Questions Asked on
May 9, 2020

  1. math

    Find the coordinates of the midpoint of the segment whose endpoints are H(5, 13) and K(7, 5).

    asked by help
  2. Math

    A journey of 700km partly by train and partly by bus. He started his journey at 8.00 a.m. by train which traveled at 50km/h. After alighting from the train, he took a lunch break of 30 minutes. He then continued his journey by bus which traveled at 75km/h.

    asked by Kd
  3. mathematic

    . Form a quadratic equation in the form ax²+bx+c=0 whose roots are b and twice the negative reciprocal of b. (3mk)

    asked by tamia
  4. English

    3. PART B: Which phrase from the text best supports the answer to Part A? A. “intending any mischief” (Paragraph 8) B. “came to do Midas a favor” (Paragraph 8) C. “the stranger gazed about the room” (Paragraph 9) D. “glistened upon all the

    asked by Im back
  5. mathematics

    A wooden stool is in the form of a frustum of a cone with slant edge 40cm,top diameter 30cm and bottom diameter 50cm. a) calculate the perpendicular height of the stool

    asked by tamia
  6. mathematics

    Subtract a number divided by 6 from 1 and the difference is 5.

    asked by gurjas
  7. Physics

    A figure shows a uniform metre rule which is pivoted at the 20cm mark and balanced horizontally by an object of weight 3.15N placed at the 10cm mark. Calculate the weight of the metre rule.

    asked by Blessings
  8. Physics

    Determine the maximum voltage drop across the resistor in the circuit.

    asked by AAA
  9. mathematics

    The marks scored in a form three maths exam were recorded as follows 69 70 72 40 52 60 22 31 78 53 28 67 63 54 57 48 47 56 55 62 75 38 37 44 62 64 58 39 45 48 65 50 85 46 47 57 35 34 58 64 62 37 41 42 36 54 82 48 53 57 56 72 56 48 44 55 78 59 50 45 a) Make

    asked by tamia
  10. Statistics & probability

    Suppose that X is an exponential random variable with parameter (and mean) equal to 1. Find the MAP estimate of X , given that there were exactly 5 blue flashes.

    asked by CS
  11. Mathematics

    Gravitational force between two point masses m1 and m2 placed at a distance r is given by 1 2 2 Gm m F r = ; where G is an universal constant. An object of mass M is divided into two parts, which are placed at distance r. Find the mass of both parts if

    asked by Shipra
  12. science

    Give one place where vascular bundles are close together answer

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Geography

    A solid substance ejected during volcanicity is known

    asked by Happy
  14. mathematics

    The coordinates of points A and B are A (2, 3).B (4,–5). M is the midpoint of vector AB. Determine the coordinates of point M and the magnitude of vector BM.

    asked by tamia
  15. mathematics

    The equation of line L is y=3x–4 and is perpendicular to line H. They cross each other at the y-intercept of line L. Find the equation of line H.

    asked by tamia
  16. mathematics

    ) Represent the following inequalities graphically by shading the unwanted region x≥0, y≥0, x+y≥5, x+y≤10, y≤7, x≤7

    asked by tamia
  17. mathematics

    In the figure below, O is the centre of the circle and ∟EAD=40º,∟BCD=118º A B

    asked by tamia
  18. Statistics & probability

    Suppose that X is equal to either 1 or 2, with equal probability. Write down an expression for the probability that there were exactly 3 arrivals during the time interval [0,2] .

    asked by CS
  19. Chemistry

    How much water is required to dissolve 1.00 g of PbCl2?

    asked by Gigi Fletcher
  20. Algebra

    Question : Determine whether each of the following given sets is a group with respect to the indicated operation. Show your work. (b) The set E of all even integers with operation addition. My work : So I was working on above part (b) Following is an

    asked by Ashley
  21. Math

    Find cos0 if sin0 =sqrt 2/2 and 0 terminates in quadrant I

    asked by Ashley
  22. Math

    Find tan0 if cos0= -1/2 and 0 terminates in quadrant II

    asked by Ashley
  23. Math

    Find tan0 if sin0= -1 and 0

    asked by Ashley
  24. Mathematics

    university alumni group wants to provide a semiannual scholarship to current students. If the scholarship amount of $2,800 is awarded semiannually beginning 6 months from now, and the fund earns interest at a rate of 7% per year compounded continuously,

    asked by Avinash
  25. English

    PART A: Which of the following best identifies a theme in the text? A. Greed can have dire consequences. B. Love others more than you love yourself. C. Nature should be valued over riches. D. Too much pride makes a person unpopular. It is A 5. PART B:

    asked by Im back
  26. science

    hi everyone, I am trying to help my daughter with this science portfolio but I am an English major, science is not my bag. So with that being said, my question to you is how do I define what my dependent and independent variable is on an observation

    asked by amy
  27. mathematics

    The sides of a right angled triangle measured to the nearest cm are 5cm, 12cm and 13cm Determine the a) limits within which the measured dimensions lie

    asked by tamia
  28. mathematics

    Solve for a in 2187

    asked by tamia
  29. mathematics

    Four towns are situated in such a way that town Q is 500km on a bearing of 120º from P. Town R is 240km on a bearing of 210º from town P, while town S is due north of town Q and due east of town P. a) Draw a sketch diagram showing the relative positions

    asked by tamia
  30. mathematics

    The velocity(v)of a vehicle measured at intervals of time(t) were recorded as follows t(s) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 v(m/s) 0 20 40 40 30 8 0 a) Represent this motion on a graph

    asked by tamia
  31. mathematics

    . Using ruler and compasses only, a) construct triangle ABC in which AB=5cm,BC=6cm and angle ABC=120º

    asked by tamia
  32. mathematics

    The distance between two towns A and B is360km.A minibus left town A at 8.15a.m and travelled towards B at an average speed of 90km/hr. A matatu left town B at 10.35a.m on the same day and travelled towards A at an average speed of 110km/hr. a)i)how far

    asked by tamia
  33. math

    Your​ school's talent show will feature 12 solo acts and 3 ensemble acts. The show will last 111 minutes. The 6 solo performers judged best will give a repeat performance at a second 75 minute​ show, which will also feature the 3 ensemble acts. Each

    asked by roseee
  34. Math

    If you roll a 6-sided die 36 times, what is the best prediction possible for the number of times you will roll a five?

    asked by Josue
  35. History

    Is Title IX being effectively implemented throughout institutions in the united states?

    asked by Angelina
  36. Algebra

    For which value of n the following equalities are true: (2^2)^n = 16

    asked by Helen
  37. mathematics

    For the function y=4x^2+5/x^2-6x+9, do both of the following: a. State the vertical asymptote of the function and describe how you found it b. State the horizontal asymptote of the function and describe how you found it

    asked by Samuel
  38. mathematics

    For the rational equation 6x+5/x^2+2x+2=6x-7/x^2-2x+2, do each of the following: a. using successive approximations, find an approximate solution on the interval [-2,-1] such that the difference between the two sides of the equation is less than 0.1. your

    asked by Samuel
  39. Social Studies

    Who makes the rules and runs the country? of Papua New Guinea

    asked by Mia
  40. physics

    PLEASE HELP which of the following household devices is most likely to be run on a direct current: A. toaster B. flashlight C. clothes dryer D. refrigerator

    asked by Anonymous
  41. history

    Hello! Can someone please explain what this quote means? How does it relate to peoples rights and responsibilities as a citizen? Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. -Thomas Paine: The

    asked by Cherrygems
  42. physics

    CHECK MY ANSWER which of the following household devices is most likely to be run on a direct current: A. toaster B. flashlight C. clothes dryer D. refrigerator the answer is B Flashlight use batteries and batteries are dc im I right?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Mathematics

    azmin decided to get some exercise by taking the stairs from the first to the fifth floor in her apartment building. The first time she went up the entire flight, she walked up some steps and ran up 16 steps. This took a total of 60 seconds. The second

    asked by Kenny
  44. physics

    Bob heads out into a lake at an angle of 41◦ with respect to the shore. If his boat is capable of a speed of 1.3 m/s, how far from land will he be in 4 min and 38 s ? Answer in units of m.

    asked by claire
  45. Math

    Write a formula for quadratic function if its graph has the vertex at point (−2,5) and passes through the point (3,−10).

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    What is the perimeter of 12 + 10 + 13 +? =

    asked by Lena
  47. Math

    What was the shortest distance, in miles, that a student ran?

    asked by Ahmed
  48. Social Studies

    3. What was one effect of the Green Revolution? 4. Most Central Asian countries today can best be characterized as what type of governments?

    asked by HEAVEN
  49. Social Studies

    6. The Soviet Union spent money on the military and weapons and neglected the rest of the economy.This helped lead to the collapse, true or false?

    asked by HEAVEN
  50. Social Studies

    8. How did the Soviet Union come to dominate Eastern Europe after World War II?

    asked by HEAVEN
  51. Mathematics

    Lucile runs the 50-meter dash in her track meet. How many millimeters long is the race?

    asked by Sadie kilman
  52. Maths

    8 pupils of average age of 12yrs leave a class of 30pupils of average age 14yrs. If 6 new pupils of average age 11yrs join the class. What is the average age of the pupils now in the class

    asked by The orange baboon