Questions Asked on
May 28, 2020

  1. mathematics

    Sarah holds a bond for 5 years that has a 5.7% percent coupon rate and a $1000 par value. How much interest does Sarah earn in 4 years? A- $285 B- $82 C- $258 D- $228

    asked by John B
  2. History

    During the Yalta Conference, what did President Roosevelt promise Premier Stalin in exchange for the Soviet Union joining the Pacific War against Japan? 1. The Soviet Union would gain a sphere of influence in Manchuria. 2. The Soviet Union would be granted

    asked by Ava
  3. mathematics

    Nouchi has two investment options. Option A offers 9% annual interest with a $5000.00 principal and contributions of $500 at the beginning of each month. Option B offers 8% annual interest with a $10,000.00 principal and contributions of $300 at the

    asked by John B
  4. Statistics

    Again, let X1,…,Xn∼iidU([a,a+1]) where a is an unknown parameter. In terms of n , what is the variance of the estimator X¯¯¯¯n ? Var[X¯¯¯¯n]=

    asked by WeeZeePie
  5. finance

    Jose invests $4000 in an investment account paying 8% annually for 12 years. Suppose the interest was compounded quarterly instead of annually. How much would the future value of the investment increase? Enter your answer as a dollar amount, such as:

    asked by Emily
  6. Algebra

    I have an algebra question that says i have to simplify the fraction by rationalizing the denominator of the fraction 4 sqrt 6/sqrt 30. problem is, idk what rationalizing is. well, i looked it up, but can someone help me rationalize the denominator of this

    asked by ANSWR ME PLEASE
  7. Mathematics

    10 people share 4 pizzas equally. How much pizza does each person get?

    asked by Brooke
  8. History

    What was the result of the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment? - Chinese immigration was suspended for 10 years. - All African Americans formally gained US citizenship. - A basic literacy test was required to become a US citizen. - Irish immigration

    asked by jess
  9. Algebra

    Write the slope-intercept (y = mx + b) form of the equation y=x/2-3 Write the slope-intercept (y = mx + b) form of the equation y=2x+5 Write the slope-intercept (y = mx + b) form of the equation y=-5/7x-54/7 Write the slope-intercept (y = mx + b) form of

    asked by Emma
  10. American History

    Which answer correctly analyzes the political developments that led to desegregation in the United States?

    asked by Sammy
  11. social studies

    Why did foreign nations build seaports and railroads in Latin America? A. Railroads and seaports made it easier for foreign companies to export their products. B. Railroads and seaports made it easier for foreign companies to import their products. C.

    asked by 21 pilots (not really)
  12. java programming

    Dice Game Write a program that plays a simple dice game between the computer and the user. When the program runs, a loop should repeat 10 times. Each iteration of the loop should do the following: Generate a random integer in the range of 1 through 6. This

    asked by anonymous
  13. social studies

    What best explains why there is there so much cultural diversity in the Caribbean today? A. The Ciboney and other Native American groups lived in the region for thousands of years. B. Spanish, Dutch, French, and English colonists arrived and established

    asked by 21 pilots (not really)
  14. Algebra

    The cost of producing oil is partly constant and partly varies as the number of bottles produced. The total cost of producing 8 bottles is R500, and of producing 20 bottles is R1160. Find the total cost of producing 40 bottles.

    asked by Jessica
  15. math

    Mr Frank has 1.03 kilograms of fertilizer for the plants in his nursery. He wants every plant to get 95 mg of fertilizer. What is the number of plants he could fertilize with that amount?

    asked by George
  16. consumer math

    1.John went to the local sporting goods store, where he bought a fishing pole for $32.88, a tackle box for $15.95, and some lures for $9.79. If the state sales tax rate is 4 percent, what is his total purchase price? 2.A box of cereal costs $3.29 for 14

    asked by jane
  17. Social studies

    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States? Anyone help! School ends tomorrow.

    asked by Pok
  18. social studies

    What has rapid population growth in Mexico and Central America cities led to? A. Plenty of available housing B. Improved living conditions C. Difficulty providing housing and services**** D. A surplus of services

    asked by 21 pilots (not really)
  19. physics

    4. A microwave oven uses an electronic device called a magnetron to produce microwaves. Microwaves commonly used in ovens have a frequency of 2,450 MHz. (MHz = 106 Hz) The microwaves then pass into the enclosed metal oven cavity where they are reflected

    asked by check my answer please
  20. Math


    asked by Emily
  21. Calculus

    Given that the series the summation (from n = 1 to infinity) ((-1)^(n + 1))/n is convergent, find a value of n for which the nth partial sum is guaranteed to approximate the sum of the series with an error of less than 0.0001. 9 99 999 9999

    asked by funyuns
  22. Algebra

    If a is equal to the sum of band c, what is the difference of band c? The difference of b and c is equal to ... in terms of b and a. ... in terms of c and a.

    asked by Helen
  23. math

    Let P be the transformation representing a reflection over the line y=b and let Q be the transformation representing a reflection over the line y=a, where a < b. Describe a single transformation that would give the same results as P∘Q, if the preimage

    asked by jake
  24. Math

    What are the three terms in the sequence...-6,5,16,17

    asked by 🤲🏼Help me
  25. Careers

    Which careers I can qualify for with this subjects Math'slit, business studies, economics and tourism

    asked by Roselyn
  26. consumer math

    Hope Landers purchases an air conditioner for $546.58 and a fan for $45.50. If the state tax is 6 percent, the city tax is 1.5 percent, and the county tax is 1 percent, what is her total purchase price?

    asked by jane
  27. math

    15. Electronics World had a sale offering 25 percent off all DVD players. If Lucas Ingles bought a DVD player with a regular selling price of $199, how much is the markdown? 16. A loaf of bread is reduced to $1.25 for quick sale. If the regular selling

    asked by jane567
  28. Mathematics

    10 people share for pizzas equally. How much pizza does each person get? How much pizza does each person get? In fraction form.

    asked by Brooke
  29. Science

    What happens to the heat that is produced during an energy transformation?

    asked by Jeff
  30. mathematics

    a coin is tossed three times.What is the probability of getting: A.two heads and one tail least one head.

    asked by tope
  31. Math

    An equation is modeled below using algebra tiles. Which value of x makes the equation true? A. x = 7 C. x = 13 B. x = -7 D. x = -13 The algebra tiles: There is a large block with an "x." Next to it are 3 small blocks with "1" inside of it. Then there is an

    asked by Isabella
  32. Algebra

    what is the mean median, and mode of the data set. round to da nearest tenth 12 , 23, 17, 20, 14, 14, 18, 16, 17, 18, 18

    asked by TACOS FOR LIFE
  33. Science

    What does the word couplet mean in the third paragraph

    asked by Anabel
  34. Physics

    Initial temperature hot tea 52° C, Final temperature after adding milk 39° C. Initial temperature of cold milk is 19° C Quantity hot tea 175 ml Q=mcpT c) What is your calculated heat transfer (Q) of the hot beverage when 4 ounces (120ml, 60ml, 30ml,

    asked by Ana
  35. Calculus

    Use the table of integrals to find: ∫ x³*e⁹ˣ dx

    asked by Anonymous
  36. algebra

    There are a red roses in a garden. This is twice as many as there are white roses. How many roses are there in all?

    asked by lea
  37. Psychology

    For each of the following concepts, accurately explain it in your own words and answer the following questions. Why is the concept important in human relations and modern life? Why is it specifically important to (you)? How does the concept apply to (your)

    asked by Susu
  38. science

    is a magazine an energy converter? if so, what energy does it produce.

    asked by stuart
  39. English

    from streetcar named desire play: “This game is seven-card stud.” Why end the play like this??????? Why doesn't Stella believe Blanche when she hears what Stanley did???

    asked by tina
  40. Trig

    Tan theta =2/3 and cos theta

    asked by Veronica
  41. Physics

    Explain how to calculate net force of an object and how that will change the object’s motion.

    asked by Elisha
  42. Physic

    You are in the supermarket, pushing a cart with a force of 88 Newtons in the horizontal direction. There is a constant force of kinetic friction operating on the cart of 12.0 Newtons. Calculate the net work done on the cart, if the cart is displaced 4.6

    asked by John
  43. Calculus/Vectors

    Determine the volume of the parallelepiped formed by the vectors a= [-3, 2, 2], b= [3, -4, -1], and c= [-1, 2, -3].

    asked by help me
  44. math

    how many times is the H.C.F of 64 and 124 contained in their L.C.M

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Physics

    8kg mass moving with a speed of 30ms^-1 is brought to rest in 2.5s by a constant retarding force.calculate the magnitude of the force.

    asked by Tolu
  46. physics

    Use the answer space provided to arrange the letters for the following electromagnetic radiation sources in order of increasing frequency. a. A red traffic light at 700 nm. b. The frequency for WZLX, transmitting FM radio waves at 100.7 MHz on the radio

    asked by check my answer
  47. consumer math

    5.The grocery store is running a sale on soup, offering three 16-ounce cans for $2.50. What is the unit price per ounce, rounded to the nearest tenth of a cent? 6. At the local video store Lucas Ingles rented 3 DVDs for a total cost of $7.95 and bought an

    asked by jane567
  48. math

    8. The local bakery offers 3 brownies for $1.25 or 1 dozen brownies for $4.60. Which is the the better buy? 9. A department store is running a special on shirts. A 3-pack costs $10.95, while a 6-pack costs $19.95. Which is the better buy? 10. Dishwashing

    asked by jane567
  49. math

    21. Work pants normally sell for $42.50. If the store is having a 25 percent off sale, what is the sale price of the pants? 22. A pack of printer paper that normally sells for $4.39 is on sale at Supply Store for $3.29. What is the markdown, and what

    asked by jane567
  50. mathematics

    the probability of a seed germinating is 1/3.If three of the seeds are planted,what is the probability that:A.none germinates least one will germinate C.only one will germinate.

    asked by tope
  51. Mathematics

    Mr. Scott plans a class trip for the 30 students in his class. He must pay the following costs per student: • admission: $3.80 • bus: $10.40 • snack: $5.55 • supplies: $7.31 Round the costs to the nearest dollar and use them to estimate the total

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math

    Hello! My question is if I had a polynomial like this: (5x^2-3x) -(7x-12+3^2) Would that 7x be negative? Because I have a problem similar to this and I wasn't sure whether to subtract "7x" or add it. Thank you!

    asked by CellLover727
  53. Science

    1. Circle the devices that are energy converters. (a) television (b) pencil (c) calculator (d) magazine (e) hot plate (f) cell phone

    asked by Jeff
  54. Maths

    Suppose that R is at (8, 6). Let P be a point on the line 8y = 15x and Q be a point on the line 10y = 3x, and suppose that R is the midpoint of PQ. Then the length of PQ can be written as a / b, where a and b have no common factors other than 1. What is a

    asked by Maurice
  55. math

    Dolores spent $13.00 of the $20.00 in her wallet. Which decimal represents the fraction of the $20.00 Dolores spent? 0.35*** B 0.13 C 0.07 D 0.65 Which pair of numbers are equivalent? A 0.5, 1/5 B 0.06, 6/10 C 7/10 , 0.07*** D 8/100 , 0.08

    asked by yeet_boy
  56. Algebra

    1. Slope = ½ and b = -3 I need two points

    asked by Lianne
  57. Algebra

    simplify the radical expression sqrt 5 +6 sqrt5

    asked by me, thats who
  58. Science

    factory produces cars -> cars are transported to vendor -> cars are driven Does the above process produce a small or a large amount of heat? At which point in the process is heat produced?

    asked by Jeff
  59. Calculus

    Determine two perpendicular unit vectors to a = [3, 5, -4] and b = [-3, 1, -5],

    asked by calchelp
  60. Physics

    The wheels of a midsize car exert a force of 2150 N on the road to accelerate the car in the forward direction. Can this force both an x and y component?

    asked by Glichav
  61. science

    please help. factory produces cars -> cars are transported to vendor -> cars are driven Does the above process produce a small or a large amount of heat? At which point in the process is heat produced?

    asked by stuart
  62. Social Studies

    Zoroastrian, Judaism, Christianity & Islam all have what in common? A. Torah B. Polytheism C. Monotheism D. Koran

    asked by KingSavage
  63. Art

    1.Observe shapes of different objects from nature and man-made and draw the line. 2.a.Using illustration, explain various iinanimate objects. b.Arrange composition of related objects and draw

    asked by Victoria
  64. Algebra

    Hello everybody, I'm not sure how to solve the following problem/proof: The sequence (a_n) is defined by a_1 = 1/2 and a_n = a_(n - 1)^2 + a_(n - 1) for n >= 2. Prove that 1\(a_1 + 1) + 1\(a_2 + 1) + ... + 1\(a_n + 1) < 2 for all n >= 1. I don't know how

    asked by Dog_Lover
  65. social studies

    1. The list below gives examples of which civilization? build great cities designed an accurate Used a system of wrigting A. Aztec civilization B. Incan civilization C. Mayan civilization D. Quechua civilization 2. How did Latin America’s economy change

    asked by 21 pilots (not really)
  66. Maths

    A breeder of guinea pigs has 1 male and 2 females in a red cage, and two males and one female in a blue cage. A visiting child picks up a guinea pig from the red cage with his right hand and a guinea pig from the blue cage with his left hand and then puts

    asked by Hero
  67. science

    is a regular magazine an energy converter? if so, what energy does it produce.

    asked by stuart