Questions Asked on
May 22, 2020

  1. History

    Before 1500 A.D., the area of land that is today known as the United States was inhabited by Native Americans. They often settled in geographic regions for the same reasons as European and Asian immigrants. What is the reason people most likely settled

    asked by anonymous
  2. Math

    The volume of water in a resevoir decreases 21,000 cubic yards over a 3-month period. What is the average change in volume per month?

    asked by Student 1
  3. Maths

    Annie drives between two towns at an average speed of 40 mph. Tariq drives between the same two towns on the same route at an average speed of 25 mph. Annie leaves the first town at 9 am and arrives at the second town at 10:30 am. If Tariq sets off at the

    asked by Mark
  4. English

    Am I right? Which sentence is written correctly? Add a little butter to the pan--you could use olive oil as a substitute, if you like--. Add a little butter to the pan, you could use olive oil as a substitute, if you like. Add a little butter to the pan

    asked by pinkfox
  5. chemistry

    1) A gas has a pressure of 3 atm when the temperature is 25C, what is the new pressure when the temperature is raised to 50C? (make sure temp is in K) - round answer to hundredths place 2) Neon at 2 atm and 273K has a volume of 10L. What is the new

    asked by himann
  6. English

    Anyone know the answer to this about Romeo and Juliet Act 4? I read through the script and couldn't find Friar Lawrence talking about his plan for Romeo and Juliet after she wakes up besides them going to Mantua, but that's not an answer option. Friar

    asked by Vivian
  7. physics

    An elastic string of length 20cm extends to 24cm. When it supports a weight of 50N, the energy stored in the string is

    asked by ayo
  8. Algebra

    A model rocket is launched from a roof into a large field. The path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y = -0.06x^2 + 9.6x + 5.4 where x is the horizontal distance, in meters, from the starting point on the roof and y is the height, in meters, of

    asked by Student 2
  9. Math

    A golden rectangle has a length of 10 cm. The ratio of its length to its width is (1 + sqrt 5)/2 what is the width of the rectangle in simplified radical form? I need to know the formula to solve other problems like this.

    asked by Johnny
  10. math

    A line segment starts at P(4,-7) and ends at Q(2,3). Find the parametric equations of the line segment.

    asked by Amy
  11. math

    which expression represents the perimeter of the model shown below? 4x+3 2x A)2x+3x+4x B)2(2x)+2(4x+3) C)2x(4x+3) D)2x(2x+4x+3 please help

    asked by anonymos
  12. Algebra

    what are the solutions to the equation z^2 - 6z - 27 = 0 there are two solutions, and the options available are 3, -3, 9, and -9

    asked by joethle
  13. English

    Read the passage "the banjo seeds" which statement from the passage is most likely fact rather than fiction. I need help and please don't delete this again......

    asked by Student 1
  14. Math

    solve the equation by completing the square round to da nearest hundred if nessesary. x^2 + 10x = 18 A -11.56, 1.56 B 11.56, 1.56 C -11.56, - 1.56 my answer D 11.56, -1.56 solve the equation by completing the square x^2 + 9x -14 = 0 A 10.35, 1.35 Meh

    asked by joethle
  15. Geometry

    A speed skating track has a perimeter of 400m. Determine the straightaway length of the track. * the width of the track is 50m* Please help . Thank you for your time

    asked by Braeden
  16. Maths

    The new dimensions are 11 times the original dimensions, and the new surface area is 121 times the original surface area. The increase in surface area is___%.

    asked by Jon
  17. Math

    which is equivalent to this expression -4(-3x)+5(-7)

    asked by Connections Academy User,
  18. algebra

    How many real number solutions does this equation have? 0= 5x^2 +2x - 12 one, two none, or infinite How many real number solutions does this equation have? 0= 2x^3 - 20x + 50

    asked by guy person
  19. Algebra

    find the solutions to the system y= x^2 + 8x +2 y= 7x +4 A (-2,-10) and (1,11) B (2,10) and (-1,-11) my answer C (-2, -34) and (1,11) D No solutions.

    asked by me, thats who
  20. math

    A jeweler has three solid gold cylinders with radii 2.0 millimeters, 3.0 millimeters, and 4.0 millimeters. Each cylinder has a height of 10.0 millimeters. If the jeweler melts the cylinders down to make a solid prism with a square base of length 5.0

    asked by person
  21. math

    A horse pasture is formed by a large semi-circular grassy area and a triangular-shaped riding area. The base of the riding area is 50 feet and it extends to a height of 75 feet. What is the total area of the pasture if the height of the riding area equals

    asked by person
  22. mathematics

    A swimsuit that cost $ 25 was on sale for 20% off. Ashley calculated the discounted price this way : $25-$20 = $5 what went wrong? find the correct discounted price.

    asked by xandea
  23. Science

    Liquid water boils at 100 degrees C. In other words, this is the temperature at which the thermal energy between two molecules of water overcomes the interaction energy. Given this, what is the interaction energy (Uint) of liquid water?

    asked by Ana
  24. math

    a system of equations consisting of a linear equation and a quadratic equation ______ has two solution Always, sometimes, or never

    asked by me, thats who
  25. Algebra 2

    What is the 68th term of the sequence 7, -2, -11, -20,...?

    asked by Adam
  26. algebra

    In 2016, country A has a population of 20,672,987 and growth of 3.81%. In 2016 country B has a population of 185,989,640 and has a growth of 2.58% If the population growth doesn't change, what year will they have the same population, and how large is it?

    asked by Mike
  27. Algebra

    which of the following functions has a rate of change that stays the same??/ A y= -4x + 10 B y= 1/2 x^2 C y= 3^x D y= x^2 + 2

    asked by me, thats who
  28. Algebra

    A catapult launches a boulder with an upward velocity of 92 ft/s. The height of the boulder, h, in feet after t seconds is given by the function h=-16t^2+92t+30. How long Does it take the boulder to reach it’s maximum height? What is the boulders maximum

    asked by Oliver
  29. Chemistry

    In order , increasing atomic size :Na,F,P,Ca ?

    asked by Sebastian
  30. Statistics

    Applying what you have learned.... When politicians make claims that we need to spend a large amount of money to achieve a goal, the claim is often made without legitimate evidence to support a claim that a given program will have a particular result.

    asked by mark
  31. mathematics

    r=6+3sin(theta) convert to rectangular coordinates

    asked by Hermela
  32. Chemistry

    What are the similarities and differences of "Electrogravimetry without potential control" and "potentiostatic gravimetry"

    asked by robert
  33. Algebra

    what are the solutions to the equation 2x^2 = 2

    asked by joethle
  34. solar energy

    Which of the following variables does NOT affect the economic payback period of a PV system? Insolation received by the PV system Subsidies and feed-in tariffs Cost of electricity Overall lifetime of the PV system

    asked by ali aziz
  35. English

    Which word or phrase in the sentence is not used correctly? The man’s heart attack scared him badly and he decided having a regular check-up from then on. A. Having B. Man’s C. Badly D. From

    asked by Ashleu
  36. Mathematics

    2/5 of a number is 10 what is the number

    asked by Ryan
  37. History

    Which Texas organization best illustrates the state's post-World War 2 change from an oil company to a diversified economy? a. Apple Inc. b. JPMorgan Chase &Co. c. Texas Instruments d. Whole Foods.

    asked by smile
  38. Math

    ogla ran 5 km in 37 minutes. which could Ogle use to determine and the number of minutes she would take to run 25 minutes at this rate?

    asked by Connections Academy User,
  39. math

    Can a system of two linear equations have exactly two solutions?

    asked by merida
  40. science

    Wind blows at the speed of 30m/s across a 175m^2 flat roof if a house. what is the pressure difference between inside the house and the outside of the house just above the roof? (assume the air pressure inside the house is atmospheric pressure) ​ what is

    asked by Jazminn
  41. mathematics

    Alicia’s gross monthly pay is $1,700. Alicia pays 1.25% of her monthly salary for Medicare. How much does she pay?

    asked by andy
  42. math

    Suppose you find that two linear equations are true when x = -2 and y = 3. What can you conclude about the graphs of the equations?

    asked by lily
  43. Science

    Describe a specific traditional structure, built somewhere in the world, whose design was influence by culture

    asked by Makayla
  44. Science

    A farmer bought a 50kg of fertilizer with an inscription NPK 15:15:15. (a) what is the name of the fertilizer? (b) name 3 nutrients the fertilizer can supply to the soil. (c) what is the percentage of the actual nutrients in the 50kg bag of the fertilizer?

    asked by Megan
  45. math

    A line segment starts at P(4,7) and ends at Q(2,-3). Find the parametric equations of the line segment.

    asked by Amy
  46. trigonometry

    Bobby is 72 inches tall. Given the figure below, which expression represents the angle of elevation of the sun from the ground when Bobby's shadow is 112 inches long? *

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Science

    The energy from the Sun that reaches Earth is the result of which of the following processes, repeated many times in the core of the Sun? A) The nuclei of two atoms are combined to form a single atom with a larger nucleus. B) Molecules are rearranged to

    asked by Destiny
  48. physiology

    explain neurophysiological properties of skeletal muscle tissue in response to immobilization and stretch.

    asked by rosa
  49. Algebra

    Solve exactly: lg(lg(x))=(−1) (lg not log for these)

    asked by Mike
  50. Algebra

    What is the sum of the geometric series 20 + 21 + 22 + 23 + 24 + … + 29?

    asked by Olivia
  51. Physics

    1.Which class lever will never give you a mechanical advantage? 2.Which class lever will always give you a mechanical advantage? 3.List the 3 things that are required to do work. Please help My answer: 1. Class 1? 2. Class 2? 3. I don't know.

    asked by jordan
  52. mathematics

    The sum of two numbers subtracted from twice the sum of those numbers

    asked by shalo
  53. geometry

    What is the volume, in cubic in, of a rectangular prism with a height of 17in, a width of 17in, and a length of 4in?

    asked by Amy
  54. chemistry

    A 0.12-mole sample of nitrogen gas occupies a volume of 2.05 L What is the volume of 0.31 mol of nitrogen gas under the same conditions?

    asked by sidhani
  55. chemistry

    Is 3Fe + 2O2 → Fe3O4 ΔH = -1120.5kJ an exothermic or endothermic equation

    asked by brian bueno
  56. Mathematics

    A bucket full of water is in the form of a Frustum of a cone. The bottom and top radii of the Frustum are 18cm and 28cm respectively and the vertical depth is 30cm. Calculate the curved surface area, total surface area and volume of the Frustum

    asked by Barida James Asaakpigi
  57. algebra

    The WTO was established on Jan 1, 1995. In july 2008, 153 countries were members of the organization representing 95% of the total world trade. If this rate continued, what year does the WTO rate actually represent 100%?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. English

    Which statement best describes purchases made with a credit card? A. Purchases made with this card are withdrawn directly from a bank account. B. Purchases made with this card require a PIN number. C. If you don’t record your purchases, you may have to

    asked by bee_bro
  59. Algebra

    How many mL of PURE water must be added to 60mL of 20% salt solution to make 12% salt solution?

    asked by Addie
  60. Social Studies

    The Draft in the North The Draft in the South • established in March 1863 • established in April 1862 • applied to white men aged 20 to 45 • applied to white men aged 18 to 35 (later expanded to men aged 17 to 50) • avoidable by paying the

    asked by Boodba
  61. Science

    When does H2O absorb heat without changing temperature? a)When it is ice (in its solid phase) b)When it is melting c)When it is water (in its liquid phase) d)When it is boiling c)When it is steam (in its vapor phase) My Answer: B, D

    asked by Ana
  62. Physics

    1) Let's consider an ice cube has the volume of 20 mL. The density of ice is 0.9 g/mL. What is the mass of the ice cube? My answer: 0.9 * 20= 18gr We would now like to calculate the total energy that is required to heat up this piece of ice from -196˚C to

    asked by Ana
  63. Math

    george purchased some items for his bedroom: two pillowcases ( $14 each), a comforter ($45) and a new night table ($30). There is a special offer today: all bedroom items at 30 % off. calculate george’s final bill.

    asked by xandea