Questions Asked on
May 12, 2020

  1. English

    Read the passage. Zeke and Petra went to the horse show over the weekend, they said they saw Arabians and other breeds performing in the show ring. Which answer correctly explains what is incorrect about the passage? A. A comma splice is used to connect

    asked by Sara
  2. Chemistry

    Baking powder is stoichiometrically matched between baking soda and tartaric acid, and 1/3 of the mass of baking powder is baking soda -- this is because the molecular weight of cream of tartar is roughly twice that of baking soda. If the density of baking

    asked by Jon
  3. Physics

    100 sec is it correct? Assume that it takes 10,000 Joules of energy to raise 100 grams of cake batter from room temperature (23 ∘ C) to 90 ∘ C (fully cooked). How many seconds would it take for a 100-Watt light bulb to output this much energy? Note: 1

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Physics

    Can you help me please? A slice of pizza contains about 290 Calories, which is equal to about 1200 Kilojoules. If you burned your pizza as fuel to power an oven with a 1000W output, how long would one slice power this oven? Assume complete conversion of

    asked by Ana
  5. Earth science

    Over the past century, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has_____ This has led to _____heat being held in the troposphere, where infrared radiation is _____ likely to encounter a greenhouse gas molecule and be_____ the first dash

    asked by Neko
  6. History

    Which suggests the most critical aspect of the peak oil theory? A) Saudi Arabia will soon have to begin fracking, leading to protests and further destabilization. B) Controversy rages over rumors that the fracking lobby in Washington has influenced the

    asked by Avery
  7. math

    If a distribution is skewed to the left, which of the following is true of the data set? Select two answers. A. The mean and the median are equal. B. The median is the best measure of center. C. The IQR is the best measure of variation. D. The mean is the

    asked by idk
  8. History

    6. The President is the head of the executive branch for the United States. Who is the head of the executive branch for the state of Texas? * 1 point Governor Mayor Justice of the Peace Sherriff 7. Which issue turned Texans against Truman? * 1 point The

    asked by Anonymous
  9. math

    0.85 rounded to the nearest gram

    asked by kingjbezzy
  10. Science

    The Northern and Southern Hemispheres experience opposite seasons and different day lengths, no matter what time of year. What is the best explanation for these variations in seasons and daylight? A) The Moon orbits in a path around the hemisphere not

    asked by Thomas
  11. Chemistry

    Toy ovens made for children often use incandescent light bulbs as a heat source. Incandescent light bulbs are relatively inefficient at generating light. Approximately 95% of the energy they use is emitted as heat instead of light: that's bad for the

    asked by Jon
  12. algebra

    how many terms of the arithmetic sequence {1,3,5,7,...} will give a sum of 961?

    asked by key
  13. Physics

    Can you help me please.. S'mores are an American treat that consists of a roasted marshmallow and some chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. Ideally, the chocolate is not so solid that it is difficult to bite through but also solid enough that

    asked by Ana
  14. Algebra 1

    The arch support of a bridge can be modeled by y=-0.0012x^2 where x and y are measured in feet. Find the height and width of the arch. I don't know how to even attempt to solve this... If you know how, can you PLEASE help asap!!

    asked by A
  15. geometry

    There are 11 clean individual socks in your sock drawer. There is only one matching pair among them. In the dark, you reach into the drawer and randomly pick 2 socks. What is the probability that you choose the matching pair? Write your answer as a

    asked by gianna
  16. history

    which statement correctly describes an effect of the railroads' monopoly on transportation to and from Washington?

    asked by panda
  17. mathematics

    A chess club with members is electing a new president. Aldo received votes. What percentage of the club members voted for Aldo?

    asked by Aldo
  18. Chemistry

    Calculate the potential of a platinum electrode immersed in a solution that is 0.1996 M in V(OH)4 ^+ . 0.0789 M in VO^2+ and 0.0800 M in HClO4

    asked by Alex
  19. Social studies

    What was the Supreme Court's decision in the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson case? A.The Declaration of Independence implies that Americans should be united. B.People must be considered equal under the law from the 14th Amendment. C.Segregation should be

    asked by HELP ASAP
  20. Social Studies

    Which situation is typical of a limited government? A.A small group of wealthy elites control the political process.*** B. Every government action is supported by a majority of voters. C.The government allows direct elections of all government members.

    asked by Retro Fox
  21. social studies

    Political corruption can directly hurt a country’s economy because A. Citizens have to pay off politicians. B. It wastes money that can be invested C. Citizen lose confidence in their elected officials D. Government leaders may be forced out of power

    asked by Max
  22. Earth Science

    Which layer of the atmosphere has the widest variation in temperature?(1 point) thermosphere exosphere troposphere stratosphere mesosphere I think that it is the stratosphere.

    asked by Neko
  23. Social studies

    1.Why have so many refugees came to Minnesota from places in Southeast Asia and Somalia? Please Help!!!

    asked by need help!
  24. science

    Earth's energy sources include both renewable and nonrenewable resources. Name at least three sources of energy that could be used in your house.Then describe the ideal energy source for generating most of your home's electricity and explain why you chose

    asked by lil.beachhhhh
  25. Chemistry

    How many moles of each product are formed when 3.65 grams of H2SO4 react to with KOH?

    asked by 'Zena Hanner-Buckley
  26. Math

    your drawer contains 6 red socks and 10 blue socks. its to dark to see which are which, but you grab two anyway. what is the probability that both socks are red? i know what the answer is (3/40) but I don't know how to get it. and I need to show my work

    asked by anonymous
  27. Chemistry

    Chemical formulae of tetraoxosulphate(4)acid

    asked by Adam
  28. English

    If you want to feel really well, you should get enough sleep Question 3 options: a) properly constructed sentence b) lacks parallel parts c) comma splice d) misplaced words

    asked by Tristin
  29. Math

    The four shapes to the right are each drawn with a horizontal base and a vertical height. Figure A is a right-angled triangle, Figure B is an isosceles triangle, Figure C is a square, and Figure D is a rectangle. The figures are not drawn to scale. Using

    asked by Carl
  30. algebra

    find the sum of the following arithmetic series and write in summation notation a. 4, 11, ... to 16 terms b. 19, 13, ... to 10 terms thank you so much!

    asked by benji
  31. Science/Math

    The revolution of the moon around the earth makes the moon appear as if it is changing shape. From Earth we see the moon grow from a thin crescent to a full moon, and then shrink back to a thin crescent again. The phases of the Moon depend on its position

    asked by Thomas
  32. Algebra

    Solve 1 * 10^(6/x) = 1000

    asked by Mike
  33. geography

    What major river flows through Burma?

    asked by Joe
  34. Math

    1. You can construct congruent triangles if you know which of the following? A. The Measures of two Angles B. The Measures of three Angles C. The Measures of two Sides D. The Measures of three Sides** Please help! Any of the t est answers would help :(

    asked by H
  35. Calculus

    The marginal cost of a product is modeled by: 14/cube root of 14x+5. Where x is the number of units. X=15, C=120. a) Find the cost function C= b) Find the Cost in dollars of producing 80 units I am lost as how to get the fraction at the beginnning of the

    asked by April
  36. geometry

    The graph of 2x − y= 7 is a line. The graph of x^2− 10x + y^2 + 4x = −4 is a circle. The line intersects the circle in two points. Find the coordinates of these two points.

    asked by anonymous
  37. Science

    When the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, how is the Moon most likely seen? A) New Moon B) Full Moon C) Half Moon D) Quarter Moon

    asked by Thomas
  38. English

    Which sentence is punctuated incorrectly? Lennie felt a cold coming on, so he went shopping for supplies: throat lozenges, tissues, cough medicine, and vitamin C. The author who is speaking today has written several works on historical subjects, including:

    asked by I hurt meh foot ;-;
  39. maths

    in an arithmetic progression the fifth term is 34 and the fifteenth term is 9.Which term in this progression is -6

    asked by h
  40. Physics

    An object is placed 5.0 cm from front of a concave spherical mirror of focal length 20 cm. what type of image would you expect?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. English

    Is this correct : I have never watched a most frightening film in all my life

    asked by Maryanne
  42. Mathematics

    A Ferris wheel at an amusement park reaches a maximum height of 50 metres and a minimum height of 4 metres. It takes 30 minutes for the wheel to make one full rotation. a. If a child gets on the Ferris wheel when , how high will he be after riding for 15

    asked by Nick Too
  43. Social Studies

    Which sentence best describes how the process of westward expansion affected American political culture? A.The need for labor led to the abolition of slavery and increased respect for personal liberty. B.The concept of expansion led to an accepting

    asked by Retro Fox
  44. Social Studies

    Which of the following is a stated purpose of the United States government under the Constitution? Select the two corect answers. A.acquire new territories B.promote the general welfare*** C.represent all citizens equally D.generate wealth for businesses

    asked by Retro Fox
  45. Mathematics

    1. A rectangular rug has a length of 3 ft and width of 1 ft. A similar rug has a length of 9 ft. What is the width of the similar rug?

    asked by Mya
  46. Math

    Question: The sum of two numbers is 70.4. One of the numbers is 9 times the other. What are the two numbers? Answer: 63.36 and 7.04

    asked by Hello
  47. Algebra 2

    Given the arithmetic sequence 11, 5, -1, ..., find . [Show all work.] how to solve?

    asked by Nora
  48. Earth Science

    Which shows the stars in the correct order, from smallest in size to largest?(1 point) white dwarf, red supergiant, Sun Sun, red supergiant, white dwarf white dwarf, Sun, red supergiant Sun, white dwarf, red supergiant I think C.

    asked by Neko
  49. mathematics

    if x is directly proportional to y3 and x=32 when y=2

    asked by abdulahad
  50. Math

    Find the value of the variable in each proportion. a) 3:5 = g:65 b) h:8 = 56:64 c) 16:m = 20:35 d) 36:8 = 81:f

    asked by Xavier
  51. Mathematics

    Habib wants to cover a kitchen wall in ceramic tile. The wall is 42 42 feet by 10 10 feet. What is the side measure of the largest square tile that he can use to cover the whole wall so there is no overlap or cutting? A,1 foot B,2 feet* C,6 feet D,10feet

    asked by Whatup
  52. algebra

    Find the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression 15 + 4n + 1. 19; 79; 1,039; 16,399 31; 79; 271; 1,039 23, 27, 31, 35 none of these

    asked by taylor
  53. math

    A rectangular box has a length of 12 inches and a width of 4 inches. The length of the three-dimensional diagonal of the box is 14 inches. What is the height of the box? I would like to see how to get this answer so I would like a formula or a equation for

    asked by rick
  54. geography

    Which description best fits the climate of Indochina? a hot and dry b cold and dry c hot and wet d cold and wet

    asked by Joe
  55. Math

    Events related to the Poisson process can be often described in two equivalent ways: in terms of numbers of arrivals during certain intervals or in terms of arrival times. The first description involves discrete random variables, the second continuous

    asked by Ken
  56. Mathematics

    A boy that is 3 ft tall casts a shadow that is 2ft long find the length of the shadow of a 9 ft tall basketball hoop

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math

    Two spheres are used in a certain machine. One has a volume of 7 cm3 and the other has a volume of 189 cm3. The radius of the small sphere is what fraction of the radius of the large sphere?

    asked by Carl
  58. English

    I am struggling to write an invited reading for 'to kill a mockingbird'. I don't really know how to write it or even what to write.

    asked by sienna
  59. trig/precalc

    A 82-ft tree casts a shadow that is 130 ft long. What is the angle of elevation of the sun? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)

    asked by lexi
  60. English

    What is the meter of line 37?(The River) "To fish and contemplate" A. stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed B. unstressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, unstressed, stressed, C. unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed,

    asked by tacker lee
  61. English

    The River 1. I sit on the bank in my special place, 2. Feel the breeze that lifts my hair, 3. And watch the ripples run across the river. 4. It is so peaceful here. 5. Deep enough to justify a fishing pole, 6. Quiet enough for my every thought, 7. The

    asked by Archie T
  62. maths

    i still dont get : Jacob is baking chocolate chip cookies. The recipe uses 3/4 cup of sugar. Jacob wants to make one-half of a batch. How many cups of sugar does he need? 1/4? In the fridge, Hannah had 2/3 of a quart of milk. She used half of this milk

    asked by rubie ray
  63. Mathematics

    In triangle abc a equal to 29 b equal to 36 b equal to 15.8cm find a

    asked by Chidera
  64. Mathematics

    A man spent P3135 of his net salary on entertainment.if the amount spent on entertainment is P303 , calculate his salary

    asked by Lukisha
  65. Mathematics

    Rono cycled from town R at an average speed of 72Km/h and took 3hours30minutes to reach town s.kepha cycled the same distance and took 4 hours. At what average speed was kepha cycling

    asked by Ezra
  66. physics

    An electron moving

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Mathematics

    In a class,30 offer Biology,21 offer Chemistry and 22 offer Physics.15 offer Physics and Biology,10 offer Physics and Chemistry and 13 offer Biology and Chemistry.2 offer Physics only,3 offer Chemistry only and 7 offer Biology only. a.illustrate this

    asked by Wendy
  68. math

    whats the product of 1 2/3 and 3 and 3/4 ?

    asked by riley
  69. Math

    If u have 180 books and the weight of the books is 30 kilograms then how much is each book If u have 150 books whats the weight of each book now

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Science

    The freezing point depression constant for water is 1.86 degree C. If 5.00g Na2so4 is dissolved in 45.0g H20 ,the freezing point is changed by -3.82 degree C . Calculate the van't Hoff factor for Na2So4

    asked by Poonam
  71. maths

    Opa distributes 12 coins of 1 euro between his three grandchildren. Jan must receive at least 4 euros, Els and Piet must each receive at least 3 euros. Piet may receive a maximum of 4 euros. In how many ways can the money be distributed?

    asked by Anna
  72. maths

    𝑉3𝑛2=𝑃4.𝐶𝑛𝑛−2−5.𝑃3 find n

    asked by david
  73. Math

    So the questions are: 4. A standard cube with the number 1 through 6 is rolled. Find the probability of rolling a number less than 4 1/4*** 1/3 1/2 2/3 5.A number cube is rolled 360 times and the results are recorded as followed. 41 ones, 54 two's, 62

    asked by Danii
  74. science

    Name three types of evidence used to support the theory of evolution. Explain how scientists use each type of evidence to provide support for evolution. Give one example of each. Help me out here. I don't know anything about evolution.

    asked by name of names
  75. algebra

    The volume of a cone is 48 cubic inches. The radius is 1.3 meters. Determine the height of the cone. Use 3.14 for π. Round your answer to the nearest tenth. Show all your work. please help me im stuck and im not even sure where to start

    asked by Help me please ;-;
  76. Social studies

    What is a caucus? A.a meeting of the Electoral College to vote for president B.a process to determine the members of the Electoral College C.a small election to gauge a state’s support for different candidates D.a small convention to determine which

    asked by HELP ASAP
  77. Math

    Using the numbers 3, 2, and 4, which of these problems would have a solution of 4? A. 4 • start fraction 2 superscript 3 baseline over 2 superscript 3 baseline end fraction B. 2 • start fraction 2 superscript 3 baseline over 2 superscript 4 baseline

    asked by Just a gamer
  78. Social Studies

    What is the purpose of all constitutions? list the rights of citizens create a system of checks and balances establish federal authority over state governments establish rules that a government must follow***

    asked by Retro Fox
  79. Math

    2x – 3 = 15 A. x = 6 B. x = 9 C. x = 24 D. x = 36

    asked by Please ?
  80. calculus

    Sand is poured at the rate of 10 m cube /min so as to form a conical pile whose altitude is always equal to the radius of its base.

    asked by Anonymous
  81. history

    hi, i'm not sure if you are allowed to do this but i don't understand this question and i could use a little help writing a paragraph. Historically, American have had negative perceptions about Communism and Socialism. Using proper grammar, punctuation and

    asked by ana victoria maria
  82. Math

    Yani has 9 half-dollars. How much money does she have? 9 divided 2 = 4.5 4.5 = $4 & 50¢ Final Answer: $4.50

    asked by Matt
  83. Math

    Carol measures a whiteboard with her handspan and finds that it is 20 handspans long. Her handspan is 18.4 centimeters long. What is the length of the whiteboard? 20 x 18.4 = 368 Answer: The length of the whiteboard is 386 centimeters.

    asked by Matt
  84. physics

    Explain why it is advisable not advisable to use boiling water to steralize a clinical thermometer?????? Please help!!!!!!!

    asked by soi
  85. Probability

    In a park , 200 foxes are tagged. In 100 sighting, 14 were tagged. Estimate the size of the fox population ?

    asked by Brandon
  86. Algebra2

    Given the arithmetic sequence 11, 5, -1, ..., find .S(30)- on the bottom

    asked by Nora
  87. Music

    A) What is the timbre/tone of Happy Birthday using Piano, Guitar, Flute, Jazz Trumpet, Cello and Vocal?

    asked by I NEED HELPPPPPPP
  88. Mathematics

    A gym suit sells for $89.99 at Aerobics for All in Victoria, BC. In August, there is a 25% discount as a Back to School special. Calculate the total price including taxes.

    asked by Xavier
  89. Math

    a courier company charges $3 for every package delivered safely and pays back $5 for every package lost. If the company was paid 320 for 120 packages, how many packages did the company lose?

    asked by Raindrop
  90. mathematics

    A cone-shaped pile of sawdust has a base diameter of 24 feet, and is 9 feet tall. Find the volume of the pile.

    asked by bobby
  91. social studies

    What is the purpose of all constitutions? A. to list the rights of citizens B. to create a system of checks and balances C. to establish federal authority over state governments D. to establish rules that a government must follow PLZZZZ HELP

    asked by britanica spokesman
  92. Chemistry

    Differentiate between physical and chemical changes

    asked by Tonica
  93. Mathematics

    Each week, Aaron earns $186 for 24 h of work as a ticket seller. Kayla earns $225 for 30 h of work as a cashier. Which job pays more? How did you find out?

    asked by Xavier
  94. mathmatics

    A number cube has sides labeled 1 to 6. Tess rolls the number cube 30 times. How many times can she expect to roll a number less than 5?

    asked by Reece
  95. Social Studies

    How did the Romanov dynasty increase Russia's power? plz

    asked by HEAVEN
  96. math

    Which is the better buy? Justify each answer. a) 6.2 L of gas for $5.39 or 8.5 L of gas for $7.31 b) 5 candles for $3.00 or 12 candles for $5.99 c) 2 kg of grass seed for $1.38 or 5 kg of grass seed for $2.79

    asked by Daniel
  97. algebra

    find the sum of the following series a. 5, 9, 13, ..., 101 and c. 83, 80, 77, ..., 5 thank you!!

    asked by wen
  98. math

    Please I really need help I only have a short amount of time please help! Average movie prices in the United States​ are, in​ general, lower than in other countries. It would cost ​$79.65 to buy three tickets in Japan plus two tickets in Switzerland.

    asked by roseee
  99. Math

    a number is decreased by 3 is at least four times the number

    asked by Chandler
  100. Math

    hello, i got a homework and it says; How many ways can you make 1 dollar. please help me. it came in my first grade. please help me with my homework i don't have time!!!

    asked by Samanta
  101. Probability

    Events related to the Poisson process can be often described in two equivalent ways: in terms of numbers of arrivals during certain intervals or in terms of arrival times. The first description involves discrete random variables, the second continuous

    asked by Bob
  102. math

    Trapezoid ABCD is formed by A (–7,3) B (–5,6) C (0,6), and D (0,3).Determine the length of the diagonal AC in trapezoid ABCD. Round to the nearest tenth and show all of your work. what do I do?

    asked by iced tea
  103. Chemistry

    Calculate the potential of a zinc electrode immersed in a solution in which the molar analytical concentration of Zn(NO3)2 is 5.00x10^-3, that for H2Y^2- is 0.0445 M, and the pH is fixed at 9.

    asked by Burak
  104. US History

    Can someone please sum up Eight plays of U.S. History for me? I've already read it a couple of times but still do not understand it.

    asked by Please Help