Questions Asked on
June 8, 2020

  1. Chemistry

    If possibly please show work If 1.00 kg of glucose (5.55 mol) is reacted with 34.0 mol oxygen during the process of cellular respiration, which reactant is limiting? Why does your answer seem logical?

  2. Management

    What are the 3 advantages that private investors enjoy over their professional counterparts? The ability to deal with illiquidity, the ability to take a much longer term view than professional investors and the fact that they do not have to track or try to

  3. mathematics

    Velocity is defined as change in position over change in time, and it is given by the formula v=s2−s1t2−t1. What is s2 if s1=15, v=25, t1=5, and t2=11? Enter your answer as a number, like this: 42

  4. Math

    The area of a particular parallelogram is given by the formula A=x^2−bx+c. How can you rearrange this formula to correctly find the x-value that will yield the maximum area?

  5. Chemistry

    Heat Transfer heat diffused in our tuna steak was about 12 mm in 5 minutes. Using these values for L and for t, calculate the value of D for this time point. Enter your answer in cm2/sec, without including the units.

  6. Mathematics

    May I have some help with this question? I'm not sure how to solve it. A boat leaves Kingston and heads due east for 25 km. At the same time, a second boat travels in a direction 30° south of east from Kingston for 15 km. How far apart are the boats at

  7. algebra

    The distance, d, between two points, (x1,y1) and (x2,y2), can be found using the formula d=√(x2−x1)^2+(y2−y1)^2 How can you rearrange the given formula to correctly find y2?

  8. Civics

    Mention five organizations that promote national unity.

  9. physics

    A negative charge Q1 = -20.0 mC is located at a point X1 = -2.00 m, a positive charge Q2 = 10.0 mC is located at a point X2 = 3.00 m and a positive charge Q3 = 30.0 mC is located at a point X3 = 9.0 m.a. Draw free body diagrams for the electric force

  10. mathematics

    Use the equation y=x4−2x2b2+b4 to answer the question. How can you rewrite the given formula to correctly isolate x?

  11. math

    A quadratic equation has a vertex at (−3/2,7/2) and a y-intercept of 8. Which equations could describe this quadratic equation? There is more than one correct answer. Select all that apply. a) y=(x+32)2+74 b) y=x2+3x+4 c) y=2(x+32)2+74 d) y=x2−3x+7 e)

  12. English

    Write an article for publication in the national newspaper discussing at least two reasons why students should cultivate the habit of reading

  13. Chemistry

    Please show work if possible. Chloride dioxide isn’t a reactive oxidizing agent. It is used to purify water. The products of the reaction are choric acid and hudrochloric acid. If 71.00 g of chloride dioxide is mixed with 19.00 g of water, what is is the

  14. Math

    The graph of a proportional relationship passes through (9, 18) and (1, y) . Find y Help pls

  15. Chemistry

    I’ve tried everything but just can’t get it. Write the reaction between solutions of mercury (II) nitrate and sodium sulfide. a) how many moles of sodium nitrate form from the reaction of 2.85 mol of sodium sulfide? b) how many litres of 0.150 mol/L

  16. Science

    Which is the hottest planet in the solar system?

  17. Chemistry

    Write the reaction for the formation of lithium phosphide from its elements. a) how many moles of lithium phosphide form when 3.2 mol of lithium react? b) how many grams of lithium react with 0.500 mol of phosphorous? c) how many grams of lithium react

  18. Physical education

    What are the eight branches of physical education

  19. Mathematics

    The eleventh term of an A.P is 25 and its 1st term is -3. Find its common difference

  20. Science

    Iupac name of Cr(CN3)Cl3 And [Co(NH3)Cl(NH3)]Cl

  21. Mathematics

    The sum of the first 10 terms of an Ap is 145 and the sum of its fourth and ninth is 5 times the third term determine the first term and the constant difference

  22. Chemistry

    Don’t need work to be shown. Just an answer Ethanoic acid is produced according to the equation below. Calculate the mass of ethanoic acid that would be produced by the reaction of 600 g of carbon monoxide gas with sufficient CH3OH

  23. Physics

    Which color light has photons of the greatest energy? A. Blue B. Yellow C. Red D. Green

  24. Math

    A number k divided by 6.

  25. math

    5 x − 36x + 36 = 0 help me learn how to solve this

  26. Art

    I have an art assignment and we have to pick an artist to write about. Does anyone have any sugestions?

  27. mathematics

    The exponential formula for the half-life of a radioactive isotope is y=y0ekt, where y is the amount of the isotope remaining after t years, y0 is the initial amount of the isotope, k is the decay constant, and e is the transcendental number approximately

  28. mathematics

    Suppose you have a sphere of radius r, and you also have a cylinder with radius r whose height is also r. The sum of the volumes of the sphere and the cylinder is V=πr2⋅r+43πr3. How can you rearrange the given equation to isolate r?

  29. Math

    U+K=−Gm1m2/r+1/2 m1 v2, where m1 and m2 are the masses of two objects, r is the distance between their centers, v is the velocity, and G is the universal gravitational constant. How can you rearrange the given formula to correctly find m1?

  30. Science

    A uniform rod 1.8m long and of mass 10kg rest horizontally on support at its ends. If a weight of mass 3kg is attached at a point 1.2m from one end, find the reactions from the support

  31. mathematics

    The formula for the value of a car, C, after t years of depreciation of its initial value v at a rate of r is C=v(1−r)^t How can you rearrange the given formula to find the correct initial value, v, of the car?

  32. Physics

    You and your bicycle have combined mass 80.0kg.When you reach the base of the bridge, you are travelling along the road at 5.00m/s. (See figure below). At the top of the bridge, you have climbed a vertical distance of 5.20m and have slowed to 1.50m/s. You

  33. mathematics

    An elevator began at the 14th floor and came down to the 3rd floor. Which integer best represents this change in location? Answer:+14-3=11.CORRECT.

  34. Mathematics

    find the interest of an amount of $ 22660 deposited into the bank which earn 13% for 2.4 years.

  35. maths

    Find the quotient of 1 5 6 ÷ 2 1 8 Give your answer as a fraction in its simplest form.

  36. maths

    In a club there are 20% more girls than boys. After 50 boys left there were twice as many girls as boys. How many girls were there in the club?

  37. Maths

    A carton contains 12 eggs of which 1 is bad. How many ways can you select 3 good eggs.?

  38. physics

    The question is: Sometimes, road surfaces have banked curves. Use an FBD to explain how this helps cars to make turns more safely. My answer is: Road surfaces have banked curves to allow for more centripetal force, which then allows for vehicle to remain

  39. math

    Write an expression for the sum of a number x and 21 times its reciprocal.

  40. math

    the volume of a cube is 27cm3 what is the length of one side of the cube

  41. Calculus

    I need help integrating by parts the below Integral of x^2 (e^(4x) + 3)

  42. Physics

    A fruit drops from the top of a tree 20m tall. The time it takes the fruit to reach the ground is a=210m/s×s

  43. math

    108 identical books have a mass of 30kg.find the number of such books that has a mass of 20kg.

  44. Math

    5 9 (F−32) وتبين المعادلة أعلاه كيف أن درجة الحرارة F، التي تقاس بالدرجات فهرنهايت، تتصل بدرجة حرارة C، تقاس بدرجات مئوية. استنادا إلى المعادلة،

  45. mathematics

    So, im not sure how to do this question: Two roads diverge at a 52° angle. Two bike riders take separate routes at 17 km/h and 24 km/h. How far apart are they after 2 hours? could i get some help please?? thanks!

  46. Mathematics

    One number is 5 more than the other. Their sum is 33. Find the numbers.

  47. mathematics

    14 kg of peas cost $441. What is the cost of 22 kg of peas?

  48. mathematics im having trouble with this question.....cant seem to figure it out: The radar screen of an airport control tower shows that two planes are at the same altitude. According to the range finder, one plane is 100 km away, in the direction N60°E. The

  49. Mathematics

    Two airplanes leave an airport at the same time, flying in the same direction. One of the plane is flying at twice the speed of the other. If after 4 hours they are 1800 km apart find the speed of each plane.

  50. Anatomy

    Are eyebrows considered facial hair?

  51. math

    Find the least amount that could be deposited in a bank account today at 5% compounded quarterly to allow $650 withdrawals at the end of each quarter for 4 years.

  52. Math

    What is the greatest four-digit integer that meets the following three restrictions ? All of the digits are different. The greatest digit is the sum of the other three digits. The product of the four digits is divisible by 10 and not equal to zero.

  53. Math

    The product of a two digit number, plus a number, is 3,355.

  54. Mathematics

    Tau,Igo and Iron share a bag of mangoes in the ratio 7:5:14,if Igo receives 18 mangoes less than Iron, how mangoes does Iron receive?

  55. Precalculus

    Express your answer in the form found using Euler's Formula, The cube roots of 2 + 3i

  56. Mathematics

    What is the value of x and y in the geometrical progression 5,x,y,-5/8.

  57. physics

    an off-road dumper truck can hold 325 tons of gravel. how much work must be done on the gravel to raise it an average of 9.2 m to get it into the truck

  58. math

    How many equations can you make from 1, 2, 3, 6?

  59. Math

    8. Each block in a child’s set of building blocks is 15 cm long, 10 cm wide, and 5 cm high. Suppose you put the blocks in a box that is 50 cm long, 35 cm wide, and 30 cm high. Suppose you arrange the blocks neatly in layers. How many different ways can