Questions Asked on
April 27, 2020

  1. Science

    400cm^3 of a gas x diffuse through a porous pot in 2 minutes. calculate the rate at which x diffuse

    asked by Tobi
  2. math

    The length of a rectangle is 5cm longer than the its breadth. Find the length and breadth if the perimeter is 26 cm

    asked by Joseph
  3. Math

    for what values of theta (0 < theta < 2pi) do maximum r values occur on the graph the polar equation r = 4-3 sin 3 theta

    asked by dani
  4. Algebra

    Using the Summation formula for this sequence what is S12 for 4+8+16+... I don’t know how to do this at all Thanks in advance !

    asked by Gail Ahmad

    If 32 g of kerosene of density 0.80 g/cm^3 are mixed with 8 g of water. What is the density of the resulting mixture

  6. Algebra

    Find the sum of the following series 15 ∑(3n-7) n=1 I got 9 355 and 255 ∑

    asked by Khalil Beard
  7. Math

    Which of the following statements demonstrates unit rate? A. Tony bought stationary goods worth $6.98 B. Rita drives a car at 50 miles per hour C. Jennifer types faster than Kyle in 1 minute D. The school has 90 children every 3 buses Kara needs 15 apples

    asked by Adopt Me
  8. History

    How does Islam affect politics in the Middle East today? The head of the Middle Eastern governments is a mujtahid. Many Middle Eastern governments follow Sharia law. Mosques in the Middle East are centers for government administration. Islam requires that

    asked by Adle
  9. History

    Which event led to King John I signing the Magna Carta? The pope and the king disagreed about how the country should be ruled. The king wanted to invade France and be crowned as its rightful ruler. The English nobles rebelled. The imprisonment of Robert

    asked by Cam
  10. Health

    to help feel herself feel better kara visits the local fast food restaurants after having a fight with her mother she orders 3 burgers a large order of fries 2 apple pies a chocolate shake abs a large coke which eating disorder could kara have? A. Anorexia

    asked by owo
  11. basic html

    Gina's website contains the following pages: index.html, catalog.html, cart.html, info.html, load.html, contact.html, and locations.html. How many HTML files are contained in this site? a. 3 b. 5 c. 6 d. 7* i am not sure if load.html or info.html are

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Social studies

    In a three paragraph position paper, state whether you support Sherman’s military action or were moved by the brutality that Leconte writes about. Is all fair in love and war?

    asked by Michelle
  13. Algebra 2

    Let f(x) = x^2 + 7 and g(x) = x-3/x Find the composition of (fºg)(-3) Not necessarily looking for the answer but i don’t understand how to set up the question

    asked by Ashlynn
  14. Algebra

    Write an explicit formula for the sequence. Use this, to find the 80th term of the sequence that begins: -3,1,5,9....

    asked by Marialynn
  15. math

    The monthly cost (in dollars) of a long-distance phone plan is a linear function of the total calling time (in minutes). The monthly cost for 40 minutes of calls is $12.18 and the monthly cost for 97 minutes is $17.31. What is the monthly cost for 54

    asked by molly
  16. Math

    There are 24 students in Mrs. Garcia's class. She wants to divide the class evenly into groups of at least 4 students. Write the ways in which she can divide the class? I got 6 ways but I need to explain more. This is under my prime factorization unit.

    asked by Penelope
  17. Chemistry

    a solution of organic colloids is to be concentrated from 15 to 50 percent solids in a vertical-tube evaporator. the solution has a negligible elevation in boiling point, and the specific heat of the feed is 0.93. saturated steam is available at 0.8 atm

    asked by Gokul
  18. Chemistry

    How many molecules of lactose are there in one litre of buttermilk

    asked by Anonymous
  19. English

    is this sentance a simile, metaphor or a personification the stage was the canvas upon which the play was printed.

    asked by joannaliu411093
  20. pre-calculus

    Consider the expansion of (x-1/6x^2)^9. Find the constant term in this expansion.

    asked by dakota
  21. Math

    Please help me with formula. I don’t understand this. Thank you Logan needs to buy tarp straps for this trailer. He needs 32’ and 4 7/8” for the length and 9’ and 3 1/4” for the width. What is the total length of tarp straps required?

    asked by Braeden
  22. Physical Science

    16. Form hypothesis: How do you think the total resistance of a Parallel circuit is calculated?

    asked by connexus student
  23. math

    A cyclist rides her bike at a speed of 21 km/h what is the speed in kilometers per minute how many kilometers in a cyclist travel in 10 minutes do not round your answers

    asked by jordan
  24. Science/biology

    ________ cells are created by the division of _______________ cells. Answers pls check: All cells are created by the division of all cells. Am I right in both blanks I would put all?

    asked by libb
  25. maths

    A tap leaks at 2cm³ per second how long will it take to full a container of 45litres

    asked by Israel
  26. Math

    Two boys decided to buy a computer. The second boy had 5/6 of the money the first had. The first boy had 7/8 of the price of the computer. Together they had $696.00 more than they need to pay. What was the price for the computer?

    asked by Sofiya
  27. biology

    1. All the habitats that make up a forest, river, or desert are called an ________________. 2. The __________ and non-__________ parts of an ecosystem are all interconnected. 3. Living ______________ rely on the abiotic, or ______________, parts of the

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Calculus

    I know that this problem is an optimization problem, and have been going through that section in my textbook. I feel like I understand the examples but am unsure how to begin with this problem or if I am on the right track with my calculations. Any

    asked by Dakota
  29. math

    Goran is driving to Philadelphia. Suppose that the distance to his destination (in miles) is a linear function of his total driving time (in minutes). Goran has 68 miles to his destination after 28 minutes of driving, and he has 53.6 miles to his

    asked by molly
  30. science

    An unknown element X forms a compound with bromine: XBr. Predict the chemical formula of the compound that element X makes with oxygen. Justify your answer.

    asked by Dan
  31. math

    Suppose that the weight (in pounds) of an airplane is a linear function of the amount of fuel (in gallons) in its tank. When carrying 18 gallons of fuel, the airplane weighs 2199 pounds. When carrying 44 gallons of fuel, it weighs 2342 pounds. How much

    asked by molly
  32. English

    What are some of the conflicts Mrs. Frank experienced during "The Diary of Anne Frank"? Internal and external. Also, how did Mrs. Frank change throughout the story? (Note that I changed your screenname to an acceptable name. Please use this name or another

    asked by Student 1
  33. Math

    A triangle has an area of 16 feet. The height is 8 feet. What is the length of the base?

    asked by Uma#1
  34. algebra

    trapeziod has an area of 1575 cm2 which equation could you solve to find the height of the trapeziod

    asked by tony
  35. Reading

    What does Angel robed in spotless white.

    asked by Angel
  36. Chemistry

    Calculate the cell potentials for the following voltaic cells: 2Al (s) + 3Cu 2+ (aq) → 2Al 3+ (aq) + 3Cu (s) 3Mg (s) + 2Al 3+ (aq) → 3Mg 2+ (aq) + 2Al (s) Mg (s) + Cu 2+ (aq) → Mg 2+ (aq) + Cu (s)

    asked by Jazzy
  37. Social studies

    Many countries in the region have large oil reserves but little water. How does this situation affect these countries?

    asked by Reese
  38. Pre-Calculus

    Green plants live in the ocean at maximum and minimum depths described by the absolute value equation |15-d|-15=0, where d is depth, in meters. Graph the equation on a number line to determine the maximum and minimum depths at which green plants live in

    asked by Lila
  39. math

    HELP P(7) a 1/7 b 1/8 c 3/8 d 7/8**

    asked by i8waddles
  40. Math

    I need help a little bit on my math. 1. 6> - 2/3(7x-2) 2. -1/3(x - 9) + 4 < - 2 3. -1/4 x - 8 < 3/4

    asked by XDman
  41. algebra

    What is: 3/4n - 18 = 1/4n - 4?

    asked by Domonique
  42. music

    Which of the following is true about a harpsichord? A. A harpsichord has a wide range of dynamics. B. A harpsichord is still widely used today. C. A harpsichord has a very loud or very soft sound. D. A harpsichord creates sound by strings being plucked.

    asked by owo
  43. math

    A cup of cereal has 12 grams of fiber,which is 40% of the recommended amount.

    asked by Austin
  44. math

    where can you put brackets to make this equation true? 2/5 + 2/3 ÷ 4/5 + 1 2/3 = 3

    asked by im dumb
  45. math

    how do I put -27x=-9y-45 in slope-intercept form?

    asked by tatiyana
  46. Maths

    If A=1+1/[1+2]+1/[1+2+3]+.....+1/[1+2+3+....1000] and B=1+[3/4]+[9/(16×2!)]+[27/(64×3!)]+...+[3⁹⁹/(4⁹⁹×99!)]+...if the value of "B" converges. How do i find [A²+B²]?

    asked by Isaac
  47. math

    Natalia finishes 2/3 of her homework in 3/4 hours. how long will it take her to finish all of her homework?

    asked by Mary
  48. Biology

    Predict: Acromegaly is a syndromes of excessive secretion of growth hormone (hypersomatotropism) that are nearly always due to a pituitary adenoma. What effects would acromegaly have on an individual?

    asked by Sage
  49. history

    How did the Crusades serve as the historical context for the Plague? (How did the Crusades lead to the Plague?)

    asked by jake
  50. math

    How many 4 digit codes (0-9) no repetition and 5 has to be the first digit. 1 x 9 x 8 x7 first digit =5 one choice now 9 digits left. Right? Now I am stuck. First digit has to be 5 can have repetition, but same number cannot be next to each other. 5757 or

    asked by John
  51. Math

    If you flip a coin 3 times and roll a standard number cube. What is the probability you get 3 heads and roll a 1. Write your answer in a reduced fraction

    asked by Kayla
  52. math

    what is r/3-4=11 1. r=45 2. r=35 3. r=33 4. r=28

    asked by HELP PLEASE
  53. math

    Violet has 8\frac{1}{3} 3 1 ​ cups of dough to make dumplings. If she uses \frac{3}{4} 4 3 ​ cup of dough for each dumpling, how many whole dumplings can Violet make?

    asked by aaron
  54. Algebra

    consider the data set shown how does the outlier affect the mean median and mode? 7,11,10,8,10,23,8

    asked by baya
  55. algebra

    It cost a manufacturing company $8 to produce one can of paint. If the initial investment in the production line was $50,000, how many cans of paint must be produced before the average cost per can falls to $10?

    asked by Happy
  56. Science

    Which of the following characteristics are true for both plants' and animals' reproduction? A. alternation of generation B. They carry hereditary material from parent. C. characterized by sexual reproduction D. The offspring looks identical to its parents.

    asked by Nancy
  57. Science

    A woman gives birth to a son. What is the probability that her second child will be a girl?

    asked by Rode
  58. math

    Shane is measuring a shelf. It is 24 inches long. He measures again to find the number of feet. Would the length of the shelf be greater than 24 inches or less than 24 inches?

    asked by janjan
  59. chemistry

    What is the vapor pressure (in torr) of a solution comprised of 220 g of CaCl₂ in 870 g of H₂O at 25 °C where H₂O has a pressure of 23.76 torr? Assume complete dissociation.

    asked by stefani
  60. chemistry

    What is the freezing point (in °C) of a solution with 60.6 g of NaCl dissolved in 1050 g of H₂O? Assume complete ionization.

    asked by stefani
  61. chemistry

    If a solution consists of compounds A and B, and the mole fraction of A = 0.753, what is the mole fraction of B?

    asked by stefani
  62. chemistry

    What is the vapor pressure (in torr) of a solution comprised of 220 g of ethanol (C₂H₅OH) in 870 g of H₂O at 25 °C where H₂O has a pressure of 23.76 torr?

    asked by stefani
  63. chemistry

    What is the osmotic pressure (in atm) when 69.7 g of a solute (MW = 2790 g/mol) is dissolved in 1.00 L of a solution at 20 °C?

    asked by stefani
  64. chemistry

    Suppose 1.500 g of a compound is dissolved in 35.00 g of camphor. The freezing point of pure camphor is 178.75 °C, the freezing point of the solution is 164.4 °C and Kf(camphor) = 37.7 °C*kg/mol. Assume this compound does not dissociate. What is the

    asked by stefani
  65. chemistry

    A sample of seawater taken from the Atlantic Ocean freezes at –2.14 °C and a sample from the Arctic Ocean freezes at –1.96 °C. Assume i = 2. What is the molality of the Atlantic Ocean sample? What is the molality of the Arctic Ocean sample?

    asked by stefani
  66. psychology

    Is, "It is better to give than to receive" an ethical standard?

    asked by Kevin
  67. Math

    You purchase 2.4 meters of nylon cord to make 8 friendship bracelets. How many centimeters are in each bracelet?

    asked by C_hanna
  68. Math

    Which of the following are ordered pairs for the equation y = -1/3x - 6?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math

    Item 5 This figure consists of a rectangle and semicircle. What is the perimeter of this figure? Use 3.14 for pi. 19.42 cm 20.28 cm 23.42 cm 32.84 cm

    asked by juli
  70. chem

    At what temperature (in °C) will the NaCl stop melting ice when there is 7.5 mol of NaCl in 6.95 kg of H₂O?

    asked by mmm
  71. chem

    A sample of seawater taken from the Atlantic Ocean freezes at –2.14 °C and a sample from the Arctic Ocean freezes at –1.96 °C. Assume i = 2.

    asked by mmm
  72. math

    Find the value of x that makes the following equation true.

    asked by Kemiah
  73. chem

    A sample of seawater taken from the Atlantic Ocean freezes at –2.14 °C and a sample from the Arctic Ocean freezes at –1.96 °C. Assume i = 2. What is the molality of the Atlantic Ocean sample?

    asked by mmm
  74. chem

    A sample of seawater taken from the Atlantic Ocean freezes at –2.14 °C and a sample from the Arctic Ocean freezes at –1.96 °C. Assume i = 2. What is the molality of an Arctic ocean sample

    asked by mmm
  75. Math

    1. How much will $800 deposited into a savings account at the end of each month be worth after 2 years at 6% interest compounded monthly? 2. How much will $3,500 deposited at the beginning of each 3-month period be worth after 7 years at 12% interest

    asked by JessieMc
  76. History

    How did the Crusades serve as the historical context for the Commercial Revolution? (How did the Crusades lead to the Commercial Revolution?)

    asked by jake
  77. physics

    How much power is developed by a 68kg boy running up a 5 high flight of stairs un 4s?

    asked by Aiza Salan
  78. Social Studies

    Which of these were holy Hindu scriptures written by gurus to help connect people to heavenly forces? A. the Upanishads B. the Mahabharata C. the Ramayana D. the Theravada

    asked by I Hate School
  79. History

    The Electoral College determines the president and vice president. Each state is given two votes in the college, as well as extra seats based on the state’s population. What is the purpose of the distribution of seats. A. to ensure that the best

    asked by JuST MOniKA
  80. Math

    Hello! :D can someone help me please by checking my answers? :3 you have a bag with 20 marbles ,2 yellow, 5 green, 12 red, and 1 blue.which of the following statements are true?select all that apply = selected = not selected The probability of choosing a

    asked by Someone :>
  81. History

    Which of the following were goals of the civil rights movement? Select the two correct answers. A. establishing full voting rights for women B. establishing full voting rights for African Americans C. banning sexist business practices D. banning racist

    asked by JuST MOniKA
  82. Maths

    Change 0.09×1.213.3×0.00025 in standard form?

    asked by The orange baboon
  83. stylist porfolio

    i need help with the stylist portfolio here is everything you need: Click on the icon on your computer to launch Finale NotePad®. Note: Students are asked to download Finale NotePad the first time they use the tool in each music course. The first instance

    asked by aisha seas
  84. Math

    35,000 at 4% for 5 years

    asked by Goldfish
  85. Life Skills

    Briefly describe of people’s success and self-confidence are related?

    asked by Gerardo
  86. history

    which of the following Minnesota politicians ran for the presidency as a liberal in 1984? A.tim Pawlenty Mondale C.rudy perpitz D.jesse Ventura

    asked by ms.mibrett
  87. Engineering

    --Original Question: A hollow cylinder with outer radius r_0 and inner radius r_i is loaded by a uniformly distributed load q across its length L. The beam is supported by a roller at its left end and a pin L/5 from its right end. What is the maximum

    asked by Alex
  88. Physical science

    The full rang of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation is called??

    asked by Connex+us
  89. Social studies

    A _____ worker is someone who travels from one area to another, picking the crops that are in season in that location. A. farmhand*** B. Season C. migrant D. campesino *** is the answer I picked

    asked by OOF
  90. chemistry

    A label on a bottle of HCL has the following information,density 1.134gm^-3 and % purity 37%. Find the mass of HCl in 1cm^3 of the stock solution.plz explain in detail

    asked by lucy
  91. Math


    asked by Taliyah
  92. chemistry

    If 25cm^3 of NaOH sol containing 4.0g per litre of sol neutralised 50cm^3 of a monobasic acid,HX containing 1.8g of acid,calculate the RFM mass of acid.plz explain in detail

    asked by lucy
  93. Civics

    Who decides if a party platform gets carried out? 1. the election board 2. party chair man 3. party members 4. the voters HELP. I THINK ITS C

    asked by Lol with a chicken costume
  94. chemistry

    How much energy in kJ is released when 17.55 g of water at 47.5 °C is cooled to –33.5 °C? M.P. = 0 °C; B.P. = 100 °C; All specific heats in J/(g*K): s(ice) = 2.03; s(water) = 4.184; s(steam) = 1.890. heat of fusion = 6.01 kJ/mol; heat of vaporization

    asked by stefani
  95. Math

    Wanda made 4 2/3 pounds of trail mix. If she puts 1 1/6 pounds into each bag, how many bags can Wanda fill?

    asked by Raniya
  96. Social Studies

    Maritime trade took place by

    asked by Julianne
  97. Math

    The lemonade stand sells cone-shaped cups of lemonade for $0.25 each .How will it cost you to fill the thermos of lemonade you chose in par a

    asked by Wendy