Questions Asked on
June 4, 2020

  1. Physics

    A crane lifts a 425-kg steel beam vertically upward a distance of 95 m. How much work (in kJ) does gravity do on the beam if the beam accelerates upward at 1.8 m/s2? Neglect frictional forces. Give your answer to 3 significant figures and remember that

    asked by AVIRO
  2. Science

    Write the following in scientific notation in their respective SI units ( 3 dig fig) a) 286.6 km b) 0.864um c) 760mg d) 62.1 ps

    asked by Amy
  3. history

    Which were impacts of the Vietnam War on American culture? Select all that apply. A. Government regulations were placed on television broadcasting to keep images of the war from reaching the public. B. A new movement sought to restore the proper role of

    asked by Anonymous
  4. mathematics

    What is the probability that when you roll two 6- sided dice that the dice add up to 8? I've been stuck on this problem for a while I really need help please.

    asked by Chicken wing
  5. English

    Which element of the story best helps the reader understand why Sargon is grown? 1 setting 2 characterization 3 mood 4 theme

    asked by Bruh
  6. Physics

    What is the work done by the movers on the chest when they lift it straight up 1.0 m compared to sliding it up the 4.0-m-long the frictionless ramp?

    asked by AVIRO
  7. Algebra

    Hi! I know this may be cheating but I just wanna ask if one of yall could tell me the answer just for these 3 questions, it would be a bunch of help! =,) 1. Write the equation in point-slope form of the line that passes through the given points. Then write

    asked by joe goldberg
  8. science

    The reaction BrO- + 3SO32- → Br- + 3SO42- : has the rate law, Rate = k[BrO-][SO32-] a. What is the order of the reaction with respect to each reactant?

    asked by karina
  9. Mathematics

    X is partly constant and partly varies with y.when y=3 x=11 and when y=4 x=14. A)find the relationship between x and y. B) fine x when y=10

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Maths

    A 4cm long chord subtends a central angle of 60 degree what us the radial segment of the circle

    asked by Abdullah
  11. Anthrophology

    what is the oldest stone tool technology? a.acheulian b.oldowan c.lavolious d.mousterian

    asked by Angiee
  12. Math

    If the diagonal of a rectangle is 25 cm and the length is 3cm more than triple the width what are the dimensions

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Mathematics

    A cone is 8 cm high and it's vertical angle is 62 degrees. Find the diameter of it's base

    asked by Ayomide Quadri
  14. Physics


    asked by FLORA
  15. science

    June 2020 Test Three charges lie along the x-axis. One positive. charge q1=15micro coulomb is at x =2.0m and another positive charge q2 =6.0 micro coulomb is at the origin. At what point on the x-axis must a negative charge q3 be placed so that the

    asked by Ezekiel
  16. Mathematics

    an exponential sequence (geometric progression) has first term x and common ratio x ,x≠1 write down the sum of the first n terms of this sequence (1a): write down the sum of the first n terms of this sequence (1b): |x|infinity (1c): if An=sum r=1 to n

    asked by Same
  17. Chemistry

    What mass of phosphorus will be needed to produce 5.25 mol of P4O10? 4P + 5O2→ P4O10

    asked by Janessa
  18. physics

    A camper does 7.4 x 102 J of work in lifting a pail filled with water 3.4 m vertically up a well at a constant speed. a)What force is exerted by the camper on the pail of water? b)What is the mass of water in the pail?

    asked by frell
  19. Math

    What is the proof for the sum of all rows above the nth row in the Pascal triangle is one less than the nth row?

    asked by Avery
  20. Pre Calculus

    Find an equation for the slope of the graph of y=(x^2)-2 at any point

    asked by Tim
  21. English

    what conclusion can you draw about jason from the dialouge in line 10 in a surprising point of view A. Jason procrastinate doing his schoolwork. B. Jason and Ms. Smith have. good relationship C. Jason is one of the best students. D.Jason is embarrassed to

    asked by Mr. Clean
  22. Algebra

    Given the function f(x)=4|x|, what would f(x) be as a piecewise function(That does not include absolute value symbols)?

    asked by ri
  23. Physics

    Exercise 1: a) What is the apparent weight for a roller coaster rider at the bottom of a loop vs at the top of a loop? b) What is the min speed the car must pass along the loop so that the rider does not fall out while upside down at the top of the loop?

    asked by Glichav
  24. Algebra

    Solve: please include statement and reason Given: ΔАВС, m∠ACB = 90° CD ⊥ AB, m∠ACD = 30° AD = 6 cm. Find: BD

    asked by Helen
  25. math

    How can you find the volume of a box without filling it completely? Will your answer be exact? Explain. How can you find the volume of a box without using cubes?

    asked by joness
  26. Calculus

    Find the derivative by rule: dy/dx 1/2√x

    asked by Sarah
  27. Maths

    I don't know how to solve this by elimination 4c - 3d=1 2c + 4d=17

    asked by Mercy
  28. Mathematics

    A bag contains only red, green, brown and yellow marbles. The probabilities of selecting each colour are shown below Colour= red green brown yellow Probability = 6x 2x x 4x Find the probability of selecting a red marble

    asked by Tilly
  29. Mathematics

    Using ruler and a pair of compasses only I.construct a triangle ∆XYZ such that XY=10cm angle

    asked by Issabel
  30. Mathematics

    An arc substend an angle of 105 degree at d centre of a circle of radius 6cm . find the length of the arc if pi 22/7

    asked by Flora
  31. Mathematics

    she realizes one of the "avrages" was 79... she just can't remember if it was the mean or median. She also remembered that 27 students took the test, the test was out of 100 points, and 18 of them scored 70 or greater, and of those, 7 scored higher than

    asked by George
  32. physics

    A student pushes against a large maple tree with a force of magnitude 250 N. How much work does the student do on the tree? wouldn't it be zero. If not, what could be the right answer? W=F*D W=250*0 W=0

    asked by frell
  33. English

    Which best describes the boy in "Boy Flying"? A. He is eager to leave the ground and never return. B. He is proud of all the hard work he did to learn how to fly. C. He is confused about how he is able to fly when no one else can. D. He is separated from

    asked by Taylor
  34. mathematics

    Lydia bought a shirt at 20% off its retail price of $40. She paid 5% tax on the price after the discount. How much did Lydia pay for the shirt?

    asked by Elijah
  35. Physics

    A train moving with uniform acceleration takes 20s and 30s How much distance it travels before coming to rest

    asked by Pranav
  36. Math

    The Amold family arrived at the beach at 10:30 A.M. They spent 3 3/4 hours there. What time did they leave the beach?

    asked by Kadyn M.
  37. Social studies

    Name 10 reasons why the citizens of Zimbabwe are dissatisfied with the current president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. How has the the country's situation remained the same since Mugabe's removal?

    asked by Muneer
  38. Chemistry

    So I had a test question that asked the following, "What will happen when a reactant is added to a system at equilibrium?" The answers are A. more reactants will form B. The system will remain at equilibrium C. Only the concentration of the reactant will

    asked by Sydney
  39. Science

    What are three research goals of scientists in Antarctica? can someone list 3 please?

    asked by Doki Dude
  40. Maths

    x^x+(7-x)^(7-x)=93 What is x? Am thinking of using Lambert w function but am still lost on how to apply it I Know that W(xe^x)=x

    asked by Philip
  41. Maths

    How do I show that Sum r=0 to n (-1)^r ncr=0?? Please how have tried and tried?

    asked by Same
  42. Mathematics

    Hailey's grandmother made a quilt for her birthday composed of 125 tiles that are each one third square feet, what is the total area of the quilt?

    asked by Kenna
  43. Chemistry

    If 33.5 g of Mg(OH)2 reacted, what mass of H2O could be produced? Mg(OH)2(s) + HCl(aq) ----> MgCl2(aq) + H2O(l)

    asked by Janessa
  44. history

    after world war II why did russia's stance toward europe become dominant and the united states' stance became one that they felt that they should be an influence in europe?

    asked by rick
  45. English

    What is the importance of Ale house in she stoops to conquer

    asked by Maria
  46. chemistry

    calculate number of nucleons in 10cm^3 fluorine gas

    asked by Anonymous
  47. history

    "progressive hunted directorial" is it an accurate description of napoleon

    asked by deolyn ziki