Questions Asked on
June 3, 2020

  1. Science

    Find out the amount of heat required to convert 1 gm of ice at -30 ⁰C to 1 gm of steam at 120 ⁰C. Given the specific heat of ice is 2090 J/kg/⁰C, specific heat of water 4180 J/kg/⁰C, specific heat of steam is 2010 J/kg/⁰C, latent heat of ice to

  2. History

    Which option represents a positive impact of European interaction on Native American peoples? A.) Native Americans became dependent on European manufactured goods. B.) New diseases from Europe helped boost the immunity of Native Americans. C.) Native

  3. history

    How did Communist leaders intentionally influence children in the Soviet Union? A. Schools were converted to indoctrinate students with the Communist view of the “new man.” B. Child labor laws were abolished by the Soviets to gain the support of

  4. Physics

    For the following questions, assume the potential energy of the mass was 0.20 J when released at point E. a) If the mass-cord system loses 0.20 J of potential energy as it travels to point C, what velocity would it gain as it is accelerated to point C? b)

  5. trigonometry

    From the top of a fire tower, a forest ranger sees his partner on the ground at an angle of depression of 40º. If the tower is 45 feet in height, how far is the partner from the base of the tower, to the nearest tenth of a foot? (Detailed explanation

  6. Chemistry

    Consider the dissociation of ammonia in water at equilibrium: NH3 + H2O ↔ NH4+ + OH– You start with 0.05 moles of ammonia in 500 mL of water. The equilibrium constant Keq is 1.8 × 10–5. What is the pH of this solution at equilibrium?

  7. social studies

    Why are some large sports organizations tax-exempt

  8. social studies

    How do any sports issues affect current events on a global level?

  9. mathematics

    In ABC, A=29°, B=36° , b=15•8cm, find a

  10. Algebra

    what do the a, h, and k values do in the graphs of these functions?? f(x) = a*log(x-h)+k f(x) = a*2^(x-h) +k i think the k is the horizontal asymptope but i dont know about the others

  11. mathematics

    A semicircular garden bed at the botanical gardens needs to be fenced off while the seedlings are established. If the straight edge of the bed is 20.5m in length, calculate the total length of fencing needed to surround the garden bed.

  12. world history

    which best describes the type of religious worship practiced in the Sumerian Empire and its impact on civilization?

  13. Chemistry

    1. What is Boyle’s law? State the definition of the law in words. What are the assumptions of Boyle’s law? Write mathematical equations that represent the law. What can be calculated using Boyle’s law? Using a bicycle tire pump as an example,

  14. Chemistry

    4. A calorimeter contains 500 g of water at 25°C. You place a cold pack containing 100 g of crystalline ammonium nitrate inside the calorimeter. When the ammonium nitrate finishes dissolving, the temperature of the water inside the calorimeter is 9.3°C.

  15. Chemistry

    Iron has a density of 7.86 g/cm3 (1 cm3=1 mL). Calculate the volume (in dL) of a piece of iron having a mass of 3.97 kg . Note that the density is provided in different units of volume and mass than the desired units of volume (dL) and the given units of

  16. Physics, Mathematics

    A physicist rides his bike around a corner of radius 24 meters at a steady speed of 7.4 m/sec. The combined mass of the physicist and the bike is 91 kg. The coefficient of static friction between the bike and the road is μs = 0.33. 1.)If he is not

  17. Programming

    Purpose: • Write AND OR & NOT logic in pseudo-code and Raptor. Requirements: In Notepad, write pseudo-code for the following. The object of the game is to determine who the player is, based on a series of questions. Inputs Ask the player the following

  18. Mathematics

    Audrey uses 5/8 cup of fruit in each smoothie she makes.She makes 6 smoothies to share with her friends. How many cups of fruit does she use?

  19. Statistics

    Let X1,…,Xn be i.i.d. Poisson random variables with parameter λ>0 and denote by X¯¯¯¯n their empirical average, X¯¯¯¯n=1n∑i=1nXi. Find two sequences (an)n≥1 and (bn)n≥1 such that an(X¯¯¯¯n−bn) converges in distribution to a standard

  20. Precalculus

    What is the instantaneous rate of change of the function f(x)=6x^2-x at the point (-1,7)? A. -13 B. -5 C. 7 D. 11

  21. Precalculus

    What is the equation of the line tangent to the function f(x)=-x^2+5 at the point (1,4)? A. y=-x+5 B. y=-x+9 C. y=-2x+6 D y=-2x+9

  22. Precalculus

    Given f(x)=4x^2+2x-9, what is f'(a)? A. f'(a)=6a+2 B. f'(a)=6a-9 C. f'(a)=8a+2 D. f'(a)=4a+2-9

  23. Physics

    Which of the following statement best explains why your feet feels cold, when you stand on a slab of ice?

  24. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of Cac12 formed when 5moles of chlorine reacts with chlorine metal?

  25. chemistry

    what valume of nitrogen reacts with 33.6 liters of oxgen to produce nitrogen dioxide?

  26. Chemistry

    If I want to produce 50 grams of MgCl2, how many mL would I need of 0.75 HCl? 1Mg(OH)+2HCl----> 1MgCl2+ 2H2O

  27. Chemistry

    How many grams of magnesium hydroxide will precipitate if 25.0 mL of 0.235 M magnesium nitrate are combined with 30 mL of 0.260 M potassium hydroxide?

  28. Chemistry

    60 mL of 0.322 M potassium iodide are combined with 20.0 mL of 0.530 m lead(II) nitrate. How many grams of lead (II) iodide will precipitate?

  29. Science

    How much energy is needed to raise 2.0kg of aluminium by 30oc

  30. Chemistry

    The heat change for the reaction N2O4 at equlibrium with NO2 is -13.9 at 298 calculate the value of equilibrium constant at 273k if equilibrium condntant value at 298 is 8.8

  31. maths

    A bag contains only red, green, brown and yellow marbles. The probabilities of selecting each colour are shown below. The probability of choosing a red marble is the same as choosing a yellow marble. Colour Red Green Brown Yellow Probability 0.27 0.07 Find

  32. Mathematics

    2r+3s=16 3r+2s=16

  33. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of cacl2 formed when 5 moles of chlorine reacts with calcium metal

  34. Math

    Mrs. Whimsey’s class is having a pizza party. If there are 16 students and 4 pizzas cut into 8 slices, what answer choice represents the fraction of one pizza each student receives? A. one-third B. one-sixteenth C. one-fourth D. one-eighth

  35. Mathematics

    The bearings of ships A AND B from port p are 2.25 degree and 116 respectively.ship A is 3.9km from ship B on a bearing of 258 degree. Calculate the distance of ship A from p

  36. mathematics

    In triangle ABC, AB = BC. Calculate the angle a for ADC. It is two triangles (A triangle within a triangle) and I'm trying to figure out the angles for them all. Image link (I hope this is ok, I don't know how else to relay this):

  37. Math

    Cathy is planning a party. She decides to serve pizza. She estimates that she will need 12 pizzas with 8 slices each. If each person eats 3 pieces, how many people can she serve? Thx ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  38. Maths

    A one-liter carton of fruit drink is made from 350 ml350 ml of mango juice, 400 ml400 ml of orange juice, and some mandarin juice. What percentage of the fruit drink is: a) mango juice b) orange juice c) mandarin juice

  39. physics

    A cyclist cycled 8km at a certain average speed. He then increased his speed by 2km/h and took the same time to travel 9km. Find his speeds( in m/s)

  40. mathematics

    Triangle DEF has interior angles at D and E, which measure 100 and 25. What is the measure of the exterior angle at F?

  41. Maths

    Find the value of n if 3^2n+1 =4 (3^n+1) +9=0?

  42. Social studies

    Which best describes the role of the Old Testament in Christianity?

  43. Social studies

    Could someone list a few similarities between the pacific islands and Australia, mainly government similarities, but anything works. I got the differences down, but the internet wont help with similarities.

  44. physics

    a plane progressive wave is represented by y= 6sin 100t-0.5x where all the symbols their usual meaning find ;amplitude,frequency,period,wavelength and the speed

  45. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by mixing 1.00g ethanol (C2H5OH) with 100.0g water to give a final volume of 101.mL. Calculate the molarity, mass percent and mole fraction of ethanol in the solution.

  46. Maths

    Given the set of ordered pair, find the domain and range, graph using mapping diagram and tell whether each set is a function or not a) {(2,3), (2,4),(5,6),(7,8),(0,1)} b) {(2,3),(3,2),(4,5),(5,4),(6,7),(7,6)} c) {(4,3),(2,3),(1,3),(3,3),(5,3)} d)

  47. Maths literacy,tourism, business studies,history

    Can I become a psychologist or social worker with the above mentioned subjects

  48. physics

    An elevator motor provides 32kW of power while it lifts the elevator 24 m at a constant speed. If the elevator’s mass is 2200 kg, including the passengers, how long does the motion take?

  49. statistics

    Argue that the proposed estimators λˆ and λ˜ below are both consistent and asymptotically normal. Then, give their asymptotic variances V(λˆ) and V(λ˜), and decide if one of them is always bigger than the other. Let X1,…,Xn∼i.i.d. Poiss(λ),

  50. Mathematics

    The ratio of Alex’s toy cars to Jim’s toy cars is 8:3. How many toy cars do they have altogether, if Alex has 40 more cars than Jim?

  51. Mathematics

    A pyramid with vertical height of 1ocm stands on a square base of sides 20cm . a. Calculate to 3 significant figure for its total surface area. b. If the pyramid is hollow what it's capacity in litres.

  52. Algebra

    Hello! Please help me on an induction question. Show that 5^(3^n) + 1 is divisible by 3^(n + 1) for all non-negative integers n. I have made very little progress. Here's what I have so far: Let n=1. We have 5^3 + 1 = 3^2. Thanks in advance for the help.

  53. Math

    enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided, find the area of the parallelogram

  54. Math

    What is the mass of a stack of books in grams

  55. Physics

    A tennis ball connected to a string is spun around in a vertical, circular path at a uniform speed. The ball has a mass m = 0.167 kg and moves at v = 4.9 m/s. The circular path has a radius of R = 0.98 m 1.)What is the magnitude of the tension in the

  56. physics

    A person applies 5.00 x 102 N of force at an angle of 29° from the horizontal to pull a 24 kg suitcase. The suitcase moves 20m. How much work was done by this applied force?

  57. Chemistry

    2. Draw a structural formula for 1-hexene (C6H12), which has a double bond between the number 1 and 2 carbons in the chain. What class of compound is it, and what feature distinguishes it as that class? ** TRY to answer but if you cant give me pointersss

  58. Chemistry

    3. The three major types of radioactive decay of an unstable nucleus are alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. Compare and contrast alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. Explain how alpha decay works and how it causes transmutations.

  59. algebra

    The complement of an angle is 53°. What is the measure of the angle? Group of answer choices

  60. Math

    How would I represent 1007.1 in three sig figs?

  61. maths

    Draw an L-shaped room with an area of 20 m2 and a perimeter of 24 m. Show all the measurements. Explain your working.

  62. Chemistry

    If you are administering an oral acetaminophen dose of 400. mg from a bottle at a concentration of 32.0 mg/mL , how many milliliters of the solution do you need to give the patient?