Questions Asked on
May 29, 2020

  1. Physics

    1. A force of 40N at the end of a wire of length 4m and diameter 2mm process and extension of 0.24mm. Calculate; (a) stress on the wire (b) strain in the wire (c) Young's Modulous for the material of the wire (π=3.14)

    asked by Emmanuel
  2. Physics

    Note: You will need to use VerilUOC_Desktop to answer this question. Please, complete the module "VerilUOC_Desktop tools", inside this week 2, before performing this exercise. Minimize the Boolean function as a sum of products of literals:

    asked by Ravuri.Vasanthi
  3. physics

    a concave shaving mirror is construction so that a man at a distance of 20cm from the mirror sees his image magnified 1.5 times what is the radius of curvature of the mirror?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. World History

    Why did Germany and Japan place the blame on other countries for their economic downturns during the Great Depression?

    asked by Baby billie
  5. Algebra

    Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Simplify(2√5+3√7)^2 Show your work. Justify each step.

    asked by Me like chezbugas lol
  6. Algebra

    You invest $4000 in an account paying 4.1% continuously compounded interest. How much will you have in 8 years

    asked by Zack
  7. History

    Which accurately describes the development of Nazi camps for Jews? A. Jews were placed in concentration camps for the duration of the war, where most died from hard work or natural causes. B. Initially, Jews were interned in concentration and labor camps

    asked by Rona
  8. Calculus/Vectors

    A 90 N force is applied to a wrench 5 cm away from a bolt, at an angle of 65º from the handle of the wrench. What is the torque produced? Round to 1 decimal

    asked by calchelp
  9. physics

    Note: You will need to use VerilUOC_Desktop to answer this question. Please, complete the module "VerilUOC_Desktop tools", inside this week 2, before performing this exercise. Minimize the Boolean function as a sum of products of literals:

    asked by Ravuri.Vasanthi
  10. Social Studies

    What was the reason the United States was drawn into a war in Vietnam? A.The United States was trying to stop European colonialism in the region. B.The United States wanted to compete with China for trade in the region. C.The United States was eager to

    asked by Connections Academy User,
  11. Physical Science

    A sample of oxygen gas is at a temperature of 340k and occupies a volume of 1.2cm3. What temperature will the sample of gas be at the volume is decreased to 200cm3?

    asked by Anna
  12. physics

    Note: You will need to use VerilUOC_Desktop to answer this question. Please, complete the module "VerilUOC_Desktop tools", inside this week 2, before performing this exercise. Draw a digital circuit that implements the following Boolean function (do not

    asked by tg
  13. Health

    Abstinence and using condoms consistently and correctly are both ways to reduce the risk of HIV. (True) (False)*** You can tell whether someone is HIV-positive by looking at them. True*** false What is the name of the treatment an HIV-positive person can

    asked by Lexi
  14. Chemistry

    39.8g of a mixture of potassium chloride, KCl, and potassium trioxochlorate(V), KClO3, were heated to a constant mass. If the residue weighed 28.9g, what was the percentage mass of the potassium chloride in the mixture? ( K = 39, Cl = 35.5, O = 16) HINT:

    asked by Oyinade
  15. Algebra

    13. Suppose you had to guess on a four - choice multiple - choice test and were given four questions . Find the binomial probability distribution . n = (p + q) ^ n when 4 and p = 0.25

    asked by Kamari York
  16. mathematics

    RM X was deposited in a savings account at 4.0% interest compounded monthly. Forty later, RM 4,200 was withdrawn from the account and the balance was RM 4,212.39. Find the value of X.

    asked by chun
  17. math

    Find the interest earned if RM 7,500 is invested for six years 6.4% compounded quarterly.

    asked by chun
  18. Algebra

    Solve the system of equations. show your work. x^2-3y^2=13 x-2y=1

    asked by no
  19. Math

    what are the next three terms in the sequence? (1 point) -1, 9, 19, 29, ... A. 38, 37, 32, B. 40, 51, 62 C. 39, 49, 59 D. 38, 47, 56 Geoff planted dahlias in his garden. dahlias have bulbs that divide and reproduce underground. In the first year, Geoff's

    asked by jes
  20. Algebra

    Which sampling method was used? Does the sample have a bias? Explain. a) A concerned citizen stands outside of the courthouse with a petition to outlaw tickets being given for parking meters to be removed .

    asked by Keianna Booher
  21. mathematics

    On 16 April 2013, RM 2,000 was invested at 5% compounded semi annually. Find the amount accumulated on 16 October 2016 if the rate was changed to 8% compounded quarterly beginning 16 April 2014.

    asked by chun
  22. mathematics

    Find the interest earned for an investment if the accumulated amount at the end of 6 years is RM 2,412.66 and the interest rate given is 8% compounded quarterly.

    asked by chun
  23. Physical Science

    A cylinder of propane gas at a temperature of 20 C exerts a pressure of 8 atm. When a cylinder has been placed in sunlight, its temperature increases to 25 C . What is the pressure of the gas inside the cylinder at this temperature?

    asked by Anna
  24. Physical Science

    Mike is mowing his lawn. The force exerted on a lawn mower is 51 N. The mass of the mower is 24 kg. What is its acceleration? Will my answer be a is a=F net/m I will then enter the known value given as a=51n / 24kg which will = to substituting the units of

    asked by Anna
  25. Technology

    Note: You will need to use VerilUOC_Desktop to answer this question. Please, complete the module "VerilUOC_Desktop tools", inside this week 2, before performing this exercise. Write the Boolean expression implemented by the following circuit (do not

    asked by tg
  26. Mathematics

    Solution of a bicycle wheel with diameter of 65cm, during the journey the wheel makes 1000 complete many meters does the bicycle travel

    asked by Favor
  27. Math

    identify the function rule from the values in the table input; -1,0,1,2 output; -2,-1,0,1 output equals input times 2 output equals input minus 1 output equals input times -1 output equals input minus 2

    asked by Weeb
  28. Math

    A random sample of dogs at different animal shelters in a city shows that 13 of the 45 dogs are puppies. The city's animal shelters collectively house 900 dogs each year. About how many dogs in all of the city's animal shelters are puppies?

    asked by Chris
  29. Math

    Write 2/4 fraction in lowest terms:

    asked by JyL
  30. Law

    What do you think are some ways police officers and the community can work together to prevent crime? Give at least one example.

    asked by Faith
  31. History

    Why is the elasticity of the Constitution important to minority groups

    asked by jess
  32. biology

    What do DNA and RNA have in common? an appearance of two complementary strands joined together the bases adenine and guanine the bases cytosine and uracil a ribose sugar as part of their structure

    asked by Ava
  33. Algebra

    Find the following permutation or combination. 1. 6P4 2. 5C2

    asked by Cameron diaz
  34. mathematics

    Peter deposited RM 1,536 on 15 May 2010 into account that pays 10% compounded quarterly. Find the interest earned on 15 February 2015

    asked by chun

    1]Giza la ukata

    asked by PATCHIS
  36. Physics

    A block of weight 7.0N rest on a level floor. The frictional force between the block and the floor is 1.0N. A horizontal force of 1.4N is used to pull the block for 4seconds. What is the velocity of the block after this time

    asked by Abimbola
  37. Physical Science

    a 63.0-kg sprinter, starts a race with an acceleration of 4.200 m/s 2 4.200m/s2 . What is the net external force on him?

    asked by Anna
  38. physics

    Let f(a,b,c,d,e)f(a,b,c,d,e) be a Boolean function. Check which expression corresponds to the minterm 9 (m_{9}m 9 ​ ) of the function.

    asked by Ravuri.Vasanthi
  39. Physical Science

    1. a 63.0-kg sprinter, starts a race with an acceleration of 4.200 m/s 2 4.200m/s2 . What is the net external force on him? 2. what is the momentum of a bowling ball that has a mass of 7 kg, a velocity of 15 m/s and an acceleration of 50 m /s^2.

    asked by Anna
  40. Science

    Which of these sentences best describes the concept of 'response time'?

    asked by Parth Patel
  41. Physics

    (Q) of the hot beverage (120ml, 60ml, 30ml, 15ml) -100.032 -72.732 -41.382 -21.945 (Q) of the cold beverage (120 mL, 60ml, 30ml, 15ml) 8.758 5.390 3.368 2.695 For each mixture, compare your calculated q for the hot beverage and the cold beverage. Do you

    asked by Ana
  42. Physical Science

    The mass of a bicycle has an area of .20 m^2. The weight of the person riding the bike is 100 N. How much pressure is exerted by the seat on the rider?

    asked by Anna
  43. Physical Science

    In a tug of war competition, one team pulls to the right with a force of 10N and the other team pulls in to the left with a force of 15 N. What is the net force?

    asked by Pat
  44. Calculus

    Find the minimum amount of sheet that can be made into a closed clinder having a volume of 120 cu inches.

    asked by mike
  45. math

    An object travels the path given by the parametric equations x=ln2t + t^3 and y=(e^t) - 2 sint. At t=2.1 sec, what is the acceleration of the particle?

    asked by Amy
  46. Algebra

    I have an algebra question that says i have to simplify the fraction by rationalizing the denominator of the fraction 4 sqrt 6/sqrt 30. problem is, idk what rationalizing is. well, i looked it up, but can someone help me rationalize the denominator of this

    asked by ANSWR ME PLEASE
  47. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the characteristics to the correct European nation. Characteristics may be used more than once. claimed the east coast of South America imported enslaved Africans sugar was the valuable export conquered Argentina and Uruguay Spanish

    asked by Cool me :)
  48. Algebra

    In a sample bag of M&M's , there are 5 brown, 6 yellow, 4 blue, 3 green, and 2 orange. 1. WHat is the probility of getting 3 yellow M&M's if 3 are taken at once? a. 1/57 b. 20/285 c. 1/1140 d. 0 2. What is the probability of getting 1 brown and 2 orange

    asked by Random person
  49. Math

    Table salt(sodium chloride or NaCl) is 40% sodium (Na) by weight. If a box of salt weights 26 ounces, how much Na is in the box of slat?

    asked by Shawn
  50. social studies

    which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States? A. industrial jobs B. inexpensive land C the promise of freedom D expensive land in home country my answer is b but please tell me if i am

    asked by i need help please
  51. physics

    What type of EM radiation has the highest energy per quantum (the energy of one photon)? A. FM radio B. AM radio C. ultraviolet light D. microwaves E. infrared light F. x-rays ****

    asked by check my answer
  52. mathematics

    At the end of every year for three years, RM 1,000 is invested in a account that offers 8% compounded annually. Find the account amount at the end of the three years.

    asked by chun
  53. mathematics

    Aris saved RM 25,000 at 8% compounded monthly. Two years later, he withdrew RM 14,000 from the savings. Find the amount left in the account.

    asked by chun
  54. algebra

    Find two numbers a and b whose sum a + b is 2 and whose difference a − b is -4?

    asked by alexis
  55. math

    76499-round to nearest tens

    asked by Anonymous
  56. English

    Do you like the film? (change to past simple)

    asked by Sri harsh
  57. pre-calculus

    given triangle ABC, m

    asked by Essence
  58. mathematics

    A man 1.7m tall observes a bird on the top of a tree at an angle of 30degree. If the distance between the man's head the bird is 25m, what is the height of the tree?

    asked by Solomon Omene
  59. Physics

    A stubborn 120-kg pig sits down and refuses to move. To drag the pig to the barn, the exasperated farmer ties a rope around the pig and pulls with his maximum force of 800 N (assume the force is horizontal). The coefficients of friction between the pig and

    asked by Glichav
  60. business

    Shirley is a successful lawyer. She is now working in a renowned law firm. She has a lot of customers and her daily schedule is basically full. Recently, Shirley has been thinking whether she should opt to leave the law firm and open a firm of her own. She

    asked by Rachel
  61. physics

    Using an ideal pulley system, calculate the minimum effort that is required to raise the Load of 5kg and the velocity ratio of 5.

    asked by Oscar mary destiny
  62. mathematics

    please help me. thank you! 2/3 people surveyed prefered super-popper popcorn. 7036/10554 people surveyed prefered super-popper popcorn. Twice as many people surveyed prefered super-popper popcorn. 3518 more people prefered super-popper popcorn. How are the

    asked by joness
  63. social studies

    1. The Panama Canal was completed in the early 1900’s. For several decades it was under the United States control. In 1999, Panama gained full control of the Panama Canal. Which statement best explains why the Panama Canal is significant for development

    asked by 21 pilots (not really)
  64. math

    if i make $25 every 3 weeks starting from june all the way to december how much would i have all together

    asked by Anonymous
  65. History

    What best explains why Chile has a large market for their produce in the United States from October through May? A. Americans eat more produce over the winter. B. It is easiest to transport goods during those months. C. Chileans do not consume as much of

    asked by yesssssssssss
  66. math

    Omar scores 3 points for every field goal he makes. What is the dependent variable in this situation? A the number of points Omar scores B the number of games Omar plays C the number of field goals Omar tries D the number of field goals Omar makes

    asked by hi
  67. Health

    What are the branches of physical and health education

    asked by Minetegi
  68. math

    Which statement correctly describes all living things? * 10 points They reproduce sexually. Their cell have a nucleus. They are made up of at least one cell.***** They can chance energy from the Sun into food.

    asked by yeet_boy
  69. math

    Mrs. Roberts, the homemaking teacher, drew the following diagram for her class.What is the length of the distance between the chair and the end table to the nearest tenth of a foot? A 8.9 ft B 9.9 ft C 10.4 ft D 23.4 ft

    asked by Anabeth Segovia
  70. English

    juliles mother explains that tea ceremonies help families connect. what else are they for

    asked by Anonymous
  71. math

    PV=nRT solve for T

    asked by robin
  72. science

    Even on a windy day, most plants can remain upright. Which structure plays the greatest role in providing a plant with this type of support? nucleus mitochondrion**** cell wall skeleton

    asked by yeet_boy
  73. civic

    5 forms of political apathy

    asked by Anuoluwa
  74. Algebra

    I need to find the vertex of the graph: f(x)=2/5x^2-4x+14 I know that in order to find what x equals I need to solve -b/2a which for this equation would be -(-4)/2(2/5) which got me 4/ (4/5) which makes no sense! So please help me understand what I did

    asked by A
  75. physics

    Wave speed of a classical wave, such a wave on the ocean, is ____________ the period of a wave. A. inversely proportional to **** B. directly proportional to C. slower than D. faster than

    asked by help
  76. Health

    What can be the result of the stimulative effects of Ecstasy combined with the hot, crowded conditions often found at raves?

    asked by :))
  77. Programming

    Cellular Automata are basically collections of simple finite state machines. We can also consider the controller for an automated self-driving train to be a finite state machine, albeit much more complex than a CA. a. What is a finite state machine, what

    asked by Anonymous
  78. math

    how do these have a relationship? how are they the same? 2/3 people surveyed prefered super-popper popcorn 7036/10554 people surveyed prefered super-popper popcorn Twice as many people surveyed prefered super-popper popcorn 3518 more people prefered

    asked by joness
  79. Mathematics

    If x raise to power two +14x +k is a perfect square find k

    asked by Victor
  80. Math

    Use identities to find the exact values at A for the remaining five trigonometric functions Cos(A)= -(sqr of 3, then divided by 6) and A is in the third quadrant

    asked by Matthew
  81. physics

    A wave-train of 4.5 cycles takes 0.9 seconds to pass by. What is the frequency of the wave?

    asked by help