Questions Asked on
April 28, 2020

  1. English

    What are the three small miracles in the short story "three small miracles"?

    asked by beyonce
  2. Math

    Using the frequency table below, find how many students received a score of 70 or better on a mathematics test. Score interval Frequency 50-59. 2 60-69 5 70-79 5 80-89 7 90-99 2 A. 19 B. 12 C.17 D.14 I chose B. 12 Correct me if i'm wrong i'm a little

    asked by hEHe
  3. math

    In a certain Algebra 2 class of 25 students, 6 of them play basketball and 12 of them play baseball. There are 11 students who play neither sport. What is the probability that a student chosen randomly from the class plays both basketball and baseball?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. math

    graph the function and identify the domain and range y=-3x^2

    asked by HALP
  5. Math

    Which of the following statements about a polynomial function is false? 1) A polynomial function of degree n has at most n turning points. 2) A polynomial function of degree n may have up to n distinct zeros. 3) A polynomial function of odd degree may have

    asked by Muneer
  6. math

    Of 27 students in a class, 10 have blue eyes , 14 have brown eyes , and 3 have green eyes. If 3 students are chosen at random a.what are the odds of all three have blue eyes? b.what are the odds of NO one has brown eyes ?

    asked by hola
  7. Math

    Find the exact value of cos(u + v) ) given that sin u= 9/41 cos nu=- 15/17 . (Both u and v are in Quadrant II.)

    asked by Matt
  8. health

    Truth or False. Today's lifestyles, economy, and gender roles influence family structure. A. Truth. B. False.*** Which of the following is not a type of family structure? A. blended B. nuclear C. merged*** D. Foster Good communication among family members

    asked by Lexi
  9. Calc

    A bacteria culture is growing at a rate of r(t) = 3e^0.4t thousand bacteria per hour after t hours. How much did the bacteria population increase during the first two hours? (Round your answer to three decimal places.)

    asked by James
  10. math

    The bearing of Q from P is150 and the bearing of P from R is 015. If Q and R are 24km and 32km respectively from P. Represent this information into a diagram. Calculate the distance between Qand R. Find the bearing of R from Q.

    asked by Chinedu Chiamaka
  11. Math

    Factorthen use fundamental identities to simplify the expression below and determine which of the following is not equivalent cot^2 a * tan^2 a + cot^2 a A. csc^ 2 alpha B.1/ sin^ 2 alpha C.1/ 1-cos^ 2 alpha D.sec^ 2 alpha E.1+cot^ 2 alpha

    asked by Timothy
  12. Math

    It takes Frank 2 hours longer than Jane to carpet a certain type of room. Together they can carpet that type of room in 1(7/8) hours. How long would it take for Frank to do the job alone?

    asked by Muneer
  13. Math

    Complete the square. Write the resulting perfect square trinomial as the square of a binomial. X2+9x

    asked by Ola
  14. Math

    The vertical left edge of a trapezoid is 8 inches and meets the bottom edge of the trapezoid at a right angle. The bottom edge is 4 inches and meets the vertical right edge at a right angle. The right edge is 11 inches. The top slanted edge measures 5 in

    asked by Hermione Granger
  15. Math

    How can 7/8 be written as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction?

    asked by ???
  16. history

    How did the Romanov dynasty increase Russia's power? Do not send links they dont help

    asked by HELP ME RIGHT NOW
  17. Calculus

    Find a polynomial function that has the root 5^1/3?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. English

    What is the preposition in this sentence? "I found your little sister hiding under the table" A. Found B.Your C.Hiding D.Under

    asked by Dylan Klebold
  19. Calculus

    An oil storage tank ruptures at time t = 0 and oil leaks from the tank at a rate of r(t) = 105e^−0.02t liters per minute. How much oil leaks out during the first hour? (Round your answer to the nearest liter.) I got 4974.35 and it was incorrect, any

    asked by Parker
  20. Math

    Multiply then use fundamental identities to simplify the expression below and determine which of the following is not equivalent (2 - 2cos x)(2 + 2cos x) a.4 - 4cos^2 x b . 4 - cos^2 x c.4/(1 + cot^2 x) d. 4sin^2 x e.4/(csc^2 x)

    asked by Tristian
  21. Math

    Find the circumference of the circle. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. Use 3.14 or 227 for π. Its a circle with 3 feet in the middle

    asked by Aidan
  22. Algebra

    Which kind of function best models the data in the table? Use differences or ratios. X = 0, y = 1.7 x = 1, y = 6.8 x = 2, y = 27.2 x = 3, y = 108.8 x = 4, y = 435.2 Can you please help me with this? I do not understand this unit as well as the other ones.

    asked by Christy
  23. Math

    Find the exact value of csc theta is tan = sqrt 3 and the terminal side of theta is in quadrant 3. How would I go about solving this?

    asked by OwO
  24. Chemistry

    H2so4 ke 20 %bhar se bane bilyan ki molarta bataiye jbki vilyan ka ghantab 1.1394 hai

    asked by Shivansh
  25. economics

    4. which of these homes would most likely lead to a rise in interest rates for home mortgages? A. The prices of homes for sale in a certain city rise by a great deal B. Many new lenders begin offering home mortages C. Home sales increase greatly for

    asked by anonymous
  26. GeoScience

    7. Short-term climate changes have been linked to changes in the number of _____. a. sunspots b. solar storms* c. solar flares d. continents

    asked by Some Random Person
  27. Civics

    Which of the following can be said about the powers of the federal government as compared to the powers of the state governments?

    asked by Connexus Student
  28. Math

    Of 27 students in a class, 10 have blue eyes , 14 have brown eyes , and 3 have green eyes. If 3 students are chosen at random . what are the odds of all three have blue eyes?

    asked by MEF
  29. science

    The atomic mass of element X is 95.99. It has two isotopes, X-95 and X-96. Which is more abundant?

    asked by k
  30. Math

    Find the least positive four-digit solution to the following system of congruences. \begin{align*} 7x &\equiv 21 \pmod{14} \\ 2x+13 &\equiv 16 \pmod{9} \\ -2x+1 &\equiv x \pmod{25} \\ \end{align*}

    asked by anonymous
  31. Math

    it was a 8 degrees at nightfall. The temperature dropped 10 degrees by midnight. What was the temperature at midnight?

    asked by Carlos Moreno
  32. Math

    the maximum weight allowed per car on the slippery snake carnival ride is 189 pounds your friend weighs 70 pounds to be able to ride in the car together how much can you weigh or write and solve the inequality.

    asked by Me ow my
  33. Pre-Calculus

    Assume two radar stations that are 25 miles apart are both tracking a plane. At a given moment, the angle between Station 1 and the plane is 73 °, while the angle between Station 2 and the plane is 46 °. How far is the plane from Station 2?

    asked by Jojo
  34. social studies

    What were some factors that led Europeans to move to the New World?

    asked by pineappeles
  35. Math

    Use a half-angle identity to find the exact value of tan 15° a. √ 7+4 sqrt 2 b. √ 7+4 sqrt 3 c. √ 7-4 sqrt 2 d.√ 7-4 sqrt 3

    asked by Lorenzo
  36. Math

    If sin theta = 5/13 and Oterminates on the interval [0, pi 2] find the exact value of tan 2theta a.12/5 b. 120/119 c. 5/12 d.119/120

    asked by Eli
  37. Math

    An airplane has a speed of 400 km/h with no wind. The airplane flies 2140 km with the wind. The airplane can only fly 1860 km against the wind in the same time. If w equals the speed of the wind, make an equation that can be used to find w?

    asked by Muneer
  38. history

    Drag and drop the events to arrange them from the event that occurred first to the event that occurred last. Nations in Southeast Asia demanded and won independence. World War II broke out in Europe as well as in East Asia and Southeast Asia. European

    asked by Anime person
  39. math

    Tim has 20 quarters from the car wash how many cents does Tim have?

    asked by Alexis
  40. Chemistry

    The rate constant for this first‑order reaction is 0.340 s−1 at 400 ∘C. A⟶products How long, in seconds, would it take for the concentration of A to decrease from 0.620 M to 0.280 M?

    asked by jhensen Malave
  41. Physics

    Question : The cantilever beam AB of length L carries a uniformly distributed W load , which includes the weight of the beam. (Note that the left end end A is free , while right end has a fixed support) (i) Derive the equation of the elastic curve. (ii)

    asked by Ashley
  42. physics

    If 32g of kerosine of density of 0.80g/centimeter cube are mixed with 8g of water. What is the density of the resulting vector

    asked by Hercules
  43. science

    Although a school of fish cannot make images or play charades, they still swim in unison and this is particularly useful for confusing a predator. They warned of swimming through rather than over the structures to avoid the jellyfish. Explain how jellyfish

    asked by Anonymous
  44. science

    assuming that sea water hos 3.5 weight percent in aqueous solution of NaCl what is molality

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Maths

    If A=1+1/[1+2]+1/[1+2+3]+.....+1/[1+2+3+....1000] and B=1+[3/4]+[9/(16×2!)]+[27/(64×3!)]+...+[3⁹⁹/(4⁹⁹×99!)]+...if the value of "B" converges. Then find [A²+B²]? How do I do this? I need details solution plz put me through......

    asked by Isaac
  46. Math

    The points P and Q have coordinates (4,0) and (9,0) respectively. The points P’ and Q’ have coordinates (4,4) and (7,8) respectively. Write down the length of PQ

    asked by Bri
  47. Science

    Explain how climate change will affect you, your community, and the world. include its effects on weather water food and health.

    asked by I need help please
  48. Physics

    A step-down transformer operates a 2400v and supplied a current of 60A. The turns ratio of the transformer is 1/24. Calculate a)secondary voltage b)primary current c)power output if the transformer is 100% efficient?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Math

    A local government area,plans to spend its monthly income as follows; Education 45% Agriculture 15% Capital project 10% Miscellaneous expenses 5% Health 25% If GH 45,OOO was spent on agriculture in a particular month ,calculate a}the income of the Local

    asked by GERALD
  50. math

    The Ding Dong Doodad is a hot seller. The top of its bag has an area of 90 square centimeter. The box top is 15cm long. How wide is it? What is the doodads top perimeter?

    asked by g
  51. science

    state the overal change of an atom

    asked by Alex
  52. Business

    Help please. A(n)___ occurs when a company buys a competing firm.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Maths

    A plane leaves an airport p(10°S,60°E) and flies due north 800km/he by taking R 6370 and I 22\7 find it's position after 2hrs to the nearest degree

    asked by Kelly
  54. science

    Please help A desert ecosystem shows many examples of interactions between biotic and abiotic parts. a. Describe two biotic and two abiotic parts of the desert ecosystem. b. Choose one botic and one abiotic part of the desert ecosystem, and explain the

    asked by sally
  55. Chemistry

    How would you prepare a 1.0 L buffer solution of pH 6.0 by mixing 0.50 M Na3PO4 and 0.40 M HCl?

    asked by burak
  56. GeoScience

    1. The most recent major ice age in North America extended as far south as _____. a. Minnesota and Wisconsin b. New Mexico and Oklahoma c. Texas and Florida d. Nebraska and Iowa I was thinking it was "d. Nebraska and Iowa". What do you think it is?

    asked by Some Random Person
  57. GeoScience

    2. During an ice age, Earth’s sea level _____. a. gets higher* b. rises and lowers cyclically c. does not change d. gets lower

    asked by Some Random Person
  58. chemistry

    If 25cm^3 of NaOH solution containing 4.0g per litre of solution neutralised 50cm^3 of a monobasic acid,HX containing 1.8g of acid.Calculate the R.F.M of the acid. I got the molarity of NaOH to be 0.1,then i got stuck.plz help

    asked by lucy
  59. history

    What are some of the things you have been learning about South America? culture climate hunting What are some physical features found in South America? What river flows through much of South America? 0 points Amazon Nile Tigris Euphrates What helped people

    asked by kid
  60. Math

    Eva had 7/8 gallon of paint. Her brother Ivan used 1/4 gallon to paint his model boat. Eva needs at least 1/2 gallon to paint her bookshelf. Did Ivan leave her enough paint? Write an equation to solve.

    asked by Kami Sharneman
  61. Math

    An elevator on the 10th floor goes down 9 floors. Then it goes up 19 floors, down 3, and finally down 12. What floor does it end up on? Write an equation to show how you found your answer.

    asked by 🦊The FOX Queen🦊
  62. math

    1545 is less than 14.

    asked by pp
  63. Physics

    A swimmer on a water-slide ,starts from rest at the top of the slide and leaves the end of the slide traveling horizontally. One person hits the water 5.00 m from the end of the slide in a time of 0.500 s after leaving the slide. Ignoring friction and air

    asked by Mpendulo
  64. Math

    How do you find the slant height of a cone using surface area and radius?

    asked by Nico
  65. Texas History

    When OPEC refused to sell america oil, how did it affect texas?

    asked by Goddess
  66. Algebra

    Use the image to answer the question. Which ratio would be used to find x? A.) tan (20*)=x/54 B.) tan (20*)=54/x C.) cos (20*)=x/54 D.) cos (20*)=54/x I think the answer is D

    asked by Roses
  67. Math

    1. -24 • 5 = ? A. -100~~? B. -120 C. 120 D. 90 2. What is the product of -8 and -7? A. 56 B. -56~~? C. 63 D. -63 3. Which of the following has a product of -40? A. (2)(20) B. (-4)(-10)~~? C. (8)(-5) D. (-7)(60) 4. Which integer represents the total

    asked by Mermaid
  68. science

    if we have a cure to the flu why dont we have a cure for the corona?

    asked by yeet
  69. Pre-calculus

    has a radius of 24 m and its centre is 26m above the ground. it rotates once every 60 seconds. boy get on the ferry wheel at its lowest point and then wheel starts to rotate,what is the graph for this

    asked by Aliza
  70. Algebra

    1.simplify the polynomial -3f^2+4f-3+8f^2+7f+1 A.5f^2-11f+2 B.11^2+11f+2 C.5f^2+11f-2 D.-5f^2+3f-2

    asked by 안녕
  71. Pre-Calculus

    A 130 foot vertical tower is braced with a cable secured to the top of the tower. The angle between the tower and the hill is 90 °. The cable is secured downhill 60 feet from the base of the tower. Calculate the length of the cable and the angle the cable

    asked by Moonmoji
  72. science

    The ping pong ball bounced on an average of 10.16 inches back up into the air on a tile floor. On the carpet the ping pong ball bounced on an average of 4.66 back up into the air. On the carpet the average bounce back is 4.66. a trend in the data is I need

    asked by soot
  73. Pre-Calculus

    Island A is 190 miles from Island B. A ship travels 270 miles from Island A, but is off course 180 miles from Island B. What angle, in degrees must the ship turn in order to head straight for Island B?

    asked by Alina
  74. Science

    A beam is used by doctors to seal cut blood vessels and skin..

    asked by Arsalan
  75. Math

    what are the next three terms in the sequence -6, 5, 16, 27 A. 38, 49, 60 B. 37, 47, 57 C. 36, 45, 54 D. 36, 46, 57

    asked by that guy in a dog costume
  76. Calculus

    Find the average value g-ave of the function g on the given interval. g(x) = 6∛x [27, 125]

    asked by Anonymous
  77. algebra

    Find the range of each function for the given domain. 5. f(x) = -2x + 1; {-6, -2, 0} 6. f(x) = x3 + 1; {-2, -1, 3}

    asked by nell
  78. Math

    Standard automobile license plates in the country display two numbers fall by two letters followed by three numbers how many different standard plates are possible in this system

    asked by Anonymous
  79. history

    what did Peter III do to Russia

    asked by Anime person
  80. probability

    Events A1, A2 and A3 form a partiton of the sample space S with probabilities P(A1)=0.1, P(A2)=0.1, P(A3)=0.8. If E is an event in S with P(E|A1)=0.3, P(E|A2)=0.3, P(E|A3)=0.6, compute P(E)= P(A1|E)= P(A2|E)= P(A3|E)=

    asked by eve
  81. chemistry

    How many moles of Mg(OH)2 are needed to completely neutralize 4.42 mol HNO3? Describe the strength of the acids and bases involved in this reaction.

    asked by Veronica
  82. chemistry

    Show how to calculate the pH of pure water or a neutral solution.

    asked by Veronica
  83. chem

    What is the pH of a solution with [OH-] of 6.30 x 10-11 M?

    asked by jack
  84. chem

    What volume of 0.400 M HCl solution is needed to neutralize 30.0 ml of a 0.200 molar solution of KOH?

    asked by ben202
  85. Chemistry

    A salt is one of the products of neutralization, consisting of an anion from an acid and a cation from a base. Salts can hydrolyze to form neutral, acidic or basic solutions in water. Which of the following salts would form an acidic aqueous solution:

    asked by Veronica
  86. Calc

    What are some possible difficulties that one can encounter when using Newton's method?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    Find the coordinate vertexes of a square whose one side lies on the li e 4x+3y=26 with the intersection of the diagonals of the square ( 2,-3)

    asked by Innocent
  88. Calc

    A bacteria culture is growing at a rate of r(t) = 3e0.4t thousand bacteria per hour after t hours. How much did the bacteria population increase during the first two hours? (Round your answer to three decimal places.)

    asked by Parker
  89. English

    So I was doing homework and I have to make sentences with these words • open • feed •them •bag •Jessica •smell •ian •animal •uphold •maya •dust And I have to take out at least two words, I've been stuck on this question for at least

    asked by Katherine
  90. math

    what is the derivative with respect to x of the integral with respect to t of sin(t)/t with a lower limit of 1 and an upper limit of x^2 meaning d/dx(1 INT x^2 (sin(t)/t)dt)

    asked by Jimmy Neutron
  91. precalc

    An observation wheel (Ferris wheel) has a radius of 16 feet, and one complete rotation takes 50 seconds. Find the linear speed of a person riding on the wheel. Clearly show your work.

    asked by varun
  92. math

    Brianna recorded the high temperatures in her town each day for 8 consecutive days. Her data is shown. 78, 65, 72, 80, 68, 77, 75, 52 Which is not a true statement about the data? > 50% of the temperatures are between 66.5 and 77.5 degrees. > 75% of the

    asked by Lauryn
  93. Maths

    A boat was traveling 270° in what direction was it travelling?

    asked by Kimoya
  94. Math

    A right-angled triangle of has sides of length (3x-1)cm, x cm and (3x+1) cm. The value of x is *

    asked by ABU ABDALLAH
  95. physics

    Two balls A and B of mass 2kg are launched through the air from the same height (3m) and at same speed (4 m/s). If the ball A is launched straight upwards, and the ball B is launched horizontally, what is the ratio of their final velocities when they hit

    asked by jackson
  96. physics

    A block of mass 4kg is dropped from a height of 2 meters on Earth. If that block is taken to a different planet, where the acceleration due to gravity is 1/4 as strong as it is on Earth, how high should the block be dropped so that it hits the ground with

    asked by jay
  97. physics

    A 2000kg car accelerates from rest to 36 m/s in 6 seconds. What must the power output of the engine be in order to accomplish this? Express your answer in kilowatts, to three significant figures.

    asked by jay
  98. physics

    Two objects, mass A and mass B, undergo circular motion. The experience the same size centripetal force, and travel on circles with the same size radius. If mass A=m, and mass B=2m, how do their Kinetic energies compare? Group of answer choices KE A is

    asked by jay
  99. English

    I need help on this question... The Cyclops asks his ram, “Can you be grieving over your master’s eye?” How is this question supposed to make us, the reader, feel toward Polyphemus?

    asked by Klara
  100. English

    I need help on the odyssey.. “Ahead of our black prow it struck and sank” is an example of consonance. The words that demonstrate the use of consonance are “black,” “struck,” and “sank.” What image or mood is created in the reader's mind as

    asked by Klara
  101. english

    I need help on the odyssey... ‘Godsake, Captain! Why bait the beast again? Let him alone!’ ‘That tidal wave he made on the first throw all but beached us.’ ‘All but stove us in!’ ‘Give him our bearing with your trumpeting, he’ll get the

    asked by Klara
  102. Math

    Factor; then use fundamental identities to simplify the expression below and determine which of the following is not equivalent cot^2 a * tan^2 x + cot^2 a

    asked by Blair
  103. finance

    c. Mangement is considering two hotel projects. Project A will be in Jamaica with an intial investment of $865,000 and Project B will be in Canada with an initial investment of $750,000. The cost of capital for Project A is 13% and the cost of capital for

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Maths: calculus

    Solve and find the general solution of y (3x+1)y"-(12x+5y)y'+6y(2x+1)=28⁴√(3x+1)³.•e²x Help me out please ......

    asked by Isaac
  105. science

    The ping pong ball bounced on an average of 10.16 inches back up into the air on a tile floor. On the carpet the ping pong ball bounced on an average of 4.66 back up into the air. On the carpet the average bounce back is 4.66. a trend in the data is I need

    asked by soot
  106. circuits

    how do I calculate what the ammeter would read in a parallel circuit when the ammeter reads 0.2 A with the switch closed?

    asked by hi
  107. Math

    Verify the identity shown below 1/(sec(theta) - tan theta) = sec(theta) + tan theta

    asked by John
  108. Math

    Simplify (cos x)/(sec(x) + 1) a. cot^2 x - cot^2 x * cos x b. cot^2 x + cot^2 x * cos x c. cos^2 x + cos x d. cot^2 x - cot^2 x * sin x

    asked by Marty
  109. Social Studies

    What development followed soon after the Mongol invasion of the Kievan Rus? A:Vladimir I adopted Eastern Orthodox Christianity. B:Russian princes fell under the control of Mongol rulers. C:Kiev became the region's economic and cultural center. D:Ivan III

    asked by Incognito
  110. Math

    tan x * tan x - tan x = 0 a. 0 + n*pi * pi/4 + 2n * pi b. 0+r2 pi 5 pi 4 +2n pi c. pi/2 + n*pi, (5pi)/4 + 2n * pi d. pi/2 + ri * pi * pi/4 + 2n * pi

    asked by Cleo
  111. Math

    based on the rule of 72 how long will it take to double your money if you earn 7.2% interest

    asked by Goldfish
  112. Math

    what does the a stand for in the compound interest formula

    asked by Goldfish
  113. math

    A snail fell on a dry well 20ft. high. This snail has the behavior of climbing up 3 ft high half of the day and going down 2 ft. half of the day . How many days this snail reach the top of the well?

    asked by Ji D
  114. English

    The ordered pattern of rhymes at the ends of lines of a poem or verse

    asked by james
  115. Math

    What is the perimeter of the rectangle if the length is (x2 + 5x - 4) and the width is (3x - 1)? A. -1 B. -2 C. -3 D. -4 E. -5 F. -6

    asked by Mathematics Quiz
  116. circuits

    Consider a DC circuit that consists of a 6V battery and 3 resistors (R1, R2, and R3). Resistors R1 and R1 are wired in parallel, with resistances of 2, and 4 ohms, respectively. R3 is a 6 ohm resistor that is wired in parallel with a light bulb (B) that

    asked by hi
  117. physics

    Calculate the gravitational force on A) a 60.0 kg person on an airplane flying at 32800 ft B) a 60.0 kg person midway between the earth and the moon

    asked by dillon
  118. physics

    Calculate the force of gravity (in pounds) between two 150 lb. people standing a meter apart. How does this compare with the force of gravity between each person and the earth?

    asked by henry
  119. physics

    A heat pump is proposed that uses 50 degree F ground water to heat a house to 70 Degree F. The groundwater experiences a temperature drop of 12 degree F. If the house require 75,000 Btu/hr, Calculate the minimum mass flux of the groundwater and minimum HP

    asked by buker
  120. Math

    Recipe that yields 12 cups of soup cost for 28 ounces of beef broth how many ounces of beef broth does do you need to make 18 cups of soup

    asked by John
  121. physics

    A 65.0 kg clown gets into a 1250 kg clown car that has a 55.0 kg clown in the driver's seat. The car gets 1.40 cm closer to the ground. A) What is the k value of the car's spring? B) If two other clowns (45.0 kg and 52.0 kg) get into the car, how much

    asked by cole
  122. biology

    Why are only some genes are expressed? Why do you think that this is true? Why would you express a gene? Why wouldn’t you?

    asked by nia
  123. English

    In the book walk two moons why is Sals mother gone?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Physics

    A 370 g ball is attached by thin rods, as shown in the diagram, to a vertical post that is rotating at a constant rate.When the entire apparatus rotates at 5 rad/s what are the tensions in each wire?

    asked by James
  125. science

    what is the trend of the fallowing data?? tile floor : 11 ,9 , 10.5 carpet: 2, 3.5, 2.5 rug:4.5, 5, 4.5

    asked by HELP