All of the following expressions are equivalent to 6 x 15^t. However, only one has been rewritten using exponent property #3, bx/by = b^x−y. a) 6/15^-t b) 2 x 3^t+1 x 5^t c) (6^t x 15^t)/6^t-1 d) 6 x 15^12t x 15^-t

  7. mathematics


  8. Mathematics

    Find the average wage of 3 men whose wages are N2,780,N3,336 and N3,013

  9. chemistry

    Why are half-reactions written to describe redox reactions?

  10. Math

    Which of the following expressions is/are equivalent to 18 x 6^(−2x+1)? There may be more than one correct answer. Select all that apply. a) 108^x/36 b) 3 x 36/36^x c) 3 x 36^(1-x) d) 108/36^x e)3^x

  11. algebra

    Use the compound interest equation B(t)=124(1+ 0.05/4)^4t to answer the question. How many times per year is the interest calculated?

  12. Math

    In the country of United States of Heightlandia, the height measurements of ten-year-old children are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 55.7 inches, and standard deviation of inches. What is the probability that a randomly chosen child has

  13. Algebra

    All of the following expressions are equivalent to 3⋅12^t. However, only one has been rewritten using exponent property #3, b^x/b^y = b^(x−y) Which one is it? a) 3^(t+1)20^t/5^t b) 3^(t+1)4^t c) 3^(t+1)2^2t d)3⋅12^(t+2)/12^2

  14. history

    Which most accurately describes the Arab Empire’s impact on religious practices?

  15. Geometry

    Line ℓ contains the points A(2,2) and B(3,6). Line k contains the points C(0,5) and D(1,9). Yes, lines ℓ and k are parallel because the lines pass through the same points. No, lines ℓ and k are not parallel because the slopes are not equal. Yes,

  16. math

    All of the following expressions are equivalent to 7⋅(2/10)^t. However, only one has been rewritten using exponent property #4, (b/c)^x = b^x/c^x. Which one is it? a) (71^(t/5)/5)^t b) 7⋅(1/5)^t c) (7^(1/t)⋅2/10)^t d) 7⋅2^t/10^t

  17. math

    Use the exponential equation f(t)=3(0.92)^t + 7 to answer the questions. A: What is the equation of the horizontal asymptote in this function? B: What is the base of the power? C: What is the initial value, f(0)?

  18. Geometry

    Allana knows that △XYZ∼△UVZ and XY⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯∥UV⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯. What segment relationships can Allana use to prove that the slope of line l is equal to the slope of line m? Allana can show that UVXY=VZYZ using the

  19. mathematics

    How much more is the rate of change of function 2 than the rate of change of function 1? Function 2 y = 5x + 4 Function 1 y=3

  20. Calculus

    Find the distance between the points A(1,2,3) and B(2,4,5)

  21. Chemistry

    a)How many calcium ions are in 2.17 moles of calcium phosphate? b)If 1.41 g of zinc or attitude 1.85 g of hydrochloric acid identify the limiting and excess reagents give reasons for your choice and determine how many moles of the excess reagent remains

  22. Trigonometry

    Question: State an equivalent Trigonometric Ratio for each of the following a) cos π/16 b) sin 7π/9 c) tan 5π/4 d) sin 11π/6 My (attempted) answers are: a) -cos π/16 b) sin 2π/9 c) tan π/4 d) -sin π/6 Are any of my attempted answers correct?

  23. Mathematics

    The Pew Research Center has found that 86% of people 18 through 29 years old are social media users. What is the probability that you have to ask 10 people in this age group to find one that is not a social media user? What is the probability that you have

  24. Mathematics

    In an election there were three candidates; ⅔ of the electors voted for the first candidate, ¼ for the second and the rest for the third candidate. If the third candidate got 3290 votes, how many votes did the winner get

  25. Math

    Use the compound interest equation B(t)=800(1.0001)^365t to answer the questions. A: What is the the equation rewritten in the form B(t)=P(1+r/n)^nt? (Assume n=365.) B: What is the interest rate, r, as a percentage?

  26. Economics

    Country A and B are small open economies. Their economies depend on each other heavily for trade, but their respective governments don't always work together when setting economic policy. Assume (for simplicity) that these countries only trade with each

  27. Finance

    Suppose you have $2,000 and plan to purchase a 10-year certificate of deposit (CD) that pays 6.5% interest, compounded annually. How much will you have when the CD matures?

  28. Maths, space

    I’m a bit stuck on this simple question. So the values I’ve got: Propellant = 100,000 kg Structure = 10,000 kg Payload = 5000 kg So I worked out: Propellant fraction is 87% Payload fraction is 4.3% Now I need to find “Recall the relationship between

  29. math

    8. Each block in a child’s set of building blocks is 15 cm long, 10 cm wide, and 5 cm high. Suppose you put the blocks in a box that is 50 cm long, 35 cm wide, and 30 cm high. Suppose you arrange the blocks neatly in layers. How many different ways can

  30. Maths


  31. mathematics

    Given the function f(x)=4|x|, write f(x) as a piecewise function that does not include absolute value symbols.Please fill the blanks f(x)=blank; when x≤ blank f(x)= blank; when x> blank

  32. math

    can someone please help me find a number for a that CAN NOT BE USED -1 + 5 x- 9 ( - 2 + 5 x ) = a x + b

  33. Statistics

    Find an interval I𝜃 (that depends on 𝜃 ) centered about 𝑋⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯𝑛 such that 𝐏(I𝜃∋𝜃)=0.9for all 𝑛(i.e, not only for large 𝑛). (Write barX_n for 𝑋⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯𝑛 . Use the estimate 𝑞0.05≈1.6448 for best

  34. Economics

    You discover a new clothing store (Store X) across the street from an existing department store (Store Y). Both stores offer the same brands and styles of T-shirts. However, Store X offers their clothing for less. How might this event affect the demand

  35. Algebra


  36. government

    - how would you classify the ideas held and applied about justice in Western society (punitive)? How would you classify the ideas held and applied about justice in Traditional societies (restorative/empathetic)? - What is the relationship between the

  37. Calculus

    I don't know the formula to solve this question Find the midpoint of the segment connecting the points A(3,5,2) and B(4,8,6).

  38. history

    - How would you classify the ideas held and applied about justice in Traditional societies (restorative/empathetic)? - What is the relationship between the degree of humanity displayed to/by citizens of a society and their core values as they relate to

  39. History

    How did the hiring practices of Chinese labour contractors lead to discrimination? How did they exploit Chinese workers?

  40. History

    1. What led to rapid growth in Kootenays? Why was this growth short-lived? 2. Why was tourism an early industry in British Columbia 3. How did the CPR and other railways serve to boost economic growth in British Columbia? 4. Examine Figure 6 – 32 and

  41. Chemistry

    A 25.0 mL sample of NaHSO4(aq) was titrated with 0.500 mol/L NaOH(aq) using phenolphthalein indicator. At the endpoint, one drop of NaOH(aq) was sufficient to change the phenolphthalein indicator from colourless to pink. To reach this point, 10.2 mL of

  42. geography

    In which of the following industries are the majority of jobs in the United States and Canada found

  43. math

    What would make the f(x)=2 in the function given in the previous question?

  44. physics

    A 62 kg toboggan is slowed to a stop in 5.0 m. what was the force of Friction, if the work done was -650J?

  45. Physics

    A motorcycle is following a car that is traveling at constant speed on a straight highway. Initially, the car and the motorcycle are both traveling at the same speed of 19.0m/s , and the distance between them is 52.0m . After t1 = 5.00s , the motorcycle

  46. mathematics

    Which of the following expressions is/are equivalent to 1/12 x 36^t? There may be more than one correct answer. Select all that apply. a) 1/2 x 6 x 36^t b) 1/2 x 6^-1 x 36^t c) 1/2 x 6^2t-1 d) (2^-1)^2 x 3^2t-1 e) 2^2t-1 x 3^2t-1

  47. Physics

    brass measuring tape is correct at 20 degree Celsius. The value obtained when the length of a field is measured with the rule at 50 degree Celsius appears to be 70.5m. what is the true length of the field Linear expansivity of brass =1.8 ×10 raise to

  48. Math

    Which of the following expressions is/are equivalent to 1/15 x 125^t x 5^t? There may be more than one correct answer. Select all that apply. a) 1/3 125^t b) 1/15 x (5^4)^t c) 1/15 x 5^3t x 5^t d) 1/15 (5^t)^4 e) 1/15 x 5^(3t+1) f) 1/15 x (5^3)^t x 5^t g)

  49. Mathematics

    The average family spends $78 at the grocery store each week with a standard deviation of $25. What percentage of families spend between $28 and $50? Explain in context what this represents.

  50. Mathematics

    The average family spends $78 at the grocery store each week with a standard deviation of $25 How much money per week would a family need to spend to be in the 90th percentile? Explain, in context, what this means.

  51. Mathematics

    If you assume the normal model for these data, N(0.18, 0.04), in about what percentage of counties would the proportion of people 65 and older be more than 0.22?

  52. Physics

    A 2.00 kg rim with a radius of 20.0 cm is setting on an 8.00 kg wedge of angle 30 degrees. The kinetic coefficient of kinetic friction between the wedge and the floor is 0.20 A) With F = 0.00 N, find the minimum coefficient of static friction between the

  53. Chemistry

    How many grams of Na2O are required to produce 160 grams of NaOH?

  54. Chemistry

    I would be very grateful to have these answered with showing work In order to produce a lead (II) chromate precipitate, lead (II) chloride reacts with sodium chromate in solution. A 12.5 g mass of lead (II) chloride is mixed into solution, and is allowed

  55. calculus

    x^2+8x+32 its critical points in derivatives

  56. physics

    A little girl of mass 30kg is jumping straight up and down on a stretched trampoline. During a single jump, she reaches a maximum height of 5.0m above the horizontal surface of the trampoline and deeps to 1.0m below the surface. Use the acceleration due to

  57. Mathematics

    a trader bought 150eggs for 22.50 ; eggs were cracked . he sold the cracked eggs at 10 each and the rest at 17 each. what was his percentage gain ?.

  58. Science

    If sulphur is in success then production of 2 moles of ferrous sulfide requires how many grams of iron?

  59. Astronomy

    If the universe was born at the big bang, what existed before then?

  60. English

    how can we describe the life cycle of a butterfly by using metaphors and similes?

  61. Maths

    Lizzy spends 2/5 of her pocket money on transportation, 1/5 of the remainder on sweets and 1/3 of what still remains on movies. If she has ¢ 13.00 left, how much is her pocket money?

  62. math

    Find x and y so the following equation is true. (10x-7)-4i=4+yi

  63. PE/Math

    How many calories can you brun from doing 100 jumping jacks?

  64. science

    Why are Aboriginal clan systems considered human social systems?

  65. Math

    1.7*10 exponent 7