Questions Asked on
May 21, 2020

  1. English

    I need help ASAP! In selection 2 what makes the man from johnstown furious? A. Joe shows that his strength is no match for the Man from Johnstown. B. Joe decides to enter the contest. C. The crowd starts to cheer for Pete instead of the Man from Johnstown

    asked by Phoenix
  2. English

    1. Which statement from the passage is most likely fact rather than fiction? (1 point A.Living miles away from town in 1900, you could not just go to a store and buy whatever you wanted. B.Jerry could not believe that these would grow into banjos like

    asked by Yes
  3. Chemistry

    One student calibrated a 50-mL burette by using the mass of water delivered. The student used an analytical balance which was previously calibrated by STEEL (density = 7.8 g/mL). During calibration, the temperature of water was found to be 19.0oC. The

    asked by Len1331
  4. Algebra

    Is the relationship between the variables inthe table a direct variation, an inverse variation, both, or neither? If it is a direct or inverse variation write a function to model it x: 2, 5, 12, 20 y: 30, 12, 5, 3 A. Direct variation: y = 15x B. Inverse

    asked by Idek man
  5. basic science

    calculate the kinetic energy in joules of a body of mass 30g at a velocity of 3m/s

    asked by faremi
  6. Biology

    Draw the map of Nigeria showing the local biotic communities in Nigeri

    asked by Anonymous
  7. history

    The Battle of Saratoga became known as the _[blank]_ of the American Revolution because it showed Americans that they could defeat the British. This convinced France to ally themselves with the Americans. decicive victory?

    asked by dori
  8. Science

    If the specific heat of a marshmallow is 2 J/g, how much heat is given off when it cools from room temp (25C) to its liquid nitrogen bath. Weight of the marshmallow 7.4g Q=mass marshmallow x specific heat x (Tfinal-Tinitial) 7.4 x 2 x (-196 - 25) = -32 Is

    asked by Ana
  9. Math

    What is the vertical and horizontal translation for the function: y=4sin(4.5x - π) + 3

    asked by Muneer
  10. Chemistry

    A solution containing a mixture of 0.0492 M potassium chromate (K2CrO4) and 0.0565 M sodium oxalate (Na2C2O4) was titrated with a solution of barium chloride (BaCl2) for the purpose of separating CrO42– and C2O42– by precipitation with the Ba2 cation.

    asked by Isabelle
  11. English

    In the giver which of the following messages does the author most likely want you to take away from reading this novel? 1.Rules are made to be broken. 2.Memories have no place in modern society. 3.Success depends on strict adherence to rules 4.Personal

    asked by mike
  12. English

    Which choice gives an example of vivid sensory description? A) My computer has a very old keyboard, but it still works well. B) Our relationship has always been strained, but after our argument, it has grown even worse. C) The best day of the year was the

    asked by Rosemary
  13. Physics

    A spring sketch by 6cm when supporting a load of 15N? By how much would it stretch when supporting a load of 5Kg

    asked by Purity
  14. mathematics

    Joe has eaten 2/5 of a pizza. Jane has eaten 1/8 of a pizza. How many times more pizza has Joe eaten than jane?

    asked by axel
  15. Social Studies

    1. Describe the effect of geographical location on agriculture in each Civilization--Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas. 2. Describe the difference between adapting to and modifying one's environment. Give an example of each. 3. Why did the Spanish settle and

    asked by im so dumb
  16. Social Studies

    The main reason Mexicans are moving from rural areas to the cities is to find * A better farmland B squatters C employment**** D night classes E Other: How did the decline of copper prices in the 1980s affect Chile? * A It was good for Chile's economy but

    asked by MIKE WILL
  17. Math

    Write the limit as n goes to infinity of the summation from k equals 1 of the product of the 10th power of the quantity 5 plus 2 times k over n and 2 over n as a definite integral.

    asked by GT
  18. Mathematics

    Alicia’s gross monthly pay is $1,700. Alicia pays 1.25% of her monthly salary for Medicare. How much does she pay? A. $12.50 B. $21.25 C. $170.50 D. $125.25 my answer: C

    asked by seo yeon
  19. statistics and probability

    A brand of powdered milk is advertised as having a net weight of 150 grams. A curious consumer obtained the net weight of 10 randomly selected cans. The values obtained are 256, 248, 242, 245, 246, 248, 250, 255, 243, and 149 grams. Is there a reason to

    asked by zee
  20. Math

    A recipe uses 3cups of flour to 1(1/4) cups of milk. If you have 2 cups of flour, how much milk should you use?

    asked by Majidah
  21. Career

    One of the benefits of career planning as a young adult is: *you can train your brain. you will use the information years from now. you are relying only on yourself for the information. now is a time in your life where you have the least spare time.

    asked by AJ
  22. Science

    An object weighs 0.25 N in air, 0. 18 when immersed in water and 0.20 N when immersed in oil. Calculate the density of the object and density of the oil

    asked by Nokonwaba
  23. Chemistry

    Write the equilibrium expression for each of the following reactions: N2 (g) + 3 H2 (g) ↔ 2 NH3 (g) + heat Please guide me and help!

    asked by jordan
  24. English

    Diagram the sentences: The knowledge that God is a refuge and a fortress sustains Christian's in times of trouble. Terry, does Charles plan to give Nancy the money after class?

    asked by Randome math person
  25. English

    Siddhartha, Chapter I Hermann Hesse 1 In the shade of the house, in the sunshine of the riverbank near the boats, in the shade of the Sal-wood forest, in the shade of the fig tree is where Siddhartha grew up, the handsome son of the Brahman , the young

    asked by Rosemary
  26. science

    Two people use a ramp to move a heavy box onto a truck. The box weighs 750 N. The mechanical advantage of using the ramp is 4. How much effort is required to move the box?

    asked by human
  27. English

    3) Which choice displays an example of plagiarism? A) Hamlet's crazy act is described as "an actor stepping into life" (Doyle 55). B) One could call Hamlet's choice to feign madness as that of an actor stepping into life. C) Patrick Doyle describes

    asked by Rosemary
  28. Physics

    Projectile motion: If a player hits a voley ball 2.35 m from the ground and gives it an initial velocity of Vo= 14 m/s forward and 3.5 m/s upwards. a) Ignoring air resistance show whether the ball clears the net or not. b) Similarly, show whether the ball

    asked by boggo
  29. Math

    Good afternoon! I don't really understand this question can someone please walk me through this? The ordered pairs (2, -17) and (5, -35) are solutions to which of the following equations? A. y = -6x + 5 B. y = 6x - 5 C. y = 6x + 5 D. y = -6x - 5 Thank you

    asked by You're Beautiful
  30. English

    What is most likely true about Sal’s feelings toward her father? (from book: Walk two moons by sharon creech) 1. she continues to be angry at him for bringing her to euclid 2. she understands that he misses her mother and is hurting, too 3. she is

    asked by Freddy Fazbear
  31. Social Studies

    What factor caused the Populist Party to gain support? A strong economy led farmers and labor unions to seek less regulation of trade. Economic difficulties led farmers and labor unions to seek greater government regulation to help workers. Social problems

    asked by Ran
  32. Chemistry

    Calculate the value of Keq for the following equation. Heat + N2(g) + 3H2(g) ↔ 2NH3(g) [N2] = .533M [H2] = 1.600M [NH3] = 0.933M Bob if you're here, can you tell me if adding a substance like "Heat" to the equation changes the whole problem? Or does it

    asked by jordan
  33. math

    I need help: The value of a new car decreases dramatically as soon as it leaves the dealership. Assuming that you just bought a new car with $20,000 and that it depreciates at a rate of 2% a month. How much will the car be worth in one year?

    asked by Damon
  34. math

    Before graphing equations, how can you determine whether a system of equations has exactly one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solution?

    asked by sydney
  35. math

    spinner is divided into 8 equal parts. find the probability of it landing of P(greater than 3)

    asked by Lucy
  36. Math

    An object launched from the ground has a height(in meters) after t seconds that is modeled by the equation y=-4.9t^2+58.8t What is the maximum height of the object?

    asked by Victoria
  37. Math

    A circular target is divided into nine parts of equal area by eight concentric rings. If the radius of the target is 27 cm, find the radius of the inner circle. What is the ratio of the area of the inner circle to the area of the whole target? What is the

    asked by Jeff
  38. physics

    A 200-loop coil of cross sectional area 8.5 cm2 lies in the plane of the page. An external magnetic field of 0.060 T is directed out of the plane of the page. The external field decreases to 0.020 T in 12 milliseconds. (a) What is the magnitude of the

    asked by mariam
  39. Algebra

    Help! I don't know how to solve An electronics store is deciding how to price one of its products. The equation P = -25d 2 + 50d predicts the total profit P as a function of the product's price in dollars d. What price will produce the highest total

    asked by Mark
  40. Physics

    James walk 2km away from home in 10 minutes. He then turns around and walk back home along the same path, also in 10 minutes.

    asked by Ann
  41. Physics

    A bicycle pump contains 250cm3 of air at a pressure of 90kPa. If the air is compressed , the volume is reduced to 200cm3. What is the pressure of the air inside the pump?

    asked by Anna
  42. Mathematics

    I know this question has been answered, but I still don't understand. Please help. The sides of the pentagon are quadrupled, so they are now __ times as large. This means the area is now __ times as large. This is equivalent to an increase of __%.

    asked by Jon
  43. Chemistry

    What is the percent yield if 200. grams of hydrocloric acid are actually formed from 3.00 moles of Cl2

    asked by Abby
  44. algebra

    I made a mistake when I typed this out last time, here is the correct one: Create a table for different values of x as the best solution to the equation 2^x = 1000, with decimal precision.

    asked by Anonymous
  45. mathematics

    When a question says to do decimal form with one decimal accuracy and three decimal accuracy. Does this mean that x=0.75135 would become x=1 and x=0.75 ?

    asked by Mike
  46. MATH

    I don't understand how sin(5pi/3)= -squareroot(3)/2 and not +squareroot(3)/2. 5pi/3 is equal 300degree. it is on the +x-axis so it exact value should be positive right?Explain.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. algebra

    Solve : (lg(11/17))^3 = lg(x-7)

    asked by Mike
  48. maths

    What is the tea of a sphere

    asked by Rocky
  49. Physics

    A supertanker can carry 2.2x10 m of oil with a density of 0.88g/cm. When fully loaded its mass is 2.3 x 108 kg, and the dimensions of its hull are approximately 400 m long, 60 m wide, and 38 m high. Given that the density of seawater is 1.03 g/cm , how

    asked by ss
  50. Calculus

    Find center of mass of a sector of a circle which has radius r with center angle seta. use polar coordinate

    asked by Plz
  51. Statistics

    Suppose that the packaging equipment in a manufacturing process that is filling 368 gram packages of cereal is set so that the amount of cereal in the box is normally distributed with mean of 368 grams. Frompast experience, the standard deviation of the

    asked by Mark
  52. mathematics

    Jean went on vacation with her parents in their family car. They left their home in Florida on Monday at 7:15 am and arrived in North Carolina on Tuesday at 11:45 am. How long was their trip?

    asked by WaterHorse4
  53. mathematics


    asked by Tristan
  54. math

    william, jan and, greg has a total of $26. greg has the most money. jan has twice as much as william. greg has $ much money does jan have?

    asked by curvinwizards
  55. Mathematics

    A village r is 10km from a point p on a bearing 025degree from p. Another village A is 6km from p on a bearing 162degree.calculate distance of r from a and the bearing of r from a.

    asked by Oyinkansola
  56. Physics

    A ball of mass 8 kg fall from rest from a height of 100m neglecting air calculate it's total energy after falling distance of 40m

    asked by Wisdom
  57. Math

    If a triangle got 4x as large what is the percent increase? If a triangle got 12x as large what is the percent increase?

    asked by Jeff
  58. Science

    Gravity works at a distance to _______ things together. Please help.

    asked by Phoenix
  59. Pre Calculus

    Convert x+2y=5 to polar form

    asked by Tim
  60. English

    I have to do a 3 slide presentation, (not including first and last, so, a total of 5 actually) about something called the Victorian time period. Could someone explain what and when that is, as well as ideas?

    asked by doge master
  61. Tech

    What do I do if someone wants to be my friend online, and I don’t know who the person is in life?

    asked by MackisaBlackCat
  62. Chemistry

    If a gas A is 9 times as heavy as hydrogen which would diffuse faster

    asked by Praise
  63. Career

    QUESTION 1 -It is important to upgrade your skills as the career world is in a constant state of change. *True False QUESTION 2 -An important component of career planning is completing career research. *True False QUESTION 3 -When taking personal

    asked by AJ
  64. maths probability

    a spinner has 8 equal sections 3 are red 4 are blue and 1 is yellow the spinner is spun twice what is the probability of getting a red on the first spin and blue on the second? is it 3/18 4/16 4/10 7/8

    asked by daniela
  65. English

    A traditional story that explains a belief system, a natural phenomenon, or a world view of a group of people is called a

    asked by Chris
  66. Mathematics

    A table below show the speed of cars in km/h passing through a road within a given time.......

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Physics

    Light travels from one material with a refractive index (n1 = 1.5) to another material with refractive index (n2=1.7). If it strikes the surface at a 45° angle (also 45° to normal) What is the resulting angle (from the normal) in the second material? PLZ

    asked by Noah
  68. Math


    asked by Jeff
  69. Geometry

    I need help with the Laws of Sines and Laws of Cosines lesson in Connexus. ive been trying on it for 2 hours now and still haven't got it, would appreciate some help if possible.

    asked by #CODENAME
  70. Science

    What is polluting the water in Watertown

    asked by aj
  71. Math

    The following list has a median of 43. What would be the new median if 21 was added to the list?? The list is: 31, 48, 50, 23, 28, 52, 57, 38, 56, 27

    asked by Isabella
  72. math

    Given that α is in Quadrant 1 and tan(α)=67, give an exact answer for the following: sin(2α)= cos(2α)= tan(2α)=

    asked by jill
  73. math

    Ann replaces letters in the calculation KCB + RA - TOO with some of the numbers from 1 to 9 and then calculates the result. The same letters are replaced by the same numbers and different letters by different numbers. What is the largest possible result

    asked by Alex Shi
  74. Science

    John uses the machine in 1kg to raise a 60N load from the ground to a distance of 0.4m.The effort used by john to do work is 20N. Calculate i) the mechanical advantage. ii)efficiency of the machine.

    asked by Michael
  75. calculus

    What is an example of a convergent alternating series where the conditions of the alternating series test do not hold?

    asked by maath
  76. Calculus

    Find the absolute maximum and minimum values of f on the set D. f(x, y) = xy^2 + 5, D = {(x, y) | x ≥ 0, y ≥ 0, x^2 +y^2 ≤3} absolute maximum value =

    asked by cent
  77. math

    Charlie found a logo on a poster that he wants to put on his business card. The logo on the poster is a rectangle that is 12 inches wide and 18 inches long. He wants the business card logo to have a width of 2/3 inch How long should the logo be on the

    asked by Anabeth Segovia
  78. Math

    What is the function of cos that has an amplitude of 4, a period of 2π, and has a point at (0,2)

    asked by Muneer
  79. Calculus

    A man is on the shore of a circular lake with a radius of 3km at point P and wants to cross the lake directly through the middle to reach point Q. he can canoe across the lake at a speed of 4km/h or he can wak along the shore of the lake at a speef of

    asked by Amanda
  80. Social Studies

    Why did Republicans in Congress opposed Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan? They worried that it was too harsh. They felt it was too easy on the South.****** They believed it would make Reconstruction take too long. They were concerned Southerners would not have

    asked by Reminse
  81. Math

    This question was already asked, but there wasn't any explanation provided. The dimensions of a pyramid are increased by 1100%. The percentage increase in surface area is The new dimensions are ___times the original dimensions, and the new surface area is

    asked by Jeff
  82. Math

    Two spheres are used in a certain machine. One has a volume of 7 cm3 and the other has a volume of 189 cm3. The radius of the small sphere is what fraction of the radius of the large sphere? Which of the following represents the first step to solve this

    asked by Jeff
  83. Math

    The area of triangle ABC is divided into four equal parts by segments parallel to the base BC. DC is 36 cm. A is the top point of the triangle. What is the ratio of the dimensions of triangle ADE to the dimensions of triangle ABC?

    asked by Jeff
  84. Physics

    A 2.0 m-tall basketball player is standing on the floor 4.0 m from the basket. If he shoots the ball at a 52.0° angle with the horizontal, at what initial speed does the ball just barely goes through the rim neatly if the height of the basket is 3.05 m

    asked by Savegg
  85. Physics

    1.Which class lever will never give you a mechanical advantage? 2.Which class lever will always give you a mechanical advantage? 3.List the 3 things that are required to do work. Please help My answer: 1. Class 1? 2. Class 2? 3. I don't know.

    asked by jordan
  86. English

    Read each example and identify it as personification, a simile, or a metaphor. Around this pleasant round face, her hair -- as yellow as a crow's foot -- curled in short ringlets. (p. 12) A. personification B.simile C.metaphor...

    asked by people
  87. science

    Current music is first recorded in ___________ format. digital or analog help me please n thanksss.

    asked by just help me.
  88. math

    Find the slope-intercept form of the line given that x=-2+3t y=4-6t.

    asked by Amy
  89. Chemistry

    What is the volume of a total of 0.5 moles of Cl2 at 3 atm and 100C?

    asked by Karen
  90. English

    There was a certain Brahman in a certain village, named Harisarman. He was poor and foolish and in evil case for want of employment, and he had very many children, that he might reap the fruit of his misdeeds in a former life. He wandered about begging

    asked by Rosemary
  91. Math

    if there's a shark coming your way then what do you do? choose one of the two answers 1 swim away or 2 hide in a cave which the shark can't fit into

    asked by Samanta
  92. physics

    A ball of mass 500g attached to a light inextensible strings whirled around at a constant speed of 8m/s. If the tension necessary to maintain the body in circular motion is 80.0N, calculate the length of the string.

    asked by sypher
  93. Civics

    What do you think is the effort taken by the government specifically the Department of Tourism to help the tourism industry during this trying times?

    asked by Minkimmy