Questions Asked on
May 15, 2020

  1. mathematics

    A chunk is named after the number of squares it contains, or sometimes by its shape. For example, all the dark grey chunks are called 4-chunks and one of them is a 2 by 2 chunk. The value of a chunk is the sum of the numbers on its squares. For example,

    asked by oscar
  2. Science

    Study the scenario. Avery shakes one end of a spring side to side. The wave travels from her end of the spring to the opposite end of the spring. Which of the following choices best describes the type of wave generated in the spring? It is a transverse

    asked by HELP!
  3. science

    Study the scenario. A match is lit in an isolated system. The match releases 40 J of heat energy. Which choice correctly describes what happens to the total energy of the system over time? The total energy of the isolated system eventually becomes zero

    asked by HELP!
  4. science

    Which of the following choices correctly describes the behavior of the sound wave as it moves from metal to air? The sound wave does not change speed, but refracts. The wavelength decreases while frequency increases. The sound wave slows down and refracts.

    asked by HELP!
  5. science

    Which choice most accurately defines resistance and voltage of a circuit? Resistance can be defined as the potential difference between two points in a circuit, while voltage is the amount of electrons moving through a point in a circuit every second.

    asked by HELP!
  6. science

    A tuning fork vibrating at 200 Hz is placed under water. If sound travels 1500 m/s through water, what is the wavelength of this sound wave? 300,000 m 7.5 m 0.13 m 1300 m

    asked by HELP!
  7. history

    How was the Marshall Plan designed to restore Europe in ways that discouraged the advance of Communism in Eastern Europe? Select all that apply. a. It included measures to revive bombed-out agricultural areas, helping reverse a postwar famine and earning

    asked by ana victoria maria
  8. science

    According to Faraday’s law, the voltage generated when a magnet is pushed through a coil is dependent on several variables. In addition to the rate of change of the magnetic field, which of the following choices affects the induced voltage? a) number of

    asked by HELP!
  9. science

    Electromagnetic generators generate electricity. Events that occur to generate electricity are listed below. What is the correct order of events? A. The initially stationary electrons in the wire experience a force. B. The conducting coil rotates. C. The

    asked by HELP!
  10. Math

    Which of the following are categorical data? A.numbers of inches of rain B.types of drinks C.lengths of movies (in minutes) D.weights of students Which best describes a statistical question? A.a question that contains numbers B.a question about numbers C.a

  11. History

    Which explains how the Cold War affected politics in Nicaragua in the 1980s? A- The country was blockaded by NATO because of its alliance with the Soviet Union. B- The United States armed Nicaraguan Contras against the Socialist government in a civil war.

    asked by John
  12. math

    a lock has a code of 5 numbers between 1 and 20 . If no numbers in the code are allowed to repeat, how many different codes could be made? so it is not 20C5 so can you tell me exactly what the answer is? I can try to figure out the other 9 questions from

    asked by ariana
  13. mathematics

    A motel has ten rooms, all located on the same side of a single corridor and numbered 1 to 10 in numerical order. The motel always randomly allocates rooms to its guests. There are no other guests besides those mentioned. a) Friends Molly and Polly have

    asked by oscar
  14. Spanish

    Answer the question with a complete sentence. write your answer in Spanish:Dónde duermes? my answer: En mi habitation.

    asked by Lizzie
  15. Science

    Which type of tectonic plate boundary is found between most of the Indian- Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate? Please use ESRT reference table.

    asked by PLEASE HELP ASAP
  16. science

    In the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin found many different species of finches (a type of bird) that seemed closely related. He proposed that the birds had all evolved from a common ancestor. Match the bird beaks below to the most likely food source.

    asked by eridan
  17. Science

    Calculate by dividing mass by volume

    asked by Anonymous
  18. math

    James has to choose his options in his final year at school. He must choose one subject from each of five different option groups. In the first group, there are six subjects to choose from. In the second group, there are four subjects to choose from. In

    asked by joseph
  19. calculus

    The Average value of f(x)=25−x^2 on the interval [0,1] is 74/3 Find a value c in the interval [0,1] such that f(c) is equal to the average value?

    asked by Aishah
  20. math

    A farmer wants to make a rectangular pen for his chickens. He has 1200 m of fencing. He will use one side of his barn for the pen. What dimensions will give the maximum area? What is the maximum area?

    asked by gabby
  21. math

    On Binary Island, the locals have only two letters in their alphabet: A and B. Sequences of these letters are called strings. The number of letters in a string is called its length. If a string has length n, then we call it an n-string. For example,

    asked by oscar
  22. chemistry

    Consider a solution of that is 0.0020 M K2SO4. Calculate the activity coefficient of K+.

    asked by naya
  23. mathematics

    If figure 5.17 to the right ABCD is a rectangle.if m (angle BDC)=54 degree then find m (angle ABD) and m (angle CBD).

    asked by Blon
  24. Statistics

    Each phone call by Ali consumes an amount of time that follows an exponential distribution with mean 5 minutes. The number of different phone calls Ali makes on any given day has a Poisson distribution with mean 3. Assume that a single call always falls

    asked by Alpha
  25. probability

    A committee must be formed with 4 teachers and 4 students. If there are 6 teachers to choose from, and 12 students, how many different ways could the committee be made? gracias

    asked by Ariana
  26. Mathematics

    A toy rocket is launched from a 3m platform, at 8.1 m/s. The height of the rocket is modelled by the equation h= -4.9t^2 + 8.1t + 3, where h is the height, in metres, above the ground and t is the time, in seconds. 1. After how many seconds will the rocket

    asked by Lulu
  27. English

    He underwent a left ankle block, Esmarch tourniquet was used just above his ankle. is this a FRAGMENT COMMA SLICE COMPLETE SENTECE or RUN ON SENTENCE

    asked by naira
  28. math

    A survey of high school juniors found that 82% of students plan on attending college. If you pick three students at random, what is the probability that at least two plan on attending college? Round to the nearest percent

    asked by nikki
  29. chemistry

    Calculate the molar solubility of AgCl in a 0.15 M solution of NH3(aq). (Ksp(AgCl) = 1.6 x 10^-10; Kf(Ag(NH3)2+) = 1.5 x 10^7)

    asked by naya
  30. Physics

    An electric iron, which draws a current of 5.0 A, is connected to a 240 Vrms supply. Calculate the energy consumed if it is used for 6 minutes. A. 432.0 kJ B. 375.0 kJ C. 17.3 kJ D. 7.2 kJ?

    asked by The orange baboon
  31. Algebra

    solve the following equation: x/x-2 + x-1 / x+1 = -1 Please help!

    asked by ?
  32. History

    Which explains why American and British intelligence agencies sponsored a coup to overthrow Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953? A- Mosaddeq ruled Iran through repression and terror, which were contrary to US beliefs in human rights. B-

    asked by John
  33. History

    What are petro-economics? A- the economics of countries who have quarries of marble and granite B- theoretical economic systems that are used as modern business models C- the industrial outputs of a nation over decades in and up and down market D- the

    asked by John
  34. science

    it is in thermal equilibrium and the temperature of the object increases it is in thermal equilibrium and temperature of the object decreases it is not in thermal equilibrium and the temperature of the object does not change it is in thermal equilibrium

    asked by HELP!
  35. science

    Light waves are traveling through glass. If the wavelength of some part of the light wave is 4 x 10-7 m and the frequency of that light is 5 x 1014 Hz, what is the speed of light through the glass? 8 x 10-22 m/s 1 x 107 m/s 1.25 x 1021 m/s 2 x 108 m/s

    asked by HELP!
  36. Math

    A hydraulic press has a ram of 30co diameter and plunger and a plunger of 4.5 cm diameter find the wight lifted by the hydraulic press when the force applied at the plunger is 500N?

    asked by Vikas kumar goyal
  37. calculus

    Find a function f and a number a such that x 2+∫ (f(t)/t^(5)) dt=6x^(−2) a f(x)= a=

    asked by Aishah
  38. calculus

    Provide the identity. Show all proper work. 2 sin xcos^3x + 2 sin^3 xcosx = sin(2x)

    asked by k
  39. Computers

    Your boss calls you from the road. She is trying to connect to the local hotel guest wireless network but there is a yellow shield displayed beside that particular wireless selection. She is asking you what that shield means. What do you tell her?

    asked by ta
  40. chemistry

    The Ksp for silver(I) phosphate is 1.8 × 10^–18. Determine the silver ion concentration in a saturated solution of silver(I) phosphate

    asked by naya
  41. Chemistry

    The method of standard additions was used to determine nitrite in a soil sample. A 1.00-mL portions of the soil extract sample was transferred to four 25-mL volumetric flasks. To each flask, increment volumes of a 1.00 x10-3M nitrite wasadded according to

    asked by Xian
  42. Physics

    The coefficient of friction sliding on wood is 0.30 what is the force that is needed to slide a wooden block weighing 500 N across a horizontal surface

    asked by LilYeet
  43. math

    Damien has designed a sculpture to enter in an art show. The sculpture is a composite shape made from two square pyramids and is covered in pieces of mosaic tile. 22in 16in and 30in What is the area of the sculpture that is covered in mosaic tile? A.

    asked by what?
  44. science

    what is a cladogram? explain how a scientist would use DNA or protein sequences taken from three different organisms to construct a cladogram. I'm pretty bad at short answer questions, and I have to get done with this test TODAY!!!! pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by cringe girl
  45. pre calc

    fill out the equation of a parabola with the focus of (-2,3) and the directrix is x=4

    asked by emma
  46. mathematics


    asked by lisa
  47. algebra

    I'm stumped on my homework. It's Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential. I need to figure out which function I should use. The table is: 0,1 1,1.2 2,1.44, 3,1.728 4,2.0736.

    asked by Patrick
  48. physics

    Hot Steel; Cold Ice: A 36.0 g block of ice sits at −50.0 °C under 1.00 atm constant pressure in a perfectly insulated container. A 225 g mass of stainless steel at 125 °C is dropped onto the ice, and the system is closed. When the system reaches

    asked by plshelpme
  49. science

    1,Which renewable energy sources did you use in your car? 2. What are the advantages of using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels? 3.Which renewable energy sources did you not include in your designs? Why didn’t you use them?

    asked by miah
  50. Intro to computers

    You have a Windows 2000 computer that has no built-in firewall so you were looking for third-party firewall to install which of these selections below will accommodate this? a) CC Cleaner b) zonealarm c) Microsoft Security Essentials or D) Malwarebytes

    asked by Amanda
  51. Math

    1. Tyler bought a pencil holder in the shape of a triangle prism, as a gag gift for his friend’s birthday 1a) He fills the pencil holder with sand before he wraps it to make it feel like a heavy, expensive gift. How much sand will he need to “borrow”

    asked by fizzydiddy
  52. History

    How did Latin America's economy change after independence? 1. Latin American countries exported farm products, minerals, and other resources to Spain and Portugal. 2. Latin America's economy did not change 3. Latin American nations were free to trade with

    asked by Jazmin :D
  53. Algebra

    Create a table for different values of x as the best solutoin to the equation 2x = 1000, with decimal precision.

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    2,31/20 and it wants the remainders

    asked by Joe
  55. physics

    Hot Steel; Cold Ice: A 36.0 g block of ice sits at −50.0 °C under 1.00 atm constant pressure in a perfectly insulated container. A 225 g mass of stainless steel at 125 °C is dropped onto the ice, and the system is closed. When the system reaches

    asked by help
  56. Math

    Which scenario can be modeled by a linear function? A - The area of a circle A can be determined using length of the diameter of the circle D B - the number of gallons of water used W is based on the number of minutes T a fire house is turned on if the

    asked by ee
  57. probability

    A committee must be formed with 4 teachers and 4 students. If there are 6 teachers to choose from, and 12 students, how many different ways could the committee be made? so if the answer is (6,4) *(12,4) do i multiply these?

    asked by ariana
  58. math

    a lock has a code of 5 numbers between 1 and 20 . If no numbers in the code are allowed to repeat, how many different codes could be made? so is the answer of 20C5 then 15,504?

    asked by ariana
  59. chem

    If the density of solid iron is 7.87 g/cm3 , what is the packing efficiency of Fe if it adopts a body‑centered cubic unit cell? The molar mass of Fe is 55.847 g/mol .

    asked by Michelle
  60. mathematics

    Igor is flying a kite. The kite is 170m off of the ground. The string of the kite and the line parallel to the ground form an angle of 68 degrees. Igor is holding the kite 1 m off of the ground. Approximately how much string has Igor let out?

    asked by me
  61. Math

    sin^- 1 (2sin pi/12 * cos pi/12)

    asked by sam
  62. computers

    uestion 20 (5 points) Your mom wants to start using some type of cloud storage so that she can access some of her important business files from anywhere without having to remote into another machine. What do you suggest? Question 20 options: a) TeamViewer

    asked by ta
  63. Mathematics

    A salesman receives a basic salary of#750,000 a year with a commission of 6% of the value of goods sold and a car allowance of #45 per km. (a) Find the total amount he received in a year in which he sells goods worth #9,373,000 and travels 10,000 km. (b)

    asked by Nifemi
  64. Computers

    You are trying to access the Wi-Fi network at a coffee shop. What protocol will this type of wireless networking most likely use?

    asked by ta
  65. chemistry

    Calculate the pH of the solution resulting from the addition of 75.0 mL of 0.15 M KOH to 35.0 mL of 0.20 M HCN (Ka(HCN) = 4.9 × 10^–10)

    asked by naya
  66. Mathematics

    If the third term of ap is 4 and ninth term of ap is -8 then which term of ap is zero

    asked by YADAV RUSHIK
  67. algebra

    solve 9*8^x=6

    asked by Anonymous
  68. statistics

    A class consists of 10 girls and 15 boys. 2 girls and 6 boys are left-handed. One Student is selected at random from this class, determine the probability that the selected student is:

    asked by bella
  69. Physics

    a particle is projected at angle tita to the horizontal with initial velocity u.if the horizontal distance and maximum height reached are 20m and 10m respectively. find the value of tita and u

    asked by Balikis
  70. Science

    Evidence of a chemicam chance includes

    asked by Casa
  71. Science

    Which image exclusively represents the príncipe of radiation?

    asked by Casa
  72. algebra

    the quantity y is partly constant and partly varies inversely as the square of x when y=6 what is y when x=10

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Mathematics

    A small pouch contains 8 black marbles 5 white marbles and 12 red marbles Find the probability of picking a red then a black marble if you do not replace the first marble

    asked by Jeremiah
  74. math

    Little Tommy built a train out of blocks. One-third of the train was made with blue blocks, 2/5 of the train was made with red blocks and the remaining eight blocks were yellow.

    asked by tOM
  75. Physics

    a 30 kg box is placed on a 40 degree inclined plane the coefficient of friction is 0.2 at what rate does the box accelerate down the incline

    asked by trentgamez
  76. mathematics

    Which cannot be represented by a linear function? The cost of a buffet is $7.25 per person. The population has an annual growth rate of 1.8%. The height of a plant grows a quarter-inch per week. A seahorse travels a distance of one foot per minute.

    asked by Jakayla Allison
  77. Social studies

    What aspect of physical geography most influence of development of city states in Greece

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Social studies

    1.Read the quote below from a northern schoolteacher and use the information to help you answer the question. “Wishing to work where there was the most need – there are so many places where nothing has been done for the freedmen, and where they are

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Physics

    Two objects (16 kg and 2 kg ) are released simultaneously on a 6 meter long frictionless inclined plane that makes an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal which one reaches the bottom of the hill at a greater speed

    asked by CargoplanejumboJet
  80. MATH

    write the fraction as a percent if necessary round to the nearest tenth of a percent 8/12 75% 80% 66.7% 33.3%

    asked by hello <3
  81. Algebra

    Consider the algebraic expression 5 (Evaluate the expression when a = 2.5. show your work) I NEED HELP, school is over next week and these are for my test corrections, Please help.

    asked by Adellina~
  82. Mathematics

    12 dogs and in the park two of them are chasing a ball of fraction of dogs are chasing a ball

    asked by Anonymous
  83. chemistry

    There are 5g of 131I left after 40.35 days. How many grams were in the original sample if its half-life is 8.07 days? What is the half life of a radioisotope if you started with 1 gram and 0.250 grams is left after 6 days? im not looking for a free answer,

    asked by malia
  84. Math

    An open-topped box can be created by cutting congruent squares from each of the four corners of a piece of cardboard that has dimensions of 30 cm by 40 cm. Determine the dimensions of the squares that must be cut out to create the box with a volume of 1872

    asked by Jermane
  85. Music

    Mozart worked to develop many sonatas. What is one part of his sonatas? A. Climax B. Exposition C. Cadence D. Appendix I don’t know the answer and I need help soon, I think it might be A but I don’t know.

    asked by Josie
  86. Geometry

    Gandalf took a piece of paper 5'' by 12'' and made a cylindrical can with it. He then put a top and bottom on the can and computed the can's surface area. Frodo did the same with another piece of 5'' by 12'' paper getting a different solution. Compute the

    asked by Alyssa
  87. mathematics

    Given the equation y = 3x − 4, what is the value of y when x = 4?

    asked by Student 10
  88. algebra

    for -(-3 + 4) distribute the negative outside the parentheses to both the -3 and the 4

    asked by Emma
  89. social studies

    which of the following statements is false A.the refining of oil into gasoline increased the production of automobiles in the U.S 1916 there were about 200,000cars in Texas and 1.5 million by 1936. C.the great depression nearly eliminated all

    asked by me
  90. Algebra

    A student earned 81, 71, 78, 69 - hat do they need to score on the next test to have an average of 80.

    asked by James
  91. Algebra

    Write an explicit formula for the following sequence a1=1875,r=0.2

    asked by Jill
  92. mathematics

    You and your friend enjoy riding your bicycles. Today is a beautiful sunny day, so the two of you are taking a long ride out in the country side. Leaving your home in Sunshine, you ride 6 miles due west to the town of Happyville, where you turn south and

    asked by troy
  93. Calculus

    for function f(x)=4x-2x^3 a.) Find the general formula for the slope of the tangent line using the definition of derivative. b.) Find the slope at x=1

    asked by Sarah
  94. Mathematics - Finance

    A small company set up a new investment project on 1 January 2017. The initial investment on that date was £2.5 million with a further £2 million required after nine months, on 1 October 2017. It is expected that from 1 January 2019 to 1 January 2032

    asked by S
  95. Albebra

    I divert descended and a constant rate of 15.81 feet every three minutes

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Chemistry

    How many total atoms are in 0.560 g of P₂O₅?

    asked by Sam
  97. probability

    a lock has a code of 5 numbers between 1 and 20 . If no numbers in the code are allowed to repeat, how many different codes could be made? Thank you

    asked by ariana
  98. Social studies

    1. What belief united the Progressive movement? A) that society's problems could be solved B) that education needed reform C) that there should be a federal income tax D) that political bosses should not hold office 2. What was the main reason for the

    asked by Question
  99. science

    Hot Steel; Cold Ice: A 36.0 g block of ice sits at −50.0 °C under 1.00 atm constant pressure in a perfectly insulated container. A 225 g mass of stainless steel at 125 °C is dropped onto the ice, and the system is closed. When the system reaches

    asked by help
  100. Mathematics

    What is 3^7 x -9^2?

    asked by Student 11
  101. Probability

    if 80 are people donating blood, what is the expected number of people with type O blood if those who have O blood are 26%?

    asked by Brandon
  102. Math

    Given f(x) = (x+2)/(x+4) and g(x) = (x+2)/(x-2) find when f(x)>=g(x) I've plugged the reciprocals into Desmos, but I'm having difficulty I'm also unsure of what to do with the interval chart.

    asked by Muneer
  103. Calculus

    The definite integral of x*(sqrt x^2-400) with an upper limit of 29 and lower limit of 20. After using U-substitution and plugging in the limits I keep getting 32.078 which is wrong, and apparently the right answer is 3087. What am I doing wrong?!?! Please

    asked by Jay
  104. English

    An effective thesis statement should be _[blank]_. Which option best completes the sentence? -short and simple -focused and specific -long and complex -general and universal

    asked by Mady
  105. Algebra

    The profit in a company is $3 million. Set up two functions that indicate the profit y $ after x years if the profit is expected to increase by 10% each year and decrease by 5% each year.

    asked by Mike
  106. math

    An Auto mechanic charges $45 for a house call plus $30 per hour for any work done For one cilent's house call the mechanic charges a total of T dollars Which equation represents this situation where h is the number of hours of work done A - T = 30h +45 B -

    asked by OwO
  107. science

    In order for gravitational potential energy to be stored, there must be __________. an object positioned at some height outside a gravitational field an object positioned at a height of 0 in a gravitational field an object in motion an object positioned at

    asked by HELP!
  108. Math

    A chef orders carrots and celery in bulk the chef orders 2.2lb more carrots than celery the two orders weigh 10.8 lb combined what is the weight in pounds of the carrots

    asked by eeee
  109. Math

    An Auto mechanic charges $45 for a house call plus $30 per hour for any work done For one cilent's house call the mechanic charges a total of T dollars Which equation represents this situation where h is the number of hours of work done A - T = 30h +45 B -

    asked by gfgf
  110. Mathematics

    N(t)= 30t^2-31t+-,2

    asked by Gaganpreet
  111. World Studies

    Who are the most important gods in Hinduism? A. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Avatar B. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva C.Vishnu, Shiva, and Shakti D.Rudra and Brahma I think its b

    asked by liz
  112. chem

    The radius of a single atom of a generic element X is 179 picometers (pm) and a crystal of X has a unit cell that is body-centered cubic. Calculate the volume of the unit cell.

    asked by JAmes
  113. Precalculus

    A contractor needs to know the height of a building to estimate the cost of a job. From a point 92 feet away from the base of the building, the angle of elevation to the top of the building is found to be 40°32’. Find the height of the building. Round

    asked by C
  114. English

    Sentences adjectives or adverbs? 1) why did you arrive so early 2) try to draw the line straight

    asked by Moh
  115. science

    A physician calls and says that all the blood glucose results for his patients- from whom blood is drawn in his office and then sent to the laboratory – show low blood sugar/glucose. The physician states that there must be a problem with the laboratory

    asked by arbert
  116. Pre-Algebra

    I'm so confused. I keep trying to do this on paper, but I keep coming up with different answers. Can you please walk me through this? The question is asking me to find the polynomial that goes with the model. It gives me one large white square, two

    asked by John
  117. Math

    Explain how you determine the location of a horizontal asypmtote from a rational function

    asked by Muneer
  118. Calculus

    For the function g(x)=radical 5-x Find the general formula for the instantaneous velocity using the definition of derivative

    asked by Damien
  119. Calculus

    Find the least amount of lumber that will be needed to form an open box with a square base and a capacity of 32m^2

    asked by Kayla
  120. mathematics

    what is the exact value of 1/sin30°-1/tan60°cos°?

    asked by gm
  121. chemistry

    A total of 506 J of heat are added to 50.0 g of water initially at 15.0 °C. What is the final temperature of the water? The specific heat of liquid water is 4.184 J/g °C.

    asked by Betelihem
  122. Physics

    You are stopped at the end of the merge lane at the entrance to a motorway because traffic is dense with cars at a distance of 200m from each other with no larger gaps in sight. They are all travelling at a steady 90 km/h. You have no choice but to join

    asked by Kat
  123. physics

    Find the acceleration of a box being pulled with an applied force of 320.0N at an angle of 30° from the horizontal. The µk between the floor and the box is 0.30 the box weighs 80 kg

    asked by Jeremy Bearimy
  124. math

    A lock has a code of 5 numbers between 1 and 20 . If no numbers in the code are allowed to repeat, how many different codes could be made?

    asked by joseph
  125. mathematics

    what is the exact value of 1/sin 30 - 1/tan60cos45?

    asked by xyla