Questions Asked on
May 14, 2020

  1. Physics

    Which of the following temperatures (in c) is equivalent to 312k

    asked by Amna
  2. Chemistry

    A BS Medical Technology student was asked to determine the molecular weight of a diprotic acid using acid-base titration. This student performed four trials. Firstly, the student used potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP, 204.22 g/mol) as standard to

    asked by el
  3. English

    Why is “The Prodigal Son” considered an example of allegory? Select all that apply. 1. The plotline has a clear conflict and resolution. 2. The characters symbolize ideas about human life. 3. It is a story with characters who possess superhuman

    asked by Julian
  4. English

    Which is a central idea from The Epic of Gilgamesh? A. Not all of the gods agree with Enlil’s plan to destroy humankind. B. Only some of the animals aboard the ship survive the flood. C. The captain of the ship was gifted with Utnapishtim’s

    asked by J
  5. Chemistry

    One student calibrated a 50-mL burette by using the mass of water delivered. The student used an analytical balance which was previously calibrated by STEEL (density = 7.8 g/mL). During calibration, the temperature of water was found to be 19.0oC. The

    asked by el
  6. Chemistry

    How many moles of the analyte P is gravimetrically equivalent to P2O5?

    asked by m
  7. History

    Which of the following best describes Richard Nixon’s policy towards the Soviet Union? A. He relaxed tensions through détente. B. He enforced a boycott of the Olympic games. C. He convinced the Soviets to lower oil prices. D. He negotiated an end to a

    asked by connexus student
  8. Chemistry

    Two analysts each made six determinations of the paracetamol content of the same batch of tablets. The results are shown below: ANALYST A: Paracetamol content % (m/m) = 84.32, 84.51, 84.63, 84.61, 84.64, 84.51 ANALYST B: Paracetamol content % (m/m) =

    asked by m
  9. Physics

    A block and tackle system of 5 pulleys is used to raise a load of 500N steadily through a height of 20m.The work done against friction is then 2000J.Calculate the efficiency of the system.

    asked by Thomas
  10. Physics

    A rod moves on two horizontal frictionless conducting rails, as shown. The magnetic field in the region is directed perpendicularly to the plane of the rails and is uniform and constant. If a constant force of 0.60 N moves the bar at a constant velocity of

    asked by AAA
  11. English

    Why does the white knight consider himself a white knight?

    asked by Jdhdbd
  12. chemistry

    molarity of 0.6N aluminium sulphate is?

    asked by sreuhti
  13. maths

    A quadratic curve passes through the points (-2,0)and(1,0).Find the equation of the curve in the form ax^2+bx+c,where a,b and c are constants

    asked by Lucciana
  14. Mathematics

    The sum of two numbers is 38.when 8 is added to twice one of the numbers,the result is 5 times the other number.Find the two numbers

    asked by Tejumade
  15. English

    what impact did the novel have on you as a reader would you recommend the novel to a friend why or why not support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from the novel.

    asked by Yiam
  16. History

    The following events are related to the United States’ conflict with Iran over oil. Drag them into the order in which they occurred, with the earliest on top. The price of gas in the United States skyrocketed. Iran decided to stop the shipment of oil to

    asked by Lilly
  17. calculus

    Below is the graph of f '(x), the derivative of f(x), and has x-intercepts at x = -3, x = 1 and x = 2 and a relative maximum at x = -1.5 and a relative minimum at x = 1.5. Which of the following statement is true? (it's a positive cubic function graphed

    asked by funyuns
  18. Chemistry

    If a current of 2.5A flows for 2hrs 45mins through a water voltameter. Determine the volume of hydrogen gas at s.t.p. [molar volume of gasesat s.t.p = 22.4dm3.?

    asked by The orange baboon
  19. Algebra

    Diana has 3 1/4 bags of nuts.Each bag holds 4 1/2 pounds.How many pounds of nuts does Diana have?

    asked by Jose Palacios
  20. social studies

    describe the migration to South Texas in the 1900s

    asked by me
  21. Chemistry

    One student calibrated a 50-mL burette by using the mass of water delivered. The student used an analytical balance which was previously calibrated by STEEL (density = 7.8 g/mL). During calibration, the temperature of water was found to be 19.0oC. The

    asked by Shiro
  22. Science

    A 30 kg object has 3 forces acting on it - one 40 N force to the right, one 20 N force to the right, and one 30 N force to the left. What is the acceleration of the object?

    asked by 4279
  23. Chemistry

    3HCl(aq)+HNo3(aq) Cl2(g)+NOCl(g)+2H2O(l)

    asked by Liya
  24. Science

    For a certain spring, the spring constant is 500.0 N/m. Use the Hooke's law to determine the force required to stretch the spring a distance of 0.030 m.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Physics

    The figure shows a cross section of three parallel wires each carrying a current of 15 A. The currents in wires A and B are into paper, while that in wire C is out of the paper. If the distance R = 5.0 mm, what is the magnitude of the force on a 4.0-m

    asked by AAA
  26. Mathematics

    What is the present value (PV) of an investment?

    asked by Rama
  27. physics

    suppose you have a garden hose of diameter 2 cm and you use it to fill a 25 litre bucket with water. suppose it takes 1 minute to do that. what mass of the water will flow out of the hose into the bucket in that 1 minute? ?

    asked by Nelsy
  28. maths

    The sum of n terms of the sequence 3,9,15,21 is 7500.Determine the value of n.

    asked by Lucciana
  29. calculus

    What is f(x), if f '(x)=sinx/x and f(4)=4 f(x)=?+integral?

    asked by Pleas
  30. Physics

    Chocolate begins to melt between 40°C and 45°C depending on the different components of chocolate. Assume that the melting temperature for chocolate is 43°C, and that heat transfer between the marshmallow and chocolate is perfectly efficient. Given

    asked by Ana
  31. math

    The circle graph shows the results of a budget Riley created for his expenses during his junior year of college. cg10 Riley has a total budget of $5,000. How much money is he allocating for housing expenses?

    asked by nathaniel
  32. Math

    How many terms of the A.P, 1+4+7+.......are required to make a sum of 590?

    asked by Joey
  33. Math

    The sales taxes of a province are 8%. How much tax do you pay on a $59.10 purchase?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math

    Raymond wants to make a box that has a volume of 360 cubic inches. He wants the height to be 10 in. and the other dimensions to be whole numbers of inches. how many different sized boxes can he make?

    asked by Yixuan Wang
  35. Math

    11. Which of the following expressions is true? A. 4^3 * 4^4 = 4^12 B. 5^2 * 5^3 > 5^5 C. 3^2 * 3^5 > 3^10 D. 5^2 * 5^4 < 5^8 12. Which of the following expressions true? A. 2^4 * 2^3 = 2^12 B. 3^3 * 3^6 > 3^8 C. 4^2 * 4^2 > 4^4 D. 5^5 * 5^2 = 5^10 I think

    asked by Dancer
  36. algebra

    A bouncy ball is dropped such that the height of its first bounce is 4 feet and each successive bounce is 79% of the previous bounce's height. What would be the height of the 11th bounce of the ball? Round to the nearest tenth (if necessary).

    asked by $antana
  37. math

    what is 4.3 percent of a 3400 dollar loan

    asked by jessica
  38. History

    In the late 1800s and early 1900’s, Canada advertised free land in European newspapers. What effect did these advertisements have on Canada’s population? A). The Canadian population remained mostly indigenous people or people of French or British

    asked by ooooooof
  39. mathematics

    Which statement is not true about the absolute value of -6

    asked by Guethdarhson
  40. History

    How did the 1980’s recession affect United States farmers? A)> Since the population was rising, the demand for American farm products was high and family farms prospered. B)> Demand for farm products decreased while interest rates for loans increased.

    asked by MIKE WILL
  41. Criminology

    Which standard for the insanity defense do you think seems most likely to produce the fairest results? intoxication diminished capacity unconsciousness insanity defense

    asked by simp
  42. Social Studies

    How did the geography affect how cultures developed in the Pacific island nations? I just have a question about this question. Was the geography a good or bad thing? While I was reading about it I had a hard time telling if it was good or bad. That's all

    asked by You're Beautiful
  43. Mathematics

    The Question is: Three angles in a triangle are given by 4x+10, 3x+15, and 2x+20. a) Draw a diagram, and write an equation linking these angles together. b) Solve the equation for x. c) State the value of the three angles in the triangle. What I want to

    asked by Luca
  44. Math

    Suppose we have two coins (coin A and coin B ), and we conduct two independent experiments in which a single coin is tossed four times. The outcomes of the experiments are presented in the table below. We use H to denote a Heads and T to denote a Tails.

    asked by Vince
  45. Math

    Now assume we do not know which coin is tossed in each experiment, and we decide to use the EM algorithm to estimate θA,θB . Suppose we initialize the parameters as θ0A=0.6 and θ0B=0.4 . Also, we initially think coin A and coin B are selected with

    asked by Vince
  46. Chemistry

    One student calibrated a 50-mL burette by using the mass of water delivered. The student used an analytical balance which was previously calibrated by STEEL (density = 7.8 g/mL). During calibration, the temperature of water was found to be 19.0oC. The

    asked by nica
  47. Chemistry

    One student calibrated a 50-mL burette by using the mass of water delivered. The student used an analytical balance which was previously calibrated by STEEL (density = 7.8 g/mL). During calibration, the temperature of water was found to be 19.0oC. The

    asked by nicS
  48. physics

    Find the force required to move a 25 kg crate South across the floor (µ = 0.45) at a uniform speed.

    asked by Reneh
  49. science

    The distance between compressions of a longitudinal wave is a measure of its _____. A.)speed B.)wavelength*** C.)amplitude D.)frequency

    asked by seas.Fire32
  50. physics

    Two people push a box at the same time. A person pushes a 5 kg box with 15 N of force towards the north. Another person pushes the same box with 25 N of force towards the east. What is the net force on this box?

    asked by trystan
  51. Physics

    A circular loop of radius 25 cm is sitting in a perpendicular magnetic field of 0.2 T. If the magnetic field strength remains the same value of 0.2 T, calculate the induced EMF in the loop.

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Physics

    A rectangular coil moving at a constant speed v enters a region of uniform magnetic field from the left. While the coil is entering the field, the direction of the induced current is

    asked by AAA
  53. Social Studies

    What country’s government is Brazil’s government most like? * Portugal Italy United States

    asked by help final exam
  54. science

    A car traveling at a speed of 30.0 m/s encounters an emergency and comes to a complete stop. How much time will it take for the car to stop if it decelerates at -4.0 m/s2 ?

    asked by lupe
  55. Social Studies

    Which is one negative consequence of the Spanish colonization of Middle America? * New foods were brought to Middle America New diseases were brought to Middle America. New animals were brought to Middle America.

    asked by help final exam
  56. science

    A cart rolling down an incline for 5.0 seconds has an acceleration of 4.0 m/s2 . If the cart has a beginning speed of 2.0 m/s, what is its final speed?

    asked by lupe
  57. science

    A helicopter’s speed increases from 25 m/s to 60 m/s in 5 seconds. What is the acceleration of this helicopter?

    asked by lupe
  58. Math

    True or False: A horizontal asypmtote and an oblique asymptote have a similar effect on the graph of a rational function Explain how you know.

    asked by Muneer
  59. Mathematics

    How do I do this I do not undrstand what they mean by arithmetic or geometric.Please help me?

    asked by Reese ali
  60. Math

    When the polynomial f(x)=5x^4 + 4x^3 + 3x^2 + Px + Q is divided by x^2 - 1, the remainder is zero. Determine the value of P + Q

    asked by Muneer
  61. math

    Complete the five-number summary for the data set: 5, 2, 1, 3, 3, 6, 4, 2, 7.

    asked by bob
  62. Math

    Quinn measured the heights of several books on his bookshelf. He drew a box and whisker plot to look at the data set. Complete the five-number summary. What percent of the books are shorter than 8 inches? What percent of the books are taller than 8 inches?

    asked by bob
  63. mathematics

    2x-3y+4z=19 x-2y+z=9 3x-y+2x=10

    asked by Anonymous
  64. mathematics

    2x-3y+4x=19 x-2y+z=9 3x-y+2x=10

    asked by melissa
  65. Algebra

    Which function describes the arithmetic sequence shown? 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, ... A) ƒ(x) = 4x − 4 B) ƒ(x) = 4x − 3 C) ƒ(x) = 4x − 2 D) ƒ(x) = 4x − 1

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Mathematics

    what is the surface area of the square pyramid ? A. 168,750 square yards B. 5625 square yards C. 14,625 square yards D. 20,250 square yards

    asked by Student 9
  67. physics

    Find the acceleration of a box being pulled with an applied force of 320.0N at an angle of 30° from the horizontal. The µk between the floor and the box is 0.30

    asked by trystan
  68. Physics

    Which choice correctly describes the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum? The bands within the spectrum are made of fluctuating electric and magnetic fields and have a wide range of frequencies and wavelengths. The bands within the spectrum are made of

    asked by HELP ME ASAP
  69. History

    Pericles was a famous leader from ancient Athens. Pericles once said that Athens was a democracy because A. Athens was ruled by a king. B. Athens was ruled by rich people. C. Athens was ruled by many people. D. Athens was not ruled by anyone.

    asked by coolkid82
  70. Physics

    A 1.0 kg rock is thrown straight upward with an initial speed of 8.0 m/s. What is its speed when it reaches a height of 1.6 m?

    asked by Kaia
  71. physics

    A group of particles is traveling in a magnetic field of unknown magnitude and direction. You observe that a proton moving at 1.50 km/s in the +x direction experiences a force of 2.25𝑥10−16𝑁 in the +y direction and an electron moving at 4.75 km/s

    asked by Luigi
  72. Science

    A skateboarder is traveling at a constant speed to the left. Suddenly, two forces start acting on him - one 5 N force to the front and one 5 N force to the back. Which describes the motion of the skateboarder when those two forces suddenly act on him?

    asked by ewadocn
  73. Science

    A 30 kg object has 3 forces acting on it - one 40 N force to the right, one 20 N force to the right, and one 30 N force to the left. Which statement best describes the motion of the object?

    asked by eennuu
  74. Physics

    Car A has an initial speed of 0 m/s and a final speed of 25 m/s over 10 seconds. Car B has an initial speed of 25 m/s and a final speed of 15 m/s over 10 seconds. Car C has an initial speed of 15 m/s and a final speed of 25 m/s over 20 seconds. Car D has

    asked by efnao
  75. Math

    Can someone correct this for me if i have it wrong can you explain to me .thank you. I have a table with following numbers . X/y 0/20 1/10 2/5 There to find the function of x F(x)= 20×2^x

    asked by Gissell
  76. science

    For a certain spring, the spring constant is 500.0 N/m. Use the Hooke's law to determine the force required to stretch the spring a distance of 0.030 m.

    asked by Jack-D
  77. Science

    The original volume and pressure of a gas sample were 8.0 L and 125 kPa. If the pressure is increased to 200.0 kPa while the temperature is kept constant, what is the new volume of the gas in the container.

    asked by Bobby
  78. Math

    Room is 4.2 m long and the flooring boards run lengthways. The flooring joists (supports) are set out at 400mm centres. All flooring boards must join on a joist. The timber merchant supplies flooring boards in the following lengths:- 2.7 m 3.0 m 3.6 m 3.9

    asked by Hero
  79. Math

    1/2 of N2.50

    asked by Fola
  80. Physics

    A drop of oil of volume 12^-10m^3 spreads out on water to make a circular film of radius 11^-2m calculate the thickness of the film

    asked by Matilda
  81. science

    Solve 10^(2x)=32

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Mathematics

    The bearing of Q from P is 300 degrees and the bearing of R from Q is 120 degrees, if Q is equidistance from P and R, find the bearing of R from P.

    asked by Hajai
  83. geography

    any city on the South of Tropic of Capricorn?

    asked by Aarav
  84. math

    what does each space between numberrs represent

    asked by eeman
  85. algebra

    find the approximation of the function (x^3-2x^2x^2x-1)/(x^2+2x+1)

    asked by David
  86. math

    If you roll a 6-sided die 6 times, what is the best prediction possible for the number of times you will roll a six?

    asked by grace
  87. Social Studies

    What do the Five Pillars of Islam require Muslims to do five times a day? A. feast B. fast C. pray*** D. give charity That's what I have as my answer but can someone plz check to make sure its right?:(

    asked by I need help with this
  88. physics

    Read the following paragraph from the introduction [paragraphs 1-3]. Holiday lights are a great way to learn about the flow of electric current. In a simple circuit, including one in an incandescent light bulb, electricity travels through a closed circuit,

    asked by Anonymous
  89. vocabulary

    Choose the word that best completes the sentence. When I let go of the trapeze,-------- I was glad for the of the net below. shock innate pressure resistance>> producer scavenger

    asked by sally
  90. Economic

    if 1,200 units were traded,total social surplus would be equal to ____deadweight-loss would be equal to _____

    asked by Izzie
  91. geometry

    A spinner has 5 equal sections numbered 1 to 5. What is the probability of the spinner stopping on a number that is a multiple of 2 or is less than 3?

    asked by yilianauh
  92. Science

    Hiya! I am writing an essay about landforms for science! I need a synonym for carve that gives one the impression of an enormous force just scooping out sections of the Earth's surface. (I am writing about glaciers and their eroding capabilities.) Thank

    asked by CellLover727
  93. social studies

    Why might personal saving decisions be important? * 1 point It is more important to spend money than to save it Spending money on unneeded items can save you money Saving money can help you prepare for unexpected expenses Having a savings account can help

    asked by speedycake
  94. Science

    what position is the moon in during a spring tide?

    asked by Thomas
  95. History

    How did the arrival of European settlers change life for indigenous people on the plains? Settlers and the indigenous people of the Plains shared ideas and ways of doing things, continuing to always occupy the same land. The arrival of settlers had no

    asked by ooooooof
  96. Math

    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a number other than 6? A: 1 B: 1/3 C: 5/6 D: 1/6 Please please please help me on this question i'm trying not to fell on Connexus and this is my last quiz for the whole year and

    asked by Danii
  97. history

    whats a word meaning greek like

    asked by lololol
  98. Math

    does anyone know what the blanks are? "K" is called the CONSTANT OF _____ or the CONSTANT OF ____. It is also equal to the slope.

    asked by 123
  99. Math

    please help with the blanks If two triangles have TWO pairs of corresponding angles that are ___ the triangles are ___.

    asked by smile
  100. science

    Labels for Illustration of the Life Cycle of an Average Star You are making an illustration of the life cycle of an average star and the life cycle of a massive star as part of a computer animation. Drag each item to indicate whether it is a label for an

    asked by rick
  101. geometry

    Is every closed shape a polygon? Use a drawing to explain your answer

    asked by Scarlett
  102. Java Programming

    Which type of performance analysis is most commonly represented by Big O notation? best case worst case average case first case

    asked by anonymous
  103. Math

    6÷ 2(1+2)= ?

    asked by Alarha
  104. Chemistry

    Which statement best describes the balanced chemical equation? KNO3(s) + 34.89 kj—->K+(aq) + NO3-(aq)

    asked by Ari
  105. Geometry


    asked by Alexus
  106. Math

    Select the formula(s) for E-steps and M-steps. (Choose all that apply). E-step: update Qti(z(i)) based on x(i) and the previous value of θt−1 . Qti(z(i)):=P(z(i),x(i)|θt−1) Qti(z(i)):=P(z(i)|x(i),θt−1) Qti(z(i)):=P(x(i)|z(i),θt−1) M-step:

    asked by Vince
  107. Math

    We define an infinite-horizon discounted MDP in the following manner. There are three states x,y1,y2 and one action a . The MDP dynamics are independent of the action a as shown below: At state x , with probability 1 the state transits to y1 , i.e.,

    asked by Vince
  108. English

    Which of the following is the best reason to use visuals in a research presentation? A. to illustrate your main point in an engaging manner*** B. to illustrate any topic with data in percentages C. to show different ways of looking at the same information

    asked by IAMHERE!
  109. science

    The particles in a medium are disturbed by a wave, causing them to move up and down from their rest position. The maximum distance they move represents _____. A.)the wavelength of a longitudinal wave B.)the amplitude of a transverse wave*** C.)the

    asked by seas.Fire32
  110. Science

    A 20 kg object at rest has

    asked by Jeanettee
  111. Algebra

    6x + 5 =89 What properties of equality can justify the two steps in the solution? Step 1: 6x +5=89 6x+5-5=89-5 6x=84 Step 2: 6x/6 = 84/6 X=14 A. Addition property and multiplication property B Addition property and division property C subtraction property

    asked by Bubble bath
  112. Chemistry

    The solubility product for Ir3PO4(s) is: Ksp = 2.74 times 10^-18. Determine what the molar solubility is of Ir3PO4 in water?

    asked by Bobby