Questions Asked on
June 2, 2020

  1. Geometry

    SQRT is a parallelogram. If m∠STR = 106°, which of the following statements is true? quadrilateral SQRT has diagonals QT and SR that intersect at point U m∠RTU = 53° m∠QUR = 74° m∠QST = 106° m∠RQS = 106°

  2. algebra

    If the population of the small town is currently 13,000 people, and it's decreasing at 4% each year, how many years will it take for the population to reach 8,500 people?

  3. math

    Maria shares some seashells with Jeff. Maria says, “Two for you, three for me, two for you, three for me ...” Tonya watches. At the end, she says, “So Jeff got 2/3 of the shells.” Do you agree with Tonya? Give reasons for your answer.

  4. business

    When making a budget, a recommended goal is to spend 10% on utilities. In reality, household spending depends on economic levels. Households with incomes from $15,000 to $20,000 spend over 11% on utilities. Households with incomes from $50,000 to $70,000

  5. finance

    Terry makes $2400 per month in gross income. His net earnings are 80% of his gross. His utility bills total $150. What percentage of Terry's net earnings is he spending on utilities? Enter your answer as a percentage, such as: 1.5%.

  6. Math

    A 37-ft ladder leans against a building so that the angle between the ground and the ladder is 79∘. How high does the ladder reach on the building?

  7. mathematics

    sqrt(6-3x)-2=0 answers- 2/3 2 10/3 4

  8. Maths

    A flat rectangular roof measures 7.5m by 4m,12mm of rain falls on the roof. (a)find the volume of water on the your answer in centi-cubic metre and cubic metre. (b)find the mass of water that falls on the roof if 1centi-cubic metre of water

  9. physics

    two straight parallel conductors carry current 200mA and 1A in opposite direction wires are 20 cm apart the distance of neutral point from 1A

  10. Pschycology

    Why does nodding of the head signify Yes and shaking of the head No?

  11. Math

    Belles Bakery is giving away $560 worth of giant cupcakes If each giant cupcake is worth $20 how many are they giving away? Thanks sooooooo much!

  12. MATH

    Six arrows land on the target shown on the right [ring numbers: 3, 5, 7]. Each arrow is in one of the rings of the target. Which of the following of total scores is possible: 16, 19, 26, 31, 41, 44

  13. mathemathics

    Sketch the prisms that make up this skateboard ramp. Then calculate the volume and surface area of the whole skateboard ramp.Sketch the prisms that make up this skateboard ramp. Then calculate the volume and surface area of the whole skateboard ramp.

  14. Chemistry

    An unknown gas at 25.1 ∘C and 1.00 atm has a molar mass of 16.04 g/mol. Assuming ideal behavior, what is the density of the gas?

  15. Mathematics

    In a bag, the ratio of red to blue counters is 3 : 4. If 3 red counters are removed the ratio of red to blue counters becomes 3 : 5. How many blue counters are there in the bag? *

  16. mathematics

    Just a few questions im having trouble with 1. sqrt(6-3x)-2=0 A. 2/3 B. 2 C. 10/3 D. 4 2. Using a reference triangle, find the exact value of the expression: sin(cos^-1(1-x)) A. sqrt(x(2+x) B.1/sqrt(x(2+x)) C.1/sqrt(2+x) D.sqrt(x(2-x)) 3. The ladder of a

  17. Chemistry

    A child must take 10 mL of cephalexin, an antibiotic, by mouth 2 times a day for 10 days. The solution is provided as a 50 mg/mL suspension. How many milligrams will the child have taken when the course of medication is over?

  18. Statistics

    As above, let Y1,…,Yn denote the i 'th number in the binary data set. Recall that Y1,…,Yn are assumed to be independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) as some distribution Y . In the future, we will abbreviate this assumption with the notation

  19. Statistics

    Let X denote an exponential random variable with unknown parameter λ>0 . Let Y=I(X>5) , the indicator that X is larger than 5 . Recall the definition of the indicator function here is I(X>5)={1ifX>50ifX≤5. We think of Y as a censored version of the

  20. Math

    What Is The Difference between the greatest amount of time and the least amount of time spent doing homework?

  21. Mathematics

    The diameter of a circle has endpoints at (-2,3) and (6,3). What is an equation of the circle?

  22. math

    whats an equivelent ratio?

  23. Math

    Which ordered pair is not a solution of y = -12x - 3? o (-3, 33) o (8, -98) o (-9, 105) o (3, -39) I don't understand how I should go about solving this, and I could use some assitence.

  24. History

    Is the English expansion and the European expansion the same thing?

  25. maths

    if -sinθ= 0.5736 and 90°≤θ≤180° , find the value of θ

  26. Math

    Emma and Gavin both worked at a pizza place. The ratio of money they earned in tips was 2:3. If Emma earned $40, how much did they make altogether? Thanks for helping me!

  27. Physics

    Blocks of mass 15, 45, and 135 kg are lined up from left to right in that order on a frictionless surface so each block is touching the next one. A rightward-pointing force of magnitude 28 N is applied to the left-most block. 1.)What is the magnitude of

  28. Math

    It took Aaron 4 hours to drive 232 miles. What was his aveeage rate of speed? Ty ♡

  29. History

    How can I support the following statement? "English colonial expansion was better than the Spanish colonial expansion."

  30. precalculus

    Which statement correctly describes the function? f(x)= x+4/ x^2+7x+10 A. It is continuous. B. It is discontinuous because there is a value a for which f(a) is not defined. C. It is discontinuous because there is a value a such that lim x->a f(x) does not

  31. Algebra

    A football is kicked from the ground and travels at a rate of 10 meters per second. The function 𝑓(𝑥)=10𝑥−5𝑥2 represents the ball's height above the ground at x seconds. Based on this function model, what is the football's highest point and

  32. Algebra

    Suppose a ball was dropped from a TV tower 2120 feet high. The time it takes an object to free-fall from the top of this tower to the ground can be represented by the equation s = −16t2 + 2120, where s is the distance from the ground in feet and t is the

  33. Physics

    While watching a softball game you see a play that makes you wonder how fast a fielder can react to a hit, run to the fence, and leap up to make the catch. In this play, the batter hits a ball when it is barely off the ground. It looks like it will be a

  34. Calculus

    Solve ∂/∂x (xy(2-xy)/(x+y))

  35. Chemistry

    If 21.5 mol of an ideal gas is at 4.81 atm at 91.60 ∘C, what is the volume of the gas?

  36. math

    The price of a technology stock has dropped to 9.71 today. Yesterday's price was 9.80 . Find the percentage decrease.

  37. Math

    A bag contains 5 blue marbles, 8 green marbles, 4 red marbles, and 3 yellow marbles. Event A = drawing a green marble on the first draw Event B = drawing a blue marble on the second draw If Jasmine draws two marbles from the bag, one after the other and

  38. Math

    A jar contains 5 red marbles and 8 white marbles. Event A = drawing a white marble on the first draw Event B = drawing a red marble on the second draw If two marbles are drawn from the jar, one after the other without replacement, what is P(A and B)

  39. Chemistry

    A prescription for amoxicillin comes in an oral suspension that is 250 mg/5.0 mL. A patient is prescribed 500 mg every 6 h. How many milliliters of amoxicillin should the patient take per dose? How many teaspoons? How many teaspoons per day?

  40. Physics

    As a prank, your friends have kidnapped you in your sleep, and transported you out onto the ice covering a local pond. Since you're an engineer, the first thing you do when you wake up is drill a small hole in the ice and estimate the ice to be 6.7cm thick

  41. math

    A piece of string 25 inches long will be cut into -inch pieces. How many pieces will there be? a. 29 b. 34 c. 37 d. 41

  42. chemistry

    A 1.112 g sample contains only vitamin C (C6H8O6) and sucralose (C12H19Cl3O8). When the sample is dissolved in water to a total volume of 28.6 mL, the osmotic pressure of the solution is 4.47 atm at 287 K. What is the mass percent of vitamin C and

  43. Mathematics

    Write a multiplication equation of a whole number times a fraction to go with the number line

  44. chemistry

    How many grams of HCl can you make from 110.0 g H2S in the reaction 3 H2S + 2 FeCl3 ---> 6 HCl + Fe2S3

  45. Science

    Would 0.85 grams float sink or remain suspended in tap water

  46. Physics

    As a prank, your friends have kidnapped you in your sleep, and transported you out onto the ice covering a local pond. Since you're an engineer, the first thing you do when you wake up is drill a small hole in the ice and estimate the ice to be 6.7cm thick

  47. Mathematics

    Thirty-three percent of workers in a city are college graduates. If you randomly select 20 workers... (A) what is the probability that five or six of them are college graduates? (b) what is the probability that more than 2 are college graduates ? Can