Questions Asked on
May 13, 2020

  1. Physics

    A bike is travelling at a velocity of 7 m/s. The cyclist brakes for 2 seconds when a dog runs out in front of her. The bikes new velocity is 4m/s. Calculate the acceleration of the bike

    asked by Laura
  2. History

    what kind of arrangement is agreed to in this contract? A.sharecropping codes C.grandfather clause S.Ten Percent Plan

    asked by help me pls
  3. spanish

    What foods are you eating if you’re eating “la leche” and “el pan” for breakfast? A. milk and bread B. butter and marmalade C. coffee and tea

    asked by no name freak
  4. science

    Read the scenario. A cyclist starts at a position of 0 m and takes 3 s to move east to a position of +8 m. He then cycles west to a position of +5 m which takes an additional 2 s. What is the cyclist’s displacement? -5 m - 8 m +5 m +11 m

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Physics

    A loop of wire (resistance = 2.0 m) is positioned as shown with respect to a long wire which carries a current. If d = 1.0 cm, D = 6.0 cm, and L = 1.5 m, what is the magnetic flux (in Wb )in the loop at an instant when the current in the wire is 100 A?

    asked by AAA
  6. Chemistry

    One student calibrated a 50-mL burette by using the mass of water delivered. The student used an analytical balance which was previously calibrated by STEEL (density = 7.8 g/mL). During calibration, the temperature of water was found to be 19.0oC. The

    asked by tanjiro
  7. math

    The time t required to drive a certain distance varies inversely with the speed r. If it takes 2 hours to drive the distance at 67 miles per hour, how long will it take to drive the same distance at 55 miles per hour? 1.64 134.00 2.45 61.00

    asked by what
  8. History

    1. What was a big difference between the Texas Constitution of 1836 and the Texas Constitution? 2. After analyzing the similarities and differences of the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution of 1845, what conclusion can be made? 3. why does the

    asked by Mia
  9. History

    For my study guide: Why does the current Constitution of Texas divide power in the executive branch? How is flag burning justified as a form of free speech? Why is it important for citizens to take an active role in Texas government? Compare the types of

    asked by Peridot 5XG
  10. Social Studies

    What can be inferred by the passage of the black codes? A. Many southerners were willing to allow African Americans equality B. Many white Southerners wanted African American to remain as servants** C. Many white Southerners wanted African Americans to

    asked by Ⓙⓤⓟⓘⓣⓔⓡ
  11. English

    in act 2 scene 4 of a Christmas carol scrooge and Marley what are the two women and man selling to old joe. T

    asked by knuixcndoei
  12. History

    Where did the Nazis carry out most of the murders that were the main part of a final solution? A. in death camps B. in slave labor camps C. in ghetto D. in Polish cities

    asked by Question
  13. Physics

    As shown in the figure two loops carry currents with I1 = 3.6 A and I2 =9.4 A. The radii r1 = 12.5 cm and r2 = 18.5 cm. If a long current carrying wire is placed at point A parallel to Y axis, find the magnetic field at the origin. The long straight wire

    asked by AAA
  14. History

    why did Mackenzie king and other world leaders like Chamberlain follow a policy of appeasement?

    asked by ariana
  15. Chemistry

    A sample of nitrogen occupies 11.2 liters under a pressure of 580 torr at 32◦C. What volume would it occupy at 32◦C if the pressure were increased to 700 torr?

    asked by Sarah
  16. Language Arts

    Could someone please review my thesis statement? Any suggestions how to make it better? Anne Frank's family experienced two years of extreme hardship during the Holocaust in hiding as a Jewish family, they were captured and sent to a concentration camp

    asked by Marshall Mathers
  17. Physic

    A sample of radium weighs 1000g.How long will it take to decay to 125g if its half-life is 1620 years?

    asked by Jeffery
  18. American History

    Why did it take nearly a century for the full effect of the Fifteenth Amendment to be felt? I can't find the passage in my textbook and I'm confused. I know what the fifteenth amendment means but not this.

    asked by Student 8
  19. Math

    In a study, a fish and game department worker catches, tags, and frees 124 catfish in a lake. A few weeks later he catches and frees 140 catfish. 35 have tags. Estimate the number of catfish in a lake. (Hint: set up and solve a proportion).

    asked by Help please
  20. chemistry

    Which of the following correctly relates the two equilibrium constants for the two reactions shown? A + B ⇄ 2 C, K₁; 2 A + 2 B ⇄ 4 C, K₂.

    asked by Jan
  21. Physics

    If a ball is fired at a rod pivoted at one end and the ball sticks to the rod and the ball-rod system rotates, then how does conservation of linear momentum work? There was linear momentum before, but after the collision it is all angular momentum? Does

    asked by Joy
  22. mathematics

    convert r=6cos(theta) to rectangular coordinates

    asked by Hannah
  23. Mathematics

    An urn contains 10 red balls, 6 green balls, 15 orange balls, and 14 blue balls. If one ball is randomly drawn from the urn, what are the odds against the ball being green? State your answer as a ratio using a colon to separate the two numbers.

    asked by John
  24. chemistry

    How much heat is absorbed by 100 g of ice at -20 deg C to become water at 0 deg C? The specific heat of ice is 2.06 J/gC.

    asked by Savita
  25. chemistry

    An Unknown gas effuses at a rate that is 0.355 times the rate of oxygen gas effuses at the same temperature, calculate the density of this gas knowing that density of oxygen is 1.429 grams per liter.

    asked by mostafa
  26. Math

    6 is one-third of a number, s

    asked by Tiana
  27. Algebra

    Solve: 0.3*10^(3x) = 32 (again says) a. With an exact answer. b. Decimal form with one decimal accuracy. c. Decimal form with three values of accuracy.

    asked by Mike
  28. Science

    Analyze the effect of scientific and technological institutions on New Mexico. Include at least two institutions and two effects in your response.

    asked by A PERSON
  29. science

    Speed is defined as __________. the change in acceleration over time the change in velocity over time the distance traveled over time the change in position and direction over time

    asked by Anonymous
  30. English

    what impact did the novel have on you as a reader? would you recommend the novel to a friend? why or why not? Support your response with at least 2 pieces of evidence from the novel. the novel is dragonwings

    asked by bruhh
  31. Algebra

    The diameter of a semicircle is 4 millimeters. What is the semicircles area

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Algebra

    Solve the equation lgx=−17 This question bothers me, cause its supposed to be higher level but I'm confused here if lg is maybe log or if its asking for three numbers that equate to -17.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Physics

    I1 = I2= I3 = 4.00A. If d = 33cm, what is the magnetic field at A? How to I get to the answer 1.71*10^-6T to the right

    asked by AAA
  34. Science

    Which gas found in the Earth's atmosphere greatly impacts the daily range of temperature on Earth. A) oxygen B) hydrogen C) nitrogen D) water vapor

    asked by Thomas
  35. English

    Why did King Eury send Hercules to get the Girdle of Hippolyta? Group of answer choices a. King Eury wanted it. b. His daughter Hera wanted it. c. King Eury's wife wanted it. d. It didn't actually exist. i dont know much about hercules

    asked by Joe
  36. Calculus

    lim (arccsinx)(cotx) x-->0+ How do I solve this limit using L'Hopital's rule?

    asked by Sky
  37. Math

    Why is it that the 1/2 pizza was not reciprocate and where from the 1/5

    asked by Samuel
  38. chemistry

    Which of the following is the correct form of the equilibrium constant expression for the following reaction?A(aq) + B(aq) ⇄ D(aq) + E(aq)

    asked by mmm
  39. chemistry

    Consider the reaction 2 A ⇄ 2 D + E. If K = 5 at Temperature T, which direction will this reaction proceed if [A] = 0.5 M, [D] = 1.5 M and [E] = 0.5 M at temperature T?

    asked by Jan
  40. algebra

    The function d(t)=-2t^2+7t+4 most closely represents the height(h) of the golf ball in feet after t seconds. How high does the golf ball reach?

    asked by alany
  41. chemistry

    A voltaic cell is constructed based on the following reaction and initial concentrations: Fe2+(0.0050 M) + Ag+(2.0 M) ↔ Fe3+(0.0050 M) + Ag(s) Calculate [Fe2+] when the cell reaction reaches equilibrium.

    asked by Odel
  42. Physics

    A 20.0-kg crate sits at rest at the bottom of a 11.0 m -long ramp that is inclined at 36 ∘ above the horizontal. A constant horizontal force of 290 N is applied to the crate to push it up the ramp. While the crate is moving, the ramp exerts a constant

    asked by Austin
  43. math

    In the fruit bowl there are 3 apples, 4 bananas, and 4 pears. What is the ratio of pears to ALL fruit?

    asked by alyssa
  44. mathematics

    Write the complex number 6-6i in polar form with argument θ between 0 and 2π.

    asked by Hannah
  45. chemistry

    If the concentration of some reactant, B, is tripled, the rate of reaction triples. What is the order of B?

    asked by Jan
  46. chemistry

    How many Joules are needed to melt 1 gram of 0 deg C ice and turn it to water at room temperature of 23 deg C?

    asked by Parvati
  47. math

    A code is made up of two letters from the English alphabet followed by a twodigit number. How many codes are possible if The letters and digits can be repeated in the same code?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. English

    The word of the day in the previous session was pandemonium. What word class does it belong to? i have no clue. im only allowed certain sites on my ipad so cant google it.ughhhh idk wat to do

    asked by rubie ray
  49. Physics

    The figure shows the orientation of a rectangular loop consisting of 80 closely wrapped turns each carrying a current I. The magnetic field in the region is ( ) mT. The loop can turn about the y axis. If the direction between area and magnetic field is

    asked by AAA
  50. algebra

    Solve 10^x - 0.47 * 10^x = 220 a. With an exact answer. b. Decimal form with one decimal accuracy. c. Decimal form with three values of accuracy.

    asked by Mike
  51. Math

    5c-3d+115c−3d+115, c, minus, 3, d, plus, 11 when c=7c=7c, equals, 7 and d=8d=8d, equals, 8.

    asked by jd
  52. Physics

    A relative density bottle of mass 25g has a capacity of 50cm 3 . The bottle is completely filled with methylated spirit, and its mass is 65g. The bottle is emptied and some salt is then put into the empty bottle and then weighed, the mass now is 50g.

    asked by Fred
  53. calculus

    Sand is poured at the rate of 10 m cube /min so as to form a conical pile whose altitude is always equal to the radius of its base a) How fast is the radius increasing when it is 5 meters? b) Find the rate at which the area of its base is increasing when

    asked by google
  54. Mathematics

    2m+n=0 equation 1 2m+2n=3 equation 2

    asked by Dada Alex
  55. Science

    Which of the following shows evidence of continental drift? A. Fossil evidence B. Glacial deposits C. Match up of landforms, rocks, and other resources D. All of the above My answer is D. am i right?

    asked by Phoenix
  56. mathematics

    Gerald buys a bag of 7,500 assorted beads online. A random sampe of 150 beads contains 17 red beads. Predict the number of red beads in the bag of assorted beads that Gerald bought.

    asked by Yolanda Mwita
  57. physics

    In an experiment, 2.0 grams of sodium hydroxide* are dissolved in 100 g of water. The temperature of the water goes from 21°C to 25°C. a. Does dissolving sodium hydroxide require or release heat?

    asked by helppp
  58. Physics

    A body of weight 4N rest on a plane inclined at 30degree to the horizontal. What force keep it from sliding from the plane?

    asked by Koko
  59. Math

    Is a cubic metre of diamond worth 10,000,000,000 rupees?

    asked by Asim Ahmed
  60. biology

    How might the diversity of organisms in an area CHANGE after secondary succession has occurred. Give examples of producers and consumers that might be affected. Write in complete sentences.

    asked by ariana
  61. physics

    How do I convert 1672 J into kJ/g

    asked by helppp
  62. algebra 2

    evaluate each geometric series described 21) -3 + 15 - 75 + 375..., n=6 22) 1 + 5 + 25 + 125..., n=8

    asked by felix
  63. Math

    I am cutting a string that is 20 feet long into halfs each time . So i have A table that goes X/y 0/20 1/10 2/5 3/2.5 How do i write the function for it to show the number of cuts i did . I know my starting point is 20 but its not multiplying its dividing

    asked by Gissell
  64. Chemistry

    A gas has a volume of 6.0 liters at a pressure of 380 torr. If the pressure is increased to 760 torr, what will be its new volume?

    asked by Sarah
  65. social studies

    what action did the first continental congress take to show its disapproval of english policies

    asked by oof
  66. Calculus

    The function ƒ(x) = x3 – 3x + 2 is increasing on the interval -1 < x < 1. True or False

    asked by help
  67. algebra 2

    determine the number of terms n in each geometric series 21) a_1 = -2, r = 5, S_n = -62 23) a_1 = -3, r = 4, S_n = -409 thank u! :-)

    asked by marina
  68. Calculus

    f ƒ′(c) = 0 then ƒ(x) must have a local extreme point at x = c.

    asked by calchelp
  69. Mathematics

    Given that cosA=4/5 and sinB=15/17 where A and B are acute angles,find the value of cos(A-B)

    asked by Kealeboga
  70. Chemistry

    A sample of a gas occupies 4164 milliliters at 20.0◦C and 5644 torr. What volume would it occupy at the same temperature and 346 torr? Answer in units of mL.

    asked by Sarah
  71. Science

    Imagine that you work in a company that builds robots. You are asked to design a robot with hydraulic arms that can help out in the home. a) List some of the activities that this robot could use its hydraulic arms for. b) Why would hydraulic arms be better

    asked by Xavier
  72. science

    Consider the situation. Scientists discovered a sedimentary layer of earth with high amounts of the element iridium. This layer was laid down about the time at which the dinosaurs went extinct. Iridium is rare in Earth’s rocks, but it is commonly found

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Maths

    A trader purchased 10 dozen eggs at 300 naira per dozen. On getting to his shop, he found that 20 eggs were broken. How much did he sell the remaining eggs if he made a pro fit of 10%?

    asked by The orange baboon
  74. math

    Find the distance between two cities on a map if the scale used is 12 in. = 20 mi. and the cities are 55 miles apart. Give answer in decimal form.

    asked by ok
  75. science

    A paleontologist organized information about horse fossils found over time and created this diagram as a result of his information. What does his diagram show? The horse has NOT changed over time, The horse will eventually become extinct. Horses developed

    asked by gamzee makara
  76. English

    what do you think the fox-faced furs with brady black eyes symbolize?

    asked by shira
  77. pre algebra

    can someone please help me? i don't know what the blank is. the __ of the two smaller squares (a^2+b^2) will always equal the area of the largest square (c^2).

    asked by stressed and depressed
  78. algebra

    At the birth of a baby, a couple decides to make an initial investment of C at the rate of 7% compounded annually so that the amount will grow to $30,000 by her 10th birthday. What should their initial investment be? Round to the nearest dollars.

    asked by Sophia
  79. Math

    So far on its tour, a band sold out 24 shows and did not sell out the other 15 shows. What is the experimental probability that the band's next show will be sold out?

    asked by kayden buskirk
  80. History

    What distinguishes James Baker III's career from other Texas leaders? A. He served as the governor of Texas. B. He was never elected to a public office. C. He was the only U.S. senator. D. He was the only one that didn't run for president.

    asked by Peridot 5XG
  81. Science

    A hiker climbs a hill 300m high and weighs 50kg. Calculate the power if she takes 1 hour to climb the hill

    asked by Lame
  82. biology

    This is a type of photochemical air pollution that is a result of the interaction of sunlight with certain chemicals in the atmosphere. This type of air pollution is very hazardous to your health.

    asked by bug
  83. Math

    One day at 3:00 AM the temperature was -22 in Kodiak Alaska. At 11:00 AM the temperature was 42 degrees. What was the average change in temperature per hour? PLEASE HELP!!!

    asked by Rubyumi
  84. Calculus

    Convert (x-1)^2 +y^2=1 to a polar equation

    asked by Calculus
  85. Physics

    How much work is done by a tree to stop a 25.0 g arrow traveling at 75.0 m/s if it embeds itself 6.00 cm into the trunk?

    asked by Jared
  86. Physics

    How much work is done by a tree to stop a 25.0 g arrow traveling at 75.0 m/s if it embeds itself 6.00 cm into the trunk?

    asked by Harry
  87. Science

    Which best describes a correct order of the water cycle? * 1 point precipitation, runoff, condensation, evaporation, precipitation precipitation, runoff, evaporation, condensation, precipitation precipitation, evaporation, condensation, runoff,

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Physics

    A dock worker slides a 65.0 Kg crate at a constant speed 35.5 m across a cement floor with a coefficient of kinetic friction of .633. How much work does friction do on the crate? How much work does the dock worker do on the crate?

    asked by Bill
  89. Physics

    A pyrotechnician launches a 255 g shell with a blast of 945 J, how high did it go?

    asked by Stuart
  90. Physics

    A paratrooper fell 370.0 m from an airplane without his chute opening. He landed in a snow bank, creating a crater 1.10 m deep, but survived with only minor injuries. Assuming the paratroopers mass was 80.0 Kg and his terminal velocity of 30.0 m/s. What

    asked by Michael
  91. Physics

    A car begins to descend a 15.0o hill at a speed of 75.0 Km/hr and the driver puts the clutch in and lets the car coast down the hill with a vertical drop of 152 m. At the bottom of the hill the road begins to climb again at an angle of 8o until the road

    asked by Bob
  92. Physics

    Tarzan, an 85 Kg jungle brute, was running along a branch at a speed of 7.5 m/s 15 m above a level jungle floor. He grabs a 17 m vine and swings up to the maximum height where he grabbed a 25 m vine hanging at a 45o angle and swung on. At the bottom of the

    asked by Robert
  93. physics

    what is the name of the area surrounding earth which is influenced magnetic filed (shown in the diagram)? explain why the north geographic pole is actually the earth's south magnetic. please help

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    A bank loaned out $53,000, part of it at the rate of 13% per year and the rest at a rate of 6%per year. If the interest received was $5350, how much was loaned at 13%

    asked by Elijah
  95. math

    A ferris wheel has a radius of 9m. The centre of the wheel is 11m above the ground. The Ferris wheel rotates at a constant speed of 12° per second. What is the amplitude?

    asked by anonymous
  96. Mathematics

    A closed rectangular tank 180cm height, 300cm long and 200cm wide is made of metal sheet which cost #8.50 per square metre. Calculate the cost of metal sheet used in making the tank.

    asked by Anonymous
  97. mathematics

    Can anyone help me with this question from Connexus's grade 8 polynomials unit test? Thank you! 23. Shannon and Kristoph are dividing numbers written in scientific notation. (3 points) Shannon’s expression: Kristoph’s expression: 4.2x10^9 4.2x10^2

    asked by Glitter
  98. math

    a=6,9,12,15,18,… Find the closed form: an=

    asked by jim
  99. pre algebra

    what is the blank? if "y varies directly with x", it is a ___ relationship where y=kx.

    asked by poppyseed
  100. Engineering

    Consider a diesel-fired steam power plant that produces 400 MW of electric power. The turbine inlet conditions of 5 MPa and 500°C and a condenser pressure of 25 kPa. The state of the water at the inlet of the pump is saturated liquid. The steam has

    asked by hhuu
  101. Math

    The distribution of SAT scores of high school seniors in the US have a mean score of 1025 and standard deviation of 172. a) What range of scores lie between 2 standard deviations of the mean?

    asked by Sarah
  102. Science

    A falling object is said to be at terminal velocity when the force of gravity pushing it down is exactly counterbalanced by the force of air resistance (a special case of friction) pushing up on it. Given that the net force on an object at terminal

    asked by Jessica Redondo
  103. mathematics

    convert (-sqrt2, -sqrt6) to polar coordinates with r > 0 and 0 ≤ θ < 2π.

    asked by hanna
  104. Chemistry

    You are given one litre each of 0.5 M HCl and 0.2 M. The ratio in which they should be mixed so as to give maximum volume of 0.4 M HCl should be

    asked by Rinku
  105. math

    what is 172 rounded to the nearest hundredths

    asked by nina
  106. chemistry

    The decomposition of acetaldehyde has a rate constant of 4.71 × 10⁻⁸ L/mol/s. What is the instantaneous rate of decomposition of acetaldehyde in a solution with a concentration of 5.55 × 10⁻⁴ M?

    asked by Jan
  107. Social Studies

    Describe the effect of geographical location on agriculture in each Civilization--Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas. Describe the difference between adapting to and modifying one's environment. Give an example of each Why did the Spanish settle and conquer Central

    asked by Ta'Nyiah
  108. Math

    can someone please help me? i don't know what the blanks are. In any right triangle, the SUM of the ___ of the shorter sides(a and ) will equal the ___ of the longest side, c. In other words..... a^2+b^2=c^2

    asked by :))
  109. Social Studies

    how does eastern Europe's geography effect the farming in the region

    asked by HEAVEN