Questions Asked on
May 26, 2020

  1. History

    Which explains a case of a conflict over water rights? During the Libyan Civil War, loyalists seize a water plant and cut off the water supply to the capital. Natives of Sudan have not wanted to share their limited water supply, leading to civil war and

    asked by Avery
  2. Science

    Find out the amount of heat required to convert 1 gm of ice at -30 ⁰C to 1 gm of steam at 120 ⁰C. Given the specific heat of ice is 2090 J/kg/⁰C, specific heat of water 4180 J/kg/⁰C, specific heat of steam is 2010 J/kg/⁰C, latent heat of ice to

    asked by Abir
  3. government

    What is the relationship between global conflicts, international trade, and foreign relations among the nations of the world?

    asked by joey
  4. Algebra

    y=3+12x^4 y=-3x+6x^2-1 y=5-x^2-x^3 Can someone help me with these problems? I need to know how to find the classification and i dont understand it.

    asked by Tabaa
  5. Physics

    A concrete has a height of 5m, as unit area of 3m^2 and support a mass of 30,000kg.Given that acceleration due of gravity(g=10m/s^2) and young modulus of concrete =20×10^9N/M^2. Determine the 1. Stress 11. Strain 111. Change in height

    asked by Lawal Riliwan
  6. algebra 2

    Explain the steps of binomial expansion, I just learned about binomial theorem but i'm having trouble understanding the expansion process. Please help!

    asked by anon
  7. geometry

    A pole that is 2.9 m tall casts a shadow that is 1.02 m long. At the same time, a nearby tower casts a shadow that is 39.75 m long. How tall is the tower

    asked by kala
  8. history

    SOS!!!!! Why have social media and citizen journalism become such powerful forces in global politics? I need to write a paragraph but i need a little more depth and or detail to help my paragraph be stronger. here is the sentence that i have, i just need

    asked by walrus
  9. Math

    Use Euler’s formula to find the missing number. Vertices: 22 Edges: 34 a 10 b 12 c 14 d 16

    asked by A random connexus student
  10. math

    Consider the differential equation dy/dx = x + 2y, with initial condition y(0) = 2. Use Euler's method with four steps to estimate y when x=1.

    asked by Amy
  11. Math

    Please help..... give me step by step answer so I understand better Simplify by rationalizing the denominator ....15 sqrt 2/ sqrt 270

    asked by Student 2
  12. psychology

    why is it wise to avoid a struggle with a child about conforming to a particular routine?

    asked by andrea
  13. algebra

    find the length of the leg the given side is 16 and the given angle is 45 degrees a. 128 b. 8√2 c. 16 d. 2√2 thank u for any help :)

    asked by beezle
  14. Statistics

    In a neighborhood donut shop, One type of donut has 490 calories, Three types of donuts have 520 calories, Three types of donuts have 360 calories, five types of donuts have 350 calories, and four types of donuts have 390 calories. Find the standard

    asked by Abby
  15. physics

    The electromagnetic _____________ is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. A common name for the electromagnetic radiation that humans can see is ______________ light. What humans call white light is actually made up of all of

    asked by help
  16. math

    3. Name the type of functions for each. a) g(x) =(3√(sin x))-8^3 b) h(t) = (3t^3 -7)/(√(x+2))

    asked by anonymous
  17. English

    When you summarize information you should do it in a ________ manner. Select one: a. wordy b. detailed c. succinct d. it depends on the subject

    asked by Gray
  18. History

    how does their sovereign status as nations affect how native american tribes make treaties? 1) it allows native American tribes to easily get out of the treaty obligations. 2) it enables them to negotiate treaties with the US government. 3) it gives

    asked by help plz
  19. Math

    We have to determine whether the set of all integers of the form m+(n(sqrt(3))) is a ring w.r.t to addition and multiplication. Is there any identity element e which belongs to this set, under addition such that x + e = x = e+x for all x belongs to above

    asked by Ashley
  20. Mathematics

    In an isosceles triangle is one of the angles 40∘. What values are possible for the outer angles. This means two angles are the same right and need to total 180? So 40/40/100 or 40/70/70?

    asked by Mike
  21. Physics

    Initial temperature hot tea 52° C, Final temperature after adding milk 39° C. Initial temperature of cold milk is 19° C Quantity hot tea 175 ml c) What is your calculated heat transfer (Q) of the hot beverage when 4 ounces (120 mL) of cold beverage was

    asked by Ana
  22. Math

    The first term of an A.P is -8. The ratio of the 7th term to the 9th term is 5:8. Calculate the common difference of the progression

    asked by Anonymous
  23. math

    The recommended space needed for a certain plant is 2 square feet. You are planting 32 of these plants in a square garden. Find the length of each side of the garden if you will follow the recommended spacing?

    asked by jhvljh
  24. Physics

    Which two factors are in balance when a material transitions between two phases? a)Interaction Energy b)Thermal Energy c)Boiling temperature d)Freezing temperature e)Boltzmann Constant my answer A & D

    asked by Ana
  25. Science

    Astronomers think that most galaxies are centered by a (blackhole?) , which exerts (a gravitational pull?) that binds the galaxy together.

    asked by Frank
  26. Math

    Rectangle ABCD is shown. What is the length of the diagonal AC?Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary

    asked by Anonymous
  27. social studies

    How did Latin America’s economy change after independence? A. Latin American countries exported farm products, minerals, and other resources to Spain and Portugal. B. Latin America’s economy did not change. C. Latin American nations were free to trade

    asked by bee_bro
  28. Math

    Angela made a quilt for her cousin's doll. The quilt had a 6 × 6 array of different color square patches. If each patch is 2 1 4 in long, what is the area of the whole quilt?

    asked by adnuia
  29. History

    One global conflict that the united states were involved in and how it affected foreign relations before,during, and after?

    asked by Paul
  30. World History

    How has the world changed since the end of the Cold War, especially in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia?

    asked by Lucy
  31. history

    two negative impacts about dieppe?

    asked by eunisky
  32. Alg1

    Diagonal of square 8 root 2. find length

    asked by Bobby
  33. physics

    Order the following frequency ranges from lowest energy to highest energy. Gamma, ultraviolet, FM radio, Visible, Infrared, Microwave, Cell phone, x-rays

    asked by help
  34. English

    What is the significance of "Bunburying" in the play in terms of conflict, setting, and theme?

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐
  35. Math

    i have 6 hundreds. i have 3 more tens than hundreds. i have two fewer hundreds than ones. who am i?

    asked by Reem
  36. Science

    A motorcyclist is trying to leap across the canyon by driving horizontally off the cliff at a speed of 38.0 m/s, height of the first cliff=50m, second cliff=30m.Ignoring the air resistance, find the speed with which the cycle strikes the ground on the

    asked by Tina
  37. earth science

    homework-help/questions-and-answers/make-topographic-profile-along-line-marked-ab-first-place-edge-piece-paper-along-line-righ-q51122298 first link is my question thanks!

    asked by w
  38. Physics

    A 0.131 kg baseball traveling 35.8 m/s strikes the catchers mitt, which, in bringing the ball to rest, recoils backward 10.6 cm. What was the average force applied by the ball on the glove?

    asked by Fatram
  39. algebra

    I need a step by step explanation/ answer plzzz Simplify the following radical expression sqrt 72x^13y^11/8xy^13

    asked by Student 2
  40. Algebra

    Please give me step by step explanation/answer Simplify the following radical expression (7+sqrt 13)(7-sqrt 13)

    asked by Student 2
  41. Mathematics

    In a shool,7/10 of the pupils like mathematics.Half of those pupils who like mathematics are girls.If there areither 240 pupIlsley altogether in the school,how many girls like mathematics.

    asked by Brian
  42. Mathematics

    Hopefully this is translated properly: A polygon is inscribed in a circle where the corners of the polygon are named A-D. The angles given by ABD and BDC are 50∘ and 35∘ respectively. Calculate the angles given by BD and AC.

    asked by Mike
  43. Mathematics

    A man earn a salary of #2500 per annum,if a rise of #500 is given at the end of the year,find A.the total amount the man will earn in 18years B.the amount the man will earn in 20years.using arithmetic progression

    asked by Phaby
  44. Statistics

    A digital signal receiver decodes bits of incoming signal as 0 s or 1 and makes an error in decoding a bit with probability 10−4 . Assuming decoding success is independent for different bits, as the receiver receives more and more signals, what is the

    asked by Help
  45. Math

    {(-3, 0), (-1, 1), (0, 1), (4, 5), (0, 6)} a) determine the domain and range. b) find if it’s a function. Justify your answer in 1-2 sentences. My answers: a) domain: {-3,-1,0,4,0} range: {0,1,1,5,6} b) Not a function

    asked by anonymous
  46. algebra ii

    determine whether the equation could represent exponential growth or decay y=e^-x

    asked by felix
  47. maths

    When messaging a message in Morse code, the chances of a sign being received well are 95%. What is the probability that 50 words of 6 characters will not receive more than 10 wrong words? i thought because there are 50 words with 6 characters : n=50*6 and

    asked by anna
  48. math

    The amount of money in Alexander’s account is, 𝑦= 4000 − 70𝑥, where 𝑦 is the amount in dollars and 𝑥 is the time in weeks. a) Which variable is independent and which is dependent? Answer: Dependent is -70x and independent is 4000 b) In

    asked by anonymous
  49. math

    Which is an advantage of using a credit card over a debt card? A. You must have enough money in your account to cover your purchases. B. You don’t have to carry cash. C. Used responsibly, it can help build a positive credit history. D. You pay interest

    asked by bee_bro
  50. algebra ii

    write a recursive formula for the sequence 15, 26, 48, 92, 180,... then find the next term

    asked by kino
  51. maths

    When messaging a message in Morse code, the chances of a sign being received well are 95%. What is the probability that 50 words of 6 characters will not receive more than 10 wrong words?

    asked by anna
  52. Math

    can someone help in the question in the link below: h ttps:// there's no space between h and ttps

    asked by anonymous
  53. Math

    This is a three-part question, and this is a short answer. Here is a description of the image: The Larger Triangle Has Legs of 4x+2 and 5x-4, with a hypotenuse of 7x+7 The Smaller Triangle Has Legs Of x+3 and x+7, with a hypotenuse of 2x-5 A. Write an

    asked by 𝓡𝔂𝓭𝓮𝓻
  54. English

    true or false breataker organized the animals info different legions

    asked by 𝓜𝔂𝓪
  55. mathematics

    In an isosceles triangle is one of the angles 40∘. What values are possible for the outer angles. (not asking help from Writeacher) only oobleck

    asked by bee_bro
  56. Physics

    A spring has a diameter of 1cm and the original length of 2m, the spring is pulled by a force of 100N. Determine the change in length of the spring given that young modulus of the spring is 5×10^9 N/M^2.

    asked by Lawal Riliwan
  57. algebra 2

    (x+1)^2-6=y Solve for x and y should be part of the final answer

    asked by Alfred
  58. Mathematics

    In a neighborhood donut shop, One type of donut has 490 calories, Three types of donuts have 520 calories, Three types of donuts have 360 calories, five types of donuts have 350 calories, and four types of donuts have 390 calories. Find the standard

    asked by Abby
  59. Mathematics

    Investigate if the triangle with the corners ABC is right-angled, when the corners are in the coordinates A (4, -4), B (11, -1) and C (9,3). Does this mean simply plot it out on a graph paper and see? Or is there some sort of math towards doing this that

    asked by Mike
  60. math

    You start a search for a buried object by marking the center of a field as (0, 0), with coordinates giving distances in yards. Coordinates to the north or east are positive, and coordinates to the south or west are negative. You find nothing at (–10, 6),

    asked by lovely
  61. math


    asked by robin
  62. Math

    2/3 people surveyed prefered super-popper popcorn. 7036/10554 people surveyed prefered super-popper popcorn. Twice as many people surveyed prefered super-popper popcorn. 3518 more people prefered super-popper popcorn. How are the numbers in each

    asked by Jeff
  63. Geometry

    Find the scale factor, to the nearest hundredth, that would map the hexagonal pyramid on the left to the hexagonal pyramid on the right. Left Pyramid: V=3240 in^3 Right Pyramid: V=120 in^3 I tried a bunch of different answers but they were wrong. 27: I got

    asked by Peep
  64. Algebra

    Which of the following is a factor of the polynomial? f(x)=x^3+6x^2+3x-10 A. (x+1) B. (x-1) C. (x-2) D. (x-10)

    asked by Goddess
  65. Chemistry

    I totally forgot how to calculate molarity and all my other resources are not helping. Molarity is mol of solute/L of solution So I have 0.1 M of sodium thiosulfate and 0.1 M of hydrochloric acid For a lab I put in 5 drops of sodium thiosulfate and 3 drops

    asked by Sydney
  66. Math

    Question: The sine function has an amplitude of 2, a phase shift of π/6 to the right, a period of 8π, and a vertical translation of 2 units down. Write an equation for the function The function I've made is: y = 2sin (8π(x+π/6))-2 Is it accurately

    asked by Muneer
  67. math

    Suzy deposits $500 in a savings account with an interest rate of 6% compounded annually. if suzy does not make any additional deposits or withdrawals, how long will it take for suzy to earn at least $95

    asked by kaycee
  68. algebra

    Patty has a checking account at a local bank. · the monthly checking fee is $10 · $0.30 for each check she writes · Nonbank ATM withdrawals cost $2.50 · her beginning balance was $2,740.50 · she deposited $1,325.00 · withdrew $475.00 in cash from a

    asked by bee_bro
  69. Trigonometry

    A Ferris Wheel has a radius of 22 meters and can make a revolution in 82 seconds. Passengers board at the bottom, at a height of 3 m. Write a sinusoidal equation that models a rider's height as a function of time (Use h(t) and t as your dependent and

    asked by Muneer