Questions Asked on
May 23, 2020

  1. Chemistry

    A hydrocarbon Y on combustion gives 0.352g of carbon(iv)oxide and 0.18g of water. Calculate the empirical formula of the compound and If the relative molecular mass of Y is 58g, determine the molecular formula of Y.?

    asked by The orange baboon
  2. world history

    Which defines Sharia? the strict interpretation of the Islamic law code social status among fundamentalist Muslims a discarded custom of ritual military aggression an interregional association to aid lost travelers

    asked by jayla
  3. Math

    Consider a domestic sewage treatment plant in a tropical region at sea level (average temperature 28°C) treating 4500 m3/day of influent, with the following composition: 1400 mg COD/L; 600 mg BOD/L; 750 mg SS/L; 60 mg NH4-N/L, 20 mg PO4-P/L The water is

    asked by VC
  4. math

    Clifford drew a triangle as shown below. He wants to enlarge the drawing proportionally so that the longest side will be 15 inches Which will be the length of the shortest side of his enlarged drawing?

    asked by Anabeth Segovia
  5. statistics

    A bag contains 7 red marbles, 6 white marbles, and 10 blue marbles. You draw 4 marbles out at random, without replacement. What is the probability that all the marbles are red? What is the probability that exactly two of the marbles are red? What is the

    asked by bill
  6. math

    A computer password is required to be 5 characters long. How many passwords are possible if the password requires 2 letter(s) followed by 3 digits (numbers 0-9), where no repetition of any letter or digit is allowed?

    asked by Ann
  7. English

    How can ghana make e learning accessible to all

    asked by Ama
  8. Calculus

    a trough is 8 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, & 3 meters deep. The vertical cross-section of the trough parallel to an end is shaped like an isosceles triangle (with height 3 meters, and base, on top, of length 2.5 meters). The trough is full of water

    asked by Steffanie
  9. math

    Solve for the constants a and b that make the piecewise function continuous for all real numbers. f(x)= 4-2x-x^2, x1

    asked by Lucy
  10. Geometry

    A body of mass 15kg is placed on a smooth plane which is inclined at 60° to the horizontal. Find: a)the acceleration of the body as it moves down the plane b)the velocity that the body attains after 5s if: (i)it starts from rest and; (ii)it moves with an

    asked by Megan
  11. math

    A complete probability model is described by which of the following statements? A. A list of all possible outcomes in the sample space and their probabilities B. The actual outcomes of a trial C. The number of trials conducted D. The difference between the

    asked by Anonymous
  12. math

    Write each of the following numbers as a power with a rational exponent: √2 5√(6^2)

    asked by help
  13. math

    Look at the following test scores: 90, 90, 93, 85, 87, 79, 100, 95, 82, and 89. Wilbert took the test and earned a 60%. How is Wilbert's score going to affect the data set? A) The mean decreases slightly and the median decreases tremendously. B) The mean

    asked by jared
  14. Math re-post for Anabeth

    A board was nailed diagonally across the end of a square platform used at construction sites Which is closest to the length of the board? A.28 ft. B.25 ft. C.20 ft. D.23 ft.

    asked by Writeacher
  15. English

    What is the most important Lesson Milo from The Phantom Tollbooth learns? How does he learn it and how will it be helpful to him at home?

    asked by i just got 100
  16. Mathematics

    A supermarket has a certain number of watermelons and oranges. If they sell 5 watermelons and 7 oranges every day, when they run out of oranges, they would still have 433 watermelons. Or, if they sell 12 oranges and 70 watermelons a day, when the oranges

    asked by I'm stuck
  17. chemistry

    balancing IO3^- (aq) + I^- (aq) > I2 (aq) , using the half reactions method

    asked by Gina
  18. math

    Danny is drawing a map to show the directions from his house to his grandmother’s house. He uses a scale of 1.5 inches represents 18 miles. If the distance from his house to his grandmother’s house is 24 miles, how long is the drawing on the map?

    asked by Anabeth Segovia
  19. Chemistry

    Mg3N2 + 6H20 = 3Mg(OH) + 2NH3 What mass of magnesium nitride would you need to react with excess water to produce 25g of ammonia?

    asked by Stephanie
  20. World History

    Which was consequence of the United States entry into world’s war I

    asked by Gabriella
  21. math

    Clay is reading a map to decide his vacation route. The map has a scale of 1 cm equals 18 miles. If he estimates the length of his vacation route on the map is 14 centimeters, what is the length of the vacation route in miles?

    asked by Anabeth Segovia
  22. math

    Two triangles are similar. The corresponding sides have a ratio of 3:5. If the smaller triangle has a side length of 18 centimeters, what is the measurement of the corresponding side of the larger triangle?

    asked by Anabeth Segovia
  23. algebra

    which of the options is a counterexample to the given conditional statement. conditional statement: if x^2=25, then x=5 the options are x=10 none,the statement is true x=-5 x=-10 i think it’s C

    asked by becca
  24. math

    how do you write the equation: x^2+y^2+x+y-1/4=0 in standard form and factored form?

    asked by nikko
  25. English

    Select the TWO quotes below that best illustrate the rejection of honesty as a moral ideal? * “An excellent idea! I nearly always speak at the same time as other people. Will you take the time from me?” “Gwendolen, it is a terrible thing for a man to

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Science

    A car weighs 2000kg moves at a uniform speed of16m/s,and a car weighs 1110 kg.which would have a greater momentum .prove your answer

    asked by Wheng
  27. Math

    letter A= 1 4 B = 2 5 7 C= 0 3 6 8 The digits 0 through 8 have been classified with the letters A, B and C. How would you classify 9? explain your answer?

    asked by xandea
  28. Mathematics

    of 16 Automatic Zoom Actual Size Page Fit Page Width 50% 75% 100% 125% 150% 200% 300% 400% Spring Maths Activity Booklet START FINISH 5 8 +2 3 8 +4 1 4 +4 1 2 +2 3 8 +3 1 8 +2 1 2 + 5 8 + 15 4 + 21 4 + 5 4 + 7 4 + 5 2 + 3 4 + 1 2 –5 1 2 –3 7 8 –3 3 4

    asked by Keira
  29. Math

    Solve the inequality 2|x - 3|

    asked by Ash
  30. math

    how does 11+3=2?

    asked by Jeff
  31. math

    Find the rules for (f∘g)(x) and (g∘f)(x) and give the domain of each composite function. f(x) = x^2 g(x) = √(1-x) The Domain of (f∘g)(x) is : (f∘g)(x) = The Domain of (g∘f)(x) is : (g∘f)(x) =

    asked by help
  32. statistics

    7 men and 3 women are ranked according to their scores on an exam. Assume that no two scores are alike, and that all 10! possible rankings are equally likely. Let X denote the highest ranking achieved by a man (so X=1 indicates that a man achieved the

    asked by tom
  33. math

    How do you think you would tell the difference between a hyperbola and a circle or ellipse in EXPANDED Form?

    asked by anonymous
  34. mathematics

    If A is the set of 4-digit multiples of 2, B is the set of 4-digit multiples of 5, and U is the set of all 4-digit numbers, express using union, intersection, and complement notation: a: Set C of 4-digit multiples of both 2 and 5 A) C=U\(A∪B) B)

    asked by Owen
  35. Mathematics

    Two points A and B have coordinates (5, 7) and (-1, 3) . (a) Find the mid-point of the line AB. (b) Find the length AB to 3 s.f. (2) Write the coordinates of the points where the line 2y+3x=12 crosses the x-axis and y-axis.?

    asked by The orange baboon
  36. Mathematics

    The position vector of the points A,B and C are respectively: a=2i ̂-3j ̂+k ̂,b=4i ̂+2j ̂+5k ̂ and c=3i ̂-2j ̂+2k ̂. Find the position vector: (i) P_AB (ii) P_BC (iii) P_CA?

    asked by The orange baboon
  37. Art

    Giving community meaning

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Programming

    An online video streaming service has three different subscription packages for its customers: Package Lite: For $5 per month 5 hours of access are provided. Additional hours are $3.00 per hour. Package Regular: For $15 per month 30 hours of access are

    asked by Hello java Programmer
  39. math

    Two regular hexagons are similar. The perimeters have a ratio of 5: 2. If the side of the larger hexagon has a length of 25 inches, what is the perimeter of the smaller hexagon? AND COULD SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER IT!?

    asked by Anabeth Segovia