Questions Asked on
May 3, 2020

  1. history

    Which best defines ISIS? A UN oversight group sent to monitor the situation in Iraq and Syria The terrorist organization that established the al-Qaeda movement A terrorist offshoot of al-Qaeda known for its brutality and extremism Members of the Muslim

    asked by nick
  2. Mathematics

    An aeroplane x whose average speed is 500km lives kano air port at 7am and travels no a bearing of 50degree it then changes it course it an air strife on a bearing of 120degree to an airport A . another aeroplane Y lives kano and

    asked by Mary Samuel
  3. Chemisty

    During an experiment, 17.5 mL of oxygen gas were collected over water at room temperature (25 C) and 100.2 kPa of atmospheric pressure. The vapor pressure of water at this temperature is 2.6 kPa. a) What is the pressure of the "dry" oxygen gas? b) How many

    asked by Linda
  4. Physics

    A 60.0-Hz ac generator with a peak voltage of 110 V drives a series RC circuit with R = 10.0  and C = 10.0 mF. The impedance is

    asked by Anonymous
  5. mathematics

    ABCD is a parallelogram and AM is the perpendicular from A to BC and AN is the perpendicular from A to CD.If AB is 6,3cm ,AD 4,9cm and AN 4,2cm.Calculate the area of the parallelogram.Hence Find AM

    asked by Anonymous
  6. physics

    a simple pendulum has a period of 4.2 s. when it is shortened by 1.0 m the period is only 3.7 s. A. without assuming a value for g , calculate the original length of the pendulum

    asked by Bwalya
  7. Math

    what are the dimensions of the soccer field with a perimeter of 420 m

    asked by Aka
  8. math

    Simplify the ratio. 6 to 22

    asked by anonymous
  9. English

    tick the sentence that are correct. rewrite the incorrect ones. Ravit and his friends won the match yesterday

    asked by Aradhana
  10. Mathematics

    A pair of shorts is $18. There is a 30% off sale.what is the total cost after the discount?

    asked by Bestina
  11. Digital Art

    All of the following are among the first steps of making art except A. Choosing a form B. Planning the project C. Getting the right materials D. getting feedback from critics i think its B

    asked by thank u next
  12. mathematics

    Peter has two fair tetrahedral (four sided) dice. The faces on each die are labeled l, 2, 3 and 4. One die is red and another is blue. Peter throws each die once. The random variable X is the sum of the numbers on which the dice land. a) Construct a

    asked by ali
  13. math

    Suppose that to make the golf team you need to score no more than 85 on average over 5games. If you scored 97, 76, 84, and 68 in your first 4 games, what is the highest score you can shoot in your 5th and final game and still make the team? PLEASE HELP

    asked by π“œπ“˜π“
  14. math

    You are trying to be a YouTube star and are tracking the number of views on your videos. Below are the number of views on your last 10 videos: 158, 164, 146, 170, 165, 187, 164, 174, 186, 197 a. Create a cumulative frequency table to represent the data:

    asked by π“œπ“˜π“
  15. Physics

    A diamond (n = 2.42) immersed in glycerin (n = 1.473) liquid. What is the critical angle at the boundary between diamond and glycerin?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. mathematics

    The area of a square is Rsquared.Give an expression of Half of its perimeter in terms of R

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Mathematics

    Use the elimination method to solve these pairs of simultaneous equation 6x - 5y = -7 3x + 4y= 16

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Chemistry

    A solution prepared by dissolving 25.8 mg of benzene (78.11 g/mol) in hexane (86.16 g/mol) and diluting to 250 mL had an absorption peak at 256 nm and an absorbance of 0.266 in a 1.000-cm cell. Question: What is the concentration of benzene solution?

    asked by Shiro
  19. maths

    Find the length of a circle with diameter of 12cm and central angle of 30Β°

    asked by lucy
  20. math

    Suppose that R is at (8, 6). Let P be a point on the line 8y = 15x and Q be a point on the line 10y = 3x, and suppose that R is the midpoint of PQ. Then the length of PQ can be written as a / b, where a and b have no common factors other than 1. Compute a

    asked by jake
  21. math

    If 60​% of a radioactive element remains radioactive after 200 million​ years, then what percent remains radioactive after 500 million​ years?

    asked by aniyah
  22. math

    A six-sided die is rolled 25 times. The number 3 appears eight times. What is the experimental probability of getting a 3?

    asked by sakura
  23. math

    A die is rolled and the results are 1, 2, 1, 4, 5, 6, 1, 3, 6, 6, 5, 2, 3. True or False: The experimental probability of rolling a 2 is close to the theoretical probability.

    asked by sakura
  24. Math

    2r+3s=29 3r+2s=16 In elimination method

    asked by WURAOLA
  25. math

    A spinner with 4 colored sections was spun in an experiment and the results are shown in the table below. Based on the results in the table, if you spin the spinner an additional 250 times, how many times can you expect the spinner to land on green?

    asked by sakura
  26. math

    Jasmine tossed a coin 20 times. It lands on heads 14 times and tails 6 times. What is the relative frequency of landing on tails?

    asked by sakura
  27. mathematics

    A popular, low-cost furniture store only sells "Do-It-Yourself" furniture. All the furniture pieces come in a box, and customers can build the furniture at home. The store found that there is a 45% chance that a customer plans to hire someone else to build

    asked by ali
  28. Maths

    (a+b+cc)^(2017)+(a-b-c)^(2017) When simplified how many terms would that be? can we try this? i saw it in IMO past question I couldn't do it Sir obleck I search for that book you said ,but no luck for me ....I only have 2014 past question but it hasn't

    asked by Kenny
  29. Social studies

    Why were tribunes of the plebs so powerful in roman government?

    asked by Josiah
  30. Math

    In a series of plays a football team gains 20 yards, gains 15 yards, and then lose 7 yards. What is the total gain or loss in yardage?

    asked by Jesse
  31. English

    between differentiate and derivatives. Which is a verb and which is a noun??

    asked by Kenny
  32. science

    the higher the an object is from the ground the....

    asked by mambwe
  33. social studies

    which of the following ways to pay for education does not need to be paid back check all that apply

    asked by Ant god
  34. Probability

    Mr. Carter wants to determine the probabilities for students choosing a hamburger or a hot dog at the school picnic. Explain how Mr. Carter could create a simulation for this using a coin.

    asked by Jaxx
  35. Science

    Calculate the amount of energy required to change 50g of ice to liquid

    asked by Mohammad
  36. algebra

    Solve (x^2)/(x^2) + (x^2)/(x^2)

    asked by Mike
  37. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a solution whose hydrogen ion concentration is 5Γ—10^-9

    asked by Wisdom
  38. Chemistry

    An aluminum of mass 3.14gramm reacted with excess hydrochloride acid at stp according to the the following equation calculate the mass of hydrogen and the volume at stp

    asked by Wisdom
  39. accounting

    Financial Statement Analysis Portfolio The Income Statement for Pumpkin Co. is shown below: Pumpkin Co. Income Statement for the Month Ended October 21, 2010 revenues sales $120,000.00 operating expenses salary expense $10,000.00 supplies expense

    asked by mya
  40. English

    [Use for questions 1-2] Lindy. [approaches the new student, who is eating lunch at a table by himself in the cafeteria] Hi there! My name is Lindy. Welcome to the United States and to Crockett School. Luis. [looks surprised and a little flustered; wipes

    asked by IAMHERE!
  41. math

    Suppose that to make the golf team you need to score no more than 84 on average over 5 games. If you scored 95, 74, 97, and 65 in your first 4 games, what is the highest score you can shoot in your 5th and final game and still make the team? a. 87 b. 90 c.

    asked by π“œπ“˜π“
  42. Science

    What is produced when energy causes particles to vibrate in waves? Light, sound*, electricity, or heat.

    asked by Allysa
  43. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the texts to complete the sentences. Hebrew Bible Epistles Book of Genesis Christian Bible Book of Revelation Gospels Christians believe in the __________ as their holy book. This book includes the New Testament and the Old Testament. The Old

    asked by Meep
  44. Science

    What is the difference between multiple alleles and polygenic traits

    asked by Anonymous
  45. chemistry

    what will happen towell stoppered bottle full of water left in deep freez overnight

    asked by cleopatra