Questions Asked on
May 2, 2020

  1. physics

    A uniform metal rod of length 80cm and mass 3.2kg is supported horizontally by two vertical springs balances C and D.Balance C is 20cm from one end and while balance D is 30cm from the other end.Find the reading on each balance.

    asked by james
  2. History

    Which best defines the “stab in the back” myth? It is the idea that Jews betrayed Germany by orchestrating its defeat in World War I. It is the belief that the Weimar Republic would betray Germany if allowed to remain in power. It is the idea that

    asked by Student 5
  3. math

    10 teams enter a soccer tournament. In the first round teams paired in 5 pairs to play with each other. Assume that now in each match one of the teams marked as "HOME" and the other "AWAY" and first 5 games need to run one after another. How many different

    asked by it
  4. Physical Science

    How much does it cost to operate a 28-W porch light for 24 h if electric energy costs 8¢/ kWh .

    asked by Mary
  5. Math

    One of the roots of the equation x^2−6x+q=0 is 4.5. Find the other root and the value of the coefficient q.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Chemistry

    Why isn't iron usually recommended in the construction of steam pipes and boilers?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. chemistry

    Determine the [OH−] of a solution that is 0.240 M in HCO3− (Ka1=4.3×10−7). Determine the pH of this solution.

    asked by trump
  8. math

    Find the number of the permutations with the letters of the word TRIANGLE.

    asked by random
  9. chemistry

    Determine the [OH−] of a solution that is 0.130 M in CO32− (Kb=1.8×10−4). Determine the pH of a solution that is 0.130 M in CO32− Determine the pOH of a solution that is 0.130 M in CO32−.

    asked by trump
  10. Math

    One hat and two shirts cost $21. Two hats and one shirt cost $18. Sam has exactly enough money to buy one hat and one shirt. How much money does Sam have?

    asked by Joshy
  11. Statistics

    a) Banting is believed to reduce weight when done for a minimum of 10 days. A random sample of 5 ladies were weighed before and after Banting. The data is displayed on a table below. Person Weight before Weight After 85 96 105 78 90 120 Construct a 95% for

    asked by Gibbons
  12. chemistry

    Calculate the concentration of all species in a 0.145 M solution of H2CO3 (Ka1 is 4.3×10−7 and Ka2 is 5.6×10−11). Calculate the concentration of H2CO3. Calculate the concentration of HCO−3. Calculate the concentration of CO2−3. Calculate the

    asked by trump
  13. History

    How did the Nile River impact ancient Nubia ?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    Solve the following inequalities, if it is known that function g is decreasing on its domain. 1. g(3x^2−2x)≥g(3x−2), Dg=ℝ 2. g(x^3−4x) 3. g(5−x^2)≤g(3x−5), Dg=(−∞,4) 4. g(x^2−3x)≥g(4x−12), Dg=(−∞,0]

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Biology

    Why neuroendocrine cells in the duodenum are the ones responsible for secretion, chemical modification and storage, reuptake, and digestion of a protein?

    asked by Mary
  16. Science

    Why pars distalis is not a good candidate for transplantation?

    asked by Andy
  17. Chemistry

    When water and kerosene are mixed in the container , which one forms the upper layer?give reasons

    asked by Happy
  18. art

    The only way for artists to control movement in their works is to position important objects on the left-to-right path along which viewers naturally read text. True False*

    asked by pbody
  19. Physics

    there are four individual transformer feeder having connected loads of 250 kva, 300 kva, 350 kva, demand factor of these are 80%, 70%, 75% and 90% respectively diversity factor is 1.6 find the total demand of load and size of transformer required to supply

    asked by V Roy
  20. math

    Frank has 10 different shirts, 4 different pants, and 3 different pairs of shoes. How many different outfits can he create?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. social studies

    Which of the following are true about railroad expansion in the late 19th century? Choose all that apply. A. It led to new managerial forms and techniques. B. It accelerated the growth of new territories. C. It was financed by the government. D. It grew

    asked by hjik
  22. chemistry

    Write chemical equations and corresponding equilibrium expressions for each of the two ionization steps of carbonic acid Write chemical equations for first ionization step of carbonic acid write chemical equations for second ionization step of carbonic

    asked by trump
  23. mathematics

    Calculate the total surface area of the solid cone or vertical height 24cm and base diameter 14cm use the value 22/7 for pier

    asked by Taofik
  24. Mathematics

    The first term of an AP is -5 and the fifteenth term is double the third term. Find the eleventh term of the progression.

    asked by Jabba
  25. Social Studies

    How are the economies of South America Different. Please answer me :)

    asked by Super Nova
  26. Chemistry

    A sample on analysis shows 50% CaO, what will be the % of calcium carbonate in it?

    asked by Gbolliscent
  27. Chemistry

    The equation for a normal calibration curve for the detection of iron(II) is determined experimentally to be 𝐴 = 12.93 𝑀−1 [𝐹𝑒 2+] + 0.0017 Analysis of a sample with unknown concentration gives an absorbance reading of 0.106. What is the

    asked by Shiro
  28. Physics

    If a man stands on the floor and weight 90kg and the area between his legs is 0.0368 m sq . What is the pressure exerted on the floor if he stands with one leg

    asked by Toshni
  29. Science

    To create animals that have characters of both species, some people have bred buffalo and cattle together. this is an example of a. inbreeding b. hybridization c. genetic engineering d. transformation My answer is hybridization?

    asked by Mightbe
  30. Physics

    State the reason why a steel sphere resting on a horizontal surface is said to be in neutral equilibrium.

    asked by William
  31. Physics

    Principle of moments.

    asked by William
  32. Chemistry

    Name two ions which cause temporary hardness of water and two ions which cause permanent hardness.

    asked by Happy
  33. Math algebra

    an electrician cuts a 17 ft piece of wire into two pieces one piece is 11 ft longer than the other how long are the pieces

    asked by Kendra
  34. Physics

    Pendulum clocks tend to use quite large masses.Why?

    asked by Lee
  35. math

    A ladder of 8 m is leaning against a wall begins to slide. If its upper end slides down the wall at a rate of 0.25 m/sec, at what rate is the angle between the ladder and the ground changing when the foot of the ladder is 5 m from the wall? I would like

    asked by anonymous
  36. spanish

    Do now: A) Completa la oración con las letras que completan la palabra adecuada. 1. Quiero ir al ___________a a ver diferentes tipos de peces. 2. Un famoso p_____ d__ d_____ es Six Flags. 3. Me gusta ver a los monos (monkeys) jugando cuando voy al

    asked by anonymous
  37. math

    Zip code contains 4 digits. How many zip-codes can be created with digits 0−9 if you can use each digit only once and zip code can not start with 0.

    asked by random
  38. algebra

    Which of the quadratic functions has the narrowest graph? a. y=-x^2 b. y=1/3x^2 c. y=3x^2 d. y=1/5x^2

    asked by taylor
  39. geometry

    How do you find the slant height of a cone with a height of 12.5 cm and a diameter of 7cm?

    asked by F. D. R.
  40. math

    Find the Surface area and volume of a cone with a height(not slant height) of 12.5cm and a diameter of 7cm. How do I show work for this?

    asked by F. D. R.
  41. Math

    Let g(t) be the Glucose concentration in blood stream of a person at time t. g(t) = 1/k(R - (R - k*go)e^(-kt/v)) Where go - initial glucose concentration (at t=0), v - volume of blood in Humana body , R - rate at which glucose is introduced into blood

    asked by Ashley
  42. chemistry

    What volume of a 15.0% by mass NaOH solution, which has a density of 1.116 g/mL, should be used to make 4.95 L of an NaOH solution with a pH of 10.4? Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units.

    asked by trump
  43. Maths:

    As in the diagram,let A,B,C,D be the centers of the 4 balls in the bottom layer,and A',B',C',D' be the center of the 4 balls in the upper layer.then A,B,C,D and A',B',C',D' are the 4 vertice of the squares of length 2cm,respectively, now the circumscribed

    asked by Kenny
  44. chemistry

    Amphetamine (C9H13N) is a weak base with a pKb of 4.2. Part A Calculate the pH of a solution containing an amphetamine concentration of 220 mg/L .

    asked by trump
  45. Mathematics

    2+2i, -2-2i, -2√3+2√3i forms an equilateral triangle

    asked by Mohammed
  46. physics

    A 6volt battery of internal resistance 0.5ohm is connected to three resistors of value, 3ohm, 4ohm, and 5ohm. Calculate the current in each resistor, but the 4 and 5ohm resistors arein parallel.

    asked by istifanus
  47. Math

    How would u write "$18 per week plus $2 for each visit to the event" in y=mx+b form?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Geometry

    As in the diagram,let A,B,C,D be the centers of the 4 balls in the bottom layer,and A',B',C',D' be the center of the 4 balls in the upper layer.then A,B,C,D and A',B',C',D' are the 4 vertice of the squares of length 2cm,respectively, now the circumscribed

    asked by Kenny
  49. Math

    Solve the following inequalities, if it is known that function f is increasing on its domain. 1. f(x^3−4x)≥f(3x^2+6x), Df=ℝ 2. f(x^4−x) 3. f(4x−3)≥f(2−x^2), Df=(−8,4) 4. f(x^2−5x−7)≤f(5−6x), Df=[−1,∞)

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math

    (c^2 − a^2 − b^2)^2 − 4a^2b^2.

    asked by Bella
  51. Math


    asked by Bella
  52. Math


    asked by Bella
  53. Math

    From a sequence i have the explicit formula i have to make it to exponential function then find ratio and y intercept is this correct 5× 4^x-1 F(×)= 5 (4)^x-1 Ratio = 4 Y-int = 5

    asked by Gissell
  54. Chemistry

    The regression line from a plot of absorbance vs. concentration yields: 𝐴 = 2.31[𝐶] + 0.002. If the absorbance of an unknown is measured to be 0.124, what is the concentration of the analyte [𝐶]?

    asked by Shiro
  55. Chemistry

    If a sample of hexane with benzene had an absorbance of 0.153 at 256 nm in a cuvette with 1.000-cm path length, find the concentration of benzene in molarity.

    asked by Shiro
  56. Chemistry

    A chromate 𝐶𝑟𝑂4 −2 solution has an absorbance of 1.534 when the cell length is 1.5 cm. If the molar absorptivity of chromate ion is 5.21 × 103 𝑀−1 𝑐𝑚−1 , calculate the concentration of chromate ion.

    asked by Shiro
  57. math

    The data below shows the number of birds spotted by a bird watcher each hour over 10 hours: 7, 11, 14, 3,17, 15, 21, 17, 10, 12 a. Create a cumulative frequency table to represent the data: Birds Spotted: Frequency: Cumulative Frequency: please help

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐