Questions Asked on
April 26, 2020

  1. Math

    Suppose we have a bag with $10$ slips of paper in it. Eight slips have a $3$ on them and the other two have a $9$ on them. How many $9$'s do I have to add before the expected value is at least $8$?

    asked by Helen
  2. Statistics

    A random variable is normally distributed with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 5. b. What is the probability that the random variable will assume a value between 45 and 55 (to 4 decimals)? c. What is the probability that the random variable will

    asked by Snow
  3. Chemistry

    If 3.21mol of a gas occupies 56.2L at 44C and 793torr ,5.29 mol of this gas occupies _______ L under these conditions.

    asked by Mohamed
  4. English

    Read This Poem. Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. The waves beside them danced; but they

    asked by Sage
  5. Statistics

    Sampling Distribution of 𝒑̅ 4. The population proportion is .45. What is the probability that a sample proportion will be within + .04 of the population proportion for each of the following sample sizes? 1. n=150 2. n=220 3. n=510 4. n=1200

    asked by Snow
  6. pre-calculus

    Vector a is expressed in magnitude and direction form as a⃗ =⟨√26,140∘⟩ . What is the component form a⃗ ?

    asked by pre calc
  7. chemistry

    In your own words, describe what a catalyst does in a chemical reaction.

    asked by ty
  8. chemistry

    The pH of a 0.25 M aqueous solution of hydrofluoric acid, HF, at 25.0 °C is 2.03. What is the value of Ka for HF?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. economics

    Suppose the market demand for good A given by Qd= 300 -20 P and the market supply for Good A is given by Qs=20P-100,where P=price of Good A. Q;Graph the supply and demand schedules for Good A using P5 through P15 as the value of P. Q; In equilibrium, how

    asked by Kate
  10. physics

    A golf ball and a bowling ball are dropped from the same height, which bounce and return to the same starting height. Which one experienced a greater impulse after they have interacted with the ground?

    asked by ko
  11. math

    a) The population size of a country is increasing at a rate of 4% per year. How long does it take until the country has doubled its population size? b) The number of new flu cases is decreasing at a rate of 5% per week. After how much time will the number

    asked by bob
  12. Algebra

    Jon begins jogging at a steady rate of 3 meters per second from the left side of lane 1. Laura also starts at the left side, but jogs at a rate of 4 meters per second in lane 2. Ellis starts at the right side of lane 4, 100 meters down the track, and runs

    asked by jake
  13. chemistry

    How much heat is produced when 2 moles of water are produced from burning hydrogen gas? Show your work. ΔHf0 (kJ/mol) H2 (g) 0 O2 (g) 0 H2O (g) -241.8 2H2 (g) + O2 (g)  2H2O (g)

    asked by james
  14. chemistry

    Consider the following reaction. CaO (s) + H2O (l)  Ca(OH)2 (s) + 65.2 kJ If you start with a container holding a mixture of the CaO (s), H2O (l) and Ca(OH)2 (s) at equilibrium, describe what happens to the amount of CaO if each of the following changes

    asked by christina
  15. chemistry

    For the endothermic physical change of water (liquid) into water vapor (gas), describe the entropy change, the enthalpy change, and use Gibb’s Free Energy to explain when this reaction will be spontaneous and when it will not.

    asked by christina
  16. Statistics

    Suppose we are interested in bidding on a piece of land and we know one other bidder is interested. The seller announced that the highest bid in excess of $10,100 will be accepted. Assume that the competitor's bid x is a random variable that is uniformly

    asked by Snow
  17. physics

    A ball is spun in a circle with constant speed, parallel to the ground. Ifthe center of the circle is kept at the same height but the circle of motionchanged to be perpendicular to the ground and keeping the same speed, waswork done on the ball?

    asked by ko
  18. Algebra

    Jon begins jogging at a steady rate of 3 meters per second from the left side of lane 1. Laura also starts at the left side, but jogs at a rate of 4 meters per second in lane 2. Ellis starts at the right side of lane 4, 100 meters down the track, and runs

    asked by jake
  19. History

    Which of the following occurred as the United States industrialized? Choose the TWO correct answers. A. Factories were built in mild climates.**** B. People moved from the countryside to towns and cities for jobs.** C. Immigrants were blocked from factory

    asked by Games i play are Homework
  20. History

    Explain how politics and religion led to an American era of reform during the early and mid-1800s.

    asked by Hey teachers
  21. Social studies

    What three things have threatened snow leopards in their natural habitats?

    asked by JJ_gotHomework
  22. English

    What is a feature of appeal to moderation? It assumes one thing causes another, even though there is no evidence linking the two. It relies on the idea of compromise but does not result in a logical outcome. It assumes that everyone should have the same

    asked by Bella D.
  23. Chemistry

    Describe the heat involved if you touch a flask containing an ongoing endothermic reaction

    asked by Ashley
  24. chemistry

    You start with 20 g of ice (H2O) at 260 K in a thermally isolated container. If 15500 J is added by heat, what will be the final temperature and state of the H2O? Show your work. (Cice = 2.1 J/gK, Cwater = 4.18 J/gK, Cwatervapor = 1.7 J/gK, ΔHfus(H2O) =

    asked by victoria
  25. chemistry

    Describe what would happen if you had 30 g of water at 273 K in a thermally isolated container and added 10 g of ice (starting temp 260 K). Include a description of heat flow and of changes in the temperatures and states of both the ice and water.

    asked by james
  26. Maths

    How do I find the coefficient of y^99 in the expansion (y-1)(y-2)(y-3)...........(y-100) Please I need details solution

    asked by Isaac
  27. Maths

    If Ω=ΣΣΣ(mn)/(m+n+p)!=5e/24 For the first summation M=1 to +∞ Second summation N=1 to +∞ Third summation p=1 to +∞ I was giving a hint but still ΣΣΣ(mn)/(m+n+p)!x^(m+n+p)=f(x) Where f(0)=0

    asked by Isaac
  28. math

    In the local mall there are twice as many clothing stores as there are music stores. There are twice as many music stores as there are computer stores. If there are 16 clothing stores, how many computer stores are in the mall?

    asked by talah
  29. Physics

    A calorimeter has a mass of 100g and a specific heat of 0.900 cal/g˚c and contains 400g of water at 40˚c. when 91g of ice at 0.0˚c is added and completely melted, the temperature of the water is 18.2˚c. calculate the heat fusion of the ice

    asked by L
  30. Science

    Calculate the force on an object of mass 500g which produces an acceleration of 409cm³

    asked by Offa
  31. geometry

    Classify a triangle with side lengths of 28 in, 34 in and 49 in.

    asked by help
  32. Statistics

    Sampling Distribution of 𝒙̅ 3. A Suppose a random sample of size 80 is selected from a population with s = 8. Find the value of the standard error of the mean in each of the following cases (use the finite population correction factor if appropriate).

    asked by Snow
  33. History

    Why were there fewer industries in the South than in the North in the mid-1800s? Choose the two correct answers. A. The North had more natural resources for manufacturing. B. People in the South with money bought farmland and enslaved workers. C. The North

    asked by Gamer_Girl
  34. Maths

    The diagram shows the position of three airports . A and G. G is 200 kilometres from A E is 160 kilometres from A From G the bearing of A is 052 degrees From A the bearing of E is 216 degrees How far apart are airports G and E?

    asked by Kim
  35. Algebra

    Can I have your help with an algebra/complex numbers related question? Question : What is the least possible integer for n, such that [(1+i)(1-i)]^n = 1. Note that i is the squre root of -1. First I multiplied both numerator & denominated by (1+i) to get,

    asked by Ashley
  36. chemistry

    why stoichometry is important in chemistry

    asked by Alazar
  37. Maths

    PLEASE HELP ME!! The diagram shows the position of three airports . A,E and G. G is 200 kilometers from A, E is 160 kilometers from A, From G the bearing of A is 052 degrees, From A the bearing of E is 216 degrees. How far apart are airports G and E?

    asked by Don
  38. Math

    A family went out to dinner, and their food and beverage total $51.39. 6% sales tax is added to their bill,and then they plan to leave a 15% tip.what will the total cost of their bill be?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Calculus

    Suppose an investment is expected to generate income at the rate of R(t) = 200,000 dollars/year for the next 6 years. Find the present value of this investment if the prevailing interest rate is 8%/year compounded continuously. (Round your answer to two

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Careers

    What job will l do after doing these subjects agriculture, mathematics and geography

    asked by Tinotenda
  41. Spanish

    1.Yo ________ mucho trabajo 2.Ella _________ unos zapatos nuevos 3.Ellos________ un perro peligroso 4.

    asked by Ciara Shaw
  42. Math

    Estimate 461 -- 7

    asked by Zahara
  43. algebra

    Consider the infinite geometric series below. a. Write the first 4 terms of the series b. Does the series diverge or converge? c. If the series has a sum, find the sum. ∞ ∑ (-2)^n-1 n=2 not sure how to do this at all

    asked by jade
  44. chemistry

    Would benzene (C₆H₆), a nonpolar solvent, dissolve CH₄?

    asked by Cadie
  45. World History

    What is a consulate? I'm learning about the French Revolution right now if that helps. I've been getting multiple different answers and I'm confused.

    asked by Ella
  46. physics

    Two balls of mass m collide, coming from opposite directions. One going twice as fast as the other. Which mass experiences the largest force during the collision?

    asked by ko
  47. physics

    A block experiences three forces acting on it: Force 1 of 10N south, Force 2of 10N East, Force 3 of 5N North. The block moves 2 meters west. Which did most work?

    asked by ko
  48. physics

    Two blocks of equal mass are raised 10meters. One of them is placed on top of a long ramp, where it is released to slide down to the bottom. The other block is dropped from its raised height. Which one has the largest speed when it hits the ground? What if

    asked by ko
  49. spanish

    1.Describe a "traje de poblana". Write your answer in English. 2.Explain who or what "Año Viejo" is and its significance. Write your answer in English. 3. Discuss three important achievements of the ancient Maya. Write your answer in English. 4.What was

    asked by bingo.23
  50. Geography

    How many kilometres on the ground is 4 cm distance on the map of South Africa

    asked by Anonymous
  51. History

    What are the two cultural backgrounds of a majority of Mexicans? A. Mexican Indian and African B. Native American and British C. Spanish and British D. Spanish and Mexican India I Think it is A or C PLS HELP

    asked by Bob dunken
  52. math

    which expression is equivalent to 479

    asked by angel
  53. math

    The world population in the year 2018 was approximately 7.6 billions and it grows at the rate 1.1% per year. Assuming that the rate does not change over the next years: a) Write a formula for the world population size depending on time b) What would be the

    asked by emma
  54. english

    What do you think motivates the actions of the main characters? Can you give a example

    asked by sim
  55. Algebra

    Write an equation for "the difference 86 and 42

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Calculus

    write the repeating decimal 0.64 as the ratio of two integers

    asked by Derick
  57. Math

    Is 2,3,5,8,12

    asked by Julia
  58. Chemistry

    You just bought a ring made of pure gold for $450.0. If the ring has a mass of 6.43g, what is the price per atom?

    asked by Brianna
  59. English

    book everything everything i dont know whats maddys motivation What do you think motivates the actions of the main characters

    asked by sim
  60. English

    everything evrything Are the characters or their actions realistic? Are they relatable to others in society?

    asked by emma
  61. History

    “Uncle Sam’s Youngest Son: Citizen Know-Nothing.” Which topics might the lyrics discuss? Choose the TWO correct answers. A. expanding to western areas B. opposition to Roman Catholics C. hostility to immigrants D. problems with urbanization E.

    asked by Games i play are Homework
  62. Reading

    what are the poet's literal meaning of lines 7-8?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. algebra 2

    find the exact value of each expression if 0 degrees< theta < 90 degrees. if tan theta= 4, find sec theta

    asked by Danielle
  64. Science

    An 8N force stretches a spring to the 20cm mark on a metre rule.if the extension on the spring is 4cm,calculate the original length of the spring?

    asked by GEOFFREY
  65. History

    What were the initial challenges of constructing an effective railroad system?

    asked by Homework is hard
  66. algebra

    At 3:00 PM a man 148 cm tall casts a shadow 143 cm long. At the same time, a tall building nearby casts a shadow 170 m long. How tall is the building?

    asked by cameron
  67. physics

    an 85kg man falls 10m. how much kinetic energy does he gain

    asked by jackson
  68. history

    How has Mexico’s population changed in recent decades? A. Due to migration, the population has decreased. B. More people have moved from the highlands to the coasts. C. The bulk of the population has shifted from rural to urban. D. Protestants now

    asked by person
  69. history

    Which of the following is an example of an infrastructure problem in Mexico City? A. urban overcrowding B. insufficient transportation systems C. income inequality D. air pollution from vehicle emissions pls help

    asked by person