Questions Asked on
April 30, 2020

  1. Mathematics

    Kinyua spent 1/4 of his net January salary on school fees .He spent 1/4 of remainder on electricity and water bills .He spent 1/9 of what remained on transport .if he finally has 8400 calculate total January salary

    asked by Anonymous
  2. science

    Which of the following adjustments would cause an image to change from real to virtual? a)moving the object from the focal point of a converging lens to a position inside the focal length b)moving the object from the focal point of a diverging lens to a

    asked by Hi
  3. science

    Which of the following choices correctly explains why light separates into colors when moving through a prism? a)The different colors of light travel at different speeds through glass so they refract at different angles. b)The different colors of light

    asked by Hi
  4. Statistics

    Find the area under the standard normal curve between z = - 1.5 and z = 2.5

    asked by Moe
  5. Math

    3. Kara needs 15 apples to make 2 pies. She made this table to show how many apples she would need for different numbers of pies. Number of apples- 15 , 30 , 45 , 60 Number of pies- 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 10, 12 At this rate how many apples will Kara need to make

    asked by Clown Express
  6. Solar

    Which of the following processes is used in order to fabricate polysilicon?

    asked by V Roy
  7. chemistry

    When magnesium metal (Mg) is burned, it forms MgO. How many moles of oxygen gas (O2) are needed to burn 20 moles of Mg? The balanced equation is: 2Mg + O2 --> 2MgO

    asked by nuzhat
  8. Math

    Equation practice with angle addition Given: m∠AOCm, angle, A, O, C is a straight angle. \qquad m \angle BOC = 6x + 29^\circm∠BOC=6x+29 ∘ m, angle, B, O, C, equals, 6, x, plus, 29, degrees \qquad m \angle AOB = 3x + 124^\circm∠AOB=3x+124 ∘ Find

    asked by Lexi
  9. Science

    What evidence exists to support the theory of evolution at the amino acid level

    asked by Bella
  10. math

    Find the radius of a sphere with a volume of 972π cubic millimeters.

    asked by Jessica

    3.Describe two applications each of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics.

    asked by NEED HELP ASAP
  12. Mathematics

    A recipe for cookies requires 2/3 cup of butter.Rama wants to make 3/4 of the many cups of butter should rama use to make the cookies?

    asked by Cindy
  13. Mathematics

    Work out the product of 1 4/5 and 1 5/8

    asked by Stella
  14. physics

    The energy gained by an electron when it is accelerated by an electric field is ___ the energy lost due to collisions. -greater than -equal to*

    asked by Jimmy Neutron
  15. Solar

    Let's assume that solar light reaches a silicon solar cell with an angle of incidence of \(\theta_i=0^o\). For simplicity, let's consider the refractive index of silicon to be \(n_{Si}=3.5\). The refractive index of air is \(n_{air}=1\). What percentage of

    asked by V Roy
  16. Math

    The table below shows the results of flipping two coins. how does the experimental probability of getting at least one tails compare to the theoretical probability of getting at least one tails Outcome: HH HT TH TT # of times Tossed: 28 22 34 16 Question

    asked by BKCRAZE
  17. Science

    Describe two aspects of dams that depend on the proper flow of fluids.

    asked by Random
  18. math

    A jar contains 5 red marbles and 8 white marbles. Event A = drawing a white marble on the first draw Event B = drawing a red marble on the second draw If two marbles are drawn from the jar, one after the other without replacement, what is P(A and B)

    asked by j
  19. Chemistry

    The oxidation of copper(I) oxide, Cu2O(s) , to copper(II) oxide, CuO(s) , is an exothermic process. 2Cu2O(s)+O2(g)⟶4CuO(s) The change in enthalpy upon reaction of 70.64 g Cu2O(s) is −72.08 kJ . Calculate the work, 𝑤 , and energy change, Δ𝑈rxn ,

    asked by HELP!!!!!!!!
  20. mathematics

    a kite with a string 150 feet long makes an angle 45 with the ground, assuming the string is straight ,how high is the kite?

    asked by shandy
  21. algebra

    A street that is 227ft long is covered in snow. City workers are using a snowplow to clear the street. The snowplow has tires that are in 2.5ft diameter. How many times does a tire have to turn in traveling the length of the street? Use the value 3.14 for

    asked by asm
  22. Solar

    We have discussed that indirect band gap materials have a lower absorption coefficient than direct band gap materials, due to the fact that the charge carriers need a change in energy AND momentum in order to be excited. If both Si and Ge are indirect band

    asked by V Roy
  23. probability

    An organization will give a prize to a local artist. The artist will be randomly chosen from among 10 painters, 3 sculptors, and 5 photographers. What is the probability that the artist chosen will be a sculptor or a photographer?

    asked by alex
  24. Math

    A dog chased after a dandelion for 0.5 km, stopped to take a rest, and continued to chase after the dandelion for 750 m. How many meters did the dog travel in total?

    asked by DWayne
  25. Science

    What is one effect of the Gulf Stream? A: Summers in Spain are hotter than summers in Maine. B: Summers in Florida are hotter than summers in Sweden. C: Winters in Iceland are colder than winters in Georgia. D: Winter days are shorter in England than in

    asked by BruhNah13
  26. probability

    Confidence interval interpretation Every day, I try to estimate an unknown parameter using a fresh data set. I look at the data and then I use some formulas to calculate a 70% confidence interval, [Θˆ−,Θˆ+], based on the day's data. Are the following

    asked by Skyfall
  27. MATHS

    Researchers at Jackson Hospital asked 40 randomly selected patients about their sleep habits. Sixteen reported sleeping 8 hours or more each night. If there are 700 patients in the hospital, estimate the number of patients who sleep 8 hours or more each

    asked by Mudkip-chan
  28. Algebra

    A chain saw requires 6 hours of assembly and a wood chipper 4 hours. A maximum of 48 hours of assembly time is available. The profit is $ 190 on a chain saw and $ 220 on a chipper. How many of each should be assembled for maximum​ profit? To attain the

    asked by Joe
  29. physics

    A 8 kg object is pulled along a horizontal surface at a constant speed by a 30 N force acting 60 degrees above the horizontal. How much work is done by the force as the object moves 7 m?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    16 + p = >50

    asked by HELP HELP HELP
  31. Mathematics

    A quarter of jones marbles are blue.If he has 12 marbles.How many marbles does he have altogether?

    asked by Rosita
  32. Math

    I can't figure out how to do this 2/3+1/9? Can anyone help me?

    asked by pinkfox
  33. English

    Grandma Sands tells Momma that “things are different from what they were when you left. Nearly everything changes.” What does Grandma Sands mean by this? What has changed? How does this change affect the characters in the story?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. social studies

    Select the boxes in the table to show which geographic features are found in each country. archipelago coastal plain China Japan Korea Japan Korea

    asked by simqs
  35. Mathematics

    The first side of a triangle is 7 cm shorter than twice the second side. The third side is 4 cm longer than the second side. The perimeter is 77 cm. Which equation represents how to find each side? a) 4x + 3 = 77 b) 3x - 11 = 77 c) 3x - 3 = 77 d) 4x - 3 =

    asked by Reyna
  36. algebra

    Two similar data sets are being compared. The standard deviation of Set A is 4.8. The standard deviation of Set B is 6.5. Which statement about the data sets is true? a)The mean of the data in Set B is greater than the mean of the data in Set A. b)The

    asked by Hi
  37. Mathematics

    he distance between two cities on a map is 2 inches. The map scale is ¼ inch = 5 miles. What is the actual distance between the cities?

    asked by Melissa
  38. English

    In lines 51-60 (“O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright”), Romeo’s first lines upon seeing Juliet, find an example of alliteration, personification, and simile.

    asked by random
  39. Math

    There is a bag with 10 marbles. There are 6 blue marbles and 4 red marbles. What is the probability of picking 2 red marbles without replacement?

    asked by Anna
  40. Mathematics

    There is a bag with 10 marbles. There are 6 blue marbles and 4 red marbles. What is the probability of picking 2 red marbles WITH REPLACEMENT!

    asked by Anna
  41. Mathematics

    Which of the following is a true statement? 1. -9 > -4 2.|-10| > |2| 3. | -3| < |1| 4. 6 < -12 My answer is 2

    asked by Hi
  42. pre-calculus

    A flagpole at right angle to the horizontal is located on a slope that makes an angle of 12∘ with the horizontal. The pole's shadow is 16 meters long and points directly down the slope. The angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the sun is

    asked by Charlie
  43. Algebra

    12. Sn = 1550, n = 3, r = 5 13. Sn = 1512, n = 6, r = 2 14. Sn = 6854.4, r = 2, an = 3481.6 15. Sn = 4860, r = 3, an = 3280.5

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math

    what is 4×4 to the power of 10

    asked by Rhino
  45. probability

    Bias and MSE We estimate the unknown mean θ of a random variable X with unit variance by forming the sample mean Mn=(X1+⋯+Xn)/n of n i.i.d. samples Xi and then forming the estimator Θˆn=13⋅Mn. Your answers below can be functions of θ and n. Follow

    asked by Skyfall
  46. creative writing

    the clover told me he was good luck

    asked by william
  47. Chemistry

    What mass of Cl2 gas is needed to react with 2.48 mol TiO2

    asked by Connor
  48. physics

    Which of the following statements about electromagnetic radiation is true? -It transfers energy to objects in the path of the electromagnetic waves. -It can be converted to other energy forms. -It transports the energy of electromagnetic waves. -all of the

    asked by Jimmy Neutron
  49. Social Studies

    Choose 2 of the following and describe how the ideas of the Hebrew traditions are reflected in Western civilization: belief in God, observance of law, practice of the concepts of righteousness and justice, and importance of study. (This is for a project.

    asked by Hailey
  50. physics

    ___3.0Ω__ | | 3.0Ω 3.0Ω _____| |_____ |__3.0Ω__| What is the equivalent resistance for the resistors in the figure shown above? -1.3Ω -2.2Ω* -3.0Ω -12.0Ω please confirm :)

    asked by Jimmy Neutron
  51. math

    Margaret is playing a game with a standard deck of 52 cards which contains 4 jacks. The first player to select a jack gets to start the game. What is the theoretical probability that Margaret, when choosing first, will choose a jack?

    asked by mekhi scott
  52. Biology

    :// Go to this website and please help!!

    asked by anonymous
  53. math

    salesmann is paid a salary of Rs .500 per month and one percent commission on sales. if his total income in one month is Rs. 750. find the value of his sales in that month.

    asked by yasir
  54. Mathematics

    Calculate the line of symmetry and the turning point of (8 + 2x) (5 − x)

    asked by Mike
  55. mathematics

    a population is increasing at 2.5% p.a. If it is 20400000 now, how large was it a year ago

    asked by Justin Kim
  56. Further maths

    The sum of the first four terms of a linear sequence (A.P.) is 26 and that of the next four terms is 74. Find the value of (1)the first term (2) the common difference

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math

    Which function is a quadratic function? A. y= 1/x B. y= y=5x - 7 C. y= -2x^2+2x **** D. y= |x|

    asked by Stuck
  58. algebra

    Solve 3(x^4)^3 + (3*x^4)^3

    asked by Anonymous
  59. algebra

    You want to read more than 50 pages in a book this week. You have already read 16 pages. Write and solve an inequality to find how many more pages you need to read this week. Be sure to write your answer as a solution set.

    asked by Arabel
  60. statistics

    The average electric bill in a residential area is $72 for the month of April. The standard deviation is $5. If the amounts of the electric bills are normally distributed, find the probability that the mean of the bill is less than $78.

    asked by helppp
  61. Physics

    Work and heat transfer calculation in a closed system Find the pressure, temperature and volume at the end of each of the four processes. Then calculate the work done during each process and the net amount of work done. Finally calculate the net amount of

    asked by hhuu
  62. Maths

    50400000 in standard form

    asked by Ayoushree
  63. Maths:series

    Was wondering Do they exist a general formula for something like this?? √1+√2+√3+√4..........√n I just thought of it though wanted to ask if there is

    asked by Isaac
  64. English

    Which of the following sentences uses a predicate noun? A. Jessica’s bike ride was uneventful. B. The owner of the bike is she. C. Jessica is the owner of the pink bike.** D. Jessica’s bike looks brand new. C? Which sentence has proper subject-verb

    asked by IAMSTILLHERE!
  65. Probability

    Let K be a Poisson random variable with parameter λ : its PMF is pK(k;λ)=λke−λk!,for k=0,1,2,…. What is the ML estimate of λ based on a single observation K=k ? (Your answer should be an algebraic function of k using standard notation.)

    asked by bob
  66. Algebra

    1. For ABC what is the value of cosC. adjudant= 54 hypotnuse=90 opposite=72

    asked by Hi Timmy
  67. Probability

    We estimate the unknown mean θ of a random variable X (where X has a finite and positive variance) by forming the sample mean Mn=(X1+⋯+Xn)/n of n i.i.d. samples Xi and then forming the estimator Θˆ=Mn+1n. Is this estimator unbiased? unanswered Is this

    asked by bob
  68. English

    Which sentence has proper subject-verb agreement? A. Tom and Jody throws a great party. B. Tom and Jody throw a great party.*** C. Tom and Jody gives a great party. D. Tom and Jody giving a great party. Is it B WriterTeacher??

    asked by IAMSTILLHERE!
  69. social studies

    Summarize the New Deal Program. Make sure to cover the following: Why was it created? What was it intended to do? Why did FDR create the programs in the areas that he did?

    asked by Efrain
  70. Math

    two friends want to share 9 cookies so each get exactly the same amount. How many cookies do we each get?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Spanish

    practicar in Familiar Command escribir i’m familiar command escuchar in familiar command let in familiar command llegar temprano in familiar command

    asked by Georgina
  72. English

    When did Mary Yu Chang enjoy herself during the war?

    asked by mario
  73. Math

    Compute the largest possible distance between two points A and B, where A is a point on the sphere of radius 19 with center (-2, -10, 5) and B is a point on the sphere of radius 87 with center (12, 8, -16).

    asked by jake
  74. English

    Look up the letter from Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Banneker. What is the best text structure and give 2 pieces of evidence thank you to whoever does this.

    asked by Reese
  75. Math

    Find the next three terms of the sequence. -2, -12, -72, -432, ... a) -1,728, -6,912, -27,648 b) -1,728, -10,368, -62,208 c) -2,592, -10,368, -41,472 d) -2,592, -15,522, -93,312 i dont know how to solve this, it doesn't make sense to me please help!

    asked by cheese
  76. Math

    A garden Is in the shape of a rectangle 44 feet long and 26 feet wide if fencing costs $8 a foot

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Mathematics

    How much will 20 pencils cost if it costs $3.50 for 100 pencils?

    asked by Lua Formatter
  78. math

    at union springs elamentary shcool car riders line up at 2:15 pm . after 15 minutes it is time for the other students go home ? show an example how you found the ansewer by drawing a time line . ilatrate

    asked by china duff
  79. social studies

    strong influence of African traditions in Brazil

    asked by taylor
  80. Social studies

    What is Wahhabism? Where does it have the most influence?

    asked by doge master
  81. Music

    Which type of scale follows this pattern of whole and half steps? W-W-H-W-W-W-H A. major B. natural minor C. harmonic minor D. melodic minor i know its not major but i dont know the diffrence between the other 3

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Physics

    How would you make a light bulb light up with one battery, one light bulb, and ONE wire?

    asked by Apple Annie
  83. Texas history

    1. How was Texas post-war growth different than early 1900s oil boom population growth? A) Texas rapidly change from a rural to an urban state As cities grew up around refineries B) Most of the rapid post-war population growth in Texas was concentrated in

    asked by Nobody
  84. math

    A paper cup has the shape of a cone with height of 8cm and a radius of 4cm at the top. Water is poured into the cup at a rate of 2cm^3/s. How fast is the water level rising when the water level is 4cm deep?

    asked by anonymous
  85. Chemistry

    Which part(s) of the reaction H2O(g) + C(s) ⇀↽ H2(g) + CO(g) will be favored by an increase in the total pressure (resulting in compression)? 1. Neither is favored. 2. reactants 3. products 4. Unable to determine Not sure how to do this

    asked by H
  86. Solar

    Consider a c-Si solar cell whose fingers have a resistance \(R=0.1\Omega\). What would be the finger's resistance (in \(\Omega\)) if the finger's width is doubled and the finger's height is one third of its initial value?

    asked by V Roy
  87. math

    using first principles to differentiate y = 1/(√ x). I tried using this method many times but I get different answers all the time. I can do it using the power rule but I am not sure what I am doing wrong.... my answer is -1/(2x^3/2) using power rule

    asked by anonymous
  88. Mathematics

    5.6 X 10^8 + 7.8 X 10^7 Written in Scientific Notation

    asked by Molly
  89. mathematics

    Jenny bought scrapbooking supplies for $156.50. She paid $10.17 in sales tax. What was the sales tax rate on the supplies?

    asked by Jacob
  90. science

    What happens to air temperature when the altitude decreases?

    asked by dude
  91. Math

    A fitness club offers two membership plans. Plan A: $30 per month Plan B: $18 per month plus $2 for each visit to the club What is the equation for each plan?

    asked by Hi
  92. English

    1.persuasion is achieved by the speaker's personal character when the speech is so spoken as to make us think him credible 2. secondly, persuasion may come through the hearers when the speech stirs their emotions. 3. thirdly, persuasion is effected through

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐
  93. english

    PLEASE HELP Which of the following TWO statements would be considered hasty generalizations? ◻People over the age of 50 are not good with new technology. ◻George W. Bush was a pretty average president. ◻He has never shot a gun so he shouldn't be

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐
  94. social studies

    What did Francis Bacon believe scientists should rely on to explain the laws of nature? A. Greek learning B. Church teachings C. mathematics D. inductive reasoning

    asked by jeremiah
  95. mathematics

    At Arthur’s Bakery, 1 8 of the baked goods are cakes, and the rest are pies. One third of the pies are cherry. What fraction of all of the baked goods at Arthur’s bakery are cherry pies?

    asked by dale
  96. Geometry

    How do I go about this? I need details solution to study find any given rectangle ∆ R=(xbase0,xbase0+w).(ybase0.ybase0+h) if we define function A A(R)= ∫ ∫R e^(2iπ(x+y)dxdy ????

    asked by Isaac
  97. math

    What are independent and dependent events? How about replacement/without replacement?

    asked by Mariana G.
  98. Math

    What is y-intercept??? Is it like slope?????

    asked by Aquaman
  99. math

    the folling shapes are all quadrilrterals because they all have four sides witch quadrilateral has equal sides but does not have equal angles

    asked by regan
  100. Math

    The tent is 30ft wide with a center pole that is 7ft high what is the angle of elevation from the ground to the top of the pole

    asked by Jasmerae Martinez
  101. Math

    What is the explicit equation best models the situation: 10.3, 9.6, 8.9, 8.2, ...

    asked by Klara
  102. Math

    What is the explicit equation best models the situation: 10.3, 9.6, 8.9, 8.2, ... Is it: t(n)=-0.7n+10.3? or is it: t(n)=-0.7n-11?

    asked by Klara
  103. Math

    a vegetable garden is in the shape of a rectangle, surrounded by 296 feet of fence. the length of the garden is 61 feet more than twice the width of the garden. fins the dimensions of this garden

    asked by Semaj
  104. Chemistry

    What is the Acid, Base, Conjugate Acid, and the Conjugate Base of HClO4(aq) + H2O(l) ⇄ H3O+(aq) + ClO4–(aq)?

    asked by Beckham
  105. Science

    Why are there colors on a rainbow?

    asked by Ro
  106. Math

    Hilary Duff purchased a rare unicorn succulent for $36 in the first year & of course she has amazing taste, so it began increasing in value. The value followed a pattern appreciating it's value by 20% each year. Which recursive equation best models the

    asked by Klara
  107. Maths

    2. Researchers at Jackson Hospital asked 40 randomly selected patients about their sleep habits. Sixteen reported sleeping 8 hours or more each night. If there are 700 patients in the hospital, estimate the number of patients who sleep 8 hours or more each

    asked by Mudkip-chan
  108. Chemistry

    Will AgCl precipitate out when equal amounts of 4.0 × 10-5M AgNO3 and 1.0 × 10-5M NaCl are mixed? (Ksp for AgCl = 1.8 × 10-10)

    asked by jordan
  109. Chemistry

    The mineral CaF2 has a solubility of 2.1 x 10^-4 M. What is the Ksp of CaF2? pls Bob if you're here!

    asked by jordan
  110. math

    Exercise: A simple CI 1/2 points (graded) Let θ be an unknown parameter, and let X be uniform on the interval [θ−0.5,θ+0.5] . Is [X−2,X+2] an 80% confidence interval? YES correct I form a confidence interval of the form [X−a,X+a] . What is the

    asked by Skyfall
  111. math

    Hilary Duff purchased a rare unicorn succulent for $36 in the first year & of course she has amazing taste, so it began increasing in value. The value followed a pattern appreciating it's value by 20% each year. Which recursive equation best models the

    asked by Rubert
  112. maths

    newspaper reporter wants to know how popular the hobby of bird watching is in the city. He asked people at the local bird refuge if they watched birds as a hobby. Which of the following best explains whether the reporter's data is valid or not? A. The data

    asked by Mudkip-chan
  113. Social Studies

    Unlike the peoples of the plane cultures who built portable homes called teepees the people of the puebloan culture built permanent homes made from? A. Wood B. Sod C. Bison hides D. Adobe please helppp

    asked by Student 3
  114. Chemistry

    Which can be used as a standard solution in neutralization titrations? a. Na2CO3 c. CH3COOH b. NaHCO3 d. NaOH

    asked by necmi
  115. Neural

    Teresa is a 21-year-old female who was involved in a motor vehicle accident. She was ejected from her truck upon impact with another vehicle and suffered a significant brain injury. Her GCS in the field was 12 and improved to 13 upon admission to the

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Chemistry

    Which can be determined titrimetrically with the standardized HCl solution? a. NH3 b. NaNO3 c. CH3COOH d. NaCl

    asked by BurakC.
  117. Mathematics

    How do I go about this? I need details solution to study find any given rectangle ∆ R=(xbase0,xbase0+w).(ybase0.ybase0+h) if we define function A A(R)= ∫ ∫R e^(2iπ(x+y)dxdy Assuming the range for (x,y) are for all real positive integer ....where do

    asked by Isaac
  118. Chemistry

    The Ksp of AgI is 8.5 × 10-17. Find the solubility of AgI in M

    asked by jordan
  119. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  120. MATH

    Suppose that θ is an angle in standard position whose terminal side intersects the unit circle at , 1161−6061. Find the exact values of secθ, cotθ, and sinθ.

    asked by MARYAM
  121. Spanish 202

    Hello Sra, I hope you are well. If you don't mind, could you help me with my answers? LOS MANDATOS AFIRMATIVOS. Forme mandatos afirmativos directos según el ejemplo: Ejemplo: BUSCARLO (tú) --> Búscalo 1. COMER (nosotros) --> __________ Comamos 2.

    asked by Isabel
  122. Science

    a circular section 8.0cm in diameter is marked out 9f a rectangular plate 20cm ×18cm in dimensions. if the centre of the section marked out lie on the diagonal abd is 7.0cm from the centre of gravity of the rectangular plate, determine the position of the

    asked by Promise
  123. Chemistry

    I need to obtain "3-Hexenedioic acid" by using solely an alkene. Can you help me to find what is the alkene? And please do not forget required reagents and catalysts

    asked by Alexa
  124. mathematics

    22. The following data are from a study of the number of pounds subjects lost after 3 months on a regimen of 1) only diet and exercise or 2) diet and exercise with a personal trainer or 3) diet and exercise with a support group. You want to determine if

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Math

    In how many distinct ways can you arrange the letters PERMUTATION?

    asked by hodan
  126. math

    How do you find the vertical asymptote of f(x) = -ln(1-x)

    asked by emma
  127. Math

    Hello! Here is my question. What is an equivalent expression to 42.50/8.50? I'm having trouble finding ways to find equivalent expressions to this certain problem.

    asked by Ekenedilichukwu
  128. Physics

    A puck is moving on an air hockey table. Relative to an x, y coordinate system at time t = 0 s, the x components of the puck's initial velocity and acceleration are v0x = +2.2 m/s and ax = +2.5 m/s2. The y components of the puck's initial velocity and

    asked by Jane
  129. algebra

    The total area under the normal distribution curve is equal to a probability of

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Algebra

    Jackie scored 81 and 87 on her first two quizzes . Write and solve a compound inequality to find the possible values for a third quiz score that would give her an average between 80 and 85, inclusive.

    asked by nieh