Questions Asked on
May 19, 2020

  1. Algebra 2

    The sum of the reciprocals of two consecutive even integers is 9/40. this can be represented by the equation shown. (1/x)+(1/x+2)=9/40 Use the rational equation to determine the integers. Please help!! I have no idea what to do:(

    asked by Jenn
  2. Algebra

    does anybody have the answers to the rest of the lesson 2 semester B exam (algebra 1 B unit 7 semester B exam and review) in math?

    asked by Lulu
  3. Calculus

    How is the product of a complex number and a real number represented on the coordinate plane? A)When 3 + 2i is multiplied by 3, the result is 9 + 6i. Graphically, this shows that the product is a scalar and a counterclockwise rotation of 90° of the

    asked by Mma
  4. precalculus

    What type of limacon is graphed by the polar equation r=4+2 sin Θ? Identify the axis of symmetry and horizontal and vertical intercepts.

    asked by T
  5. Mathematic

    Olive plots (4,−3π/2)on the polar plane. How does she proceed? Drag a phrase to each box to correctly complete the statements. Olive first determines which line the angle of rotation places the point on. This line tells Olive that the point must lie on

    asked by Hann
  6. precalculus

    Determine if there are zero, one, or two triangles for the following: m∠A=48° a=10 m b=12 m

    asked by T
  7. Calculus

    Which equation is the polar equivalent to the equation y=−(√3/3)x? θ=π/6 θ=π/3 θ=2π/3 θ=5π/6

    asked by S
  8. Calculus

    The nth term of a sequence is represented by 2n^4+25n^2+32n−15 ____________________ 6n^4+2n^3−11n^2−2n+17. What is the limit of the the nth term as x becomes increasingly large? A)0 B)1/3 C)3 D)The limit does not exist.

    asked by Megan
  9. Math

    What is the rectangular equivalence to the parametric equations? x(θ)=4cosθ+2,y(θ)=2sinθ−5 , where 0≤θ

    asked by Jen
  10. Calculus

    A cosine function is a reflection of its parent function over the x-axis. The amplitude of the function is 9, the vertical shift is 11 units down, and the period of the function is 12π/7. The graph of the function does not show a phase shift. What is the

    asked by HELP!!
  11. precalculus

    Your town's public library is building a new wheelchair ramp to its entrance. By law, the maximum angle of incline for the ramp is 4.76°. The ramp will have a vertical rise of 1.5 ft. What is the shortest horizontal distance that the ramp can span. a)

    asked by T
  12. precalculus

    Write the composed trigonometric function sin(arctan x) in terms of x. Explain your steps and/or show your work. Remember to rationalize the denominator if necessary.

    asked by T
  13. math

    Evaluate (5+5√3i)^7 using DeMoivre’s theorem. Write your answer in rectangular form. Show all your work.

    asked by JJ
  14. Calculus

    The polar equation r=7sin(2θ) graphs as a rose. What is the length of the petals of this rose?

    asked by Emma
  15. precalculus

    Verify the identity: sin(A+B)/sin(A-B) = tan(A)+tan(B)/tan(A)-tan(B) Explain steps

    asked by T
  16. Health

    Which of the following illustrates enthusiastic consent? A. a person sending sexual photos to a person who does not want them B. A sexist joke about women driving C. A couple exited about there first kiss D. a person pressuring their partner into sexual

    asked by yo yo yizzy
  17. Calculus

    Consider the series 1/4+1/6+1/9+2/27+4/81+.... Does the series converge or diverge? Is the series arithmetic, geometric, neither, or geometric with an absolute value of the common ration being greater/ less than 1?

    asked by Lisa
  18. mathematics

    nisha has a rectangular plot of land that has been fenced with 300 m long wires . Find the dimentions of the plot,if its length is twice the breath

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Science

    An object of mass 10kg is placed on an inclined plane at 30 degree to the horizontal, calculate the reaction between the two surfaces and the coefficient of static friction

    asked by Sandra
  20. Eglish

    What is the agreement error in this sentence? One of the options concerning his future surgeries were discussed with him.

    asked by Alberta
  21. English

    Read the two sentences. I listened to the birds singing. I read a book on the patio. Which sentence combines the two sentences using a present participle? I listened to the birds singing, and I read a book on the patio. While I listened to the birds

    asked by 21 pilots (not really)
  22. math

    The table shows the number of beads used to make a necklace. Ginger wants to make a smaller necklace using the same ratio of pink to white beads. How many different necklaces could Ginger make? How do you know? Colour Number Pink 30 White 35

    asked by jon
  23. Calculus

    Find lim x->3.5 [[x-2]]/x (Remember that [[x]] is the greatest integer function) The choices are -1/3.5 1/3.5 0 -2/3.5 Does not exist I got 0 but I'm not sure if it is correct.

    asked by Stephanie
  24. Physics

    Consider a ballistic pendulum experiment in which the mass of the ball (bullet) and the pendulum cage (block) are the same. What would be the expected percentage loss of kinetic energy in this experiment?

    asked by Kelly
  25. chemistry

    What is the VSEPR shape of NBr3? I think its trigonal pyramidal

    asked by bella
  26. Math

    In a card game, each player is dealt 5 cards. Make a table to show the total number of cards dealt for each number of players from 3 to 6. Write each ratio of players to cards dealt.

    asked by jon
  27. biology

    Suppose a mutation occurs in an individual animal in a population. What possible outcomes could happen if the mutation had these different effects on the animal? The picture is a fish in a school where a fish has red stripes while the others don't These

    asked by jhvljh
  28. algorithm

    Draw a flowchart to represent the algorithm that captures the marks and then evaluates and displays relevant grades according to the table above

    asked by madalena
  29. Math

    A model rocket is launched from a roof into a large field. the path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y = -8.0x^2 + 12X +25.8, Where x is the horizontal distance, in meters from the starting point on the roof and y is the height, in meters of

    asked by I NEED ANSWEERS
  30. Math

    The inequality 2 p is less than or equal to 18 can be used to determine how many pounds of apples at $2.00 per pound, p, you can buy while spending $18.00 or less. What is the greatest number of pounds of apples you can buy? A. 9 pounds B. 16 pounds C. 20

    asked by Rose
  31. science

    2/3 as a %

    asked by Erick
  32. Algebra

    A cell phone company orders 400 new phones from a manufacturer. If the probability of a phone being defective is 2.1%, predict how many of the phones are likely to be defective. Round your answer to the nearest whole number. I'm really sorry but I need

    asked by Lindsey
  33. Geometry

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Find the area of the parallelogram. bad little picture of the parallelogram down there (its the best i could do) ---------------------------- \ l \9 cm

    asked by cool gal
  34. Science/math

    Wastewater from a small town is treated in a trickling filter which is preceded by a screen, sand-removal and primary clarification. The maximum hydraulic capacity, or peak flow, of the treatment plant is 1,500 m³/h. The dry weather flow (Qdwf) amounts

    asked by VC
  35. Math

    A town clock has an hour hand that is 60 cm long. How many cm does the tip of the hand move each second?

    asked by Muneer
  36. Math

    A sweater regularly priced at $135 is on sale at 15% off. How much would you pay for the sweater, including taxes of 12%? (calculate the tax after discount).

    asked by Jefff
  37. math

    Ms. Olivieri’s class plays a game in teams. Each team has the same number of students. The ratio of teams to players is 8:32. How many students are in Ms. Olivieri’s class? How many students are on each team?

    asked by matthew
  38. Mathematics

    The table shows the number of beads used to make a necklace. Ginger wants to make a smaller necklace using the same ratio of pink to white beads. How many different necklaces could Ginger make? How do you know?

    asked by Karl
  39. art

    a graphic designer programs and add for an electronic game system for ages 5-10. which add image would be most effective in convincing parents who are concerned about the value of electronic games to buy the system?

    asked by Connections Academy user
  40. MATH

    Christy drove 300 miles on her vacation. She drove 1.25 time faster on the second 150 miles of her trip than on the first. Which expression represents the time she spent driving? Let x be her speed for the fist half. A. 375/x** B.337.5/x C.270x D.270/x

    asked by Math help PLEASSEEE
  41. reading

    An eclipse occurs when some celestial body in the heavens moves into the shadow of another celestial body. Earth has two types of eclipses: a lunar, referring to the moon, and a solar, referring to the sun. These happen when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Calculus

    Find d^5/dx^5 g(x) for g(x)=sinx+5x^4 A. cos x B. sin x + 120 C. -cos x +20x^3 D. -cos x + 120 x E. sin x

    asked by Stephanie
  43. math

    Which expression is equivalent to -1.3 - (-1.9)

    asked by guy
  44. Mathematics

    Murimi and naliaka both had each 840 tree seedlings.murimi planted equal nimber of seedlings per row in x rows while naliaka planted equal number of seedlings in (x+1)rows.the number of tree seedlings planted by murimi in rach row were 4 more than those

    asked by John
  45. History

    Which factor most likely caused a decline in Grange membership? A.Wheat prices decline. B.Spikes in railroad prices. C.Variances in freight costs. D.Farms faved severe drought.

    asked by Millie
  46. Algebra

    A cell phone company orders 400 new phones from a manufacturer. If the probability of a phone being defective is 2.1%, predict how many of the phones are likely to be defective. Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

    asked by Lindsey
  47. Careers

    Which careers can I choose from Consumer Studies , Tourism, Geography, Mathematica

    asked by Avuzwa
  48. Math

    Name the point with the given coordinates. (-4,2) Answers to test or help with the question please!!

    asked by Help please
  49. social studies

    How did the arrival of European settlers change life for indigenous people on the plains? The settlers and Native Americans used horses to hunt buffalo more effectively and carefully managing the resources. Settlers and the indigenous people of the Plains

    asked by 21 pilots (not really)
  50. Algebra II

    write an explicit formula for the sequence then find the fifth term a_1 = 3, r = -3 a. a_n = 3*(-3)^n-1; 243 b. a_n = -3*(3)^n-1; -243 c. a_n = 3*(3)^n; 243 d. a_n = 3*(-3)^n; -729 thank u!!

    asked by roo
  51. mathematics

    Mr. Allen tries the detergent shown to the right. He finds that he can do 8 loads using one bottle. What fraction of the advertised number of loads was he able to do?

    asked by Lola
  52. Math

    The original selling price of a jacket was $122. At the end of the week the price was reduced by 10%. At the end of the second week, the price was further reduced by 10%. What was the selling price of the jacket after two weeks?

    asked by Jefff
  53. math

    Two professional downhill skiers are racing at the speeds shown in the diagram. *Skier 1 is going 100 ft/s, and Skier 2 is going 110 ft/s. Skier 1 starts 5 seconds before Skier 2. The course is 5000 ft long. Will Skier 2 pass Skier 1?

    asked by ursula
  54. Math

    A 2.4-kg bag of grass seed covers an area of 1200 m^2. What area will 1 kg of grass seed cover? 1 point

    asked by Jefff
  55. Probability

    Q1 . Let X1 , X2 , X3 be i.i.d. Binomial random variables with parameters n=2 and p=1/2 . Define two new random variables Y1 =X1−X3, Y2 =X2−X3. We further introduce indicator random variables Zi∈{0,1} with Zi=1 if and only if Yi=0 for i=1,2 .

    asked by Anonymous
  56. English

    What is the appositive phrase in this sentence? My birthday gift, a new red bike, has been sitting in the basement all winter. birthday gift sitting in the basement a new red bike all winter

    asked by 21 pilots (not really)
  57. math

    How does cos(x)+2cos^2 (x) -1=0 become cos(x)=1/2 or -1?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Consumer Math

    Adena expects to write 16 checks a month. She has checking account B. How much will Adena pay for her checking account each month?

    asked by Sarah
  59. Physics

    The absolute pressure 20 m beneath the ocean is 303 kPa. Atmospheric pressure above the ocean is 101 kPa. What gauge pressure (in kPa) would a diver measure at this 20 m depth? Thanks

    asked by Andy
  60. Physics

    A football is punted and leaves the punter’s foot at a height of 1.00 m above the ground. The football’s initial velocity is 21.5 m/s 35o above the horizontal. (a) How far did the football travel horizontally before hitting the ground? (b) What is the

    asked by boggo
  61. medieval history

    How do the beliefs of being a Christian and being a Crusader contradict each other? How are the ideas of the Crusades used today for both Christians and Muslims?

    asked by sam
  62. English

    To Kill A Mockingbird chapter 23, What explanation does Atticus give to Jem for not taking action (legal or otherwise) against Bob Ewell? I can't figure out where this happens, I've reread the chapter multiple times and still can't figure it out. Please

    asked by A
  63. science

    Can someone check my answers or give me some help please?? An ecosystem is a community of living organisms and the nonliving components of the environment. Energy flows in an ecosystem in one direction through food chains, and a food web is made up of all

    asked by Laney
  64. Civics

    Over which part of the executive branch does the president have the most control?

    asked by Ummm i need help FAST
  65. math

    For x+3/x-4 is less than or equal to 0, why is the interval notation [3,4)?

    asked by bill
  66. English

    What is the agreement error in this sentence? Although they seemed inflamed, the site of the previous craniectomy seemed free of defect.

    asked by Alberta
  67. Algebra

    Another question! Continuing from my last question about the summation notation, would my first term that i’m finding start at two? I need to find the first four, so the first one (using 1) is 1. The second on (using 2) is -2. The third one (using 3) is

    asked by Jenn
  68. Math

    If i have a graph my x axis any y axis is max number 10. So the boxes go 0 space then second box 5 then space then 10. How do i determined what number is between for the blank box . I tried 2.5 ive tried 3 but it doesnt look right . So total of boxes and

    asked by Gissell
  69. algebra

    Stock exchange trading is based on the people being well aware of exponential changes. Suggest a suitable formula for describing a growth of seven percent per year.

    asked by Mike
  70. Chemistry

    Calculate the:a)Number of moles present in 25cm^3 of a 0.2M NaOH solution

    asked by Lucciana
  71. Mathematics

    Find the interest earned if RM 7500 is invested for 6 years at 6.4% compounded quarterly.

    asked by LIU
  72. Math

    Having a table where x goes 0,1,2 and y goes 6,9,21 How do i make equation . I tried the change of y over x . But im still not getting right answer

    asked by Stacy
  73. Mathematics

    RM X was deposited in a savings account at 4% interest compounded monthly. Forty months later, RM 4200 was withdrawn from the account and the balance was RM 4212.39. Find the value of X.

    asked by LIU
  74. Probability

    Let X1 , X2 , X3 be i.i.d. Binomial random variables with parameters n=2 and p=1/2 . Define two new random variables Y1 =X1−X3, Y2 =X2−X3. We further introduce indicator random variables Zi∈{0,1} with Zi=1 if and only if Yi=0 for i=1,2 . 1. Calculate

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Pre Calculus

    If you were to plot all of these polar points, which would not be the same? a) (2, 15pi/6) b) (2, pi/6) c) (-2, -5pi/6) d) (-2, 7pi/6)

    asked by Tim
  76. Physics

    A long rope is fixed at one end and the free end is made to oscillate in one plane at right angles to the rope with a frequency of 4Hz.The successive crest are 0.6 apart.Calculate the speed of the wave

    asked by Joy
  77. mathematics

    a retail store offers two different hourly compensation plans: plan A: $9.00 per hour Plan B: $7.50 per hour worked plus a $4.50 shift bonus graph the linear system when would the earnings from the two plans be the same?

    asked by kaylee
  78. history

    why were fur trade, Indians, settlement, and local government problems with westward expansion?

    asked by Lianne
  79. social studies

    Which of the following best explains why Intuits might have wanted to create a self-governing territory? The cultural landscape of the Intuits and Canadians are very similar. Intuits have a stronger economy and government than Canada.*** The Yukon

    asked by bee_bro
  80. English

    Explain “What is Hamlet ‘about’?” and “What are its enduring themes and messages?”.

    asked by maro
  81. MAth

    Evaluate. Write your answer as a fraction in simplest form. (1/2)4

    asked by Anonymous
  82. MATH

    Daniel bought a container shaped like a rectangular prism to hold his photo collection. If the container's dimensions are 6 in. by 8 in. by 10 in., what is its volume? plz help

    asked by Jayden
  83. social studies

    During the Constitutional Convention, a constitution was drafted defining the powers of the federal government. State at least 10 of these powers.

    asked by Lianne
  84. chemistry

    400 g of ice at -20C is put in a microwave with a power of 1000W. How long does it take for the water to heat up to 95C?

    asked by Juanita
  85. Chemistry

    What would be the change in energy for an atom when an electron goes from n=6 to n=3? I'm assuming it would be negative because you would have to lose energy to go down energy levels. Would that be correct?

    asked by Bob
  86. science

    In a food chain, the energy moves from organism to organism. Which of the following is the correct order of energy movement in a food chain? sun, carnivores, predators, herbivores sun, consumers, predators, producers sun, producers, herbivores, carnivores

    asked by Jiana
  87. Science

    Do you think the design of the non-removable pull tab will change again or is this the final design? Why?

    asked by Xavier
  88. Algebra

    I need help with this question: x^2-20x+24

    asked by Joseph
  89. Math

    If the central angle of a circle is 70 degrees and the arc length is 10 cm, what is the length of the radius?

    asked by Muneer
  90. Math

    Consider points A to F shown on the coordinate plane. What are the coordinates of points C, D, and E?

    asked by Help FAILING
  91. Government

    Under the federal system, some powers are shared by the state and national governments, while others are limited to either the national government or the states. Which of the following powers are limited to the state government? Select all that apply. * A.

    asked by jhvljh
  92. Math

    The dimension of a rectangular pool are 32.5 feet by 15 feet. The depth of the water is 5 ft. Each cubic feet contains 7.48 gallons of water. How many gallons of water to the nearest tenth are needed to fill the pool to 75 %

    asked by Margaret
  93. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the events arrange them from the event that came first to the event that came last. 1. Parliament urges Mary and William II to force the king from power. 2. The English king is overthrown. 3. Parliament askes Charles II to become king. 4.

    asked by Lexi
  94. mathematics

    If you roll a 6-sided die 6 times, what is the best prediction possible for the number of times you will roll a one?

    asked by marty
  95. Calculus

    Good afternoon. How would a formula be made for this question? I believe it is arithmetic. How many rows are in the corner section of a sports complex if the first row has 18 seats and the last row has 51 seats and each successice row has one additional

    asked by Sergio
  96. Math

    State the related acute angle for sin(-π/3) and then find the exact value I am getting 60 degrees, is this correct?

    asked by Muneer
  97. math

    Eliminate the parameter to find a description of the following circles or circular arc in terms of x and y. Give the center and radius and indicate the positive orientation. x=3sin(t), y=-3cos(t) ; 0 < t < 2pi

    asked by Amy
  98. prealgebra

    Step 8: Fill In the blank. What is the slope of the kangaroo's line? K=30h+80. Start is 80 1 hour is 110 2 hour is 140 3 hour is 170 4 hour is 200 5 hour is 230. Miles is 0, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300. For the start it shows 0 than 1, and 2, then 3,

    asked by Kevin
  99. Mathematics

    A single die is rolled three times. A success is considered rolling a 6. What is the probability of rolling at least one 6?

    asked by Breann
  100. Mathematics


    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    State the related acute angle for sin(-π/3) and then find the exact value I would really appreciate an explanation on how to get the answer

    asked by Muneer
  102. Math

    Elena went on a 6-mile walk. She completed the first half of the walk 1 mi/h faster than usual and the second half of the walk 2 mi/h slower than the first half. a. If it took her 7 .2 h to complete the walk, what is her usual rate? b. What is the formula

    asked by N/A
  103. Algebra 2

    Homework help!! ∞ Σn=1 -4(-1/2)^n-1 This converges at -2 2/3, or -2.66– Correct? The formula I used is a1/1-r. then i put -4/(3/2). then multipled by reciprocal. to get -8/3. then -2 2/3. and then to -2.66-

    asked by Jenn
  104. physics

    Two people push a box at the same time. A person pushes a 5 kg box with 15 N of force towards the north. Another person pushes the same box with 25 N of force towards the east. What direction does it get pushed at

    asked by anonymous
  105. social studies

    Theodosius decided to do what after his death?

    asked by Jessica
  106. English

    Apparently, the pandemic has set-off global issues in which affects many lives. There are restrictions, lockdowns along different adjustments from our normal life before the outbreak and we got no idea when this would end. What are your realizations

    asked by Dianne Pascual
  107. Calculus

    → n =〈−1,−2〉 and D=[−4 2] [4 3]. → What is D ⋅ n?

    asked by Lydiaa
  108. Tourism & Hospitality

    In light of the decision of the government with regards to reopening of tourism-related businesses and activities in moderation of the threats of Covid-19, what will be your motions to the tourism operators (such as safety measures) considering the safety

    asked by Dianne Pascual
  109. Algebra 2

    I made a new question because I don’t think the tutor will look back at my reply! Hopefully you guys don’t get mad at me. The sum of the reciprocals of two consecutive even integers is 9/40. this can be represented by the equation shown.

    asked by Jenn
  110. mathematics

    You set a goal to save at least 1,100 over a six week period. You are trying to decide between two plans. You are trying to decide between two plans Plan A: Deposit $100 the first week and deposit 25% more each successive week for the next 5 weeks Plan B:

    asked by Samuel
  111. math

    Prove the trigonometric identity. tan x+cot x/csc x cos x=sec^2 x __= sec^2x __= sec^2x __ = sec^2x __= sec^2x __ = sec^2x 1/cos^2x=sec^2x sec^2x=sec^2x

    asked by help plsplspls
  112. Math

    How do i write an equation that increases more or shows growth that f(x)=5^(x) Please i want to understand it if you can explain it to me. Because if i see it i would say 10^x

    asked by Gissell