Questions Asked on
May 5, 2020

  1. English

    What is the effect of the pacing of “Cranes”? A.As the action moves back and forth between the boys’ childhood and the present, readers better understand Song-sam’s and Tok-chae’s motivations and actions. B.By continuously glimpsing events from

    asked by Help me please
  2. History

    Which most accurately suggests the root cause of difficulties between supporters of social consciousness and supporters of nationalism as they try to work together in the political arena? Supporters of nationalism demand changes that trigger a deep sense

    asked by VONBLEK
  3. Chemistry

    The reaction of hydrochloric acid (HCl) with ammonia (NH3) is described by the equation: HCl + NH3 → NH4Cl A student is titrating 50 mL of 0.32 M NH3 with 0.5 M HCl. How much hydrochloric acid must be added to react completely with the ammonia? A. 6.4 mL

    asked by Emma
  4. English

    Read the passage from “Mr. and Mrs. Dove.” Here he was! And nervously he tied a bow in front of the mirror, jammed his hair down with both hands, pulled out the flaps of his jacket pockets. Making between 500 and 600 pounds a year on a fruit farm

    asked by Help me please
  5. algebra

    Jonah earned $5 more than half of Karen's salary, k. which of the following expressions represents Jonah's earnings?

    asked by Jay
  6. math

    Joe wants to put a fence around his rectangular garden. His garden measures 33 ft by 39 ft. The garden has a path around it that is 3 ft wide. How much fencing material does Joe need to enclose the garden and path?

    asked by help
  7. Chemistry

    In a titration experiment, 20.4 mL of 0.883 M 𝐻𝐶𝑂𝑂𝐻 neutralize 19.3 mL of 𝐵𝑎(𝑂𝐻)2. What is the concentration of the 𝐵𝑎(𝑂𝐻)2 solution? Do I use M1V1=M2V2? my answer is 0.467, is this correct?

    asked by Shiro
  8. Physics

    A rock is dropped from the top of a tall tower. Half a second later another rock, twice as massive as the first, is dropped. Ignoring air resistance, (A) the distance between the rocks increases while both are falling. (B) the acceleration is greater for

    asked by Charity W.
  9. English

    Which word best describes the white rabbit from the excerpt surprised scared exhausted delighted Thank you :)

    asked by help
  10. Criminology

    Which of these are tactics that a control theorist might use? (Select all that apply.) increase surveillance of subject to ensure control of their behavior help subject find work or other sources of commitment provide subject with meaningful work and other

    asked by simp
  11. Algebra

    How many 2-digit numbers are multiples of 2 but not 4?

    asked by Helen
  12. History

    What was an effect of the Potsdam Conference on Europe? Most Eastern European countries became Communist satellite states of the Soviet Union. The tense meeting created fractured relationships between Britain, France, and Germany after the war. Western

    asked by vmrnh
  13. chem

    Which of the following is the correct form of the equilibrium constant expression for the following reaction?A(aq) + B(aq) ⇄ D(aq) + E(aq)

    asked by mmm
  14. Mathematics

    The space shuttle travels 4,375 mi in 15 min as it orbits the earth. Estimate its constant rate of speed during that time to the nearest hundred

    asked by Sababa
  15. chemistry

    Which of the following is the correct form of the equilibrium constant expression for the reaction below? 2 SO₃(g) ⇄ 2 SO₂(g) + O₂(g)

    asked by mmm
  16. physics

    What gravitational force does the moon produce on the Earth if their centers are 3.88x108 m apart and the moon has a mass of 7.34x1022 kg? earths mass: 5.972 × 10^24 kg

    asked by benjamin
  17. mathematics

    A dolphin swims in the ocean at −37 feet then jumps 8 feet above the surface of the water. What is the vertical distance of the dolphin?

    asked by Giselle
  18. math

    Suppose the height of the freight elevator in your building is half its width w when the doors are all the way open. a. What is an expression for the maximum side length of a sheet of metal that will fit through the elevator doors? b. If the height of the

    asked by N/A
  19. mathematics

    A student made a mistake in the following problem 17 − (−3) and got an answer that was not correct. Identify the step in which the student made the mistake. Step 1: 17 − (−3) Step 2: 17 + (−3) Step 3: 14

    asked by Giselle
  20. Math

    find the surface area of a Cylindrical grain silo with hemispherical top height=46 ft diamater=24 ft

    asked by Morgan
  21. Math (Statistics)

    PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP!! 1) Use the given data to find the minimum sample size required to estimate the population proportion. Margin of error: 0.04; confidence level: 94%; q̂ unknown a. 486 *** b. 572 c. 553 d. 587 2) Use the given data to find the

    asked by Green
  22. Science

    What is the field of study that was founded in the 70's that aims to tackle arguments and moral issues that may arise in the medical technology application?

    asked by King Arthur
  23. World History

    “As I traveled over Qin Mountain one morning, I met two fairies, of brightness and beauty, Riding on a white deer. I realized they were immortals, And kneeled and begged for the Dao. ‘Go west and climb the Jade Terrace, There are gold pavilions and

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    Solve the equation. 3x - 3 = -18 A. x = -7 B. x = -5 C. x = -3 D. x = 5 2. Solve the equation. r/2 - 6 = 14 A. r = 40 B. r = 34 C. r = 20 D. r = 16 3. Solve the equation. 12 + 4m = 24 A. m = 9 B. m = 8 C. m = 3 D. m = -6 There are 8 questions but some of

    asked by Teachers Pet
  25. math

    For 1-10, determine whether the lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither. One line passes through the points (-1, 4) and (2, 6); another line passes through the points (2, -3) and (8, 1). One line passes through the points (4, -3) and (-8, 0); another

    asked by James
  26. history

    Which of these was a consequence of the Civil War?

    asked by chloe
  27. chem

    Which of the following is true about the following reaction when an amount of NO₂ (g) is added to the equilibrium reaction? N₂O₄ (g) ⇄ 2 NO₂ (g)

    asked by mmm
  28. chem

    The equilibrium for the following reaction at 700 K is, H₂(g) + I₂(g) ⇄ 2 HI(g), K₁ = 55.17: What is the value of the equilibrium constant for the following reaction ( = K₂ )? HI(g) ⇄ 1/2 H₂(g) + 1/2 I₂(g), K₂ = ?

    asked by mmm
  29. History

    How did the discovery of gold influence events leading up to Chief Joseph's war?

    asked by Lucy
  30. chemistry

    Consider the reaction 2 A ⇄ 2 D + E. If K = 5 at Temperature T, which direction will this reaction proceed if [A] = 0.5 M, [D] = 1.5 M and [E] = 0.5 M at temperature T? (Hint, find Q).

    asked by mmm
  31. chemistry

    Consider the reaction 2 A ⇄ 2 D + E. If K = 5 at Temperature T, which direction will this reaction proceed if [A] = 0.5 M, [D] = 0.5 M and [E] = 0.5 M at temperature T? (Hint, find Q)

    asked by mmm
  32. physics heat

    In a room at 21 °C, 60 mL of water is poured into each of three cups. The water in cup A is at 15 °C, the water in cup B is at 25 °C, and the water in cup C is at 45 °C. b) Describe what happens to the temperature of the water in each cup over a

    asked by help mee
  33. algebra

    How to solve an equation to the nearest tenth.

    asked by christopher
  34. Mathematics

    In a game, four coins are rolled. The stake is 2 euros. If 'tail' appears four times, you win 10 euros. If 'tail appears three times, you win x euros. In all other cases you do not win anything and you lose your bet. Determine the value of x so that it

    asked by Anna
  35. math

    During the COVID-19 two brothers Jose and Alwin work at Chick-Fil-A. They live 2 miles away from Chick-Fil-A. Monday Jose walked at a constant rate to work for 30 minutes. What is Jose`s walking rate in miles per hour? Explain. Alwin slept in and had to

    asked by jhvljh
  36. History

    Which identifies the relationship that Communist governments such as North Korea and China have with the media? a)The media has near-complete freedom in Communist countries as a result of the advent of the Internet. b)Communist governments have implemented

    asked by Hi
  37. chemistry

    Consider the reaction 2 A ⇄ 2 D + E. What is K for this reaction if [A] = 0.5 M, [D] = 0.5 M and [E] = 0.5 M at equilibrium?

    asked by mmm
  38. chemistry

    The equilibrium concentrations of all species are equal for NH₃(g) + I₂(g) ⇌ NIH₂(g) + HI(g), Kc is:

    asked by mmm
  39. Math

    A recipe for cupcakes calls for 3⁄4 of a cup of sugar and 2 cups of flour. If you want to make a bigger batch, using 3 cups of flour, how much sugar will you need? Write your answer as a fraction of a cup.

    asked by Tamyah
  40. Mathematics

    Cookies are made in a factory with an average mass of 22 grams and a standard deviation of 4 grams. some cookies are packed in a box. According to the manufacturer, the average mass of a cookie from at least 99% of the boxes is at least 20 grams. How many

    asked by Anna
  41. Physical Science

    You push a refrigerator with a force of 50 N and it moves 3 meters across the floor. How much work is it?

    asked by Melissa
  42. Physics

    You lift a box weighing 25 N to a height of 2 meters. How much work is it?

    asked by Aubree
  43. Math

    3.14 for Which of the following correctly relates the measures of the diameter and radius of a circle?

    asked by HEALTHY PICKLE :D YAY
  44. mathematics

    The high temperature on a day was 28º F. The low temperature for the same day was −4º F. What was the difference between the high and the low temperature?

    asked by Giselle
  45. English

    What is a topic for an persuasive essay?

    asked by sally
  46. physics

    How far from the earth’s surface would a 72.1kg person experience a force of1.6 Newtons?

    asked by benjamin
  47. algebra

    Solve 7^x = (7^(2x))/(7^4) I'm not sure if I'm writing this correctly though, the second part of it is: 7 with a small 2x attached to it, OVER 7 with a small 4 (obviously to the power of)

    asked by Mike
  48. Civics

    1. Which of the following can be said about the powers of the federal government as compared to the powers of the state governments?

    asked by Question Asker
  49. Math

    A store owner buys clothes at wholesale and adds 80% to the wholesale price to set the retail price. The retail price of a pair of pants is $36.00. What is the wholesale price?

    asked by Murrae
  50. math

    how do I determine how long something is in minutes if it's given as a decimal? For example, if a time is stated as .06 of an hour, how many minutes is that? Do I just multiply by 60, so it's 3.6 minutes? What about .53? Would that be 31.8 minutes?

    asked by lauren
  51. physics

    In a room at 21°C, 60 mL of water is poured into each of three cups. The water in cup 1 is at 15°C, the water in cup 2 is at 25°C, and the water in cup 3 is at 45°C. b. Describe what happens to the energy present in each cup over the one-hour period

    asked by help
  52. mathematic

    The charge for telephone calls T, is partly constant and partly varies with the number of unit of call t

    asked by Oshinaike Isreal Oladayomi
  53. Social Studies

    1.What is the problem you have identified? Be sure to include the nation(s) affected. 2. What supporting background information identifies the problem and provides supporting evidence that the problem exists? 3. What are the roles of government, business,

    asked by connexus student
  54. math

    A television is priced at $968.75. There is an 8% sales tax rate. What is the sales tax for the television in dollars and cents?

    asked by melo
  55. Algebra

    An electrician cuts a 50 ft. piece of wire into 3 pieces. The first piece is 4ft. longer than the second piece. The third piece is 2 ft. shorter than the second piece. How long are the pieces?

    asked by Dylan
  56. Math

    The sum has of 8 and han’s height is 48

    asked by Anonymous
  57. math

    How do you graph complex number sqrt(25)?

    asked by jon
  58. Mathematics

    Carlisle has 7 and 1/2 acres of Farmland he uses 1/3 of acres to Grace animals and 1/5 of the acres to grow vegetables how many acres does Carlisle's used for grazing animals or for growing vegetables

    asked by Kyiah
  59. Trig

    How do you find the exact value of sin(-105) degrees without a calculator

    asked by OwO
  60. Geometry

    Given: ABCD is a rectangle Prove triangle DAB is congruent to triangle CBA **the rectangle is set up with D in the top left, C in the top right, A in the bottom left, B in the bottom right, and E in the middle of the intersecting lines

    asked by Sarah
  61. Geometry

    Is definition of a rectangle something that is used in geometry proofs?

    asked by Sarah
  62. History

    Most of Europe was divided into small warring kingdoms. Which European region was an exception? A. Iberia** B. Scandinavia C. England D. Italy

    asked by Jaxx
  63. math

    −14+12i has argument: θ= 139.999 Is my answer correct?

    asked by emma
  64. math

    . Find the distance between points P(2, 2) and Q(7, 4) to the nearest tenth.

    asked by help
  65. History

    what was gained by the US government in prohibiting slavery in the treaties with the Native American tribes?

    asked by help plz
  66. History

    Which of the following are parts of the Benedictine Rule? A. Have many vassals B. Obey leaders C. Rules for daily living in towns D. Remain unmarried E. Owns large fiefs F. Own nothing individually

    asked by Jaxx
  67. Physics

    Rock A is thrown straight up with an initial speed of 6m/s from the top of a building 52m tall. At the same moment, rock B is thrown straight up from the ground with an initial speed of 25m/s.A) How high above the ground are the rocks when they pass each

    asked by boggo
  68. spanish 2

    Pretend that you are writing to Queta, the girl from the reading, and that either you or a female family member is having a quince as well. Write her an email, in Spanish, about how you are (or your family member is) preparing for the quince. Give at least

    asked by jenny
  69. Mathematics

    Find the slope. A. 2 B. -1/2 C. -2 D. 1/2 Please help!!

    asked by Yeeters Assemble
  70. mathematics

    f(x) = 4x^2 − 7x − 15 Part A: What are the x-intercepts of the graph of f(x)? Show your work. Part B: Is the vertex of the graph of f(x) going to be a maximum or minimum? What are the coordinates of the vertex? Justify your answers and show your work.

    asked by dingdong
  71. Math


    asked by Ramiah
  72. World History

    What was the British Raj? A. The stock company created by the British Crown to control trade in India B. The British Parliament established by direct elections in India after World War I C. The British government that controlled India until the end of

    asked by Liz
  73. mathematics

    Mary wants to place a fence around her rectangular mini garden. If the length is 8 inches and the width is 7 inches, how much fencing is needed?

    asked by gihendra
  74. chemistry

    At the start of a lab, you and your partner are given 250.0 g of aluminum chloride. The lab tells you to react it with silver nitrate to produce silver chloride and aluminum nitrate. At the start of a lab, you and your partner are given 250.0 g of aluminum

    asked by Jessica
  75. Science

    Explain why narrow leaves still do their job well

    asked by Mohid
  76. English

    Is Gatsby an innocent victim, a foolish dreamer, or a guilty impostor? Use details from the novel to support your response.

    asked by christina
  77. Math

    The Result Of Taking 3 From X And Multiply The Answer By 4 Is The Same As Taking 3 From Five Time X A) Express This Statement As An Algebraic Eqation B) Hence Find The Value Of X

    asked by Opeyemi
  78. Math

    The Sum Of 6 And One_third Of N Is One More Than Twice N

    asked by Iyanu
  79. math

    Sam left at 10:20 and came back at 14:25 how long was he gone for?

    asked by emily
  80. Physics

    Three capacitors, each of capacitance 120 pF, are each charged to 500 V and then connected in series. Determine (a) the potential difference between the end plates, (b) the charge on each capacitor, and (c) the energy stored in the system. Ans. a.) 1.5kV

    asked by Jobs
  81. algebra

    Solve -- 23*2^3x=40

    asked by Mike
  82. Math

    the fifth term of an exponential sequence [GP] is greater than the term by 13.5 and the fourth term is greater than the third term by 9 find the common ratio and the first term.

    asked by calisto
  83. math

    A bike costs £186. The price is to be reduced by 33 1/3% in a sale. A) calculate how much you would save by buying the bike in the sale. b) how much would you pay for the bike in the sale?

    asked by JP
  84. algebra

    Write each number in either scientific notation or standard notation. The diameter of Mercury is 4879 kilometers. The distance from Saturn to the Sun at its closest point is about 8.4044×108 miles. The diameter of a platelet is about 3×10−6 meter.

    asked by Help ME please ;-;
  85. chemistry

    which is limiting reactant

    asked by meron
  86. mathematics

    If a golf ball has a radius of 2.15 centimeters and a tennis ball has a diameter of 6.9 centimeters, calculate the difference between the volumes of the two balls. Round to the nearest tenth. Remember to find the radius first.

    asked by eman
  87. chemistry

    what mass of h2o is formed?

    asked by meron
  88. science

    A force of 25.0 N is applied to a 12.0 kg mass. What will be the acceleration of the mass?

    asked by Jessica
  89. Math

    Martin tracked the amount of water he drank for an entire week. The bar graph shown here displays the information about his water consumption. What is the median of the daily data? A) 18 B) 16 C) 14 D) 12

    asked by MapleSyrup
  90. Math

    Noah drew 30 hearts, 19 stars, and 12 circles. What is the ratio of stars to hearts?

    asked by HAZEELL3
  91. Math

    What is a rational and irrational number?

    asked by simqs
  92. Calculus

    The ordering and transportation cost C for components used in a manufacturing process is approximated by C(x) = 20 (1/x + x/ (x+3)) where C is measured in thousands of dollars and x is the order size in hundreds. (a) Verify that C(3) = C(6). (b) According

    asked by Blu
  93. Math

    a herd of 20 horses has 4 white and some grey horses. What is the ratio of grey to all horses?

    asked by ken_*lbi
  94. Math

    in a parking lot there are 30 grey cars and 24 red cars. What is the ratio of red to all cars?

    asked by akezhia
  95. Spanish

    What makes ir irregular in the preterite tense? This is the exact question, I would like alittle explanation of why ir is an irregular verb in preterite tense so I understand and don't just copy and paste.

    asked by Help please
  96. history

    Why was Charles I unpopular?

    asked by help
  97. Chemistry

    How many grams of NaN3 are needed to produce 20.0 L of N2(g) at 30.0 oC and 776 mmHg ?

    asked by Usama
  98. Math

    A herd of 37 horses has 4 white and some black horses. What is the ratio of black horses to all horses?

    asked by akezhia
  99. math

    An economics exam is worth 60 points and is taken by 500 students. the scores on the exam are normally distributed with the average of 38 points and a standard deviation of 5 points. Evert, who got 43 out of 60, claims he's in the top 100, is he right?

    asked by David
  100. history

    What are three specific ways that the English monarchs power was limited by the Glourious revolution and the Bill of RIghts?

    asked by help
  101. math

    Which of the below is a solution to the quadratic equation? 4a^2 = -16 Answers: a= -4 a=4i a= -2 a=2i

    asked by Tiana
  102. math

    An economics exam is worth 60 points and is taken by 500 students. the scores on the exam are normally distributed with the average of 38 points and a standard deviation of 5 points. Evert, who got 43 out of 60, claims he's in the top 100, is he right?

    asked by David
  103. science

    An antenna is connected to a battery. Will the antenna emit an electromagnetic wave?

    asked by Joven
  104. science

    An antenna is connected to a battery. Will the antenna emit an electromagnetic wave? Why or why not? Explain.

    asked by Joven
  105. Physics

    The human lungs can function satisfactorily up to a limit where the pressure difference between the outside and inside of the lungs is 1/19 of an atmosphere. If a diver uses a snorkel for breathing, how far below the water can she swim? Assume the diver is

    asked by Anon.
  106. math

    Lesson 4: What Are Functions? CE 2015 Math 6 B Unit 5: Graphing, Equations, and Inequalities

    asked by ughy hugs
  107. math

    A circular lake 30 meters in diameter is surrounded by a tile path 5 meters wide. Find the area of the tile path. Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by khoa
  108. Art

    what technology was key to the efficiency of Gutenberg printing press

    asked by Cam
  109. chem

    Which of the following correctly relates the two equilibrium constants for the two reactions shown? A + B ⇄ 2 C, K₁; 2 A + 2 B ⇄ 4 C, K₂.

    asked by mmm
  110. chemistry

    We have the following equilibrium: 2 A(aq) ⇄ B(aq). At equilibrium we measure [A] = 0.056 M and [B] = 0.21 M. Calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction as written.

    asked by mmm
  111. religion

    was St. Peter was known as the Apostle to the Gentiles?

    asked by emma
  112. history

    Which is a better place to rule: England or France during the 1689

    asked by help mee
  113. Algebra

    The length of a rectangle is twice the width. If the area is 64^2cm, find the dimensions of the rectangle. Use the table or a calculator if necessary. Round to the nearest hundredths. I do not know how to set the problem up. Thank you for your help.

    asked by Wendy
  114. Math

    A super sundae cost $.88 less than 3 times the price of a single cone. Write an expression that shows the prices of a super sundae in relation to the price of a single cone. Then evaluate where a single cone costs $1.39

    asked by Kayla
  115. Math

    A hot dog costs $1.27 more than twice the price of a soda. Write an expression that shows the price of a hot dog in relation to the prices of a soda. Then evaluate where a soda costs $.99.

    asked by Kayla
  116. Math

    A line segment has one endpoint of A (2,5) and a slope of (2/3) find coordinates for B

    asked by Rhy
  117. Music

    one thing that you already knew or wondered about intro to spoken word? write in full sentence.

    asked by sammy
  118. science

    How much heat is required to vaporize 225 g of ice from -46.8 o C to steam at 173.0 o C?

    asked by Virs
  119. English

    What tells you that this ACP site would be a credible source for your argumentative essay? Select all that apply. It is an established news organization. It gives data about education in India. It tells a story about schools. It includes quotations from

    asked by Elisabeth
  120. English

    PETER. I used to see you . . . sometimes . . . ANNE. You did? PETER. . . . In the school yard. You were always in the middle of a bunch of kids. ANNE. Why didn't you ever come over? PETER. I'm sort of a lone wolf. Use the dialogue to answer the question.

    asked by IAMHERE!
  121. mathematics

    numbers defined as less than zero ,greater than zero,zero?

    asked by lily
  122. mathematics

    How can you use 4x7 to find 8x7? Find the product.

    asked by Katie M.
  123. Math

    Just need to verify my answer? Thx!! At chesak elementary school, 2 out of 3 students have brown eyes. approximately how many students have brown eyes if the building has 432 students? 144 students 216 students 288 students ******* 324 students

    asked by Bonnie
  124. English

    11. This question has two parts: 1. List some important ideas that Walk Two Moons includes. Why did you choose those ideas? 2. Tell how using a Reading Role helped you understand the book. The Reading Roles are described in the link on Unit 4, Lesson 6,

    asked by Just someone who needs some help
  125. Mathematics

    Edwin tossed a number cube several times. He got the number “4” on 5 of the tosses. Based on theoretical probabilities, what is the best estimate of the total number of times he tossed the cube?

    asked by Anonymous
  126. Math

    There are 1,000 bugs at the swamp. If 200 more came, then 700, and then 500 left, how much would be left.

    asked by confusing math
  127. Geometry(math)

    The lines y=(2/3)x+2 and y=(-2/3)x+12 are tangent to circle C at the points (3,4) and (3,10), respectively. a) Find the coordinates of C and the radius of circle C. Explain your reasoning. b)Write the standard equation of circle C.

    asked by Emily
  128. Mathematics

    Make m the subject of the relation h = mt ÷ d(m+p)

    asked by Macleana sannah
  129. Science

    In both mitosis and meiosis, _________ must occur for the process to continue to completion. A) crossing over B) reduction division C) chromosome replication D) Homologous chromosomes form tetrads I don't know what to put. Please help :D

    asked by cookie giver! 🍪🍪
  130. Science

    Hello guys i hope you are all doing well! i just have a quick question..does Neptune have a crust? i just need a simple answer and maybe the reason why i does or does not, thank you very much

    asked by A+ kid
  131. algebra

    Solve the equation 2x^2+15x+38=x^2 to the nearest tenth.

    asked by christopher
  132. physics

    How many significant figures are in the following number: 1.00200?

    asked by Lisa
  133. Criminology

    What is the focus of strain theory? the strain that hostile environments put on a person’s nervous system, increasing their aggression the strain people feel when they feel uninvolved and isolated from their communities the strain society experiences

    asked by simp
  134. Science

    Gravity works at a distance to _______ things together.

    asked by Ran
  135. Math

    Fitness less than a number is at most 6.

    asked by Canary cry
  136. Health & phsyical

    Hi I'm Lexi and I was wondering if you can correct me. Someone can only become infected by HIV or an STI by A. drinking from the same water glass as an infected individual. B. using the same restroom as an infected individual. C. kissing an infected

    asked by Lexi
  137. Social Studies

    What was the economic condition of the South after the end of the Civil War?

    asked by Ran
  138. chemistry

    Which of the following is true about the following reaction when the pressure is lowered by increasing the volume of the reaction container. N₂O₄ (g) ⇄ 2 NO₂ (g)

    asked by mmm