Questions Asked on
May 4, 2020

  1. History

    Which lists the most critical factor in Australia’s water crisis? a)Due to minerals leaching downriver from the Outback, the water in Southern Australia has become acidic enough to eat through pipes. b)Australia is the world’s driest continent and was

    asked by :)
  2. World history

    Which were factors that triggered the Darfur genocide? Select all that apply. Sudan’s colonial occupiers created an elite Sudanese class to control lower-ranked classes. A bitter rift over enforcing Islamic law between Arab Muslims and non-Muslim

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  3. World History

    What is the most likely factor that contributed to Sudan’s division into Sudan and South Sudan? Sudan’s many ethnic cultures refused to hold a national identity above their tribal identities. Decades-long civil wars between the North and the South

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  4. history

    During what period of Japanese history did the country begin a process of industrialization and modernization?

    asked by steven
  5. French

    what would be the full sentence for all of these? Gérard / inviter / amis / chez lui Martine et Robert / bavarder / au parc Je / ne pas quitter / la maison Mes amis / fréquenter / boîtes de nuit Thank you to anyone who helps :)

    asked by Evan
  6. Spanish

    1. Which word best describes the action in the picture. A saber B pedir C crear D enviar

    asked by efhiujefihu
  7. science

    Study the scenario. A beam of light hits a sheet of metal. If it has enough energy, electrons break free from the metal sheet. Which choice correctly describes the behavior of light in this situation? A) In this situation, light behaves as a particle

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  8. Spanish

    1. Which word best describes the action in the picture. A saber B pedir C crear D enviar 2. Which sentence best describes the picture? A Toman un curso B Graban un disco compacto C Tienen mideo D Bajan una cancion 3. Why was the Kennedy Space Center first

    asked by Hi EVeryobe
  9. History

    Which suggests the most critical aspect of the peak oil theory? a)Controversy rages over rumors that the fracking lobby in Washington has influenced the statistics. b)A new oil discovery means a fresh peak cycle, making that region the target of

    asked by :)
  10. science

    Which option can be correctly defined as a device that steps up or steps down voltage? A.battery B.electrical transformer C.electrical generator D.electromagnet A?

    asked by nick
  11. science

    Which option most accurately defines Faraday’s law? A.Any change in the electric field over a conductor will produce an magnetic field inside a conductor. B.The voltage generated in a coil is inversely proportional to the number of electrons in the loop.

    asked by Help me please
  12. Chemistry

    In a titration experiment, 20.4 mL of 0.883 M 𝐻𝐶𝑂𝑂𝐻 neutralize 19.3 mL of 𝐵𝑎(𝑂𝐻)2. What is the concentration of the 𝐵𝑎(𝑂𝐻)2 solution?

    asked by Shiro
  13. chemistry

    for how long must a current of 1.5 amperes be passed through an aqueous solution of a copper salt during electrolysis in order to deposit 2.50g of copper (cu=63.5)

    asked by blessed
  14. science

    Which option correctly defines a generator? A.a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy B.a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy C.a device that converts light energy into electrical energy D.a device that

    asked by Help
  15. AP human geography

    The maps show annual orange crop harvests for two different scales of analysis. -Identify the scale of analysis for the data provided in both maps. -Orange production is a type of specialty agriculture. Describe ONE characteristic of specialty agriculture.

    asked by Klara
  16. Math

    What is the ratio of consonants to all letters?

    asked by maeann
  17. Calculus

    You work as a structural engineer in a multinational construction company which also produces building materials such as beams from logs in the shape of right circular cylinders. You know that the strength of a rectangular beam is jointly proportional to

    asked by Sally
  18. Chemistry

    How many moles of oxygen are required for the complete combustion of 2.2g of c3h8 to form carbon dioxide and water

    asked by Tony
  19. math

    i can't solve these two questions 1. In an office​ building, 52 offices are currently being rented. This represents 40​% of the total units. How many offices are there in the​ building? 2. The sales tax is ​$43 on the purchase of a dining room set

    asked by anonymous
  20. Calculus

    Find the cost function if the marginal cost function is given by C'(x)= x^(1/2) +7 and 4 units cost ​$40.

    asked by Abby
  21. History

    How did the decline of copper prices in the 1980s affect Chile? A. It was good for Chile's economy but increased pollution. B. It caused the government to diversity the economy. C. It caused people to move away from the cities.

    asked by anonymous✨
  22. science

    Select all that apply. Which of the following are good ways to test whether a solution is an acid or a base? tasting it litmus paper phenolphthalein touching it

    asked by kyle
  23. Mathematics

    there are 84 black blue and red pens altogether in a bag . there are 6 times as many blue pens as red pens . there are 4 more black pens than red pens. how many black pens are there?

    asked by G.J. Pillai
  24. math

    In a class of 60 ​students, on​ average, 8 will be​ left-handed. If a class includes 12 ​"lefties", estimate how many students are in the class.

    asked by anonymous
  25. English

    Read the passage from “Rivers and Stories,” Part 2. Rivers, of course, are like stories, and they are like stories that classical strictures on form would approve. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end. In between, they flow. Or would flow, if we

    asked by (:
  26. physics

    How long does a ball stay in the air if it is 20m/s and it is thrown straightup?

    asked by jay
  27. maths

    Find the value of the constant c that makes the following function continuous on (−∞,∞). f(t)= ct+8 if t∈(−∞,6] ct^2−8 if t∈(6,∞)

    asked by Anonymous
  28. algebra

    what is Cx+Hy=L, for x

    asked by lyn
  29. Mathematics

    A paper has a base diameter of 8cm and height 3cm (a) use pythagoras theorem to calculate its slant height (b) if the cone is cut and opened out into the sector of a circle what is the angle of the sector

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Physics

    rock is thrown downward from the top of a cliff with an initial speed of 12 m/s, disregarding air resistance if the rock hits the ground after 2.0 s, what is the height of the cliff

    asked by diogo
  31. chemistry

    How much heat is needed to bring 120 g of water from 33C to 45C

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Science

    what is the main function of the long eyelashes of a camel

    asked by Ezekiel
  33. Thermochemistry

    How many Joules of heat are required to completely convert 80.0g of water at 60 Degrees Celsius to steam at 100 Degrees Celsius *NOTE THE VALUES ARE IN kJ per MOL c=4.179 J/gC, DeltaH-Fusion = 6.01 kJ/mol, DeltaH-Vaporization= 40.7 kJ/mol

    asked by Connor
  34. mathmatics

    A cone-shaped kitchen funnel has a diameter of 6 inches and a height of 7 inches. About how many times would you need to fill the funnel to fill a cylindrical can that has a radius of 4 inches and a height of 13 inches? A. 3 B. 4 C. 9 D. 10 I don't really

    asked by fnaf player
  35. calculus 2

    Given that the population of the earth was 6.0 billion people in 1999 (t = 0) and 6.9 billion people in 2009 (t = 10), find: a) an exponential growth function for the world’s population that fits that two data points. b) Find the doubling time for the

    asked by Beige
  36. geometry

    for what values of a and b is each quadrilateral a parallelogram? Left: 4a+b Top: 2b+15 Right: 5b-a Bottom: 5a+b

    asked by chase
  37. math

    You are still debating about the two different computers. If you are paid $10.00/hour and your deductions are FICA (7.65%), federal tax withholding (12%), and state tax withholding (8%), how many hours do you have to work to pay for the new computer? a new

    asked by tscott
  38. Engineering

    Four identical pin-pin ended solid concrete cylindrical columns that are L=10m tall need to be able to withstand 6.8*10^8 N of force before Euler buckling. What should be the diameter, d, in meters, of each column if the force is uniformly distributed? The

    asked by Alex
  39. Mathematics

    A total of $460 was shared between Avinash and Kelly. Kelly received three times the amount of money than Avinash. How much more money did Kelly receive than Avinash.

    asked by Dominique
  40. Algebra

    The school that Cody goes to is selling tickets to the annual dance competition. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 13 adult tickets and 8 child tickets for a total of $108. The school took in $106 on the second day by selling 2 adult tickets

    asked by Karla
  41. Math

    Jack drew 23 hearts and 54 circles. What is the ratio of hearts to all shapes?

    asked by sam
  42. Math

    You are trying to be a YouTube star and are tracking the number of views on your videos. Below are the number of views on your last 10 videos: 158, 164, 146, 170, 165, 187, 164, 174, 186, 197 a. Create a cumulative frequency table to represent the data:

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Geometry

    The diameter of a circle has endpoints P(- 10, - 8) ) and Q(4, 4) . a. Find the center of the circle. bFind the radius. If your answer is not an integer, express it in radical form. . Write an equation for the circle.

    asked by Amber
  44. mathematics

    Solve 5x^3=40

    asked by Anonymous
  45. mathematics

    Use the graph below to answer the following question. 1. Find the slope. (1 point) 2 – –2 Use the graph below to answer the following question. 2. Find the slope of the line. Describe how one variable changes in relation to the other. (1 point) 2;

    asked by hi!
  46. Psychology

    In a 150-word response, discuss two methods for connecting with others that you have used in the past, and two other methods you would consider using in the future?

    asked by Belladonna
  47. Science

    Populations can change in size when new members join in the population or when members leave the population. what factors might have caused the increase of deaths in 1 year? what factors might increase the births in year 4? make sure to add such terms as

    asked by BillyBob
  48. Physics

    3.A metal of mass 200g at temperature of 100°c is placed in 100g of water at 20°c in a container of negligible heat capacity.If the final steady temperature is 30°c.Calculate the specific heat capacity of the metal ( specific heat capacity of water

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Math

    Warren looks at the first and fourth pages of a chapter in his book. The sum of their page numbers is 47. On what page does the chapter begin?

    asked by micheal
  50. maths

    Given that f(−4.2)=−6.3 and f(−3.7)=−1.5, approximate f′(−4.2) f′(−4.2)≈

    asked by w
  51. maths

    Say you buy an house as an investment for 300000$ (assume that you did not need a mortgage). You estimate that the house will increase in value continuously by 37500$ per year. At any time in the future you can sell the house and invest the money in a fund

    asked by Who
  52. science

    The formula for the hydronium ion is _____. HO 3 H 3O + H + OH -

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Economics

    May I get some help please? Which challenge requires cooperation among nations to solve? A. international terrorism B. the high cost of education C. local political corruption D. the federal deficit and debt I believe it is A.

    asked by Wilson
  54. history

    What are the three main reasons that people immigrated to the U.S? economic opportunities higher elevation political freedom religious freedom warmer climate

    asked by kyle
  55. Mathematics

    A town Q is in a bearing of 210° from P,R is another town on a bearing of 150° from P east of Q.The distance between R and P is10km .find the distance between R and Q

    asked by Amara
  56. Physics

    Calculate the work if the force equal 6 and the displacement is 2

    asked by ميار
  57. Physics

    A car travels 36 km north then 25 km east and then 25 km west, with respect to the starting position what is the car's displacement

    asked by LilYeet
  58. calculus

    A tank has a rectangular base 3 m × 4 m, the vertical sides are 6 m high, and the depth of the water is 2 m. How much work is required to pump all of the water out over the side? The density of water is 1000 kg/m3 and gravitational acceleration is 9.8

    asked by Phil
  59. Physics

    an object is thrown straight up at 10 m/s, at the top of its rise what is the magnitude of the object's acceleration

    asked by thunderbirds501
  60. maths

    A lattice point in the plane is a point (a, b) with both coordinates equal to integers. For example, (-1, 2) is a lattice point but (1/2, 3) is not. If D(R) is the disk of radius R and center the origin, count the lattice points inside D(R) and call this

    asked by Help
  61. Algebra 1

    The archway to the entrance of an art gallery can be modeled by y = -1/3(x-5)(x+5), where x and y are measured in feet. The x-axis represents the floor. Find the width of the arch at floor level.

    asked by John
  62. calculus

    Find the area enclosed by r = θ, and the interval [0, 2π] on the x-axis.

    asked by Phil
  63. Physics

    rob colley set a record in “pole sitting” when he spent 42 days in a barrel at the top of a flagpole with a height of 43 meters, suppose you wanted to throw him up a sandwich. with what speed do you have to throw the sandwich up so that it would just

    asked by Trentgamez
  64. chemistry

    to what volume should 25.0 mL of 15 M nitric acid be diluted to prepare a 3.0 M solution

    asked by gaby
  65. Calculus

    Set up a definite integral (but do not evaluate it!) for the area of the surface obtained by rotating the curve y =x^3/3 , 0 ≤ x ≤ 1, about the x-axis. The integral should contain only one variable (x or y).

    asked by Phil
  66. math

    if you were incharge of bying a milk for a family or five but not everyone has breakfest at home everyday what kind of expensive will the milk be

    asked by isatou
  67. math

    Gina plotted the points (−3,4), (4, 4), (−3,−2), and (4,−2) on the coordinate plane. A. Determine the height of the quadrilateral. B. Determine the length of the quadrilateral. C. Gina said the points formed a square. Is she correct? Explain your

    asked by Adellina
  68. Chemistry

    rock is thrown downward from the top of a cliff with an initial speed of 12 m/s, disregarding air resistance if the rock hits the ground after 2.0 s, what is the height of the cliff

    asked by diogo
  69. science

    Sarah’s science class is investigating heat energy. They wonder what would happen to the temperature reading on a thermometer if they put the thermometer inside a mitten. Sarah’s group obtained two thermometers and a mitten. They put one thermometer

    asked by help
  70. math

    Which expression gives the distance between the points (−7,4) and (2,4)? A. |4|+|4| B. |−7+2|

    asked by Adellina
  71. Physics

    A runaway truck (truck with no brakes) traveling 45 m/s leaves the highway and enters the runaway ramp where the truck will be slowed due to soft sand that it is made of if the sand slows the truck at -2.00 m/s^2, how long,( distance), must the ramp be in

    asked by LilYeet
  72. Mathematics

    The circumference of a circle is 20 Pi CM what is the diameter of the circle

    asked by Anonymous
  73. History

    An _________________________, is a person who wanted to end slavery.

    asked by Mike
  74. Social studies

    Which is not considered a major problem of rapid urbanization? 1. Cities cannot keep up with the rapid growth. 2. There is a scarcity of teachers and factory supervisors. 3. Pollution levels are higher in and around the city. 4. Crime rates are higher in

    asked by Angel
  75. Maths

    Find a for which the points (1,2), (-3,2),(6,5) and (a,3) are concyclic. I used the properties but I had a very heavy polynomial which broke my heart

    asked by Isaac
  76. Science

    Can someone check my answer? Why are there seasons? Earth rotates on its axis. The moon revolves around Earth. Earth revolves around the sun. Earth's axis is tilted.*******

    asked by pinkfox
  77. Calculus/Vectors

    Determine the slope of the tangent at the indicated value of x. State as an exact value. f(x)= e^x^2 / 2x, x=1

    asked by Math Help
  78. Social Studies

    What animals might you find in ancient Egypt because of the location and geography? How does this affect the people that live there?

    asked by Jocelyn
  79. Math

    The temperature increased steadily from 6 AM to 2 PM. What will the graph of the data look like? A. a horizontal line, moving from left to right B. a line that slants down in a steep manner, moving from left to right C. a line that slants up in a gradual

    asked by Adellina~
  80. chemistry

    A mixture containing particles that are large enough that, if left undisturbed, will settle out over time due to gravity is a ___/ suspension colloid homogeneous mixture emulsion suspension??

    asked by bella
  81. History

    How were William Lloyd Garrison and the Rev. Elijah Lovejoy alike?

    asked by John
  82. Math

    X represents what

    asked by Yareli
  83. Math

    Jack is standing on the roof of his house in kicked a rubber ball in the air for it to land on the ground for his dog Henry to fetch.The ball is launched into the air from a height of 12 feet at time t=0. The function that models the situation is h(f) =

    asked by Baguette
  84. Physics

    When the brakes are applied to a moving car traveling at 60km/ decelerate at a uniform rate of 5ms-2.calculate the time taken to reach a velocity of 36km/hr-1

    asked by Jummai
  85. math

    . A farmer will divide a 1/2-acre plot of land into three equal-sized sections. What will be the size of each section?

    asked by ebola
  86. Science

    Can someone check my answer, please? What causes the alternating pattern of night and day? Earth’s orbital path Earth’s revolution Earth’s tilted axis Earth’s rotation******

    asked by pinkfox
  87. math

    Joe's mother had 1/3 of an apple pie left. Joe cut the remaining pie into 4 equal pieces and ate one piece. What fraction of the whole pie did that one piece equal?

    asked by E
  88. Math

    The earning per share for a retail store were $1.87 in 2008 and $2.51 in 2010. Use the midpoint formula to estimate the earnings per share in 2009. Assume the earning per share followed a linear pattern.

    asked by Karina
  89. Calculus

    Butch is making a closed rectangular box with a square base from two different metals. The top and bottom is made from tungsten which costs $6/cm^2, and the sides are made from titanium which costs $32/cm^2. If the box must have a volume of 800cm^3,

    asked by 123
  90. math

    1. The volume of a mini-basketball is approximately 4846.59 cubic centimeters. What is the approximate radius of a mini-basketball? A. 10.5 centimeters B. 11.5 centimeters C. 21 centimeters** D. 23 centimeters Need help, please! Thanks

    asked by panda
  91. Mathematics

    A farm grower uses 1/3 of his land for banana and 1/8 for pineapple and the remainder for orange,what fraction did he use for orange

    asked by Feranmi
  92. math

    Sorry for posting again-- But I need help with this question too 2. A sphere has a diameter of 28 millimeters. What is the circumference of the great circle? A. 43.96 millimeters B. 87.92 millimeters** C. 125.84 millimeters D. 615.44 millimeters I think I

    asked by panda
  93. algebra

    Write the sentence as an equation. b is the same as the quotient of 49 and b

    asked by Mylei
  94. maths

    Stefan is bicycling on a bike trail at an average of 10 mph. Erik starts bicycling on the same trail 30 minutes later at 16 mph. How long will it take Erik to pass Stefan?

    asked by sassycoco
  95. Chemistry

    The Ksp of PbI2 is 8.73 × 10-9. Find the solubility of PbI2 in M Please guide me , the I C E table still confuses me, please help me!!

    asked by jordan
  96. Calculus

    Find the derivative by definition of F(x)= x/x+1

    asked by Sarah
  97. Math

    A large waffle cone has a height of 7.25 inches and a diameter of 3.25 inches. Two scoops of sorbet are placed on the wide end of the cone. The scoops are spheres with a diameter of 3.25 inches. If all the sorbet melts into the cone, will the cone

    asked by dude
  98. Science

    Can someone check this tell me if I matched them correctly? Match the system responsible for each homeostatic relationship with the muscular system. Endocrine -- releases hormones to contribute to muscle strength and mass Immune – protects muscles from

    asked by Ember Lovet
  99. Calculus

    A projectile is launched vertically from the ground at t=0 and its velocity in flight (in m/s) is given by v(t)=20-10t Find the position function, the displacement, and total distance traveled after t seconds for 0≤t≤4, assuming s(0)=0.

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Calculus

    A company that manufactures wigdgets has hired a calculus student to determine the optimal number of widgets to produce each month in order to maximize profit. After a brief review, the student realizes that revenue is determined by R(n)= 3n^2/e^0.5 +5,

    asked by Calc
  101. geometry

    for what values of a and b is each quadrilateral a parallelogram? Left side: 5a Top: 3a+1 Right side: 2b-5 Bottom: b

    asked by chase
  102. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the given curves about the x-axis. y=x^2+1 x+y=3 Please help me set up the integral!

    asked by Anonymous
  103. economics

    Essay help for all subject areas at

    asked by joe
  104. history

    18. Identify one major technological development that has changed life in New Mexico. Tell how the development changed how people lived or worked. Then, evaluate the development to describe its significance for the overall national or new Mexican economy.

    asked by Perry the Platypus
  105. mathematics

    4. A credit card company applies a 6% fee on all transactions under $10. You purchased coffee for $4.80. What fee amount will be applied to your bill? *

    asked by desmonda
  106. physics

    Physics students roll a can of soup from the top of a 3 m long ramp down to the ground. The ramp has an angle of 20° from the ground. Find the x-component and y-component for the displacement vector of the can at the bottom of the ramp with respect to the

    asked by Dylan
  107. physics

    A runaway truck (truck with no brakes) traveling 45 m/s leaves the highway and enters the runaway ramp where the truck will be slowed due to soft sand that it is made of. If the sand slows the truck at -2.00 , how long,( distance), must the ramp be in

    asked by Dylan
  108. Math

    Find an interval for theta where the graph is traced only once: r = 2-8cos(theta) Please help this is confusing.

    asked by Steve
  109. English

    Aesop's fables tell stories about people and animals

    asked by Ngozi Jessica Nutor
  110. Social Studies

    how many columns are there in the pinnacle atop the dome in Washington Dc

    asked by Judson
  111. Religion

    The special prayer performed during the Ramadan

    asked by Ngozi Jessica Nutor
  112. Science

    how does energy work?

    asked by Dara
  113. Mathematics

    Marcus had $50.00. He spent 1/3 on travel and 3/10 on food and saved the remainder. Calculate the amount of money Marcus saved.

    asked by Dominique
  114. Chemistry

    How many subatomic particles are in a Oxygen atom that has a -2 charge? protons: neutrons: electrons:

    asked by Sky
  115. Science

    What is global warming? What can people do to reduce global warming? Help please ;-;

    asked by Zeze
  116. earth science

    Please help! Which of the following is an example of a scale on a map? A. 1:12,000 B. Contour interval: 50 ft C. an arrow pointing north D. an explanation of the symbols used

    asked by reina
  117. Math

    In a triangle, one angle is 60 degrees and another is 20 degrees. The remaining angle must be A. RIght. B. Acute. C. Obtuse D. Complementary

    asked by i know nothing
  118. Calculus

    A company that manufactures wigdgets has hired a calculus student to determine the optimal number of widgets to produce each month in order to maximize profit. After a brief review, the student realizes that revenue is determined by R(n)= __3n^2___ +5

    asked by help
  119. Calculus

    Determine the slope of the tangent at the indicated value of x f(x) = (x) cos^2 x, pie/4

    asked by calchelp
  120. Math

    A Science club has 36 members, of which 32 are males and the rest are females. What is the ratio of females to males?

    asked by ashley
  121. mathematics

    54 is the product of Diego's age and 3 .

    asked by Diego
  122. Physics

    Two spherical balls are placed so their centers are 255 cm apart. The force between the two balls is 2.80 x 10^-12 N. What is the mass of each ball if one ball is 3.00 kg more than the mass of the other ball?

    asked by Kevin Lee
  123. Math

    Can someone please walk me through this problem? The function f is defined by the following rule, f(x) = (1/4)^x Find f(x) for each of these five values x | f(x) _ | _______________| -2 |_______________| -1 |_______________| 0 |_______________| 1

    asked by Cadence
  124. math

    -5,2 translated 8 units to the right and 3 units up

    asked by marc
  125. math

    Need help with complex numbers questions: −14+12i has argument: θ= 7−15i has argument: θ= −10−13i has argument: θ=

    asked by joe
  126. math

    Suppose that to make the golf team you need to score no more than 84 on average over 5 games. If you scored 95, 74, 97, and 65 in your first 4 games, what is the highest score you can shoot in your 5th and final game and still make the team? a. 87 b. 90 c.

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐
  127. Math

    log3^x=p and log18^x=q show that log6^3=q divide by p-q

    asked by Rowen
  128. Mathematics

    The first three terms of a G.P are (k-3) (2k – 4), (4k – 3) in that order. Find the value K and the sum of the first eight terms

    asked by Gyateng Apenteng
  129. Social Studies

    Ruth’s husband died and he was a Hebrew, but Ruth, herself, was not. After Ruth’s husband died, Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law planned to go to Israel. Ruth wanted to go with Naomi. Naomi told Ruth that there would be nothing profitable there for her

    asked by Nadia
  130. Social Studies

    Can someone tell me how the Hebrew idea "belief in god" is affected in Western civilization?

    asked by Nadia
  131. Business Law

    If two brothers are gifted an undivided one-half each of land-but for 28 years only one brother has paid property taxes planted fruit trees put in a well system cold storage and depends on it to make a living - the other brother has not done anything is

    asked by Sheryl
  132. mathematics

    If you roll a six sided die 6 times, what is the best prediction possible for the number of times you will roll an odd number ??

    asked by Trinity
  133. math

    Support why you would teach using a non-standard units lesson?

    asked by Andrea
  134. Mathematics

    I have 17 tens,7 hundreds and 17 ones what number am I?

    asked by Jermani
  135. math

    ming was planning a trip to western samoa. Before going, she did some research and learned that the exchange rate is 6 Tala for 2$. How many Tala would she get if she exchanged 6$?

    asked by araya
  136. physics-relativity

    A rocket cruising past earth at 0.800c shoots a bullet out the back door, opposite the rocket's motion, at 0.950c relative to the rocket. What is the bullet's speed relative to the earth?

    asked by un
  137. physics

    A rock is dropped from a height of 4m. How long does it take to reach the ground

    asked by Lisa
  138. physics

    Does the mass of an object in orbit affect how fast it goes around?

    asked by Lisa
  139. physics

    A force of strength 3N is applied to the center of a wheel of radius 3m. Whatis the torque this generates?

    asked by Lisa
  140. physics

    Imagine a 24 hour clock with minute and hour hands. How do the rotational speeds of these hands compare to a regular clock’s hands?

    asked by Lisa
  141. Chemistry

    Is The molar absorptivity is characteristic to a molecule? true or false?

    asked by Shiro
  142. MATHS

    what is real paert and what is imagnery part of 2abi

    asked by uroojbano2005
  143. Calculus

    Determine the coordinates of the absolute extrema for the curve f(x) = x^2 - 4x + 1, on the interval 0 ≤ x ≤ 3

    asked by Help
  144. chemistry

    What is the pH and pOH of a solution made by adding water to 15 grams of hydroiodic acid until the volume of the solution is 2500 mL? (hint: you must calculate the molarity first)

    asked by Student 6
  145. mathematics

    The 5th term of an AP is 20 and the common difference is -2, find the first 4 terms

    asked by berrings
  146. Algebra

    Calculate: 64^1/3

    asked by Anonymous
  147. physics

    Heat is transferred into a thermometer by means of

    asked by Anonymous