Questions Asked on
June 5, 2020

  1. chemistry

    Give the formula of each coordination compound. Include square brackets around the coordination complex. Do not include the oxidation state on the metal. Use parentheses only around polyatomic ligands. sodium diamminedicarbonatoruthenate(III): My answer:

  2. Physics

    A horizontal force of 45N applied to a crate of mass 9kg is just sufficient to move it. If the crate is now pulled at an angle of 50° to the horizontal, find the force required to move the crate over the horizontal surface. (g=10m/s2) Help

  3. Algebra

    Given: ABCD is a rectangle, AC∩BD= O, m∠ABD=30°, AC=16 in. Find BC

  4. Mathematics

    The segment shown is half of AB, where B (-5,1) is one endpoint of the segment and M (-3,3) is the midpoint of the segment. What are the coordinates of point A

  5. Mathematics

    Solve the simultaneous equation using substitution method:4x = y + 7and 3x + 4y + 9 = 0

  6. English

    from "The Mouse" What do Theodoric's attempts to dislodge the mouse represent? A. his acceptance of the idea that being comfortable is more important than being fashionable B. his acceptance of the idea that people should never expose their undergarments

  7. Math

    An airplane leaves an airport,flies due north for 2 hours at 500 km/h. It then flies on a bearing of 53 degree at 300 km/h for 90 minutes. Find the bearing of the plane from the airport. If it takes the airplane 150 minutes to fly back to the airport,find

  8. math

    Which binomial is a factor of X^3 - 3x^2 - 28x a) x - 4 b) x^2 - 4 c) x - 7 d) x^2 - 7

  9. mathematics

    Find the number of days using Bankers Rule if RM10000 was invested at 3.5% simple interest rate and received RM10100.14 at the end of investment.

  10. Mathematics

    an aeroplane leaves an airport, flies due north for 2hrs at 500km/h. It then flies on a bearing of 053 degree at 300km/h for 90mins. How far is the plane from the airport correct to 1 dp

  11. Chemistry

    Which of the following statements about balanced equation is false? In a balanced reaction: Group of answer choices net charge must be balanced on both sides of the reaction arrow atoms must be balanced on both sides of the reaction arrow molecules must be

  12. Calculus

    Find the dimensions of the rectangular box with largest volume if the total surface area is given as 4 cm^2. (Let x,y, and z be the dimensions of the rectangular box.)

  13. mathematics

    Find the interest received using Bankers Rule if RM20000 was invested at 4.5% simple interest rate for 240 days.

  14. physics

    A spring 20cm long is stretched to 25cm by a load of 50N. What will be the length when stretched by 100N, assuming that the elastic limit is not exceeded.

  15. Statistics

    Let X1,X2,…∼i.i.d.X . The distribution of X depends on a positive parameter θ , which is a function of the mean μ , i.e θ=g(μ) . You estimate θ by the estimator θˆ=g(X¯¯¯¯n) . For which function g can the delta method be applied? Remember

  16. Maths

    X articles are produced at a total cost of $(100-30x+x^2) and each is sold for $3x/2. How many should be made to produce the largest profit and how much is the profit

  17. math

    please help Explain why the volume of a rectangular prism is the product of its length, width, and height. Include a diagram in your explanation.

  18. English

    Which detail from the play best supports the conclusion you drew In the previous question? A.) Jason is known to attract attention and not apply himself to his schoolwork. B.) Ms. Smith tells Jason she knew he could always do his work. C.) Jason is uneasy

  19. Maths

    if it takes 5 men 7 days to dig a hole, how long will it takes 3 men to dig half a hole?

  20. geometry

    Violeta wants to install new tiling in her kitchen. She places two triangular tiles together as shown in the following figure. In order to plan her installation, she needs to find the length of BC⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯. DB=65 DC=60 Bc=m

  21. mathematics

    Five years ago, Umar deposited RM7,200 in an account that gave 5.2% simple interest per annum. Find the accumulated amount today.

  22. mathematics

    How much of the principal invested if the investment will be worth RM20,000 in five years at a simple interest rate of 5% per annum.

  23. mathematics

    Umar invested RM50,000 in a bank with simple interest rate is 15% per annum, find the number of years required if Umar wants the amount in the account to become RM237,500.

  24. mathematics

    Find the principal using Bankers Rule if interest of RM100 was received at 3.5% simple interest rate for 150 days.

  25. mathematics

    Umar invested RM150,000 in a bank for 100 days with simple interest rate is 4.5% per annum. His investment is worth RM151,875 as on 18 October 2017. Find the date Umar deposited his money.

  26. Math

    Shopping centres X, Y and Z are such that Y is 12km south of X and Z is 15km from X, Z is on a bearing 330 from Y. Calculate the bearing of Z from X.

  27. Mathematics

    The point (x, 0) of the x-axis is at a distance of 10 from the point (7,9). Determine x.

  28. History

    In which ways did Catherine the Great promote the modernization of Russia, and in which ways did she hinder Russia’s modernization?

  29. Statistics

    The quality of department of a company tested a bottle of fillers and found them to fill 500 ml bottles to mean of 50.1 ml, with a standard deviation of 0.48 ml. the company’s standard is set at test of results being within two standard deviations of the

  30. English

    when creating an outline, what is the best way to organize your idea

  31. math

    What is the solution of the system? Use elimination. 5x + 6y = 17 −10x − 9y = −43

  32. Mathematics

    A shopkeeper bought 150 oranges for 22.50.30 oranges got spoilt. He sold the rest for 10k each. What was his %profit or loss

  33. Mathematics

    What is 3 3/4 of 10:30? I don't understand this question.

  34. Mathematics

    Solve this equation 4x =y + 7

  35. Log maths

    Please I have a question When multiplying a number with a log Like a×logb Can you say alogb

  36. statistics

    What is meant by the 95% confidence interval of the mean?

  37. math

    Point E is located at (–2, 2) and point F is located at (4, –6). What is the distance between points E and F? A. square root 52 B. square root 28 C. 10 D. square root 20

  38. Mathematics

    Factorize completely (i) 4X^2 - 25

  39. math

    New streetlights will be installed along a section of the highway. The posts for the streetlights will be 7.5 m tall and made of aluminum. The city can choose to buy the posts shaped like cylinders or the posts shaped like rectangular prisms. The

  40. Mathematics

    Four congruent square corners are cut off from the large square of cardboard. Find three expression in terms of x and y to calculate shaded area.

  41. Chemistry

    Identify what is oxidized, reduced, and spectator ion in the reaction of: silver nitrate solution & copper solid. Reduced : Oxidized : Spectator :

  42. Algebra

    What are the next three terms in the sequence? -6.5,16,27... A. 38,49,60 B. 37,47,57 C. 36,45,54 D 36,46,57

  43. Science

    What was one benefit of the space shuttle? It could land on the moon. It was reusable. It permanently orbited Earth. Only one astronaut could fit inside.

  44. Algebra

    In a group og 180 persons composed of men,women,and children , there are twice as many men as women, and three times as many children. how many are there of each?

  45. Math

    1. For the data in the table is why very directly with X if it does right now question for the direct variation x 10 y 15 x 16 y 24 x 30 2. The data in the table is why very directly affects if it does right in equation for the direct variation x 16 y 4 x

  46. Mathematics

    In a triangle with corners A, B and C, all sides are 9 cm. point D is located such that the line AD is normal (ie perpendicular) to the plane of the triangle (ie surface) and the distance AD is 12 cm. Calculate the acute angle between lines AC and BD.

  47. Statistics

    Confidence interval Concept Check 1 point possible (graded) As in the previous section, let X1,…,Xn∼iidexp(λ) . Let λˆn:=n∑ni=1Xi denote an estimator for λ . We know by now that λˆn is a consistent and asymptotically normal estimator for λ .

  48. Physics

    A crane lifts an 425-kg object vertically upward a distance of 95 m. How much work (in kJ) does the crane do on object if object accelerates upward at 1.8 m/s2? Neglect frictional forces. How much work (in kJ) does gravity do on the object if object

  49. Physics

    What is the force applied by the movers on the chest when they lift it straight up 1.0m compared to sliding it up the 4.0m long the frictional ramp? A a) 4x larger b) 8x larger c) same

  50. math

    when graphed which equation will yield the same maximum value as the graph of y = -3x^2 + 6x + 9 ? a) y = -3(x - 1)^2+12 b) y = -3(x + 1) ^2 - 12 c) y = 3(x - 1)^2 -12 d) y = 3(x + 1)^2 + 12